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The Greatness Guide: One of the World's Top Success Coaches Shares His Secrets to Get to Your Best - Robin Sharma 17/03/2012

Get Inspired, Get Enthusiastic

The Greatness Guide: One of the World's Top Success Coaches Shares His Secrets to Get to Your Best - Robin Sharma If there is one person who inspires me, it is Robin Sharma. Whenever I’m down and out, I turn to “The Greatness Guide”. The book elevates my mood and empowers me to achieve what I want. To say that it has a soothing effect on me would be an understatement. The book far from preachy or sermonish – it is realistic in my opinion. The tips and techniques in the book are likely to strike a chord with you. There are many short stories in the book that always have an inspiring effect on me. There are various stories on leadership, focus, self-improvement, etc. There is a chapter dedicated to ‘being outrageously energetic and madly alive’. It hits me hard whenever I am down in the dumps. It makes me realize how short life really is and that we should live each day as if it were our last. It emphasises on being alive and enthusiastic. Everyone likes to be around an enthusiastic person. If you are enthusiastic, your enthusiasm is likely to rub off on others. There is another chapter on joining the 5’o clock club. It empowers you to wake up early and face the day head-on! Then there is something about practicing good manners. If you want to be an extra ordinary human being, you need to be polite and courteous. Unfortunately, the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ seem to have vanished from our lexicon. I also like the chapter about dreaming big and never giving up. It is sad that most of us sell ourselves short. We don’t believe in ourselves enough. We are always plagued by self doubt. You ... 16/03/2012

Glad to Have Chanced Upon Their Website I always browse the Web to know about the best pharmacy products. I prefer to research extensively before I zero in on a product or store. I like to ask for referrals and recommendations because it helps me make a well-informed decision. I chanced upon Chemist Direct a few days ago. I am glad I came across their website. I browsed through it to know about their various pharmacy products. They have a number of categories including prescription, embarrassing, medicine, sexual, health, toiletries, vitamins, beauty, fragrance, pet, etc. I was surprised to see so many categories. What’s more, all the categories are further divided into sub categories. For instance, the Embarrassing category has various embarrassing conditions like acne, dandruff, hair loss, eczema, excessive sweating, piles & hemorrhoids, trapped wind, etc. So you know exactly where to click to find a product suiting your condition. Moreover, those who feel awkward asking for these products at their local shop can buy it online. I think it’s amazing that people can buy all that they want online. They can even buy sexual wellbeing products like Viagra and Cialis. As a matter of fact, most men and women would feel embarrassed to buy these products in person. The fear of being judged is always there. They can always check with this pharmacy store and place their order online. I also read about free delivery on their site. If your order crosses 40 pounds, you are eligible for free delivery. This may go down well ...
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