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I am a 23 year old Englishman that lives and works in Sabadell (which is a town just outside Barcelona) for 9 months a year.I teach English for a living, I know Barcelona and alot of other cities in Spain in particular Catalunya very well.

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since 17/03/2014


BBC 3 to be axed. Do you agree? 18/03/2014

scrap it and the other channels.

BBC 3 to be axed. Do you agree? BBC 3 has been on air for 11 years supposedly yet I cant ever think of a time I have ever watched it. BBC need to make cuts across the board, not just with regard to this channel. The Licence fee that we pay to watch the BBC and use its services is pretty low in comparison to what people pay for sky and virgin packages, so in many a case it could be argued its well worth its money. However the BBC yearly churns out rubbish, the sports coverage of the Olympics was one of the highlights for me over the last decade. Its coverage of other sport is pretty poor, even now with the F1 its losing out to sky who have a specialist channel. The football coverage of match of the day is poor, the BBC waste alot of money paying the like of Gary Linkear and other has been players to comment on what very little action they show. The other proffessional leagues of english football recieve laughable coverage some sides 10 seconds of footage a week at almost midnight, when BBC 3 sits dormant playing shows that are not even seen as worthy for the other two channels. The BBC could save a lot of money on its dramas and chat show productions and invest more money into covering sport and utilise this spare channel as something different. I would go as far to say that although I have written a post on this topic, that it wont effect my life in the slightest if this channel goes nor would it effect me if BBC 2 and 1 followed. For me the only program worth watching is the news as it manages to ...

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel, Barcelona 18/03/2014

Location Location Location

Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel, Barcelona As the first review states this is an exellent hotel in all senses of the word. For me its location is its best factor. Location: Being in the Sants area of Barcelona its well linked with all forms of transport. The road by the hotel is usually used by hundreds of taxi´s, also one of Barcelona´s main train stations is on its doorstep. The España station is a fantastic transport hub for Barcelonas Metro, also you can take trains that can take you deeper into catalunya. From The Plaza España station which is literally under the whole square, you can take the red metro line 4 or 5 stops to Plaza Catalunya (From here you can access the city siteseeing buses and the world famous Rambla). A few stops the other way on the same metro line is the Barcelona Sants Station which is the main city train station. from here you can take express trains to Madrid and other parts of Spain and France. Another appealing aspect of this hotels access to transport is that the airport bus drops off and picks up literally right outside of the hotels main doors. The areobus : the Areobus is the best way to get to and from Barcelona Airport. Takes 20-30 minutes from the city centre, unless you decide to travel at rush hour. The buses run every 5 minutes between 7.30-22.30 and every 10 minutes between 5.30-7 am and 22.30-1am. Whilst the location is great for transport its superb for business facilities. If you are going ...

Roma Pass 17/03/2014

The way to see Rome- The Rome Pass

Roma Pass I was told by a friend of mine to look at booking tickets in advance and make sure I avoid the queues for the coliseum. I thought to myself there has to be a different way for me to get entrance in to these places without booking lots of different tickets, after alot of searching on the internet I found the Roma Pass. (It is not very well advertised, in comparison to all the other tickets and companies you can pay far more for far less services. The Roma Pass is subsidized by the Rome City Council and the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural activities, in collaboration with ATAC (the company that provide the public transport in Rome). The card enables tourists and of course Italian residents to benefit from numerous financial benefits. The Perks of the card: 1) Free entry to the first 2 visited museums and / or archaeological sites of your choice. Free admission includes the exhibition held in the museum. ( this includes the Coliseum and the Rome Forum which are two of the city’s most popular attractions- however it does not include entrance to the Vatican City Museum) 2) Having used your ticket for the first two attractions of your choice it then gets you half price of all the following attractions you decide to visit. 3)Free use of the Cities Transport system: including the Buses, the city metro and also city train lines: Roma -Lido, Roma Flaminio Piazza del Popolo-Viterbo, Roma-Giardinetti), within the territory of the ...

Expo Hotel Barcelona, Barcelona 17/03/2014

One of the Best hotels in Barcelona

Expo Hotel Barcelona, Barcelona I am English but, I work in a town just outside Barcelona teaching English, when I fly home for holidays or I travel to other parts of Spain this is the hotel I use. The best aspect for me about this hotel is its location. Many tourists are misled that when they travel to Barcelona that they should stay in a Hotel near La Rambla or by "La Sagrada Familia" this is a terrible idea. These hotels generally have very small rooms and are not great value for money, whilst they are positioned close to these tourist sites they are not difficult to access with Barcelona’s Fantastic metro system. The Expo Hotel Barcelona is a great hotel for your long weekend in Barcelona, firstly if you are a businessman or in Barcelona for one of the many conventions or exhibitions at La Fira- Montjuïc (Plaza España) this hotel is perfect for you. La Fira is 2 minutes’ walk from Plaza España which in turn is a 5-10 minute stroll on foot from this hotel (depending on your pace). La Fira is seen as one of Europe’s Greatest Venue locations and regular hosts huge global conventions: for example ACN will have their convention there this June and Donald Trump is set to the keynote speaker (June 2014). As I was saying the location of this hotel is fantastic; as its very good for getting to and from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. From the airport the shuttle Buses drop off at Plaza España (5 minute walk from hotel) which makes things very easy for people staying ...

Travel Republic 17/03/2014

Travel Republic cheap and easy

Travel Republic I have used Travel Republic numerous times for booking holidays. I am not a person for using Travel Agents at the best of times as i prefer to go on backpacking holidays. However when I went with my friends to Turkey and Prague we used Travel Republic. The Website is very easy to use like most online travel agents. However this website is far better when booking holidays to popular tourist resorts for sun and sand. So when booking for the likes of Cyprus, Greece, Spain this website is fanastic, as it has a full listing of all the resorts and the hotels in those resorts and provides very accurate ratings. The negative to this website is for example if you want to go somewhere less touristy, it doesnt offer anywhere near the same level of useful advice for destinations such as Prague Berlin etc. We had to keep using google maps to find out if the hotels that we were looking at were indeed where they said they were on the website. My advice use this website over Thomas Cook and Thompson anyday if your going on a sun and sea holiday, because the flights are alot cheaper then you will get in the travel agents. Also the listings of hotels are the same as the above travel agents use. However if you are going somewhere less popular only book the flight with travel republic and do your own hotel research.
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