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Vanguard Pure Mirror Waterproof Bathroom TV 02/05/2011

Bathtime has never been so much fun!!

Vanguard Pure Mirror Waterproof Bathroom TV Having recently upgraded our bathroom, I had spent hours and hours browsing bathroom shops. In one shop I saw a very neat mirror that had a fm radio built in. I thought this was an excellent idea and nearly bought it. It was then that I had a brain wave and wondered if you could get a TV for the bathroom! I did some searching online, and found on Amazon, this VanguardTech Pure Mirror. Priced at just under £450, this is a mirror and 19" TV screen all in one, it even had Freeview! It didn't take me much time thinking before I clicked the button to buy it. As I ordered this through Amazon, I wasn't waiting long at all before it was delivered. Setting up was obviously a bit more complicated than a usual TV, we had to have about two inches chopped out of the wall so it would sit flush with the tiles, The TV comes with a scart, HDMI, coaxial and computer cables that are plenty long enough to reach up into the loft or to another room to connect it up, there is no need to worry about installing aerial points in the bathroom as everything is supplied. As this is in the bathroom, it couldn't be plugged in like a normal TV, so we had the socket plugged into the loft, there is a transformer supplied which also stays well out of the way, then just a small power cable running down to the set itself. The mirror came with the mounting bracket, and once installed, it was completely flush just like a mirror would be. Before turning it on you'd never guess it was a television, ...

Halfords (Shop) 30/04/2011

One stop shop for for all motoring needs

Halfords (Shop) Halfords are a well kown shop for selling a range of goods like In car entertainment, car parts, bikes and anything travel related. My girlfreind and myself decided to have a weekend at the Lake District last year. As per usual, we were unorganised and didn't book a hotel, we just decided to find one when we arrived. This didn't exactly go to plan, every single place we tried was full, as we were living in London at the time, we didn't fancy driving back! My girlfriend was starting to stress, so i suggested we went into halfords and buy a tent, it beats sleeping in the car! We bought a small tent, with sleeping bags, an air bed, and even a light, costing around £50, it was cheaper than most hotels would of cost, and obviously we get to the keep the tent for future camping trips. Halford's are such a good shop for things like this, you don't realise until you go into the store, just how much they sell. I always thought they were mainly selling parts for cars, but the range of camping equipment is brilliant, and very reasonably priced too! The tent that we bought wasn't the best, and we still haven't used it since, but thanks to Halfords, at least we got to make it a weekend to remember. Looking at the prices of bikes in there, they are actually very cheap, Starting at around £99 for an adult, you can't go far wrong. There is a huge range of children's bikes there, which alweays have good savings nearer to Christmas time. They offer a conprehensive range of car parts, and ...

Uncle Bens Express Pilau Rice 30/04/2011


Uncle Bens Express Pilau Rice Uncle Bens Express rice, 'perfect every time', well so they say. The one good thing about this rice, is that when you are trying to find it in the supermarket, the bright orange packet with blue writing does stand out on the shelves. The packet itself is just a thick plastic bag/pouch, you can see the contents of the packet through the little window on the front, which actually completes the picture, if that makes sense. The pack states that there are no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, which is reassuring to know, per half bag, there is 1.6grams of fat, and 184 calories, I'm not really sure how this would compare to fresh rice. We sometimes use this, usually when i am cooking, and forget to cook the fresh rice in time. Where we usually buy them, is a local shop called cost cutter, we pay £1.80 for a pouch, but i think in the supermarkets it costs around the £1.25 mark. Cooking it couldn't be simpler, just peel the top off the bag, and put it in the microwave for two minutes. The end result, a big lump of very hot rice. For me, this is where things go down hill, the rice seems very much like processed food, not fluffy like fresh rice. You can soon break it up with a fork, but its very apparent that this stuff has been sat on a shelf in the supermarket a few months before you get to eat it. Considering its microwaved, its not bad, but always seems to be a bit stodgy to me. All in all, not bad for the money, and it is really very easy to cook. A bit of ...

T-Mobile 30/04/2011


T-Mobile I have been with T Mobile for around 5 years now, and cannot fault the service, When i first signed up, they were doing a special offer, of 25% off line rental a month for the first 18 month contract. This meant i was getting a £40 a month contract, for £30! The contract i signed up for, was a mix of texts and calls, I'm still not sure how much i get free, but i know it does the job. After my first 18 months, T Mobile told me i would have to start paying full price for the contract, but after some gentle persuasion, they let me keep the 25% discount, and still do to this day. I cannot find one fault with their customer service, there is never long waits in the queue, and you always get through to a call centre with English speaking staff. The signal is spot on, i travel a lot due to work, and very rarely am i out of range. Going abroad is also very reasonable, within Europe, its 49p per minute to make a call, but only 19p per minute to receive, so providing your friends like you enough, get them to call you, and it only costs you the 19ppm! Even in America, it was only costing me £1.20 per minute, which i don't think is bad at all. You can actually buy bundles to reduce these prices, but as its only once or twice a year, i can't be bothered with the hassle. The signal abroad is also spot on, within 5 minutess of turning my phone on when i get off the plane, it's ready to use. I am always offered early phone upgrades, which is good, because my phones don't last long, they ...

