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My Wedding Day 23/06/2011

~ The Best Day Of My Life ~

My Wedding Day ~ THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE ~ Many people say your Wedding Day is suppose to be the best day of your life and for me that was true. Our wedding day took place on Friday 25th March this year and was such an amazing day i wanted to share it with you all, and write a quick review for you. I have been married now for almost three months and i would love to do it all again. The day was amazing and everything went very smoothly. This is the reason for not being on Ciao a lot so far this year. My partner Jamie and I decided to get married at the start of this year and were planning on having a wedding later on in the year. Due to commitments and my husband being told he has to go on tour in september we decided to push it forward to March having only 5 weeks to plan our wedding from when we decided to do it. It was five weeks of a lot of stress and organisation but it was definatly worth it. We organised everything very quickly and i loved everything we did. We were very lucky to have a lot of people around us who are talented which helped with everything. My brother did the DJ ing, both of the families made the food, our friend baked our wedding cake as a gift for us and my other friend is a florist so helped with all the flowers and buttonholes. My mum helped me find the most amazing wedding dress from a local wedding dress shop in Midsomer Norton near my mums house. It was perfect as soon as i saw it. My dress was champagne cream rather than white and had a ...

Malia, Crete 23/09/2010

- ooh ahh Malia -

Malia, Crete - Ooh ahh Malia- After a long hard working year, i managed to actually get a holiday! We didin't have a lot of money to spend so we surfed the net for a fairly cheap, sun holiday in September. Knowing all the kids would be back at school, going at this time gave us more opitions for our money. We had both booked off the same week 10th - 18th September, so two weeks before this, we aimed to book something. We came across the Thomas Cook website which was very helpful. Usually i find Thomas Cook quite expensive, but we found many amazing deals in this time period. I usually like a holiday with sun, sea and a good nightlife experience, so when i came across Malia in Crete it sounded the right place to go. A work collegue of mine had gone their a few weeks before and said it was amazing, so when i found that it would only cost us 300 pounds for the both of us to go there i was amazed. The next day instead of just booking it online we went to our local travel agents to make sure the deal was not false, as it sounded too good to be true. She looked up the holiday and said the price was right so we booked it then and there. This was only ten days before our flight date so i was so excited. We were told that Malia, was one of the new clubbing places to go which suited me just fine, as i love dancing and good nightlife. A few weeks ago before when my friend went there i had never heard of Malia, but it sounded great and i have been to Corfu, which is also a Greek ...

Edge Of Darkness (Blu-ray) 07/08/2010

- Some secrets take us to the edge -

Edge Of Darkness (Blu-ray) - Some secrets take us to the edge - This week i had a few days off from work so wanted to catch up on the latest fims out on DVD. When visiting our local Blockbuster we came along 'Edge of Darkness' on Blu-ray. It had Mel Gibsons name on it which attracted me to read the back as i am a huge fan of his. All the characters he has played are really easy to connect with and he is so multi talented he can play many different kinds of characters. I also haven't seen him in a good film for a few years, so wanted to see if he still had his usual talents. The plot sounded quite intruiging, so we sat down last night and put it on. I hadn't seen this film advertised for some reason so i did not know anything about it before i watched it other than it was a thriller film which had Mel Gibson as a Boston Cop. I knew he was going to be his best hero type character he plays. The movie looked well worth watching and included a few other well known actors which i thought made me want to watch it more. - INFO - Director- Martin Campbell Martin is a well liked director from New Zealand and knows how to entertain his target audiences well. He has directed many succesful films inlcuding the Globe winning movie- 'The Mask of Zorro'. Campbell was known as one of the UK's best directors in the 1980's and has still now got a amazing reputation in the Uk and America. He has won many awards including- a BAFTA TV Award for the series of 'Edge of Darkness' 1985 and Best Film for ...

Sherlock Holmes (DVD) 27/07/2010

- Nothing Escapes Him -

Sherlock Holmes (DVD) - Nothing Escapes Him - This week i had the chance to finally sit down and watch the newest version of Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to see this when it was out lat year in the cinema , but forgot about it. My boyfriend had the DVD, so we sat down monday night and put it on. I am not really a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, but i quite like his stories and i do like Robert Downey Jr the actor stepping up to play this role. I had not heard a lot about it before i watched it so i was open with opinions. From what i can remember from the trailers the movie looked exciting, with a good comedy and modern aspects to the characters.The movie looked worth watching and included a well known cast which i thought made me want to watch it more. Director- Guy Ritchie I was quite suprised when i saw that Guy Ricthie was the director. Guy is a brilliant English director who made his debut in 'Lock Stock and two smoking barrels' in 1998. Since then he has been known to make the best gangster, gritty and thriller movies. He is respected by a lot of American directors and has become one of the best directors from England. Many of his other films include- Snatch '2000' and Rocknrolla '2008'. Having a director like this gives the film a boost of respect and creativity. Writer- Michael Robert Johnson and Anthony Peckham (Screenplay) Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Release Date- 26 December 2009 (UK) Runtime- 128 Mins Certificate- 12A DVD Release- 17 May 2010 ...

