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Lego City 60129 Police Patrol Boat 03/08/2017

Lego City 60129 Police Patrol Boat

Lego City 60129 Police Patrol Boat My son is a huge Lego fan, even at the age of 13. Whilst he no longer plays with his Lego as a toy, he still really enjoys building it and adding to his rather vast collection. There are many ranges within the Lego range, but my son is only interested in the Lego city range, as from quite an early age he has really liked the idea of building his own city. One of the latest additions to his collection is the Lego Patrol Boat, code 60129. Most of the items in his collection range from £10 - £50 in price, and so at £40, this is one of the more expensive products that he owns. Within this set you get the actual patrol boat, as well as a good range of accessories, including a baddies getaway boat, so the idea of this set is that the police chase the baddies in their boat and catch them. This is definitely one of the most detailed sets and it features many accessories to make a more realistic game play for younger children, such as handcuffs, binoculars, money and four mini Lego people which are dressed up as a policeman, policewoman, and two robbers. The main police patrol boat is a really good size. It measures around 31 x 15 cm, so you can see why it is one of the more expensive products in the range. As mentioned earlier, the main attraction for my son is the building of the Lego, as he gets immense satisfaction from completing a build and at 13, he can now pretty much build any Lego product on his own with very little help, if any, from me or his Dad. This is probably ...

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 in a Box 14/06/2017

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 in a Box

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 in a Box I have a very paw-patrol mad nephew and so when deciding what to buy him for his Easter present this year (I don’t buy chocolate eggs for him as he receives enough from other family members), I decided to go down the paw patrol route as provided I chose something for him that he hadn’t already got, I knew that with Paw Patrol, I couldn’t really go wrong. I don’t spend a fortune at Easter as we have a large family and there are many other children to buy for too so we decided to spend around £5 on each child and so I went to Amazon in the hope of finding a bargain. I opted in the end for the Paw Patrol ‘4 in a box’ set of puzzles. These were priced on Amazon at £5.99, so it was in the region of what we were planning to spend and I liked the fact that these were Paw Patrol, so I knew they would go down well, but also a bit more educational than many toys. My nephew already has a huge array of toys so thought this would be something different. As the name suggests, this puzzle set contains 4 separate puzzles. Each puzzle has a different level of difficulty, and the idea is that your child starts with the easiest, and once they have mastered that one, they work their way up to the most difficult puzzle. The puzzles have 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces in them and each puzzle has a picture of a different paw patrol character on it. The puzzle pieces are of a good size so are quite easy for a child to pick up without any frustration and they fit together well into the puzzle. This ...

Adidas Adilette Children 30/05/2017

Adidas Adilette Childrens Flip Flops

Adidas Adilette Children My 13 year old son won’t wear anything else on his feet except trainers, so I did my best to convince him to get some flip flop style shoes for our recent holiday as we were going to Lanzarote and I felt that wearing trainers permanently would leave his feet hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. He has owned normal flip flops before and hates the bit you have that goes between your big toe and second toe so those were out of the question as he would never wear them, so I knew the only flip flop style shoes he would wear would be just standard slip on shoes. I looked on the internet and found the perfect pair. At 13, I wouldn’t go as far as to say he is fashion conscious, but he is becoming more aware of his image and so only really wants to wear Adidas or Nike brands as he is sports mad and lives in sportswear clothing, but the cheaper brands are no longer ‘cool’ to him. I found a pair of slip on Adidas flip flops which were predominantly black, but with the Adidas logo and triple white stripe across them. I knew these would be a hit when it came to them being col enough for him, but the next test would be if he would actually wear them. Generally my son is between shoe sizes 4-5 so I ordered a 5 in the hope they wouldn’t be too big as I thought he would grow out of a 4 too quickly. The size 5 was the perfect size. We took them on holiday and my son lived in them. My concern was that they would rub him, being new shoes that hadn’t been worn. We did a lot of walking on our ...

