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VTech Kidizoom Camera 21/12/2008

Getting Your Kid Into Digital Cameras

VTech Kidizoom Camera No digital camera review on CIAO would be complete without a few entries about cameras designed for kids. After all, kids are almost universally enthusiastic about taking pictures. And parents with a love of photography often pass down their passion to their children. But digital cameras are not always kid-friendly, due to fragile construction, price, or complicated menus and buttons. The newest trend in children's electronics is a group of digital cameras made especially for small children. These cameras are easy to hold, come in bright colors that kids love, and have many of the same features as grown-up digital cameras. Kids love them. The VTech KidiZoom Digital Camera is one of the top digital cameras for kids. This camera was made with fun in mind. Kids like the KidiZoom's large LCD screen and the onboard photo editing options. Prepare for your young ones to take candid shots of you, then "improve" them by warping the pictures in silly ways or adding funny frames. The camera can store up to 120 photos or 5 minutes of video. This resilient camera is sturdy enough to handle the tumbles that it will inevitably face. Designed specifically for children ages 3-6, the VTech KidiZoom Digital Camera has large buttons that are easy to manage. It also has two large grips for small hands, and a dual viewfinder. Kids can connect the camera to their television or PC and show off their work to friends and family. They can add special effects to photos and videos. Another popular ...

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 21/12/2008

Get Trigger Happy With Sony

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 I am Sony's No 1 Fan and if you work for Sony, please feel free to consider me for any of your campaigns and even sponsor me with some of your cool gadgets. Well, back to the serious bit: Powerful, colorful and pocket-sized, the ultra-compact Cyber-shot® DSC-W55 camera offers 7.2 mega pixel imaging, a Carl Zeiss® 3X optical zoom lens, high ISO 1000 sensitivity for low-light shooting and Stamina® battery power for extra long life and up to 380 shots. A bright 2.5" LCD screen makes it easy to compose shots, check results and read menus even in bright sunlight. The 56MB of onboard memory allows you to save photographs without a flash memory card. And the optional Memory Stick DuoTM media slot makes it easy to save and exchange photos. The Cyber-shot® DSC-W55 is available in four stylish colors including: black, blue, pink, and silver. Features include.... * 7.2 Mega pixel with Super HADTM CCD - The Sony® Super HADTM (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD design lets more light pass to each pixel, improving sensitivity and reducing noise. * Carl Zeiss® 3X Optical Zoom Lens Design - This advanced lens design allows the DSC-W55 to bring distant subjects closer and lets the user frame shots quickly--a significant advantage for action shots, outdoor fun and travel photos. * Large 2.5" LCD Screen - a large and bright LCD screen that is easy for the eyes, letting the user compose shots, check results, share photos instantly and read camera setup menus even in full sunlight. * High ...

Ricoh Aficio SP C222DN 19/12/2008

A Low Cost Ricoh Printer

Ricoh Aficio SP C222DN With the SP C222DN, Ricoh has entered the market of low cost color laser printers. However with the cutting of post, the quality has also gone down. The print performs decently but not up to the mark. The problems start as soon as you begin the installation process. There is a huge guide which has all the necessary details. The instructions are pretty clear. At first, you are asked to move to the -'Software Installation guide' for network connection. You are supposed to get the next set of instructions here, however these instructions are difficult to understand and inadequate. Some very important steps and key points are missing. Along with the printer, you get a CD which contains details about the USB installation. This make things tough as the USB details are only in the CD and thus not easily available. The remaining documents are adequate and available in both PDF and HTML format. The design is also not very user friendly. There are few buttons on the control panel through which different functions can be performed; though some the key combinations are vague. The printer does not have any LCD screen; which is one of its major drawbacks. There is a 250 sheet input tray which doesn't have a handle and appears to be quite delicate, just like the front panel. To accommodate the legal size paper, one needs to pull the tray. This is done by pulling the handle which is located at the same place as the slot for the manual feed. There is also a 150 sheet output ...

Lexmark X 500n 09/12/2008

Lexmark For Your Home Office

Lexmark X 500n Lexmark's X500n is a multifunctional machine suitable for a small group or office. It has a scanner, an automatic document feeder and all these work well with the printer part of this machine. The machine is reasonably priced even with all these great features and this makes it a very interesting option for the buyers. It has a 250 sheet paper tray from where the papers feed inside. An optional 530 sheet paper tray is also available. There is no feed for other media like envelopes, labels etc. The control panel has straightforward controls. The buttons are spaced properly and are user-friendly. It has a two line display which gives good results; though the background isn't very appealing to eyes! Lexmark X500n has some pretty good software in the form of Abbyy FineReader for OCR and Presto PageManager for managing documents. The printer operates at a decent rate of 31 pages per minute for black and white pages. The printing speed for color pages is around 8 pages per minute. As per the manufacturers, this is what the print speed should be. However in reality, it is actually a bit lower than this. A color copy takes around 31 seconds, from the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) whereas flatbed takes 40 seconds for the same. A colored photo print is done in 24 seconds, which is quite good! The print quality is usually good, though it depends upon what is being printed. Black texts are clear, well formed and clean. They are also not smudged up. Color graphics are also good. ...

