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Maurizio's Restaurant, Rickmansworth 23/09/2017

Big portions all round

Maurizio's Restaurant, Rickmansworth WHAT IS IT? Celebrating its 15th year . A charming and cosy Italian restaurant owned by Maurizio Tarantello and tucked away in the quaint village of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. I heard good reports on this place and decided to grab some lunch there as if anyone knows Ricki High Street, there isn't much of a food choice. OPENING TIMES Saturday: 12PM - 10:30PM Sunday: 12PM - 9PM Monday - Thursday Lunch: 12PM - 2:30PM Dinner: 6PM - 10:30PM Friday Lunch: 12PM - 3PM Dinner: 6PM - 10:30PM PARKING There is no onsite parking but just two minutes walk away is a public car park and its free for two hours. DISABLED ACCESS AND FACILITIES This is where the place is failing, no ramp for buggies or wheelchairs and once inside it is very cramped for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre. As the restaurant is situated on a narrow path on the high street, there is no where to leave it outside either. Not sure if the garden restaurant is easier but it was shut the Saturday we were there due to weather conditions. Toilets are situated on the next floor and to access these there is one horrible and narrow stair case to climb. The grab rail isn't brilliant on your way down and for a mum with young children or a disabled customer I would say extremely dangerous. My daughter is young and she was very unsure of her footing and decided to come down on her rear end. There is no baby changing unit and no disabled toilet. The ladies are right next door to the gents and only one toilet in ...

Ozone, Aldershot 28/08/2017

An Asian Oasis situated in a spit and sawdust high street

Ozone, Aldershot **** ADDRESS ***** 117 Victoria Road Aldershot GU11 1JW ******WHY CHOOSE THIS PLACE ? ****** I run a restaurant with my husband and its very rare we venture out together yet alone eat somewhere else. However we had both been to a catering seminar in London and driving back to Dorset we both decided on having something to eat, though we had been to a catering convention, we had forgotten to grab any lunch. I typed in google "buffet restaurants near me" and the phone directed us to Aldershot, just off the M3 but still some distance from home. The Ozone came up and had some good reviews so we ventured forth into the unknown and found Aldershot high street. The reviews on google said "Spacious restaurant serving buffet style foods that include Chinese, Nepal, Thai and some Indian". *****PARKING ****** There is no parking on site, you have to park on the high street and its £1,50 an hour. We managed to get our car in a slot by the estate agents further up and the restaurant was 10 minutes walk away. I haven't been to Aldershot for years and my first impression was I had entered Jeremy Kyle country. The pub opposite the restaurant had a fight break out and it was a woman attacking a man, I was beginning to think stopping here was not a safe option but we were starving and decided to stay. ******FIRST IMPRESSIONS ****** There are a few steps up to the main door and no hand rail or disabled ramp. Wheelchair access was not visible ...

Garnier Belle Colour 30/07/2017

My collar matches my cuffs

Garnier Belle Colour Garnier Belle Colour WHAT IS IT? Hair Dye in a box basically and one staple requirement of my life I cannot live without unless I want to turn into Morticia Adams. I have naturally dark hair almost black except the the badger streak down the side of my face which I have had since my child was born. Yes child birth must have made me go grey. HOW MUCH? Varies to be honest. Wilkinson’s at the moment seem to be the cheapest seller, Tesco the most expensive followed by Boots. As you can see I did my price checker before purchasing. Wilkinson’s cost me £3.50. It is easily available in most supermarkets, chemists and discount stores such as Home Bargain. WHAT DO YOU GET AND HOW TO DO IT? Gone are the old days where you used to have a tray and brush to mix it on with. Now it’s just three bottles, the dye, the neutralizer and the conditioner. All bottles are marked A, B and C. Instructions are inside as are the plastic gloves which you need to wear to reduce staining on your nails. The manufacturer recommends you do a patch test prior to using all the dye if it’s your first time. To be honest I never did and I’m still here with no reaction. Mix bottle A and B together, don’t snap the cap off B until the mixture has combined perfectly. After a good shake then remove the cap and place all over your hair, sectioning it off if you have long hair especially. I only use it for the grey streak as I have no other little blighters as of yet. If you haven’t dyed your hair before ...

Bloo Foam Aroma 20/05/2017

Great smell but does not remove the clingons

Bloo Foam Aroma Bloo Foam Aroma WHAT IS IT? A 500g plastic container with white granules that you pour into the toilet bowl. WHY DID I BUY IT? My husband and I own our own restaurant and with a restaurant comes the toilet cleaning and endless customer usage. I am not at the restaurant as much as my husband but when I am there I do not relish the toilet cleaning duties at the end of the night. During working hours for health and safety we do not use bleach if a customer has used the toilet and left it rather messy, so I saw this product at Home Bargain and thought it would be less hazardous to use if the need arises. Fortunately our customers are pretty respectful but we do have the odd party that drink too much and before they leave with the combination with alcohol and excess food, they do need to use the toilet. WHO ARE JEYES? Founded in 1877 and holding the Royal Warrant since 1896, Jeyes products are used all over the world and have a huge reputation. The English based company was started in Thetford when John Jeyes developed his liquid disinfectant and since then the brand has grown significantly. WHAT DOES IT DO? Jeyes have launched this new product which consists of a foam and fragrance combination that when placed inside the toilet bowl is meant to deliver a unique cleaning and smelling experience. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? The plastic bottle is easy to unscrew which I found disturbing as children could easily gain access to it. Once the lid is off there is a further ...

