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VAX V-022 Rapide Spruce Cleaner 26/02/2007

Amazing Value Basic Carpet Cleaner

VAX V-022 Rapide Spruce Cleaner After much badgering of husband I finally bought this product and I have to say I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the many positive points that I had used to persuade him that we needed it. Including removing the soaked in milk, juice and wee that my toddler had gleefully been depositing on the living room carpet for 2 years. My trump card however was that we are bringing our newborn twins home from hospital and as they were premature I was worried about the build up of dust in the living room. We have dogs and used to smoke in there so it was pretty grim. ASSEMBLY - When it arrived (in a worryingly small box) my husband sat back and prepared to gloat. He did not have any faith in carpet cleaners that don't weigh a tonne and require a plant operators licence. Now I am not good with mechanical stuff but the cleaner took me about 10 minutes to put together. The instructions were easy to follow and just involved screwing a few nuts and bolts together. TIME - Just to make it easy for myself I decided that I would clean the living room carpet while my toddler was in bed which gave me an approx 2 hour window. (Hmmm! Possibly a little optimistic). Surprisingly this was nearly enough. Bearing in mind that I had to dry hoover first (Not with the Vax as wet cleaner only) and move all the furniture, it only took approx 3 hours from start to finish. EASE OF USE - The cleaner was really easy to use - light, maneuverable, easy to refill and empty. The dirty water tank ...
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