HP Color LaserJet CP3505x 28/11/2008

HP Colour LaserJet For Your Office

HP Color LaserJet CP3505x The fairly new printer from HP- CP3505x is efficient and affordable unlike some previous printers from HP. The printer works at a good speed. It prints back as well as colored text at a rate of 21 pages per minute; which is quite good. This is so because the printer has a single pass A4 engine. Performance may vary, with the type of document being produced; however usually a good speed is maintained by this printer. The first page is almost always printed within 12 second; irrespective of the type of document. Not only the prints are produced quickly, they are also of great quality. Photographs, graphics or plain text, all appear clear and crispy. The color contrast is good even on plain papers. You do not need to do much with the settings; good quality print is easily attainable on default settings. This medium size printer has two standard A4 size paper drawers. One can accommodate up to 250 sheets while the other can hold up to 500 sheets. For handling labels, as with other printers, here too we have the manual feeder. The drawback with this manual feeder is that it can take only up to 10 envelopes in one go. The printer also has duplexer; which is required for double sided printing. The consumables are easy to change. You simply need to open the front door and you can see all the four cartridges. They can then be easily removed. Each cartridge can produce up to 6,000 pages each. The replacement black ink cartridge cost 78 pound +VAT. Each of the three color ...

Brother HL 4070CDW 28/11/2008

Just Like My Brother

Brother HL 4070CDW The Brother HL-4070CDW color laser printer is not cheap, but it does have a lot of extras and upgrades that warrants the price. Unlike previous models, this newer version will allow wireless connection, duplex print and postscript emulation. The input tray of this printer will hold 250 sheets of regular typing paper, while the multipurpose tray can hold up to 50. With the LCD display screen, you will be able to know what job your printer is in the middle of, and if there is an error, the lighted display will alert you. When the Brother HL-4070CDW color laser printer is on or in printing mode, a green light will appear. During the process of making a change, the screen will flash orange, and a red screen will let you know that something is wrong and an error has occurred because of it. A red light can also mean that the covers are not completely closed, which could happen during the changing of your printers toner. The ability to connect the Brother HL-4070CDW color laser printer to your computer in one of four ways is also a great feature. You will be able to make your connections using Wi-Fi, USB, cabled network and parallel. With the Wi-Fi option, you can easily connect this printer to the wireless routers in your home. Connecting the Brother HL-4070CDW color laser printer to your computer or laptop is a fairly job and while it does come with software, don't expect much in the way of help. To get the most out of this printer, you may need to simply go to the ...

Solid Harmonie - Solid Harmonie 17/01/2006

Not So Solid After All

Solid Harmonie - Solid Harmonie Greetings everyone, Guess what I am back with another classic pop CD review. I am again doing some annual cleaning before Chinese New Year and this CD is what I dug out. It must have been one of the few CDs I consider worth keeping, that's probably why I still have it. By the way, if I were to mention Solid Harmonie, most of you might have not even heard of them unless you were really into pop during the starting days of Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys sometime back in 1998. Well, I am here to give you a little lesson in Pop history. Solid Harmonie is made of four girls named Beki, Elisa, Mariama & Melissa. They were under the wings of Lou Pearlman, the person who brought you the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync. Solid Harmonie were considered to be the less popular version of the Spice Girls although they did receive quite a good response and frequent airplay in Asia. I am not too sure what cause the break up of the band and I soon saw one of the members, Mariama joining the trio of the R&B group Honeyz. I just did a quick search about them on Google and discovered that apparently remaining members Beki & Elisa with another new girl are back touring as supporting acts still using the name Solid Harmonie. So, the band is back although I have yet to listen to any new materials. The CD Released Date: 30 March 1998 Record Label: Jive CD: 1 Total Running Time: 53:13 Total Number Of Tracks: 13 Track Listing & Individual Review and Rating I am actually ... 03/07/2005 Instant Call Savings It has been a while since I have wrote any review on I am glad to make a comeback review with one of the products that I have suggested. This is the second time Ciao has added my suggestion. Forget what I've said, I am honored to be the first to express my views about this product. Well, I stumbled upon while searching for the cheapest option to call home. I am glad to have found it as it really helped me save loads of money on international calls. I have been using it since it was launched in January 2005 (Yes, it is quite a newcomer) after being recommended by a friend. Well, we share tips on saving money all the time and I do trust them a lot when they say something works because most of them have done their research or are speaking from experience. Well, to make it easier for all of the readers, I have spread the review into different parts from the service itself to the website. The Service -------------- The service is really very straight forward. It allows you to make international calls by dialing an access number. This access number range from national rate to premium numbers. You will then pay your service provider the rate of the access number you have dialed for making the international calls. The call quality of is very reliable. I have been using for a while now and have never faced any major problems with the calls I make. You can call to almost every destination around the world. You will not ...