Indesit WIXL 123 30/04/2011

Washing made easy!

Indesit WIXL 123 When we first bought this house, we were buying everything on a budget, but didn't want a house full of bottom end appliances, we found the Indesit WIXL123 for £259 from Tesco. For this price you get a five year parts guarantee, which is good, after five years you will probably want a change anyway! The spec of the machine is - A rated for energy, 46 litre drum, 6kg capacity, and a 1200rpm spin. Now we were new to the world of washing machines, as the closest we had got to one in the past, was giving our dirty laundry to our mums! These figures however, did seem pretty impressive, and compared to other washers, was very good value for money. When we got it home and out the box, we both stared at it for a while, we were both unsure on what to do, using a washing machine was new to us, but the easy to follow instruction book made it much easier. The machine has 13 wash settings, ranging from delicates to sports, wool to quick wash, you name it, there is a setting for it! There are also several wash settings, from cold to 90 degrees We tend to use number 11, which is a 40min quick wash, it seems to do the trick, and washing always comes out smelling fresh, just like it does in the adverts. The 90 degree wash, which is good for doing white's apparently, although we haven't tried it yet, i do have some jeans that are starting to get a big, so am thinking about shrinking them with this cycle! There is a spin setting, we sometimes use this after the wash cycle, just to make ...

Pizza Hut 30/04/2011

Pizza hut

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut, a very well known restaurant chain on any high street, My girlfriend and myself are very fond of Pizza hut. Pizza Hut know what they are doing when it comes to pizza, they have a massive selection of toppings available, and you can also create your own, they will happily make half pizza with one topping, and something different on the other side, for example, i like mushrooms, my girlfriend doesn't, so they make her side mushroom free! My favourite would have to be the weekday buffet, for £6.49, you get unlimited salad, pasta, and most importantly, PIZZA! This really is very good value for money, and if you can eat the amount i do, you probably wont need anything else for a few days after, this stuff is filling! The selection of pizza is brilliant, and there is always plenty out there, they constantly top up the counter. The soft drinks are unlimited refills, which you need with eating all that dough and cheese. As well as the buffet, Pizza Hut also offer many meal deals, which are great, these include starter platters, with chicken wings, breaded mushrooms, potato wedges and much more. A huge range of deserts ( you have to try the hot cookie dough! ) Ice cream factory is also another favourite, unlimited visits to flowing ice cream, makes all those childhood dreams of being an ice cream man come true! Plenty of sweets and other toppings here too, to brighten things up. Not so good if you are dieting though. If you have any leftover pizza at the end of your ... 30/04/2011

I really want one of those! And so will you! When it comes to buying anyone a present, I always have a look on this website to find the perfect gift. Much of the stuff for sale here, isn't readily available to buy on the high street or in shopping centres. There are plenty of very unusual gifts, which the recipient has most likely never seen before. There is a huge selection on the website, and you are guaranteed to find something for anybody, any age. One thing i like is that you can select on the website, who you are buying the gift for, e.g girlfriend, you are then shown a huge list of gifts that may be suitable to buy your partner. Other options are, boyfriend, mother, father, daughter, son etc... The prices on the website are very reasonable, with next day delivery only £6.45. For £7.95 they will guarantee the delivery for before 12 mid day! The selection of gifts is incredible, ranging from retro sweet hamers, right up to a Helicopter flight, there really is something for everyone. This Christmas just gone, i got most presents from here. Some of my girlfriends presents included microwavable slippers, a huge blanket & giant stress ball. The stress ball doesn't really get used a lot, although i wish it did, she needs it! The customer service of the website is second to none. I ordered a USB microscope for somebody, and it turned out to be faulty. The website has a 'live chat' facility, where you can speak to a member of staff online, this saves a lot of wasted time with phone calls. Anyway back to the phone ...

