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Sanctuary Spa Travel Trio 08/08/2011

Time for your skin to feel luxurious!!

Sanctuary Spa Travel Trio Sanctuary Trio This was bought for me as a gift and i was rather excited to recieve it. I know sanctuary products are good quality and a little luxurious so i was excited to try them. I actually didnt take them on holiday but used them at home instead and they seemed to last really well! The Products Firstly this come in a plastic bag which is reusable afterwards and is quite pretty! Secondly there are 3 products that come with this set: 1. Body Scrub (50ml) 2. Body Lotion (75ml) 3. Foaming Bath Soak (75ml) They all have a lovely fragrance and a luxurious feel to them. They also last really well! I have looked up the price and on the boots website they cost £7.66 to be precise! Body Scrub This is really nice its orange in colour and is like a liquid shower gel but with lovely orange beads in it which form the scrub part. Its quite a gentle scrub not too abrasive and leaves your skin feeling nice and silky soft! on the front it says: "Buff your skin daily with natural pumice, rejuvenating patchouli and soothing orange oils" Personally i didnt use this daily but once a week as more of a treat for the skin!! Body Lotion Now this im not so keen on as it doesnt absorb well. It smells nice as many of the products do and you think it should be nice but i find it really hard to rub in. When you do apply it and begin to rub it in it goes white and takes a while to just absorb. Personally i dont have the patience for this with a moisuriser! I ...

JML Fresh Air Globe 08/08/2011

A great breath of fresh air!

JML Fresh Air Globe Fresh Air Globe I bought one of these when i was at university living in a house that had a bit of damp and was quite cold like many uni houses. This really made a world of difference and made you feel like you're breathing in fresh air and gives the room a lovely ambiance. The Product This is a lovely air globe that has lots of lovely features. Firstly it changes colour to create the mood of your choice, it lights up the globe and the water in it to give it a lovely effect, the colours include, red which is quite romantic, purple which is pretty and tranquil and blue which is really relaxing to name a few. You also have the option of choosing one colour for it to stay on or having the colours change by themselves to vary the mood. Secondly, it comes with 2 different fragrance oils - 1 eucalyptus and 1 lavender. These are there so you can put 2 small drops in the water and then they release into the air. The lavender is a nice and relaxing and pleasant smelling one which is nice for frequent use. The eucalyptus one is nice for when you have a cold or want a room to be really refreshed. You can also buy other oils for around £10. Thirdly, it looks aesthetically great in a room and really freshens the air and takes away from any stale smells or anything. How to use it The globe has a plug and it to be plugged into a normal plug socket. This means you have to be careful to not get the base wet. It has a base unit a bit like a kettle which has the ...

Kitchencraft Crumbpet Table Vacuum 08/08/2011

A great gift idea and fun to take out at dinner parties!

Kitchencraft Crumbpet Table Vacuum I bought some of these last year for christmas presents and also bought one for myself. I thought they were a great concept and reminded me of when you go to indian or chinese restaurant and they use a simular thing to clean the table after you've eaten. They are in essence mini vacuum's that have a little spout for sucking up little crumbs on your table after a meal before you wipe it or wash it. They come in several different novelty animal characters as seen in the picture, and i personally went for the elephant for myself! They are battery operated and easy to use! They are great to get out at the end of a dinner party and a fun talking point also! They all have trout type bits with a small hole underneath that is used as a mini vacuum, ideal for crumbs on the table, like breadcrumbs or bits of rice! They are only small and perhaps slightly more novelty though so although they do work they aren't going to get rid of big food chunks left on the table! I think they are a great gift and are a good price, when i got mine they were £5 each so were perfect for a little gift or to go with something else. I have had mine a while and it still works, the batteries will need changing after a while though like with anything. I would recommend this though especially as a gift!

Post It Notes 08/08/2011

You can't beat a good old post it note!!

Post It Notes Post it Notes I have been using these classic post it pads for as long as i can remember, and don't know what i would do without them! I use them all the time and always have a variety of them lying about! Info Everyone knows what a post it pad is but for those of you that dont here is a brief description! Post it pads come in several different colours and sizes and shapes, my personal favourites are the rectangle ones as they have a little more space to write on and i particularly like the pink ones! But i do use all colours and sizes of these. These are little notelets that come in a pad with a sticky section at the top of them so you can write yourself notes, or reminders or whatever and stick them somewhere to remind you! Recommendations I would definitely recommend these as i think they are useful for anyone to have around the house. Also i recommend getting the actual post-it brand ones as they stick better than cheaper alternatives. If you buy these i can guarantee you will end up using them!