Dive In - Darius 31/03/2005

Darius In

Dive In - Darius Well, what have I to say about this debut album from one of the laughing stock from Pop Idol? Nothing but two thumbs and two toes up. This is a great album. When I bought the CD, it says it has a special feature of exclusive video contents accessible via a web link but unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore. All it has now is just a blank page with a picture of Darius that will launch in your computer when you pop in the CD. Well, so much for the CD being enhanced. Rip Off on that part, the rest is fine. Album Details: Release Date: December 2, 2002 Number of Discs:1 Label: Universal Tracks: 13 Total Running Time: 52 minutes 31 seconds Website: The CD cover features Darius posing in front of a car which I believe is the same one as in the video of Colorblind. The whole CD inlay is printed in full color and best of all has all the lyrics in it so one can sing to their hearts content without having to go somewhere to search for the lyrics. This is what all albums should be made like as I believe that everyone that buys a CD deserves to at least have the lyrics to songs in the booklet. Track Listings and Reviews… 1. Colorblind (3:35) Who can’t remember this classic from Darius, his self penned debut no 1 single. It is a great track and demonstrates his creativity in writing. The lyrics are absolutely amazing and can be sung along after hearing it for the second time. The video for this track was filmed in the US in some ...

Everything that starts with Z ... 13/02/2005


Everything that starts with Z ... I bet I tricked ya in reading this review… It’s been about a month since I wrote my last review and I did not keep my word of trying to write at least one review a week. Well, it might have been because of the time factor. Well, I have been busy with a few projects and one worth mentioning is Visit the website to know more about it. Well, I first came across this challenge when lizzy8 took it and I decided to have a go. The original challenge was set by Milleniumzeus. You may take up this challenge and leave a message on Milleniumzeus’ guestbook and mine as well. Here it goes….. Part 1. Q1. What is your major pastime? Web surfing and designing. I have designed many websites and they are listed on my homepage. Please feel free to visit them and leave me your comments about the site on my guestbook if you wish. Q2. What is your general self-concept/opinion of yourself? I am at times the king of the world, the leader of the pack and at times I can be so quiet and shy. I am a mixed personality person but I don’t think that I suffer from split personality. Well, I am young and still haven’t found or discovered my true identity. I like challenges and I am always the first to try something new. I will definitely get looked up to or laughed at on the way but at least I learn. So, it’s the answer good enough? Honestly, it is a very vague answer because I am still unsure. Q3. What is your most important happiness/unhappiness at ...

Fireworks MX 2004 Complete package 09/01/2005

Fireworks For Your Website

Fireworks MX 2004 Complete package Fireworks MX is Macromedia’s image editing package. If you are unfamiliar with Macromedia, they happen to be a software developer company like Microsoft but however majors more in content editing packages. Some of their other major products include Flash, Freehand and Dreamweaver. Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 is the latest version of Fireworks designing program. It has improved tremendously with amazing add-ons and new user friendly features from Fireworks 4 but has not much difference with the MX version. Macromedia says: “Fireworks MX 2004 lets users import files from all major graphics formats and manipulate both vector and bitmap images to quickly create graphics and interactivity. Images can be easily exported to Dreamweaver, Flash and third-party applications.” I have been using Fireworks for my image editing for years now and have always upgraded it when the new packages arrive and MX is the best so far. I prefer Fireworks Image Editing to Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop because of its simplicity and user friendly layout. It is great software for designing web graphics like background, banners, animated gifs and icons. I personally used them for all my web designing needs, the graphic site that is. Creating animated .gifs with Fireworks could have never been easier. One may choose the amount of frames and loops per second and preview it before exporting it as an animated file. Although many programs do offer you similar functions but I find this one the ...

Autobiography - Ashlee Simpson 05/01/2005

The Better Simpson?