DFS Furniture Store (Shop) 30/04/2011

DFS furniture shop

DFS Furniture Store (Shop) Buying our new house, the sofa was one of the most exciting things for us to buy, we chose all the usual furniture shops, CSL, Harvey's and Land Of Leather. DFS seemed to have the best ranges, and there were many that we knew would go well with our house. On display, each range has a chair, a sofa in two sizes, and a footstool, so you know exactly what you will be getting no matter what you order. Most suites come in a variety of colours, which can all be seen in a fabric book. When we chose the suite we wanted to buy, we collared a salesman, he was very helpful, talked us through protection plans that were on offer, and also the payment plans. These were brilliant, you can pay over four years, interest free credit. You even have the option to take a year off before any money comes out of your bank! The sofa is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the house, so having the ability to pay over this duration is great. I took our on over three years, i was able to select the day i wanted the money to come out which was good, as i like all my direct debits to leave my bank on the same day. The delivery of the sofa was around six weeks after we ordered, which we didn't mind, the delivery guys were brilliant, they set it all up for us, we didn't have to lift a finger. They give a few tips on how to look after the sofa, which is all common sense really, but still very helpful. The one fault i have with DFS, is that they don't have very good drink facilities in the ...

Brabantia Steel Pedal Bin 30/04/2011

Brabantia pedal bin

Brabantia Steel Pedal Bin When we were buying stuff for our house, the one thing (strangely) that my girlfriend had always wanted, was a Brabantia bin! I was all for the idea, i had seen them in shops and must admit, they do look very nice. Well, as nice a bin can look anyway. I was shocked when i saw the prices of these, we paid about £55 for our 30ltr bin, which came with a smaller bin for the bathroom for free! Now i don't know much about bins, but this one seems to be very sturdy, the push pedal works every time, and when you release the pedal, the lid doesn't slam shut like on cheaper bins. The outer casing is corrosion free, which doesn't really matter in the kitchen, but in the bathroom its great, we had a cheap bin before and due to the steam, it soon started to rust on the lid, this Brabantia one is still as good as new. The outer shell of the bin is also fingerprint proof, so it always looks nice and clean. The base of the bin has a big rubber pad, so doesn't slip on the floor, as our kitchen is tiled, other bins have slid about when you pressed the pedal. The inside of the bin is removable, which makes emptying it easier, and also helps with cleaning it. One down side of the bin, is that to get the best from it, you have to use Brabantia bin bags, these are designed to not hang out the outside of the bin, keeping it nice and tidy. These cost around £9 for thirty bags, very expensive! Brabantia have now released an automatic bin, this one opens up if you wave your hand over it, and ...

Kettle Foods Kettle Crisps Sour Cream and Chive 30/04/2011

Kettle Chips Sour Cream And Chive

Kettle Foods Kettle Crisps Sour Cream and Chive Kettle crisps have been produced for over 25years, and until today, i hadn't even noticed them. Today i picked up a bag of Kettle Chips, sour cream and chive flavour crisps. I have never had these before, but the pack looked fairly upmarket, and at a price of only 60pence, for 40grams, i thought i'd give them a shot. The bag gives plenty of information, saying that all the crisps are hand cooked, and promised they contain no added MSG, artificial flavours or colours. When you open the bag, its apparant that these are nothing like your standard bags of Walkers crisps, these are much thicker, and do actually look to be hand cut. The flavour of the crisps is spot on, and the fact that they only use natural ingredients makes it so much better, When you finish the bag, there are actually chives left in the bottom, which indicates these are not blended in and stuck on like you find with other brands. Overall, a very pleasing bag of crisps, I have checked out the website, and I see there are many other flavours in the range. Go to for more details. You can sign up to the Kettle website, which i have done myself, this enters you into some competitions that they run, and also some offers, hopefully. You can select any crisp flavour, on the site, and you get a full list of ingredients of what is in each packet, very useful for people with allergies. I would recommend these crisps, they are very filling, and good quality. Well worth a try 30/04/2011

Shopping made easy! Recently, we have started having more and more of our grocery shopping delivered, this is so easy to do, just log onto, open up an account and start shopping! At the top of the grocery section, you can choose which area you want to search, e.g Fridge, Frozen, Bakery etc... when you open any of these subsections, there are smaller menu's e.g for biscuits or baked beans. All the offer prices are marked, and it will advise you when you add a product, if its on buy one get one free or on any other promotion. There is a search box at the top of the page, which you can use to search any item, for example, type in 'Baked Beans', and it will bring up a full list of every baked bean they stock. A picture of each tin is shown, so you know exactly what you're getting. Another great feature is the Special offers tab, this shows all the current offers running in the store, perfect for findings BOGOF's, and BOGOHP's. As you use your club-card when shopping, you also get a favourites tab, this shows all the items that you usually order, ideal if you order the same list every week. When you are checking out, if you forget something that is usually on the order every week, it will remind you too. There is a recipe section on the website, with hundreds of brilliant recipes, the best bit, is that at the side of each recipe, is a 'buy ingredient' tab, just click this tab, and all the ingredients for the recipe are added to your basket, so much easier than hunting round the ...