Russell Hobbs 14943 08/08/2011

A great kettle that's easy to handle

Russell Hobbs 14943 Russell Hobbs Kettle I've had this kettle for a while and found it reliable and efficient. Its a good quality kettle that has a nice aesthetic design which makes it look great in the kitchen. Features of the Kettle This kettle has a handle at the top which is black and plastic, but doesnt look obviously plastic. The positioning of this handle makes it easier to take on and off the stand and the handle is easy to grip for pouring. At the top of the kettle there in a circular part with a small handle on that opens for you to pour water into. This is a good size and easy to take on and off. In terms of volume it holds a good amount of water, enough to fill a medium saucepan to the top for example. It also has a simple switch on the side which is flicked down to start the kettle. It is also easy to clean as its a silver metal that can be easily wiped, however you have to be careful not to get water marks left on it after cleaning it! Recommendations I would recommend this kettle, its efficient, heats water fast, lasts well, is easy to use and looks great!

Breville VTT215 08/08/2011

Great reliable toaster with lots of great settings!!

Breville VTT215 Breville 4 slice toaster I've had this toaster for a while now and really like it. I went for the 4 toast option as lets face it there's always more than one person wanting toast at the same time, or someone who wants 3 slices (usually my boyfriend!!). Features This toaster has lost of great features. FIrstly it has 2 seperate sections with seperate time settings so you can do 2 lots of toast to different specifications. I find this useful also if for example you're making crumpets and toast which need to be on different settings. This also has a defrost setting, which is great for frozen bread or pitta bread etc. It also has a setting so that you can toast crossants etc on the top of it and heat just comes up. I find a 2-3 setting is good for toast and a 4-5 setting is good for crumpets, i also use the setting to toast crossants on top. Recommendation I would recommend this toaster, it has lasted well, really works well, has the settings you need, is a good size and reliable. The only downside is that it sometimes throws the toast out of the toaster so that it flies onto the counter!! This isnt always desirable, but i leave my plate in front so that it can land on the plate!

GHD Original Styling Iron 08/08/2011

GHD's...The best straighteners around!!

GHD Original Styling Iron GHD Straighteners My Experience I bought some original GHD's about 9 years ago and have never looked back! I use them frequently and they are still in great condition and work just as well as when i got them. I have taken them all on holiday with me and to lots of different places and they are still very reliable. When i bought them they were around £100 and this is a lot to pay for straighteners but when you think that i have got 9 years of use out of them and they are still fine then you think its definitely worth it! I did try some tony and guy straighteners and some babyliss ones before i got these but they barely worked at all. What you can do with them They heat up really fast and really straighten quickly especially if you have less or thinner hair. I have quite think hair which is wavy and these really work great, they straighten completely and make your hair feel thinner and silky. They also work well for curling your hair although i admit im not very good at this myself! I would recommend using a heat defence spray for you're hair if you use them often though as the heat can be damaging on the hair otherwise. Recommendations I would definitely recommend these as they are an investment worth making, they make your hair look great, last well and are a good size to carry about.

Nivea Double Effect Anti-Perspirant 10/07/2011

Lovely fragrance that keeps you fresh all day!

Nivea Double Effect Anti-Perspirant This is a new favourite deodorant of mine that i have been using for a few months now. I am reviewing the spray deodorant version of this rather than the roll on. This is really a great deodorant with a lovely scent and great staying power! The Product This Nivea product is I feel their nicest deodorant. On the packaging it says "double effect", "Gentle Care, Violet Senses". It claims to "Smooth underarms for longer" and is describes as an anti-perspirant deodorant. I don't know about the smoothing underarms for longer part, i cant say i have really noticed a difference, and i didnt even notice it said this on the packaging when i bought it! But to be fair i doubt any deodorants can! The bottle i have is 100g/150ml which is the smaller size, but i find it lasts reasonably well, at least for 2-3 weeks i would say which is pretty good. On the back it says it "Softens the skin, helping you to get a closer shave". But the thing i like about it is the scent, it has violet senses which is a 'delicate flower fragrance' and it has avacado extract. The combination of the two scents really is lovely, its fresh and subtle and not flowering smelling in fact you can smell the fresh avacado smell more which is a little cucumber like! This is a 24h deodorant. My Experience This deodorant sprays on really easily, you dont need to press hard like some of them! It also doesnt give any white marks even if you spray it closer. As well as this i do find it keeps you ...