Twilight Saga - Eclipse (DVD) 09/07/2010

- It all begins ... With a choice -

Twilight Saga - Eclipse (DVD) - It all begins ... With a choice - FILM ONLY REVIEW !!! Today after thankfully getting a day off from the busy Bicester village, i had the whole day with my boyfriend to enjoy. We decided to head for Banbury and have a look around. I also had another agenda on my mind, which was to see the new Twlight Saga film- Eclipse. After recently finishing the book, i was very eager to see it and it was released today so i was glad i could have the time to see it. We went to Vue in Oxford to see the film and went for an afternoon showing as i thought it would be packed later this evening. After sitting down in my seat and taking a sip of my drink i was on edge to see what this film would have to offer. I loved the first two films and hoped this would not be disapointing and include the drama's which the book did. INFO Director- David Slade David is a respected English Director and has made films for over ten years. He is known for his sci-fi and horror values and continues his talent with this unique movie. He has a mixture of ability, using comedy, action and sci-fi. Another film which he directed is- '30 days of night-' 2007. Writers- Novel- Stephenie Meyer Screenplay -Melissa Rosenberg Release Date- 9th July 2010 (UK) Runtime- 124 Mins Cert- 12A - PLOT - Eclipse is the third installment of Stephenie Meyer's novels The Twlight Saga. It continues with the romance story and the life of a girl called Bella Swan. Bella is coming up to ...

Everything that starts with B ... 21/06/2010

Brackley, the new living town!

Everything that starts with B ... - B is for Brackley - As many of you know, i have been in Bicester, Oxfordshire for a few months now, but recently me and my partner moved to the town of Brackley. Bicester was a good place to live but we needed somewhere bigger and the house values further out are better value. After weeks of house viewings we choose a nice two bedroom house for rent. As soon as i walked into the front room i loved it. For the last month now Brackley has been our new home and i thought i would tell you about the town for those who do not know about it. I havent explored everything in the town yet but i really love living here and cant wait to find out more about it. INFO Brackley is a small town situated in south northamptonshire. It is only 20 mins from Bicester which is helpful as both of us still work there. It is also close to Banbury and 20 miles from Northampton. It has easy access to the M40 travelling to London and Birmingham. The population recorded last year was at 13,916. This has made the town build in popularity and profit. There is also much attraction through and to the town because of the famous Silverstone race track which is only a mile up the road. I can actually here the races going on from my back garden on weekends. This saturday i could here the bikes from the Moto GP weekend, so those who are interested it is ideal place to stop or live. As well as this three miles further down the road is a popular racecourse in Towcester. HISTORICAL ...

The Twilight Saga - New Moon (DVD) 04/06/2010

- The Next Chapter Begins -

The Twilight Saga - New Moon (DVD) - The Next Chapter Begins- I have finally got myself together to write a quick review. Sorry it has taken a while and this maybe shorter than usual as this laptop does not have word! which makes it difficult to not make mistakes. Hope you enjoy this anyway! Since Twlight first came to the screen i have become a huge fan of this series. I had not read any of the books and after seeing the first film i was anxious to watch the rest. Christmas time last year my boyfriend brought me 'The New Moon' book. I read that in three days and then i was desperate to see the film. What was most annoying was that i had missed the viewings at the cinema and had to wait until this year for the dvd to be released. As soon as the dvd was released i went straight to tesco and brought it for only seven pound. I was so eager to see the film i claimed the tv and stuck the dvd on. My boyfriend was not that eager but didn't mind the first film. - INFO - Director- Chris Weitz Chris is a well known American Director who has written, produced and directed many great films. Some of his movies have been top sellers and he has been nominated for several awards including an Oscar. Other films he has directed include- 'The Golden Compass' 2007 and 'American Pie' 1999. Release date (UK) - 20th November 2009 Runtime- 130 Mins Cert- 12A - PLOT - Following the first chapter of this vampire love story, Bella celebrates her 18th brithday and is dreading becoming older than ...