HP Photosmart C4480 30/04/2011

Very good budget all in one

HP Photosmart C4480 When we were looking for a new printer at home, all we wanted was a printer, scanner & copier all in one. We didn't want it to do anything fancy, as we both have our printers at work for that. We saw this for sale on for £55, seemed like a bargain, it had everything we needed, with the added bonus of a SD card slot on the front, and a small screen to display images on. This is very good if you are looking to print out pictures directly from your memory card, you can use the screen to view and select the pictures. The print speed for a budget printer is good, up to 30 ppm black and 23 ppm colour. it also has the facility to print onto photo paper, these take around 30seconds and the print quality isn't too bad, although you wouldn't want them in your favourite photo album. The scanner/copier part is good, even full colour copying only takes around one minute, scanning is very clear and gives good results on screen after scanning photos. The paper tray holds 100 sheets, which is more than enough, the output tray holds 50 sheets. If you are looking for a budget all in one, this is worth looking at, i believe they are now available for around £35, for this money they are definitely worth it. 5 star from me, faultless

Toby Carvery 30/04/2011

As good as home cooked food

Toby Carvery We first found a toby carvery when looking for a place to eat on the cars sat nav, all the other places were burger king, mcdonalds, etc... so when we saw the word carvery we thought it had to be worth a shot. We ended up in Bolton, just of of the M61 North Bound, first impressions were good, seemed very clean and tidy, a bit like a Brewers Fayre type restaurant. While we waited for our table, we were able to have a few drinks at the bar, drinks were reasonably priced considering they were from a large chain restaurant. When we sat down and looked at the menu, I was pleased to find that the carvery was only £5, this does go up to £6.50 after 7pm, but even at that price, its very good value for money. The menu also has carvery alternatives, mainly traditional pub meals like sausage and mash, cheese plougmans, and they also do some curries. As it was the carvery that tempted us, we stuck with it. When you go up to the food counter you have a selection of three meats - Turkey Beef or Gammon. I decided to have all three, you then move along to the counter where you can choose yorkshire pud's and stuffing balls. Then there is a huge selection of vegetables including roast, mash and boiled potatos, carrots, peas, cabbage, parsnips, pretty much anything you would want. There was plenty of gravy available as well as sauces too, apple, berries & mustard. I am a big eater, and other carveries i have been to, the amount of meat is unlimited. When i asked the chef for more meat, he ...

Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) 30/04/2011

The perfect place for a week in the sun

Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) We decided to try Egypt in July last year as we got a very good last minute deal, and temperatures of 40degrees + were very appealing. Sharm el Sheikh is situated on the Southern side of the sinai desert and is on the coast of the Red Sea. It is only a five hour flight from Manchester airport so is ideal if you are looking for a week in the sun. Our flight left Manchester at around 5pm so we arrived in Egypt at 11pm, When we stepped off the plane, the heat was unbelievable, it was 37degrees! I am used to hot countries but had never felt heat like that at that time of night. During our stay, the average temperature during the day was around 44degrees. One thing to note about Egypt, is that the locals like to be tipped, when we left the airport and were heading to the bus with our cases, a very friendly guy offered to help me carry them, it didn't even enter my head that he would want paying! He held his hand out and would not put the cases down until we paid, I was too tired to argue so I gave him a five pound note, which i was later told that this was around a days wage for him, so if you are tipping, keep it to around £1 or less. We stayed in Three Corners St George apartment complex, and were all inclusive. I would well recommend this hotel, it was very clean, good sized rooms and a good selection of food out each day, plenty to chose from even for fussy eaters. It had two pools which were a very good size. The staff could not be faulted, very friendly and would do ...

Highland Spring Still Natural Mineral Water 30/04/2011

As good as tap water!

Highland Spring Still Natural Mineral Water I was in Tesco buying lunch, and being used to Evian bottled water at around 75pence, i decided to give Highland Spring still water a try. Personally, if there is a tap available i will always opt for tap water, as i am pretty tight with things like this. As i was nowhere near a tap, i chose the cheapest bottled water available. Costing only 47pence for 500ml, Highland Spring is noticably cheaper than Evian. The bottle looks about as bottled water can look, a small white label with a purple and white Highland spring logo on it. It has a screw cap on the top which is easy enough to open, I suppose this type bottle would not be any good for people going on a jog or cycling, you would need a bottle like Evians which are slightly non spill and do not require unscrewing. I had no intention of jogging or a bike ride, infact i had driven to Tesco, so a screw cap did me fine! The taste of the water is as good as any other bottled water I have tried. No funny tastes, just plain old water. The bottle claims that this water is from the Ochil Hills in Perthire, Scotland, the land the water comes from is certified organic by the soil association. I guess my tap water must come from these hills too, I couldn't taste anything different! If you want more information on the source of this water, go to for more information. The bottle states that it should be stored in an odour free environment, and away from direct sunlight, it should also be used within seven days ...
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