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Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil 31/08/2012

Healthier hair all round.

Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Advance techniques latest addition is a Moroccan argan oil leave in treatment for your hair, sold by Avon either via a local sales representative or you can order directly from the website. It's currently on offer at the price of £2.50 and when sold at normal price it will be £5.50. I'm sure you're all aware by now, with the amount of Avon review appearing, that Avon regularly puts on offers where by you can pretty much always get it cheaper than full price. What is it? - Argan oil has been used for a long time and is becoming more popular due to its versatility; it can be used in many ways however to save going off topic, I'm going to stick with the nourishing cosmetic side. It can be described as a moisturising aid and Avon themselves describe it as 'An exotic blend containing rare Moroccan argan oil that absorbs instantly, infusing hair with moisture and shine'. The Argan tree can be found endemic to Morocco (meaning this is the only place you will find the tree) the oil is harvested from the fruit and nuts that grow on them, hence the 'Rare' claim from Avon. I found this to be a little over exaggerated as a bit of research showed that Morocco has been expecting the demand for sometime and have been preparing with strict harvesting rules. My hair is actually in fairly good condition, but I've always had a problem with drying ends, so safe in the knowledge that I'm not killing the environment, I thought I'd give it ago. What does it look and feel like? - It ...

Avon Secret Fantasy Eau de Toilette 24/08/2012

Short but Sweet

Avon Secret Fantasy Eau de Toilette This reviews going to bit a bit like the item reviewed, Short and Sweet! I hope. Secret Fantasy is one of the many products Avon sell which can be purchased online or via a local representative, you can even search out a local rep online if you prefer to order this way. I paid £4.40 for a Eau de toilette spray 50ml bottle, but that was a specific offer relating to me, it's usually round £11.00, I say usually as Avon offer that many deals and offers that you may well get it just as cheap (maybe more so) than I did. When it arrived it came in a basic purple square box with very little markings on and I realised quickly why 50ml usually comes in a tall bottle. I pulled the bottle out of the box and although the design is a very cute bright pink curvy bottle, it looks tiny because of it and although I know in my head it's 50ml the same as my other perfumes, I can't help but look at it and think 'Seriously?'. The great thing about the bottle that I really liked was the nifty little key on a chain that comes with it, the chain secures itself around the neck of the bottle so I could imagine it saves on accidental bags sprays, or if your like me then the toddler can't use this one as an air freshener. What does it smell like The scent hit me like a smack in the face, so sickly sweet with just one spray it was unreal. That very quickly died down into a very flowery/fruity smell and very quickly changed again before settling as a fruity woody mix with a hint of musk to it. after ...

Preston Park Museum, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-On-Tees 12/08/2012

Im-Preston Hall

Preston Park Museum, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-On-Tees Living locally, I always loved this place as a child so now I have my own children I wanted to give them the same experiences I had, total bonus when I found it on here to write about too. Not only can I brag about one of my favourite places but I can also make a conscious effort to get rid of the violet dot!! Getting There: Preston Hall is situated along side of the River Tees, located between Yarm and Stockton on Tees just off the A66 and on the A135. Coming in from the North following the directions I found on the internet was very easy, I use to know this place like the back of my hand but there are too many new roads, roundabouts and traffic signals for me to navigate now. It’s clearly signposted from the A66 north and south – I know this for a fact as I thought I was clever, seen a sign for the A135 and turned too early (even thought the huge brown tourist sign’s said straight ahead) and ended up coming in from the wrong side, so even if you get lost, you’ll still get there. When coming down the A135 don’t look for the Hall, unless you know what you’re looking for you will miss your turning, instead look for the traffic signals at a T junction – The turn is the Gates into the grounds. A Little History: The name can be quite confusing as call it Preston Park Museum, it’s sign posted from the road as Preston Hall, yet it is actually called Preston Hall Museum and Park, but if you do have to stop and ask for directions, simply ask for Preston Park – that is ...