The Hangover (DVD) 20/02/2010

~ Live Your Life ~

The Hangover (DVD) ~ Live Your Life ~ As most of you know I am a huge movie fan and watch a lot of DVDs. As we now have a local blockbuster near our house we go there often. They always have an offer on so we get four films for four nights. I know I haven’t been on Ciao for a while so i have watched a lot of films since my last review. A couple of weeks ago after looking at the new releases we decided to rent out The Hangover. I had seen many trailers on the TV for it weeks before and thought it looked really funny. Comedies are always good to get when you have had a long day at work and want to chill out. The trailers made the film looked very entertaining and it included several stars I knew including Mike Tyson and Heather Graham. I have also had a few people telling me that it was brilliant so thought it would a good. The main characters had a mix of a few that I recognised and some new faces. Reading the plot it sounded like a simple idea but a lot of questions ran through my head when thinking of how this film was described to me as one of the best comedies in years. We rented the blue ray version and was anxious to see if The Hangover was just another comedy trying to hard or if it was one I would want to watch over again and again. ~ INFO ~ Director- Todd Phillips Todd Phillips is a known American Director who has done many other American comedy hits. His other films include Road Trip 2000 and Starsky and Hutch 2004. Both of these did quite well and I was eager to see ...

Bicester Town 16/12/2009


Bicester Town ~ BICESTER ~ As some of may know I am relocating to the Oxford area next week and I am moving from Bath to the town of Bicester. Before my boyfriend was based there I had not ever heard of it. I was just happy my boyfriend was moved in the country after six months in Canada. As this will become my new home from the 17th December, I thought I would write a quick review about the town and what I will have nearby. Bicester is a small historical town and has some very unique buildings and history. ~ INFO ~ Bicester is situated in the county of Oxfordshire and is five minutes away from the city of Oxford. For the past few months I have been driving to and from Bicester and the journey from Bath takes around 90 – 120 minutes. I travel up the M4 and head for Oxford and now I know the journey very well. Bicester has many links to large cities and is only an hour away from London by the M40. There is quite a lot of history in Bicester and links to the military and international shopping where people from all over come to the town to shop at the new outlook. To me I think Bicester is quite a small town, but there are always a lot of people there. Even though the size seems small the population in Bicester has reached over 28,000. The town is known for its historical market centre and is growing very fast in business and homes. It is also linked to the M40 motorway so it has easy access from London, Birmingham and Banbury. It also has its own rail station so you ...

Apple iPod mini M9435B/A 4 GB 11/12/2009

~ It's Kind of Magic ~

Apple iPod mini M9435B/A 4 GB ~ It’s Kind of Magic ~ Short review!! I have had my Apple Mini Ipod for nearly five years now and I think they are brilliant. My ex boyfriend brought me this back in 2005 for my birthday and I am very happy with it. I don’t use it as much as I use to now as I have a car but I do use it in there sometimes. I remember wanting one because my sister had got one a few months before and I thought they looked really good. They weren’t the newest Ipod’s out but it just sounded what I needed at the time. When I first got the Ipod until the last year I would listen to it every day to and from college. In the four and three quarter years I have had the machine it has given me no problems what so ever. I have known some peoples to crash and have problems with the battery, mine has decreased over the time but it is not really bad. I am amazed really that even though it is quite old now compared to the newest gadgets, it still plays all my songs and has a good battery life. ~ MINI IPOD ~ The Apple Ipod Mini was released in 2004 and became popular straight away. MP3 players were the new craze as cd players went out of fashion. The public choose the MP3 player because they were lighter and more convenient to carry around. I remember having a old CD player on the bus to school, all those CD’s you had to bring with you and then you would have to change it if you got bored. It uses a touch sensitive wheel that you use to scroll quickly through songs and options. The click ... 10/12/2009

~ Going Purple, Pink and Red ~ ~ Going Purple, Pink and Red ~ After seeing this website on the Ciao list for this week’s product of the week I thought I would have a browse at the site. I also have a few presents still to get for Christmas and wanted some ideas on gifts. I have heard of this site before from some of my friends who had used it, but have not been on it myself until the other day. There were mixed opinions from my friends, so I decided to find out for myself what the site was like. is a random name for a site and I was instantly intrigued to what I would find on it. I knew that it was a site which sold gifts, but that was about it. As I prefer to do Christmas shopping online because it’s easy and I hate shopping I thought of buying a few gifts from the site. Shopping online is just easier for me, no crowds of people, no long lines for the tills and no rude people! ~ THE SITE - INFO ~ is a website offering boutique gifts with style and beauty. It provides high standard products for you to buy for a loved one for any occasion. There are many different gifts you can find on the site and there is something for everyone. There aim is to find you something unique and different for your friends or family, which you will not find anywhere else. The site was first set up by a mother of three boys. On the site she says why she set up the website and her aims. Having three ‘monkeys’ as she describes them, the colours were always ...

