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The Link 12/11/2000


The Link I have bought three mobile phones, and it was only when I ran into trouble with one of them that I realised how unbelievably unhelpful and unqualified the staff were to deal with any problems! When purchasing the phone, the staff failed to notify us that after 28 days we could not return the phone, so the week after it ran out and the phone broke down, there was nothing they could do. They sent us all over town to closed down shops, shops that had nothing to do with the phone, and on other wild goose chases, for absolutely nothing. So we were stuck with a phone that we did not want, that was broken, the sim card did not work, and without a decent phone! Anyone that goes here would be making a huge mistake! ...

Nokia 3210 12/11/2000

Great phone!!!

Nokia 3210 The NOkia 3210 is the best phone that I have ever owned, and this is the third nokia that I have purchased. The phone is easy to use, looks very attractive, and has the widest range of features available to use on Nokia phones. The reception is excellent, it looks attractive and stylish, there are many covers available, and it is available to use on all networks. The games that come with the phone mean that you will never be bored. However the disadvantage would be the price - it varies from £80-£130 depending on where you buy it (pay as you go), but overall the phone is excellent! ...

Quake III: Arena (PC) 29/08/2000


Quake III: Arena (PC) This game was definitely not up to scratch. As far as the Quake games go, I would have expected something a lot better. The gameplay is too quick and complicated, there is too much action to be able to understand anything that is going on, and the other players seem to always know what they are doing. Not only were there these problems with gameplay, but when we tried to uninstall it the game left pieces all over the computer and took up an incredible amount of room, as well as leaving some of our programs unusable (no there was no virus...) as far as my opinion goes, I would say stay away, this game is an utter waste of time! ...

The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas (DVD) 28/08/2000

Not only for kids

The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas (DVD) The film is great, but not just for kids. I did however find it kind of confusing, as in the cartoon the families are completely different, and in the first movie different actors are used. What was particularly confusing was the fact that in the second movie the only characters that actually knew each other were Barney and Fred, and they hadn't met Betty and Wilma and Betty and Wilma didn't meet each other until the beginning of the movie! However everything works out in the end... it just would have been better if the sequel was put before the original movie so that the entire thing made sense! ...

Gone In 60 Seconds (1974) (DVD) 28/08/2000

Great film

Gone In 60 Seconds (1974) (DVD) This film is absolutely amazing! Most people may think that it is a typical bloke's film, but I watched the film and loved it, and went to see it three times! Many people that I know loved it, both male and female, so I would easily recommend it. The basic plot is that a group of bad guys in a gang hire a top grand theft auto expert, Memphis, to steal a batch of 50 rare and special cars so that the guy can deliver. He has trouble finding people to help and also has trouble meeting the deadlines. Not a top storyline but some good acting and effects to make up for it. ...

Party Game - Friends 11/08/2000

Not too bad

Party Game - Friends The Friends game, modelled on the sitcom, is very good for parties of around 6 players with two teams of males and females. The object of the game is to answer as many questions about the opposite sex (ie. the other team) correctly as possible. At the beginning of the game a wager is decided and written onto the chalkboard, then the game is played and the losers have to take the forfeit of the other team. By using the yes/no cards the answers with the other team are varified and points are scored by answering questions on different topics correctly. The game is a good laugh for all ages as it has a teen question set and an 18+ question set. Good for finding out things about your friends that you did not know... ...

Indian In The Cupboard, The (OFF THE SCHEDULE) (DVD) 03/08/2000


Indian In The Cupboard, The (OFF THE SCHEDULE) (DVD) Don't even watch this film it is the biggest and most pitiful bad storylined badly acted piece of garbage with no decent plot and NO special effects at all! The story is about a boy that has a plastic indian and when he puts it in a cupboard it turns into a real indian *ooh* and when he does it again it turns plastic again *aah*! The head actor was definitely NOT chosen for his looks or so called skills in acting, and whoever wrote the story and script to this should have been fired! A total and utter waste of time for anyone to consider watching! Even as an unbiased point of view I would not recommend it to anyone as the film is of an unbelievably poor standard. ...

Muppet Treasure Island (DVD) 03/08/2000

Not bad

Muppet Treasure Island (DVD) The film Muppet Treasure Island is good for muppet fans. But if you are looking for a good re enactment of the book then this is probably not for you! The film takes on a spoof kind of genre by turning a serious story into a Disney type mass of cutesy characters playing pirates and bad guys. The film is very funny and the serious characters such as Long John Silver are played by humans and the actors do really well in portraying the evil nature of them. Jim gets a hard time in the movie but the film is great and incredibly cute. Too good for kids is all I can say... ...