Character Options Peppa Pig Laugh With Peppa 23/05/2017

Peppa Pig Laugh with Peppa

Character Options Peppa Pig Laugh With Peppa My little niece has just turned 3 years old, and like many children her age, she has become obsessed with Peppa Pig, so whilst scouring the internet for a Birthday present for her, I decided in advance that something Peppa Pig related would be the way to go. I tend to purchase most toys from Amazon as I find them to be not only convenient, but great value for money too and I often have vouchers that also contribute to lowering the price even further, and whilst searching for Peppa Pig related items, I came across the Laugh With Peppa toy. At £15.96, this was pretty much the price I had wanted to pay from the start as my initial budget was around the £15.00 mark, so I couldn’t get much closer really! This is a lovely toy, and really makes my niece laugh. The recommended age for this toy was 3 year old, hence why I felt it would be appropriate for my niece as this was the age she was about to turn, but personally I feel this would also be suitable for children a little younger as there are no small parts for a child to choke on, but I feel at 3 years old, a child may need something a little more stimulating than this, with something that perhaps concentrates on the start of something a little educational such as shapes, numbers, letters etc. The idea behind this toy is simply that you press Peppas tummy and she laughs and waves her arms and feet around, a bit like we would if being tickled. It is quite a cute toy and my niece seemed impressed with it, but personally I feel ...

Filofax Personal Organiser Refill Insert Name Address and Telephone 03/04/2017

Filofax Refills Name/Address & Telephone Number

Filofax Personal Organiser Refill Insert Name Address and Telephone Although many young people nowadays tend to use their smartphone or tablet as their lifeline, I personally still prefer to use my Filofax, and I have built it up over the years so it pretty much contains every bit of information I need on the go. I love how you can buy different inserts for different aspects of your life, and one set of inserts I purchased was the name/address and phone number inserts. This set of inserts has become quite critical for me, not so much for the phone number side of things as I do tend to keep all numbers in my phone (though I do keep a back-up of everyone numbers in my Filofax in case I ever lose them on my phone, but these inserts are mainly of use to me as it allows me to keep important names and addresses all in one place. I keep personal addresses so I always have family and friends addresses handy for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, but I also keep Company addresses too of those I regularly interact with, which comes in handy if I need to send something from work to a regular recipient, but don’t necessarily have the time to search for their address. I am a stickler for organisation and my Filofax generally allows me to organise all areas of my life, and my name/address/phone number inserts have ensured that I have all contact details of anyone I regularly contact with me at all times. A pack of name/address/phone number inserts in A5 size and that come already punched to match my Filofax cost in the region of £3.50, ...

Galt Velvet Puzzles Pets 15/03/2017

Galt Velvet Puzzles Pets

Galt Velvet Puzzles Pets My partners granddaughter loves puzzles and so I decided to follow the puzzle theme when selecting a present for her Birthday. As my partner has a few grandchildren, I can’t afford to spend a lot per child or else it would cost a fortune over the year, so I was quite pleased when I found the Galt Toys Velvet Puzzles set. I believe there are a few different versions of this toy, but I opted for the pets one as the family own a couple of dogs and she is obsessed with them, so I thought a pets puzzle seemed appropriate for her. This set features 4 puzzles, each with differing levels of difficulty. The idea is that your child starts with the easiest and when they are confident with that one, then they move onto the next until they eventually reach the hardest puzzle. What I liked about these puzzles was the velvet aspect, as I just thought it was something a bit quirky and different to other puzzles she was likely to own. The puzzles are sized 18x35cm with there being 6, 8, 12 and 16 pieces to the four puzzles. The puzzles feature basic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and horses, so not only do they encourage your child to improve their fine motor skills, they can also help to start to each your child the basics such as animals and colours. This set cost me around £6.00 which I think is really good value for money and it certainly went down well with my partners granddaughter and she often plays it when she comes round to visit. On top of the above it also helps to ...