Arm&Hammer Advance White Toothpaste 10/07/2011

Whitens up rather nice!!

Arm&Hammer Advance White Toothpaste This toothpaste is one i really like and only tried for the first time about 6 months ago! Its the only whitening toothpaste ive found that actually whitens!! I think this is due to the fact that it has baking soda in it! The Packaging On the front of the tube it says "EXTRA WHITENING BAKING SODA TOOTHPASTE" and it claims it can get your teeth "3 Shades Whiter". I dont know how many shades whiter my teeth got but i can definitely say its the first time i noticed them being whiter when using a whitening toothpaste and my family also thought the same! It is also a 75 ml tube which is simply squeezed as normal to get the toothpaste out! Then on the back it has the following information: * Baking soda to gently clean away both surface and deep stains * Fresh from the dentist feeling of clean * Baking soda to neutralise odour-causing compounds for lasting fresh breath * Micropolishers which are clinically proven to leave your teeth 3 shades whiter My Views on the Product Now one thing i really like other than its fantastic whitening abilities is the taste! Its really minty and refreshing, but almost has a different kind of mint to the likes of colgate etc, it is perhaps stronger but nicer and not at all sickly! I also almost think it has a cinnamon type taste to it but that may just be me! Overall though it has a nice mintyness leaving your mouth feeling refreshed, and your teeth whiter! I dont use it everyday, although i did for a while, mainly ...

Always Ultra Night Pad 09/07/2011

Always ultra night pads...good but not the best!!

Always Ultra Night Pad I used these for many years and still do on occasion, they are perfectly fine except that the material used for the pads which is a bit plasticy feeling isn't the nicest! I have recently found the always silk range which i now prefer which i will also review! The Product They come in a couple of pack sizes double or single packs, and are individually wrapped making them handy to take in your handbag! They are in blue wrappers and are easy to unwrap. These night ones have maximum absorbency for nightime and also have wings meaning even if you have a heavy flow they are usually fine all night! The wings also help attach the pad to your underwear and give your extra protection. I like this for night expecially on your heavy days as then you really dont have to worry! My Opinion Like i said i do find these fine and great in many ways such as great absorbency, good design with the wings and i would say they are reliable. However comfort wise the feel of the lining can feel quite plasticy and sweaty! I prefer the silk range now but the absorbency on those for night isnt as good so i still use these sometimes as well!!

Carefree Flexiform Pantyliners Regular 09/07/2011

Carefree flexiform pantiliners are simply Flextastic!!

Carefree Flexiform Pantyliners Regular I first tried these about a year or so ago and always keep some in my drawer now! If you like to use pantyliners but prefer to wear thongs or french knickers etc or if you vary the types of underwear you wear quite a lot then these are perfect! The Product They are the standard size pantyliners, and are very thin and have a cotton like feel. They are white, and are attached to some backing paper which is easy to peel away. These ones are different because they have indents on them showing where you can fold them to make them more tanga like and suit the liner to your underwear! Once you have peeled the backing paper away, then you simply stick them to your underwear (i found the adhesive sticks quite strongly which is good so it doesnt move) and you fold the flexi parts under if you are wearing a thong for example. My experience The reason i like these is that you can use them no matter what underwear you are wearing and they fold comfortably and easily to attach to them. They also have a nice cotton feel making them feel less noticable and just more comfortable to wear. Some of them also have a nice scent, although the main ones i have aren't scented i think you can get them with and without a scent! I would definitely recommend these for anyone who likes to use pantyliners and varies their underwear styles!!

Halls Strawberry Soothers 09/07/2011

Halls strawberry soothers...They are sooth-tastic! !