Avon Planet Spa Foot Socks 03/08/2012

Super Soft Socks

Avon Planet Spa Foot Socks *Note to self - Don't write reviews at stupid O'clock at night, you miss half the information out!! --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --- As a female I rarely admit that my feet are the worst ever, I make out to people that I love wearing my full shoes in the middle of summer because thats my style, but in writing this review I feel it's time to be honest! Hard skin pretty much covers the soles of my feet just as dry skin loves hanging around my heals for weeks at time so when I seen the planet spa sock set on offer in the latest Avon brochure I decided to give them a try. Not quite sure what I expected from an Avon package but it's got to be something better than what I got as I remember thinking "Really! Thats's it!". A flmsy little cellophane see through package. I shouldn't complain as I got me hands on them dirt cheap, but if I'd paid the RRP of £5.00 I would not have been happy at all. The socks themselves now thats a different matter - they were brilliant white ankle socks with the least possible seems and what can only be described as a Grandad collar around the ankle which makes them look rather trendy. They feel super soft in my hand, think thats due to them being 92% cotton and only 8% elastane, but the to touch them it feels like something much more expensive. The socks are to be worn overnight and come in one size that fit all - so it says! My feet are a size five and ...

Fiction 04/03/2011

The Worlds End!!!

Fiction "A little personal writing I'm doing for college that I thought I'd share with you all - Get some opinions before I hand it in" Even though it was early morning on a fine clear day, an intense flash of light filled the sky like a bolt of lightening intensified 200 times. I watched the balls of angry flames soaring up and filling the deserted Skull Island skies with clouds upon clouds of billowing thick black smoke. Was I delirious or was it possible that them clouds really were shaping up as if to signal the finger to me? As I waited anxiously, probably only seconds left if I was lucky, before it’s game over and I’d have zero health left, I can’t help but wonder what happened to make it all go so devastatingly wrong? It had started the same as any other day. I woke up, ate breakfast and at precisely 0730hours I logged into WENP, our private radio update transmission, that’s when I first learned the news. General Neo of the Devils Assassins had struck again, only this time it was one of our own. A sergeant, known to us only by her call sign of Killer Muppet had been captured and sent to the prisoner of war camp hidden in the depths of the wasteland. I was no stranger to the POW camp, if the other troops only knew how to play the game properly they’d realise it‘s more like a holiday camp. The longest they‘ve ever held me there is an hour and 15 minutes, you just got to know how to conserve, and use, your energy wisely and you can free yourself easily. You’d think with 42 ...

Asda Smart Price Manual Microwave 17L 15/02/2010

Smart Price - Smart Move!!!

Asda Smart Price Manual Microwave 17L One day, around Five months ago, in a land far far away where only I lived in my little fantasy world believing I was some amazing cook, I decided my Sister In Law could make more use of my microwave than I, so off I sent her on her way with my Microwave in tow. THUD!!! I came crashing down to earth about 3 meal times later. We had meals we couldn't eat because they were microwaveable, I found myself having to cook more often as my son couldn't bang his soup and snacks in the microwave, the list is endless and I realised the error of my ways fairly quickly. So imagine my delight when two weeks later whilst doing the weekly shop I seen the familiar glow of the Green and White Smart Price calling me over. The Smart Price Manual Microwave with a price tag of £29.96. I didn't even think about it, just picked it up, paid for it and away I went home happy. The Microwave White 17L microwave. 30 minute manual timer. 5 power settings. Microwave Cooking Power Output 700 Watts Weight 10.5kg Measurements 49.6x36.2x29.4 cm What's in the Box? Upon arriving home I opened the box and found a mound of polystyrene and plastic. It was superbly well secured in place although this does add a little miss conception as to the size of the oven. I know, I know!!! it tells you the size on the outside of the box, however I still expected from the packaging to see a larger oven, not that I've had a problem with the size since using it. After a lot of pulling and tugging to get the box ...

Lenor Infusions Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Touch Effects Breath of Fresh Air 12/02/2010

A Breath Of Fresh Air For Days On End.