Philips Sonicare HX 9172 Flexcare Platinum 09/03/2017

Philips Sonicare HX9172 Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare HX 9172 Flexcare Platinum My electric toothbrush broke a few weeks ago and as much as we have tried, it is just completely dead, never to work again. Having used an electric toothbrush for many years now, I just cannot go back to using a manual toothbrush again so I decided that I had to purchase another electric toothbrush. I have had a couple of cheaper toothbrushes in the past, so I decided to go the other way this time and order a more expensive one from a very good brand in the hope that it lasts me a good few years (apart from replacing the brush heads regularly obviously). I decided almost immediately that I wanted to purchase a toothbrush from the Philips Sonicare range as a couple of family members have one from this range and have nothing but positive things to say about them, so I decided this was the way to go. After much deliberation I opted for the Philips Sonicare HX9172 toothbrush. Even though I had chosen to go for a more expensive one this time, this was still more than I had really wanted to pay as it retails at around £135, and I hadn’t really wanted to pay any more than £100, but I got a bit carried away when reading about what this toothbrush can do, so purchased it anyway. As much as I hadn’t wanted to pay this much for a toothbrush, I have to say that it is the best toothbrush I have owned by a mile. No longer is a toothbrush just a toothbrush! This toothbrush has a timer on it, which I do find quite handy as I do try to brush for 2 minutes a time as suggested, but ...

Lego City 60101 Airport Cargo Plane 07/03/2017

Lego City Airport Cargo Plane 60101

Lego City 60101 Airport Cargo Plane Ever since I can remember, my son has collected toys from the Lego City range and he now owns quite an extensive collection, with one item he owns being the Lego City 60101 Cargo Plane. Having turned 13 last year, my son obviously doesn’t play with these toys as much as he used to, but he still really gets a buzz out of building the toys, especially now he is able to do the majority of assembling on his own and very rarely needs help, so he gets a real sense of achievement out of completing one of these now. The instruction booklets with any Lego products are extremely detailed and easy to follow which really helps. My son received this from a family member for his Birthday and so as I didn’t personally purchase this for him, I have had to look up the price for the purpose of this review and have found it on Amazon for £26.99. This is a little more expensive than I would have thought, as I probably would have put it at around the £20 mark, but it isn’t too overpriced. What I love about Lego products in general is that even if your child doesn’t own other Lego products from the range, each separate product contains enough accessories that your child can have more than enough fun with it on its own, so it doesn’t have to become an expensive hobby like it has with my son. This little set includes a couple of mini figures (the pilot and a worker), then you also get a little mini airport car, 4x packages, a walkie-talkie and a hand truck. Obviously the idea behind this set ...

Canon LS 103TC 01/03/2017

Canon LS103TC Mini Desktop Calculator

Canon LS 103TC I work in Finance and so one instrument which is very important in my job is a calculator. Many of my colleagues have large desktop calculators which sit on their desk, but I didn’t feel the need for something so big & that takes up quite a lot of room as I have very limited desk space, so all I requested from our purchasing department was a decent calculator with a decent sized screen. I ended up with a Canon LS103TC calculator and have found that this more than meets my needs. This is a good sized calculator that has nice sized buttons that are easy to press and they are nicely spaced so you don’t end up accidently knocking the wrong digit, which is extremely important in my line of work as accuracy is vital. It is a silver calculator that has a dual power source (solar and battery) and I can honestly say I have never had a problem with the screen fading due to failing power and it is as crisp and clear now as the day I was first given this calculator (around 6 months ago). The different sections of buttons are all colour coded which is quite handy and you have the usual 1-1-9 digits, the add/multiply/divide/deduct/equal buttons, and on top of this you also have memory, square root and percentage buttons. An added bonus to this calculator is that you also have tax and currency conversion functions. I personally don’t have the need for this in my part of Finance, but it would certainly be a handy feature for those who do use currency/tax conversions in their line of ...