The Perfect Storm (DVD) 03/08/2000

The Perfect Way To Fall Asleep

The Perfect Storm (DVD) SPOILER! All films based on true stories turn out to be a disappointment and this one is a prime example! The movie starring George Clooney has had enough publicity so you would have thought that it would have been worth watching. But it was a great disappointment. The entire film could have been avoided had it just got straight to the point - but no, we had to sit through hours of tedious lines, bad storyline and action. The story is basically that a group of fishermen decide to go out of bounds to catch some fish, get caught in a storm, fight it for a while, only to die a while later. So don't watch this film unless you want to be bored. However the effects are stunning! ...

Twister (DVD) 03/08/2000

Great action adventure

Twister (DVD) Twister is one of the best action adventure films around. The plot is basically that a group of good weather scientists chase tornadoes around the US trying to find out what they are about so that they can design an advanced warning system to save people's lives. The leader Jo lost her father to an F5 twister when she was little and so decided to devote her life to helping others in similar situations. Bill with his fiancee turn up on the scene to get Jo to sign the divorce papers but after she reveals their top project Dorothy up and working they soon forget all about that! The film is good and combines many different emotions. It is suitable for most but some children may be frightened by some scenes. And if you can get to Universal Studios Florida to ride the ride then go because it's worth it! But don't take young children in because I have seen many of them come out crying. The soundtrack is incredible - provides a great setting and atmosphere for the movie (and is used in the entrance to Universal Studios as one of the movie greats). A great film and an equally good ride showing the effects from the movie. ...

The Time Is Now (Single) - Moloko 01/08/2000


The Time Is Now (Single) - Moloko Is it me or do Moloko sound unbelievably like Texas? When I first heard the song I though it was Texas and was quite suprised when the DJ said that it was Moloko. And why exactly are they called Moloko? Incidently their name means milk in Russian... But back to the single! Overall it is a good single to chill out with or listen to when you're looking for some easy listening. The single sounds great for anyone to listen to and is incredibly popular (or rather was incredibly popular). Many people still listen to it today despite the fact that it's chart life has died! Good for all! ...

Songs from Ally MC Beal - Vonda Shepard 30/07/2000


Songs from Ally MC Beal - Vonda Shepard Vonda Shepard is incredibly talented and has the looks to match. She came to our screens by being the singer in the bar of the hit TV series Ally McBeal, which did incredibly well. Two albums have been released, and this one, the second album, is even better than the first! It has many songs from the show which are mainly about romance (because that seems to be all they talk about!), but there are also some more classy songs. She has an amazing voice and no matter what type of music you are into you can't help but love this album! It is definitely one of the best albums that I have heard. ...

Super Hits - New Kids On The Block 30/07/2000


Super Hits - New Kids On The Block What can you do but laugh at this cheesy 80's band? They really are kids, and they had about one hit before they were swept under the carpet and forgotten about! Everyone just lay them aside after they were so big 10 years ago then just didn't record anything else and were swept aside like yesterday's garbage (which is ironic as this is what they really are...). I have not seen any of their work in music stores anymore as I don't think that anyone would be stupid enough to buy it! They have to be the old version of a group of Aaron Carters. A terrible group! ...

Move Your Body - Various Artists 30/07/2000

Not as hot

Move Your Body - Various Artists Eiffel 65 made such a good impact on the UK with the release of their first single that you would have thought that the second would have been just as good, or at least shown some signs of promise. But it turned out to be a complete flop! The music is not exactly upbeat, the lyrics are nowhere near as good and the voices in this tune are so weak that you can barely understand a word that they say! The pathetic come through of "move your body" makes you just want to laugh. Don't buy this single because it is not worth the money that you pay for it! ...

Erm... - Sugar 30/07/2000


Erm... - Sugar Sugar is a fairly good magazine for teens. Unfortunately it contains a lot of advertising which can be a bit annoying, but on the plus side it has everything that a good magazine needs. It has the usual fashion pages, lifestyle, real life stories, make up ideas, embarrassing stories, doctor stuff and sometimes comedy sketches as well as gossip. There are usually some good interviews with celebs too, which reveals the side of them that is not usually there for the public.... the magazine is good but younger people should not bother reading it because it does have some unsuitable content. It costs £1.90 and the price keeps going up unfortunately, but you do sometimes get some good freebies which makes it worthwhile! ...
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