Lenor Infusions Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Touch Effects Breath of Fresh Air As the recession hit and purse strings tightened, my cupboards turned white and green, Yes!! Asda Smart Price Is the future. So off I go on a weekly basis to the Asda website and place my order, at least 70% of the products being smart price, I always allow substitutes on these products as you can pretty much guarantee you get one and end up quid’s in. This weeks was the Lenor Infusion, Breath of Fresh Air fabric conditioner, giving me a saving of 93p, I‘m happy already.. PACKAGING A very basis blue 750ml rectangular plastic bottle with a grey oversized cap that doubles as a measuring instrument as with most fabric conditioners. In my opinion it doesn’t stand out at all and if I’d went looking for it I probably would of come away with something else. Labelling is also a very basic plastic wrap around with only the necessary information. Packing still receives a 4 out of 5 rating from me, even though this did not jump off the shelf and into my basket, I’d personally prefer to pay less for packaging and more for the stuff inside and although not outrageously gorgeous, it does look Okay. INGRIEDIENTS 5-15% Cationic surfactants, Benzisothiazolinone, Perfumes, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Butyl phenyl Methlylpropional, Eugenol, Hexyl Cinamal, Linalool. If your like me and understand none of what is written above there is also a handy web address, where you can check out the ingredients, however the big Dermatologic ally tested stamp on the bottle was ...

Stop Drop and Roll!!! - Foxboro Hot Tubs 11/01/2010

Everybody's Doing It at

Stop Drop and Roll!!! - Foxboro Hot Tubs As an avid Green Day fan owning pretty much every album of their’s, when I heard the rumours surrounding a secret group reported to be them, I had to check it out for myself. I found out that, Yes it’s true, Green Day have done it again and released a different style of music under a different name, only this time it’s not the network but The Foxboro Hot Tubs. So off I went to to purchase it. Priced at £7.99, I thought this was a bit steep for something I had never heard before so off I went again on my search to find out exactly what the album Stop Drop and Roll was all about. I found this handy website where you can preview each of the songs before you buy. I instantly fell in love with the sixties vibe and back to it was to eventually buy it. PACKAGING Two days later I came home to a tiny skinny little envelope with the trademark stamps and thought ‘what is that? It Can’t be!’. Sure enough, yes it was! A cardboard slipcase as apposed to the normal jewel case you would expect. Even as it fell from the envelope into my hand I believed Play had mucked up my order, but a second look confirmed it. There it was in the top left corner ‘The Foxboro Hot Tubs’. I wasn’t disappointed though as the vibrant colours of the five pictured girls dancing on the cover and the miniature LP look of the whole thing just adds to the retro feel of the album. Even the track listing appears on the reverse of the cover ... 10/01/2010

The Good The Bad and Downright Disgusting actions of Facebookers I have read a few other reviews regarding Facebook and some are pure brilliance, some not so much but I do find they seem to turn into a step by step guide or walk through hand book rather than a personal experience review, probably because the site itself is huge with 100‘s and 100’s of features. I’d like to try and take a different approach with my review, rather than tell you the different features and how to use them, I’d rather tell you about Just a few of my experiences, there has been too many over the years to review them all.. What Is Facebook? I personally like to describe it as a Full Time Job and I could give you the whole Facebook social networking speech here, but I know from experience that this is not technically true. It may have started as a Social networking site, meaning an online place for people to connect with friends and share photo’s and thoughts etc…, however whether facebook care to admit it or not, I believe it has become 50% Social Utility and 50% Gaming website, with half the profiles being fake and not real people. Social Networking I’ll start with a positive - If your going to use Facebook to connect with friends only then the social utility side of it is brilliant and easy to use as well as very simple to sign up to, a few simple personal detail and Voila you have a Facebook profile. I personally find the site so simple yet so brilliant, everything is so easy to navigate with lots of help sections that anyone of any age and any ...

Top 10 Songs of All Time 07/01/2010

Another Top Ten I hear - You can still read it for an Old timer!