Halls Strawberry Soothers Halls soothers have been a favourite throat lozenge of mine for some time now, and one of the reasons why is the lovely gooey, runny centre they have! They also come in lots of lovely flavours but my review is of my favourite flavour...Strawberry! The Packaging The soothers come in a paper packet with each lozenge wrapped individually in paper also. This is handy if you need to carry a couple around in your handbag or somewhere. On the front of the packet is says 'Halls Soothers with real strawberry juice', then it describes them on the side as "Delicious sweets with a soothing and refreshing liquid centre". I am not sure why they call them sweets but as there are no instructions on the packet as to how many or how frequently you can take them I assume they dont have anything medical in them, which is strange because they work great when you have a sore throat, and i personally think they are just as good as strepsils which are medicated! Anyway, the packet is 45g and says to store in a cool, dry place. There are approximately 10 lozengers per packet (well thats how many were in mine!!). The Taste As i said my favorite is this strawberry flavour, which is really nice. Its fruity and strawberry tasting but not too sweet or sickly, and the middle liquid part is really soothing when you have a sore throat. I think they also come in cherry, blackcurrent etc. Would I recommend them? Yes i definitely would, they are perfect for sore or tickly throats, and ...

Paracetamol Caplets 08/07/2011

Perfectly good pain relief...don't pay more for the same product!

Paracetamol Caplets These paracetamol caplets are avaliable in boots and are priced at around 0.25p from what i remember (perhaps more now) but still are very cheap. They are exactly the same as panadol (the branded version) except they are not coated in sugar. They are a great size, not too big and easy to swallow. They come in packs of 16 tables and i find they are just as good as panadol or any other perhaps nicer boxed paracetamol as essentially they are exactly the same thing! I think what happens is after some time the patent expires on products such as paracetamol which means anyone in the profession can manufacture them and therefore cheaper versions can come out but of the same product! Dont quote me on this however, this is simply my understanding of it! Anyhow, in the packet there are 2 sachets, each with 8 caplets in, and you can take up to 2 per every 4 hours and you are not to exceed 8 tablets in 24 hours. The caplets are 500mg each which is pretty standard. I used to have a lot of shoulder and back pain and used to take these daily, and found them great, they worked well for pain relief (although if you're pain is particularly strong then you may need something like co-codamol) but check with your GP. The only difference between these and paracetamol extra type products is that the extra ones contain caffine, which i usually dont want anyway! Dont be put of by the packaging, they are perfectly effective pain relievers and just the same as panadol or other ...

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush 08/07/2011

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush.....A great creamy blusher!!

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush This is a blusher with a difference, and i really like it! Its a mousse style blusher, that is very light and creamy in texture! It smooths on easily and blends in really well! I have tried several times of blusher including the normal power types, and well as liquid ones, and this is one of my favourites and one i have been using for a while now! It comes in several different colours (i think around 5) and the one i use is the dolly pink one. This is a light pink and is a little sparkly too which makes it look extra nice and shimmery on. It comes in a small circular glass pot with a plastic screw on lid and i find it lasts for ages, i think i have had this current one for at least 5 months and i use it daily, and there is still about a third of the pot left. In texture like i said its a very light mousse which can be applied just with your finger, and you dont need very much of it a little goes a long way! If you use foundation especially a liquid or creamy one i find this goes on particularly well after you have applied that and blends in beautifully to your skin on top of the foundation. I also use it on bare skin sometimes and that still works so dont worry if you don't use foundation, it just blends in a bit nicer if you do! The only downside is that its quite a deep pot that its in and when you get further to the bottom it can be harder to get out if you have longer finger nails like i do! If you dont have long finger nails its fine, and even if you do its ...

Colgate Plax Whitening Mouthwash 08/07/2011

Colgate Whitening Mouthwash...A mouthwash that doesnt live up!!

Colgate Plax Whitening Mouthwash I like to use a mouthwash after brushing and its always nice to have whiter teeth so I thought I would give this one a try! In the shop I bought it in the only size available was the large 500ml, I don’t know if this is the case in all of them though! Needless to say it was not worth it and now I’m stuck with a big bottle of it! Description Its called Colgate Plax whitening, and on the front says: • Reduces teeth stains by up to 39% • Significantly reduces plaque • Helps strengthen gums • Contains fluoride to help prevent cavities My opinion Well firstly it hasn’t got the best taste it is minty and kind of refreshing but it has quite a bitter after taste, which actually leaves you mouth feeling quite dry afterwards. This isn’t very nice because it feels like you have less saliva in your mouth. Secondly I haven’t noticed any difference in whitening at all, and I have now used nearly half the bottle, mainly to use it up because I am not really a fan of it. The liquid itself is a bright blue colour and has a Colgate toothpaste type of smell to it! All in all, its not a great product, I guess others may like it but I find it drying, and not whitening! I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend!
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