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Oilatum Shower Gel 30/08/2011

An amazing shower gel!

Oilatum Shower Gel I had never come across this shower gel before until my doctor recommended this to me. I have been suffering from really dry skin on my face for a few weeks now and no amount of my normal moisturiser was helping it! When I moisturise my skin looks fine but as soon as I try putting my foundation on, my skin started to flake! I have never had this problem before on my face, but I do get eczema on other parts of my body, so my doctor thought it might be a bit of eczema, so recommended this shower gel. I probably would of just preferred a cream really, as I wasn't sure a shower gel could help my problem with my face! However after one use I couldn't believe the difference, this shower gel is a miracle worker! You can find this shower gel by oilatum in boots, priced at an expensive but worth it £9.50! Although I got two boxes of it from my doctor for just a normal £7.50 prescription charge. It comes in a white and blue box, and the shower gel bottle is like the shape of a hand cream tube. It is 150g, and is fragrance free. All you need to do with this shower gel is apply liberally all over your skin, although I have only been using it on my face at the moment. It comes out like a cloudy gel, which is quite thick, but feels smooth enough to spread out on your skin. Your skin and hands must be wet before applying it. You do need to use quite a lot of it, it doesn't seem to lather when just rubbing it on my face. It feels quite heavy and greasy, and when you wash it off ...

Huggies Wipes 29/07/2011

Nice and moist, but rip easily!

Huggies Wipes I first tried this Huggies baby wipes a few months ago when they were on offer in Asda for just 50p. I usually just buy a pack of Asda’s smart price but they had run out, so I bought the next cheapest. I have since bought these wipes again on offer in Boots last week for £1, on the shelf it said they were usually £2.50, which is way over priced for these wipes! There is no way I would pay £2.50 for them! I do like these baby wipes, but they are not the best you can buy. These come in a pack nwhich is a bit different to the one in the picture. The pack is a pale yellow, with a baby on it with a little blue hat. The packaging does look really cute and shows they are for babies, although I don’t have a baby, I just use them for myself! I only really use baby wipes sometimes to take make up off, or just to wipe sticky hands. Sometimes I use them to clean up with etc, they are so handy for so many things. These Huggies baby wipes are white in colour and have bears printed into them, so they do look really nice. You get 64 in a pack, and they are free from alcohol and perfume, and are good for sensitive skin. They are supposed to be made of natural fibres. The seal on the packaging is very good, it is quite hard to get into at first, but once your into them it’s fine. It does seal up again really tight so they won’t go dry. The first baby wipe is really easy to pull out of this pack, but once you start going through them, they get harder and harder to pull out, the ...

Indesit WIXL 123 27/06/2011

An excellent washing machine for the price

Indesit WIXL 123 bought this washing machine three years ago now when I moved into my first house. I only went for this one, as it was the cheapest decent one available! It was only around £180-£200 from Tesco direct, which wasn't bad as it does look nice and modern, not cheap, even though it was one of the cheapest. I didn't want to spend a lot of money as I didn't have much of it when I bought my first house! However I am glad I didn't go for an expensive one, as this washing machine is perfect for us! My mum also had this washing machine when I lived with her, so I knew already it was good. This washing machine is by indesit, and is a nice bright white colour. It is the same size as most standard washing machines and fits in my kitchen perfectly. The great thing about this washing machine when I bought it, was that it has 5 years parts warranty! It does give us piece of mind that we have another 2 years with this washer and if it breaks it doesn't cost us anything! My mum has just had a part go on it, and it did cost her a lot of money, she wouldn't tell me how much, and she has had hers just over five years now, so she did get 5 years no bother with it. This washing machine has a 46 litre drum, and a 6kg capacity. This is more than enough space for mine and my boyfriends washing. You can get quite a lot of stuff in there, and we have to do about 3/4 loads a week. This washing machine has an 1200 rpm spin, and our clothes always come out clean and fresh. We usually use ...

L'Oreal Elnett Supreme Hold 26/06/2011

Great hold, but doesnt last all day

L'Oreal Elnett Supreme Hold I have tried lots of different hair sprays over the years, and I usually prefer tresemme freeze hold, but as this one was out of stock in Tesco the other week, I decided to give this l’oreal elnett one a go. I had already used it once or twice after borrowing it off friends etc so I knew it was good. I paid £2, for a 75ml spray can. Even though you do get a really small hairspray for your money, it is worth buying better hairsprays in my opinion, I have used cheap ones and you just need to spray absolutely loads! I find with more expensive ones you do spray a lot less and get a better hold. For a full size bottle of this hairspray it would set you back around £5-6! Although if I bought this size I would be using it all year! I don’t use it that much, only when I have my hair up, and the good thing about this small size is that it fits so well in your hand bag. The full size bottles are just not practical to carry around with you! This hairspray also comes in a medium size which costs around £3.50-£4. It is a gold coloured bottle and just looks exactly like it does in the picture above. I think it looks a bit old fashioned, but the product inside is great. The lid is white, and you just press it down to release the hair spray. It doesn’t come out too fast, just a nice light mist to work with. All you do is hold about 30cm away from your hair and spray evenly everywhere to hold your style. You can not tell you have got this product on your hair, as it is completely ...

