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Regent's Park, London 24/07/2012

Beautiful Park

Regent's Park, London If you are ever at a lose for a cheap day out in London then Regent Park could be it. It's set just behind soho/noho heading North (between Central London and Camden/Chalk Farm), but at times you can feel like you're out in the country here. The main entrance to the Park is near Great Portland Street station on the Euston Road so it's very easy to get to, but the actual park itself is divided into 2 parts. The area nearest Central London is always the busiest on hot days, when Londoners strip off to catch a few rays of sunshine, but the get the best of the Park (in my opinion) you need to walk through this bit and get across the road into the second part. This part is far more utilitarian with Rugby/Football pitches and long pathways and promenades (and drinking fountain in the middle). This is where you get a real sense of what Londoners do in the their down time. If you walk through in the early morning you're likely to see people jogging, walking dogs, practising tai chi or simply taking in some welcome fresh air. After work you'll find people play touch rugby, football (jumper for goal posts!) and yet more joggers! If you keep going down toward Regents canal you'll get to London Zoo. This is where great free days out start. Many of the animals can be seen from the Park so there's no need to pay to go in. There's even a path that is slightly raised that loops around the back of the Zoo to Regent Canal and young children will be amazed that they've seen mysterious ... 12/07/2012

A very good news and comparison website with some unique products I came across when looking for a new 0% credit card to flip my current balance to. As usual I was reasonably thorough - I’m an avid listener of Moneybox on Radio 4 and the Martin Lewis segments on Daybreak, so I understand the need to shop around to get the best deal. I started searching with usual suspects like (but there website did not display correctly), (although I dislike the gambling connotations in their latest advert). I would have gone to, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea of encouraging people to get into further debt with a fluffy toy! Eventually I thought I’d have a look at Google which I use for everything else. were the top result when I searched for “best credit cards”. I’d never heard of them before, but I thought I might as well try them. When the site loaded I was pleasantly surprised. It was the least cluttered of all of the websites I’d looked at. It was also clearly far more established that I would have imagined with numerous other products available for comparison. Having looked through the “Balance Transfer” section and applied for a new credit card (likely to be the subject of another review) I started to look around the site in a little more depth. Across the top of the site is a navigation bar that takes you to the other sections of the website which include Prepaid cards, Loans, Current Accounts, Savings, Investments, Insurance and ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB 10/07/2012

Some Notes on a great phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB I got this phone sim free as an upgrade to my old iphone (3G) and things have certainly moved on! Overall I'm surprisingly impressed and happy with the Samsung Galaxy Note - which my husband "strongly" suggested I got (although I was pretty unconvinced - being an Apple girl). It's a kind of cross between a tablet and a phone and this fits my bill exactly. The screen is superb and together with giffgaff card the phone is very cheap to run. I don't use it for games but it's absolutely perfect for Facebook/Twitter etc, especially when connected to the home BT Infinity by wi-fi it is fast and very smooth. The 8 megapixel camera provides a amazing quality pictures and video is pretty much TV quality - which was great fun on our most recent holiday! Overall it seems that Samsung have at least caught up with Apple - which is great for me (loads more toys to choose from!) ...

AngelCare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor 10/07/2012

Angelcare - The best thing we bought for our boys!

AngelCare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor It's not until you become a mother that you understand why Angelcare is necessary, but unless you want to be checking/bothering your babies ever few minutes this is the best thing in the world. In our house the Angelcare gently ticks and tocks all night long. We can hear when the little one's need feeding and settling, but other than that we can leave them at peace. When they get a little older (as one of ours is) it can be a bit of a shock when they role off the sensor and the alarm goes off in the middle of the night - but at the same time the fact that it works is reassuring (and it's a small price to pay). My folks call me a paranoid parent, but when you are responsible for someone else's life then all the help you can get is to be welcomed! I would suggest any new parent gets one of these - in fact ownership should be mandatory!
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