McVitie's Mini Cheddars 03/12/2009

~ Cheese, Cheese, Cheese ~

McVitie's Mini Cheddars ~ Cheese, Cheese, Cheese ~ Don’t ask me why I wrote a review about some crisps but I thought as I have some with me for my break I might as well write about them. Mini Cheddars are the ultimate cheesy snack and are one of my favourites. They are now one of the UK’s top established snacks and you can find them everywhere, supermarkets, corner shops and pubs. The alternative snack to crisps makes them a brilliant snack during the day. ORIGINAL CHEDDARS Mini Cheddars are produced by McVities and became popular in the 1990’s. They are a baked cheese flavoured biscuit and is made differently to normal fried crisps. There has been many discussions to whether Cheddars are biscuit or crisps and even though they look like crisps they are more biscuit. The original cheesy flavour is the British style original of its kind but now the brand has many other flavours. Some of these include- BBQ Beef, Ham and Cheese and Marmite flavour. McVities was formed in the late 1890’s with the first introduction of digestive. The Mini Cheddar was first launched in 1984 and quickly became very popular. The company made its first product by a new employee called Alexander Grant in 1892 and are now a top selling company. Cheddars come in different varied bags usually of 35g or 50g and are available in all superstores, corner shops and even petrol stations. We buy multi packs in our house to use them for snacks you can pick up a multi pack of 6 for around £1.50. THE PACKET I ...

2012 (DVD) 02/12/2009


2012 (DVD) ~ WE WERE WARNED! ~ Last weekend spending it in Bicester, we decided that we were going to go to the cinema. I don’t go very often as it is over priced but we hadn’t been for ages and there were a few films out I wouldn’t mind seeing. After driving to Bicester after work and arriving at the house at 8pm really tired we saw that there was a 10.50pm viewing of the new world disaster film 2012. I did want to see this as I quite like disaster movies, but there were mixed reviews of it. The trailers for the film had been shown everywhere in the few weeks before and despite the negative comments I did want to see it. There were a lot of people who said that it was too long, too unrealistic and boring but having these comments never put me off a film. We all have our personal opinions and I always make up my own mind about a film. It starred John Cusack who I think is a good actor, who is a well established actor of varying roles. I loved his role in the classic film Con Air and it interested me that he played the main character. It is good to see actors going into different productions and I thought that it would be good to see how he did with this. The cinema we went to was a Vue cinema situated in Cowley about twenty minutes from Bicester. It is next to Oxford football grounds and has many eating places next around it. The complex also had a bowling centre so when we arrived there at half ten it was still quite busy. The cinema was quite nice and had ten screens. Ours ...

Four Christmases (Blu-ray) 26/11/2009

~ Spilt in Four ~

Four Christmases (Blu-ray) ~ Spilt in Four ~ Last night after a hard day job hunting and having interviews, we went to our local blockbuster and rented four films for £10. One of these which we watched last night was ‘Four Christmases’. I remember this coming out a while ago and thinking it looked quite funny but forgot all about it till now. What made me noticed the film was mainly the famous cast and the plot. The cast consists of a range of well known stars including Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon. I really like Vince and find his comedy great to watch, so this was a main reason for choosing the film. The film also included many other stars who I recognised playing the protagonists parents. The mixture of talent made it interesting and brilliant to see. Also Reese Witherspoon has not starred in a film for a while and it was intriguing to see these two celebrities work together. The plot sounded really funny and I really wanted to watch an easy going film and a comedy was the perfect choice. Since we had already watched one film and it was getting late this film was good because of the running time. I was quite surprised that it was only 88 Mins long. ~ INFO ~ Director- Seth Gordon I did not recognise Seth Gordon’s name and after finding out about him, it shows that he has not directed any other major films. I did not notice any from the list that I have watched. Some of these include- ‘The Problem with Percival’ 2006 and ‘Fears of a Clown’, 2004. Writer- Matt Allen & ...

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i 12/11/2009


Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i ~ CONNIE IS THE WINNER ~ I’ve had my baby for about eight months now and love it. Connie my Corsa came from a Hartwell’s garage in Bath and I purchased it back in March this year. After passing my driving test in early march I was anxious to get my first car. To be honest I never really liked Corsa’s the old ones just looked naff and I also thought they were the ultimate ‘chav’ car. People around where I live buy them and but stupid mismatched bumpers and body kits on, they looked horrible. When I went to Hartwell’s that afternoon I was looking at a newish blue Renault Clio 1.2 when I noticed this in the corner. Connie was on sale for £3,999 and looked in brilliant condition in a shiny silver colour. After taking the Corsa out on a test drive which was nerve racking, my first drive since my test in a new car, I instantly loved it. The great factor about the car is that I got a very good deal on it. It only had one owner before me which did not drive it very much and had only 28,000 miles on the clock for a 2003 car. I was impressed with the state of the car and decided then to get it. The car was spotless when I went to collect it. It had brand new alloy wheels put on and serviced to perfection. I had a fantastic package with the car including three years warranty and breakdown cover. I do not know a lot about cars so this review may be a little short. I can tell you about my experience with the car and its performance but the technical stuff I am rubbish at! ...
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