Segway x2 Turf 24/06/2011

So much fun!

Segway x2 Turf Me and my boyfriend decided to have a go on one of these on our recent holiday to Mexico. It was a tour with a guide all around our hotel complex. As our hotel was so big, these segways were a great way to explore around the resort and see things we wouldn’t have seen if we hadn’t gone on these! It cost us £24 each, and overall we were on the segway tour for about 2 and a half hours, and it was well worth the money. Me and my boyfriend loved these segways we didn’t want to come off them! They are so much fun and a lot easier to drive than we thought. We were really nervous about getting on one but once your on you soon get used to them. The segways look exactly like in the picture, and feel really light weight when you are on them. They work by having sensors in the bottom where you stand and your lean and tilt which way you want to move. You have to put your feet dead in the middle when you get on, because if you put too much pressure on the front or back it would start driving off! When you stand on it if you lean forward slightly your toes put pressure on the front and it moves the segway forward. The more you lean forward the fastest they go. Same with going backwards, you press your heels down and the segway starts to slow down and break. To go backwards you just lean backwards slightly, once you get used to how much you have to lean they are so easy to control. To keep the segway still you have to make sure you are standing upright, as it will move as soon ...

Hotpoint RF175BP 21/06/2011

Excellent fridge for a couple, not big enough for a family!

Hotpoint RF175BP I bought this Hotpoint refrigerator nearly three years ago now, when I moved into my first house. We bought it from Tesco direct and paid around £250 for it. It is actually a fridge freezer, with the fridge being at the top, freezer at the bottom. The colour is white, and hotpoints logo is at the top in the middle of the fridge door. I am generally quite impressed by this fridge freezer, this is the first proper one I have owned myself so cannot compare it really to others, but I have had no problems with it. It is quite basic really, no special features like ice dispenser etc. The fridge has three shelves, which are glass and these slide out really easily, so they are so easy to clean or just wipe down. In the bottom of the fridge there are two drawers which I use for my salad and veg. They have a clear front, so you can see what is in them. They are very spacious and these drawers also pull out completely and are so easy to clean. This is one thing I really love about this fridge, it is so easy to keep clean. In the door there are also three shelves, and you get a holder in the top too for your eggs. The freezer is made up of three drawers, which are quite deep and spacious, but I think if you like stocking up on food this is not the freezer for you. We have a couple of loafs of bread in there, our frozen veg, meat, ice cream and desserts etc. But there really is only enough room for a weeks worth, not good if you are a big family. There are only two of us, and we ...

Boots Hayfever Relief Eye Drops 31/05/2011

These work instantly

Boots Hayfever Relief Eye Drops Last year, these eye drops went every where with me! They were permanently in my hand bag, as I suffered from hay fever just as bad as any other year. I always used to get eye drops prescribed to me from the doctors for my hay fever as I never realised you could just buy these straight off the shelf until I saw these for sale in boots. They were only around £3, so I thought at least if they don't work, its not too much money wasted, and at that price I wasn't really expecting much from these eye drops. However, when I first used them, I put two drops in the eye that was itching, and I was actually quite impressed with them. It didn't relieve the itching straight away but after about 5 minutes, the itching was definitely settling down. These eye drops come in a really tiny bottle which is so light, so they are so convenient to carry around, or just keep in your pocket for when you need them. The bottle is white, and you get 10ml, and I went through two bottles of these eye drops this year. When I put these eye drops in my eyes, the liquid felt quite thick and it took quite a few blinks to get used to it going in my eye. But I soon got used to these eye drops, and for the price you just cant go wrong with them. You have to throw them away after a month, they only have 28 days date on them, so they don't last long, but they are so cheap and worked just as well as the eye drops I usually get prescribed at the doctors which I usually have to pay £7.20 for! So I ...

New Look Rose Print Trolley Bag 31/05/2011

Great for short breaks!