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Puppy's Piano 14/02/2017

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Piano

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy Puppy's Piano Whilst scouring the internet looking for ideas for my nephews first birthday, I looked at brands such as Fisher Price as for me, they are one of the leading brands in children’s toys. I had already purchased a couple of bits and pieces for him, but wanted a nice little toy that wasn’t too expensive to finish his present off. My sister had previously mentioned that he loves music and is at the stage now where if he hears music, he starts doing a little ‘baby jig’ to it, so this is the route I decided to go down (plus I thought it would be a nice idea to get her back for all the ridiculously noisy toys she brought my son when he was that age!). I decided on the Fisher Price puppy piano in the end. I have to admit, the first thing that attracted me to this toy was the price. I tend to purchase most toys from Amazon as they tend to be the cheapest and it is convenient too, and this toy was the bargain price of £7.50 on Amazon. Although from Fisher Price, I was a little concerned that this was going to be a cheap & tacky toy due to its low retail price but my concerns proved to be unfounded as this toy is actually really good and more than worth its money. It is a little red plastic piano with five numbered keys. The piano has a little interactive book on the top right hand side of the piano and a little plastic puppy on the left hand side of the piano. The toy needs 3x AA batteries and is recommended for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. I personally feel ...

Rimmel Hide Blemish Concealer Soft Honey 03/02/2017

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer - Soft Honey

Rimmel Hide Blemish Concealer Soft Honey Although I prefer certain make up brands over the Rimmel brand, I do own a few products from the Rimmel range, and one product I own is their ‘Hide the Blemish’ concealer. I purchased this purely for the reason that it is cheap, as the brands I tend to prefer (Maybelline, Max Factor and Boots No 7) offer concealers that are far more expensive than this one, and money has been a little tight this month due to a Christmas overspend! This concealer cost me the bargain price of just £3.99, which I thought was really cheap for a concealer from a decent brand. I have tended to sway towards liquid concealers over the past couple of years, so it was a bit of a change for me to purchase an older style concealer. This concealer looks like an older style lip stick, whereby the concealer stick is hidden in a plastic tube, and is brought to the surface by turning the end of the stick until the desired amount of concealer is visible. The concealer is available in different shades, and I went for the ‘Soft Honey’ shade as it seemed to be the closest to my skin tone as I am quite pale. I have found this to be quite a thick product, which is good as it gives really good coverage and does hide blemishes well. Being quite thick, I did find it a little hard to blend in and found that it left a little circle of colour around the blemish area, which is not exactly the look I was going for! I wanted a product that would hide a blemish well, but that would also give a natural look and I ...

Ravensburger My First Puzzles Travel Far 31/01/2017

Ravensburger My First Puzzles - Travel Far

Ravensburger My First Puzzles Travel Far For my partners granddaughters birthday towards the end of last year, I purchased her a Ravensburger ‘my first’ puzzle as part of her present and found it to be a really good gift that has gotten a lot of use, really helped her educationally and best of all, it was quite cheap too! For these reasons, I decided to go down the same route when purchasing a gift for my nephew’s Birthday. He is really into his cars and tractors at the moment, so I found the perfect Ravensburger ‘my first’ puzzle for him. The full name of this puzzle set is Ravensburger ‘My First Travel Far’ and it contains 4 mini puzzles of a train, bus, tractor and car. I really like these puzzle sets and think they make a great gift for a young toddler who is just starting to learn the basics such as hand eye co-ordination and the basic colours, shapes, animals, modes of transport etc. The puzzles themselves are made from really good quality, strong cardboard and the pieces are quite big and thick, so a child just starting to learn will easily be able to pick up the puzzle pieces without frustration and they easily fit together too which is good. Within the set there are 4 separate puzzles, which all feature a different mode of transport. I really like the differing levels of difficulty with the puzzles as your child can start off with the easier puzzle, then work their way up to the more difficult puzzle. The first (and easiest) puzzle features just two pieces, so the idea behind this one is more ...

