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Terrible service, extortionate behaviour, just the worst. Avoid! I booked with Holiday Autos, who subcontract to local rental companies, in my case this was with Firefly. My Holiday Autos reservation was to pick up a vehicle on 15th August at 2.00pm, and we arrived at the rental pickup desk at 2.15pm after clearing passport control. The queue was enormous, and it became apparent that this was because all the customers in front of us were complaining, because they had NO CARS AVAILABLE for the people who had got confirmed reservations that they had paid for. Literally everyone who had reserved and paid in advance for a vehicle was being told that they had NO CARS AVAILABLE! When we reached the front of the queue we were told that they had no cars available, but that a truck was coming from another part of the island with rental vehicles, though this was at least TWO HOURS AWAY. At this time they had no other cars (or at least so they claimed) and therefore were unable to do anything except tell us that they hoped a car would be available in two hours time. After 40 minutes of waiting, the customer service representative then said she had ONE car available, but she would only provide this if we paid a supplement of an additional 100 Euros. I argued that this was not reasonable, and that given the circumstances I felt she should offer us the upgrade at no charge as she was unable to provide the car that had been reserved. She rudely said there was nothing she could do. She then turned to another customer who was waiting, and offered the ...
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