New Look Rose Print Trolley Bag I booked a weekend away in London a few months ago, and as we were only going for 2 nights, I didn't want to pack a massive suitcase to take just 2 nights worth of clothes with me! I have been looking for a bag for sooo long for short breaks away! I wanted one which was cute and girly, not too much like a boring old suitcase. When I came across this cute trendy bag in new look, it was just what I was looking for. I love the design of this bag, it is really cute and definitely stands out. It is black with a rose flower design all over it. When I first saw this bag I thought it was just one that you carry on your shoulder, when I saw it actually has wheels and you can pull it like a suitcase, I wasn't keen on it, as I just wanted one that I could carry over my shoulder. But this turned out to be great when we got to London and my bag became so heavy on my shoulder carrying it around to the hotel, so the wheels were great to take the weight off me for a while. You can actually get a lot in this bag, there is more than enough room for what you need to take away with you on a weekend away, and it also has pockets inside to separate things, so your not digging round the bottom of your bags looking for things like your money/make up etc. I bought this bag for £40, but new look had 10% off all bags that day so I only paid £36, which I think was a bargain for this bag as it feels such good quality, it isn't cheaply made, I can see it lasting a good few years at least. ...

New Look Ruched Dressy Heel 31/05/2011

Gorgeous heels

New Look Ruched Dressy Heel I bought these shoes from new look a couple of weeks ago now for £23, but I saw them this morning whilst out shopping and they are actually in the sale at the moment for about £18. This is a bargain for these shoes, they are one of my favourite pairs. They look just as they do in the picture above, and they are shaped like an ankle boot, but they have a peep toe front and the same shape hole cut out all the way up. There are three holes in the boots all together. They have a zip at the back, making these boots so easy to slip on and off. The heel is quite high, but not too high, I can walk in them fine. The boots are made of a suede material, and they also come in a range of colours too. Usually new look do most of their shoes and boots in one colour, but these come in blue, black, grey and red. I bought mine in black, as black goes with anything, but these shoes look great in all colours. These shoes are initially very comfortable to wear, however they do start to hurt a bit after a couple of hours, which is a shame, otherwise they would be perfect. These shoes are great if you are after something really different to what you usually buy, I haven't seen any shoes like these before, they are really different. I highly recommend this shoes, they are excellent value for money for the price. They are fashionable, cute and affordable!

Pets At Home Safe Bedding 31/05/2011

Make a cosy bed for your small pets!

Pets At Home Safe Bedding I have bought this a few times over the years, I had a hamster when I was younger and this bedding was perfect for him. He loved getting snuggled up in this bedding from pets at home. This bedding states it is suitable for all small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and lots more. I do think this is alright for small animals but definitely not for rabbits. They are the biggest of the animals listed above, and the pack sizes that this bedding comes in, just isn't enough for the size of even a small rabbit. You would have to buy so much of it, it would become very expensive to use this bedding. I decided to try it a few weeks ago as it is now so cold outside, even though my rabbits are in a hutch, which is in a shed, it still gets really cold in there, so I thought maybe getting this warm and cosy bedding might be better for them instead of just the hay. I put this bedding in the corner of the hutch where my rabbits usually cuddle up together, thinking they would love there new cosy bed I'd made for them, but in the morning when I went to feed them, I realised they had used the new bed as a toilet! I tried putting this in different places in the hutch and all they did was go to the toilet in it, so it was a bit of a waste of money for my rabbits! The biggest pack size I have seen in pets at home costs £3.99, and there was only just enough for my two rabbits to have enough to make a cosy place for them to sleep, so if I was ...

Frolicat Laser Cat Toy 31/05/2011

Keep your cats entertained!!

Frolicat Laser Cat Toy I bought this frolic at off prezzy box, for around £20, as I have used a few laser toys for cats over they years but what's different about this one, is that you don't have to be the one controlling the laser dot. With other cheaper laser toys you have to move the laser around with your hand for the cat to chase it, but with this one, you can switch it on and go off and leave your cat playing with it alone! I bought this frolic at as my cat is so energetic especially as we wont let her out in this weather, it is a nightmare with her keeping us awake at night, so we thought this frolic at would be great to leave on before bed, as we do with our other laser toy, but we have to actually sit and play with her, with this one we thought we could just leave her to it! This frolicat is white and looks exactly like in the picture above, it is quite small, and all we do with it, is place it on the end of the bed, switch it on and the laser is reflected onto the surface it is pointed at by a mirror in the top of it. I point it at my bedroom wall, where there is nothing she could break or scratch, it is just plain with nothing near it, so she cant hurt her self. The laser moves up and down quickly and slowly, and also stops in places then moves off again quickly and my cat absolutely loved playing with this at first. The problem with this frolicat is that is makes a noise! Every time the laser moves, the frolicat makes a noise, so you cant leave this on while your in bed as ...