Sundaes Gelato, Basingstoke 24/04/2017

Not just for Sunday but a treat any day

Sundaes Gelato, Basingstoke **************SUNDAES GELATO *********** Address: 20A Winchester St, Basingstoke RG21 7DZ Hours: 11am–10pm Phone: 01256 351122 WHAT IS IT? The business is run by husband and wife Waheed and Sue Zafaree, who have taken on the Sundaes Gelato franchise at the site that was previously Cafe Rouge in Winchester Street in 2015. There are a few of these doted around the UK now and slowly growing in popularity. A new concept in family dining in that it just produces waffles, crepes and ice cream in all shapes and sizes and various tastes. Prices range are mostly £10 and under and a milkshake is £3.95. Depending on what you have. You do not need to pre book, it’s a walk in place and even if it’s busy there is a quick turnaround of tables and you will get a seat. It’s a Sundaes gelato ice cream parlour but also offers tea/coffee, milkshakes, hot waffles & crepes. One thing it does not offer is salads or healthy eating. With around 36 different flavours of Italian ice cream all made on site you will be spoilt for choice. Eat in & takeaway. Open 10am till 10 pm 7 days a week. WHERE IS IT? Situated in the top of town by Joices Yard Car Park, parking here for the first hour is free but remember to press the green button to still display your ticket. The traffic wardens here are pure evil and will have you if they can. If you go over your hour then run back and get another ticket before the ...

JLS Kiss Eau de Toilette 11/04/2017

Ideal Bin Perfume

JLS Kiss Eau de Toilette JLS Kiss My daughter is very young and though not into makeup and girly items as such. She is however always spraying my perfume when left unattended if I am in the shower and sneaks into my room. My own fault for having them on display on my dressing table but none the less I decided to buy her first bottle as an extra Easter present. <<<<< HOW MUCH DID IT COST?>>>>>> I was looking around a well-known perfume store and many ranged from £15 upwards and for just a 30 ml bottle. I decided to order this one online though I never saw it on display and therefore had no idea what the actual smell was like. It was £10 with free postage and a large 60 ml bottle, so far so good. <<<<<<<< WHY JLS?>>>>>>>>>> JLS stands for “ Jack the lad” and this was a boy band that sold over 6 million records in the UK alone and more than 10 million records worldwide. Very popular with young girls and mums a like and I thought the perfume would be good, ideal for young girls and hoped it was not too overpowering. Their single "Love You More", was the official single for Children in Need in 2010, and gave the group their fourth number one single in the UK. Not only in their heyday were they taking over the music industry but the boys decided to branch into the beauty world. Setting aside their own personal grooming; they released KISS in 2012. The group later split up in 2013 due to personal differences. <<<<<< PRESENTATION>>>>>>>>>> The bottle arrived in a card board box with the ...

Riad Le Plein Sud, Marrakech 05/04/2017

More cash needed in Marrakech

Riad Le Plein Sud, Marrakech My husband and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in February this year and we decided to celebrate it by going away for a few days with our young daughter who is also four (yes she was a honeymoon baby). After much debate on where to go with a youngster we decided on Morocco and it wasn’t a long flight for her to handle. ^^^^^^ WHERE DID WE STAY? ^^^^^^^ Trip advisor is a great site but as we found later on, reviews and pictures can be misleading somewhat. We had no idea on where to stay so just reviewed a few places in Marrakech and Riad Plein Sud came up with 5 stars and lots of good feedback. A further link took us to various travel agents and we paid £250 each including flights from Gatwick and private transfers to the Riad via taxi. This was just bed and breakfast and didn’t include city tax and was for three nights. I’ve never been to Marrakech but the appeal of shopping and buying more spices (I am co-owner of a restaurant) was too great an opportunity to miss. ^^^^^^ARRIVAL^^^^^^ I had no idea what the front would look like. I imagined something plush with a long driveway and palm trees flowing in the breeze. We stayed in Egypt many times and this is how I thought the Riad to be. It was later on in our stay that I found out Riad meant Guest House in Arabic and this was nothing like a hotel. For a start the taxi couldn’t get down the narrow lane so dropped us off and pointed us in direction to where we were staying. The lanes are very narrow and mopeds ...
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