Bresser Corvette 10X50 23/01/2017

Bresser Corvette 10X50 Binoculars

Bresser Corvette 10X50 Quite recently when at my parent’s house, my son found a pair of binoculars that were owned by my father. He had purchased them in the last couple of years and had used them a couple of times but he has a habit of purchasing things on a whim, then they get put in a drawer and are never used again and I believe that is pretty much what happened with these binoculars so he gave them to my son, who had taken quite a shine to them. I am not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to binoculars as I had never owned a pair in my life, but I have to say that these looked to be a very decent pair of binoculars as they had a good weight to them and you could tell they were very well made and were very good quality indeed. These particular binoculars are from the Bresser range, and having done a bit of research on them, I found that they are indeed a very good make of binoculars, though they also seemed to be reasonably priced. The actual model that my son now owns is the Bresser Corvette 10x50 binoculars and they come complete with lens caps, small manual, strap and a very good quality case with strap too which keeps them well protected. They have a really good quality rubber like exterior which I feel will be extremely handy for my son who is likely to drop them at some time or other so hopefully this protective casing will help to keep them in one piece and stop them from smashing. They are quite heavy but that shows their quality to me so you wouldn’t necessarily want to ...

Nike PSG 2015/2016 Home Football Shirt 18/01/2017

PSG 2015/2016 Home Football Shirt

Nike PSG 2015/2016 Home Football Shirt As I have mentioned in previous reviews, my son is an avid football fan. Although his club of choice is Aston Villa (poor boy), he also loves playing football and spends much of his time pretending to be some of the best footballers in the world, from the worlds best clubs, and tries to emulate what these players do on the pitch. For this reason, he has become a little obsessed with football shirts. On top of owning every Aston Villa shirt for the last 10 or so years, he owns a vast collection of shirts from some of the best clubs in Europe, with one of those being the PSG shirt of 2015/16. He asked for this shirt for his Birthday after watching PSG in Europe, and they dominated the matches they played, whilst playing some excellent football and as my son already owned a few shirts from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona, he decided to have a change and go for PSG. Apart from what was their best player at the time in Zlatan Ibrohimovic, I didn’t know any of their other players so was sure that this would be the player that my son would want on the back of his shirt, so it surprised me when he picked a player called Cavani (I was rather pleased though as it cost a lot less than the option I was expecting him to pick!). The shirt itself is a navy blue colour with a thick red stripe surrounded by two thinner white stripers going down the middle of the shirt. The front logo, and name and number on the back of the shirt are all white writing with red border and the PSG ...

Adidas Tracksuit Women 16/01/2017

Adidas Tracksuit Women

Adidas Tracksuit Women Like most people after the Christmas and New Year period, I was feeling a little full and bloated. I didn’t feel as fit and lean as I would like so I decided to start up a fitness regime to get into shape for my forthcoming holiday. Also like many people, I start off with great intentions but they rarely last but this time I decided to really try and motivate myself to start leading a fitter and healthier lifestyle. I have no fitness clothing whatsoever and so decided that this would be a good place to start as a friend and I had decided to try running locally in an evening to start with and so I needed some warm, comfortable fitness clothing to run in. Although this may not last, I decided to go for clothing from the Adidas brand as it is well known, good quality brand that I have purchased plenty of products from before for my son as it is his favourite clothing brand and I have always found them to be of a high standard and look good too. I didn’t want to spend a fortune in case my efforts don’t last, but wanted a decent tracksuit that I could use again if the need arose. I visited my local Sports Direct store in the hope of finding a bargain, and I was quite pleased to find a lovely black Adidas tracksuit for women with pink stripes and logo for £44.99 for the set. This may not sound cheap, but in comparison to J D Sports, who wanted this much for just the top, I felt I had a set that was good value for money here. The top is a zip through draw-string hooded top ...
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