Autobiography - Ashlee Simpson Introduction: Mention Ashlee Simpson and you might be unfamiliar with her. Well, she is the younger sister of the platinum recording artist Jessica Simpson. Yup, the girl from MTV’s reality show Newlyweds. Well, Ashlee Simpson has follow the footsteps of her sister and started a reality show of her own produced by her father for MTV called the Ashlee Simpson Show. Well, I am unsure whether it is being aired here but it is in the US. However, Ashlee has had a successful acting career in some US TV series before deciding to go into music. Her album debut at No 1 in 2004 on the billboard charts, thanks to her successful reality TV series along with getting massive airplay of her video on MTV. This shows how influential MTV is. Well, MTV can’t be given credit for all her success, besides having great looks, she has talent and a great debut single and not to mention a great album to follow. The great thing about this album is that you may follow the making of it if you follow the series. It shows the work that goes into starting a career in music from the vocal training to getting a recording contract and the promotions and photo shoots involved. One may assume that Ashlee Simpson has the same exact image with her sister, well, this is different. She has her own style and qualities. To be honest, I prefer her than Jessica but Jessica is better looking though. Well, Ashlee portrays a stronger character and tries very hard to not to be compared to her sister. The ...

Everything that starts with U ... 18/12/2004

UK "A First Timers Guide on Getting Started"

Everything that starts with U ... This article was originally written by me for fellow students that were getting prepared to arrive in the UK. I have modified it for the general public. I thought that this article would be useful if it is published for everyone and I decided to share it on Ciao. I would also be publishing this on my website as well. Upon Arrival When your flight touches down on the UK airport, you would be required to hand in a filled landing card and show your VISA or also known as UK Entry Clearance to the immigration officer. You can request for a landing card from any of the air stewardess or stewards while flying and fill it up on board the plane. This will save you time or help you kill time while on board. You are required to fill in your personal and contact details while you are in the UK on the landing card. The immigration officer might ask you for further proof or ask you a few questions regarding your reasons of being in the UK. Proofs are like University acceptance letter, job offer letter or so on. If the immigration officer is satisfied, he will stamp your passport with your arrival date. You are now officially in the UK. *Please note that Entry Clearance requirements differ from one country to another. Please check with your local British High Commissions on accurate entry requirements. British High Commission: Heathrow Airport: Home Office: UK ...

Everything that starts with V ... 13/12/2004

Very Good Answers To Very Good Questions

Everything that starts with V ... I read this list of questions on Eljimbob’s 40 Very Good Question Reviews and though I should answer it myself as I have the free time. 1. Describe the best feeling you've ever had: The best feeling I had was a one week holiday I had in Greece at my friends place just before the Olympics. I was there for summer and they even won the Euro Cup at that time. It was just a blast. I went out clubbing all day and had no worries in my mind. 2. Were you named after anyone: My name was chosen by my Grandfather. It was written in his will to name the first two grandsons as follow. I was the first grandson and hence my name was the taken from the will and my cousin got the second one. 3. Do you wish on stars: I used to but now my sister continues to do it/ 4. Which finger is your favourite? My thumb. I wear a thumb ring on it. 5. When did you last cry: When I left home to come to London to study. I could not hold back seeing a tear in my mum’s eye. I did felt like crying recently because of my frustration. 6. Do you like your handwriting: I do like them and some people say that it is neat but it really depends on my mood. 7. Favorite lunchtime at: I think Burger King. 8. Any bad habits: .I can’t think of any at the moment but if you were to ask my mates, they will tell you. So, that is something for you to find out/ 9. What is your most embarrassing CD: Los Del Rio’s Macarena. Everyone was buying it so don’t blame me. 10. If you ...

Everything that starts with E ... 13/12/2004

Part II Confessions <eljimbob Challenge>

Everything that starts with E ... I was browsing ciao and found out that COOOEEE has matched me and Lgray as adoptive relatives. I decided that we were best as Cousins. So, adoptive cousins we are. This challenge is originally created by eljimbob and I found it on Lgray’s list of reviews. I read it and decided to take up the challenge myself. So, here it goes. HAVE YOU EVER? Been so drunk you blacked out? Never, I am always able to drink and stop before I really get drunk. I often see my mates blacking out and stuff but I never do. I always want to be the responsible one and make sure everyone gets home safe. Do I have a drink problem? No. I do not have a drink problem. At least that is what I think. Been hurt emotionally? Lots of time. It used to take me weeks to recover but I am more mature now and I can overcome them faster. Kept a secret? Of course I have. I even shared some of them. Oops! Had an imaginary friend? Surprisingly I did not. I always watched on telly of kids having great imaginary friends and I do envy them at times. It seems cool to have one, why didn’t I get one earlier. Is it to late to get one now? An imaginary girl friend will be interesting but eww… Let’s just stop here. Had a crush on a teacher? Let me see, I have looked up to some teachers but never really fancy anyone. So, I guess the answer is no. Ever thought an animated character was hot? A hot animated character? Is Had a New Kids on the Block tape? I think my sister used to fancy ...
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