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask 31/05/2011

Boots face mask

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask I was after a new face mask in Boots a few weeks ago and came across this Boot's own tea tree and witch hazel peel off one. It cost £2.99, but I got it in a 2 for £5 deal with another tea tree and witch hazel product. So for £2.50 it cost me I am actually really pleased with this product and it is definitely worth the money. This face mask claims to tighten your pores and help remove black heads. The tea tree oil is anti bacterial and the witch hazel is supposed to be soothing for your skin. I have seen tea tree and witch hazel products around for years but never really used them, but I will definitely be trying other products now after using this face mask. My skin is a lot clearer, this face mask has definitely improved my skin a lot after using it 2-3 times a week. I didn't notice any difference until after 2 weeks of using it. This face mask goes on really easily and the thing I like about it, is that it just peels off after about 15 minutes. It is so much easier and tidier than, having to wash a face mask off with a flannel. It always peels off effortlessly, and my skin always feels so fresh and smooth afterwards. This face mask smells gorgeous too, and you only need a thin layer. I have used my face mask about 8 times now and I've got just over half a tube left. It comes in a 50ml tube, and it is clear so you can see how much you have got left. This face mask is PH balanced, non-pore blocking and dermatologically tested. I have sensitive skin and I ...

Katy Perry Purr Eau de Parfum 30/05/2011

Fresh and light

Katy Perry Purr Eau de Parfum I received lots of different perfumes for Christmas this year, like I do every year, but the one that really stood out for me if this one by Katy Perry, Purr. I love katy perry, and I didn't actually know she had a perfume out until I got it as a gift as I have never seen it anywhere, whilst out shopping this Christmas. When I first opened it I thought the box looked nice but nothing special, just a purple and white box, but when I opened it and saw the shape of the bottle, at first I thought it looked a bit cheesy, having a perfume bottle in the shape of a cat, but actually now I think it looks really trendy and fun. It is so different to any other perfume bottle I have seen, I think it is clever how they have designed the bottle. The bottle with the perfume in is just the shape of a normal bottle, it is the top which is in the shape of a cats head which makes it look so different. The bottle is deep purple, and the cats eyes are have diamonds in them. It has a little heart shape pendant on the there which makes the cat look like it is wearing a collar. After seeing the bottle of this perfume, I was intrigued to see what it smelt like. I was not expecting it to be anything special with it being a celebrity perfume, but I was shocked at how nice it was. It smells really strongly of peach, which I love, and is really fresh and light. It is not overpowering at all, it is so delicate and fruity. I have never smelt a peachy fragrance before, it is a gorgeous scent. ...

Matalan Stripe Wellie Ladies Boots 30/05/2011

Fashinable and colourful!

Matalan Stripe Wellie Ladies Boots I bought these wellies just before Christmas, as I have rabbits in a shed at the bottom of the garden, and these are so handy to just put on to go out to them in the horrible rainy and snowy weather! I chose Matalan as I thought they would do a nice enough looking cheap pair of wellies, and when I saw these ones for £12, it was a little bit more than I wanted to pay, but I am happy enough with them. I didn't wanted to go looking round loads of shops for a cheaper pair, but I think around £8 would have been a better price for these wellies. I bought mine in a size 5, a size bigger than I am just so I would have a bit of room in them as the size 4 felt so tight and a bit too hard to get on. These wellies are actually quite comfortable and do there job good enough. They feel quite cheaply made though, they don't feel very sturdy, and I'm not sure how long they are going to last. They keep my feet dry when going out in the snow or the rain in the garden, and I have even worn them whilst out shopping, when the snow was quite bad, and they don't look that bad with a pair of jeans. These wellies look exactly like they do in the picture, they are striped different coloured with a pink heel. These are quite long wellies too, they go right up to your knees. I have never owned a pair of wellies before and I would never have though I would be going out shopping in them! But these are actually great in the snow, because not only do they keep your feet dry, they grip really ...

Sainsbury Washing Up Liquid 30/05/2011

Sainsbury's Lemon Grove Washing Up Liquid

Sainsbury Washing Up Liquid I bought this washing up liquid a couple of weeks ago whilst out shopping at sainsburys. I always go for supermarket brand washing up liquid as they are usually just as good as the leading brand and this one was no different. It costs just £1 which in my opinion is a decent price as it lasts about 6 weeks, you don't have to use hardly any of this product to wash your dishes properly. It comes in a clear plastic bottle and you can see the product in the bottle, which is a deep yellow colour. I like the colour of this product, it looks nice enough to have out in your kitchen. The lid you just flick up and squeeze the bottle gently to get the washing up liquid out, and the lid flicks shut again. It does come out of the bottle easily, you only need to tilt the bottle a bit really to get enough out. I add a small squirt of this liquid to my sink whilst the hot water is running, and it makes a really good amount of bubbles. I hate it when a washing up liquid doesn't lather up and make lots of bubbles as it doesn't seem like your cleaning without the bubbles! They do last a long time too, theres no need to keep topping up your water with it, as they do last until I have finished my dishes. My dishes was feel so clean and sparkling when I have used this washing up liquid, it cleans my dishes really well. I bought this washing up liquid instead of some of the others on sale due to the lemon fragrance. I love anything that smells of lemons, and this washing up liquid ...
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