Top 10 Songs of All Time Yes it's another top ten, but I need to do this in practice for the actual CD review that I would like to write so please all comment and Help me get it right. Our Top Ten music, if we're honest, can change from week to week depending on our moods and latest releases, so I decided to take a slightly different approach and list my Top ten songs that rear their ugly (or not so ugly in my opinion) heads from time to time. This is MUCH harder than it sounds, I started this 2 days ago and have finally, using my ITunes ratings and just how many of the song words my 11 year old knows to help me, come up with my Top Ten favourite songs of all time (So Far). So here its goes, the lines are closed and voting is over, please do not call now as you may be charged but your vote may not be counted!! In at number ten we have: 10. Robbie Williams - You Know Me!!! Just for the record - If I had my own way it would be a Top 50 Tunes and Robbie would take 26 and Green Day 24 - You guys are lucky I limited myself. This one had to come in at number ten as it was only just released in the UK in December 2009, and hasn‘t really got a decent enough Itunes most played rating (YET). A classic Robbie Williams ballad, the second song from his latest album, Reality Killed The Video Star. Simply they’re the reasons it makes my top ten, a classic Robbie that I can listen to over and over, anytime, anywhere and it makes me smile. That makes it a great song for me and I’m sure it will remain in ...

Everything that starts with M ... 07/01/2010

Maggieedwa's Childhood Challenge

Everything that starts with M ... An old one that I don't even know how I found but when I read eddybennets review I laughed so hard I thought I'd give it a go. ~~ What Era were you born in ~~ The 70's ~~ Name 3 songs you can remember from that era ~~ Erm - I don't remember any. I may have been born in the seventies but it was 1978, although KC and The Sunshine bands - Get Down Tonight (a ha a ha I like it a ha a ha)seems to be imprinted on my brain and has been for as long as I can remember. ~~ What is your first Bad memory as a child~~ I went to the corner shop for my Mam, that doesn't sound too bad right?? But the weather was bad and I mean very very windy. The wind knocked me off my feet and I ended up FALLING into the slipt. OUCH i still remember the pain now and that was over 20 years ago. ~~What is your most embarrassing childhood photo~~ Easy!!! The one where I am 18 moths old, but God only knows what my Mother fed me on - I look about 3 years old but the worst part is my socks. My Mam has me dressed in them long white knee lengh socks. It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for the 3 ripples of fat hanging over the top of my socks lol ~~ What was your first day of school like ~~ Hated it - No Idea why but I remember thinking I'm not coming back here - Then I found out I was and for the next fair few years too lol I was not happy. ~~ Did you ever get punished at school i.e. the belt / detention or lines and what for ~~ No!!! The Teachers learned early on they couldn't ...

10 Most Annoying Sayings 07/12/2007

Oh No! I Sound like my Mam!

10 Most Annoying Sayings When I seen this section the memories of the stupid remarks my mother use to dish out when I was younger came flooding back. I can laugh at them now but when I was younger they really use to get on my nerves, and worse still I think I've used a couple of them on my 9 year old, Aahhh Well Here goes: Number 1 on me hit list: 'You think money grows on trees' What's that all about? If I though money grew on trees I'd be down the local orchid raiding the trees not asking you for a quid!!! Come on now Mother, Get with It. Number 2: 'I'll give you something to cry for', Go one then Mam, show how much of a caring Nurturing mother you can be. I'm already upset and crying and all you want to make it worse - Gee Thanks. Number 3: 'Over My Dead Body' What kind of a threat is that? I'm sure it could be arranged if necessary! This one's funny actually because there is one Phrase that always gets me Mother - She hates it! 'Be careful what you wish for'. I used this one a couple of times in retaliation, she use to turn red, steam came from her ears and I'd get grounded for a week or two. It was worth it though. Number 4: 'You Dare' Well yeah, I'm going to do it so I dare! There were so many times I wanted to say 'is that a threat, a warning or are you just stating the obvious?' unfortunatly I wasn't that brave. Number 5: 'Do you really want me to answer that?' No Mam, I thought I'd ask to go out and play for a laugh. Of course I want you to answer, I wouldn't have asked ...

Jokes 29/11/2007

A little Light Entertainment!

Jokes I've just got a few funny text messages so I thought I would share them with you all. I hope they make you laugh as much as they did me. 1st Man to 2nd Man: Here mate this is really hard, can you give us a hand with this jigsaw, it suppose to be a tiger? 2nd Man replies: - Just put the frosties back in the box! The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: "Take only ONE . God is watching." Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note, "Take all you want. God's watching the apples." Wife: I've just answered the door to a six-foot beetle! He punched me in the face and told me to get lost!!! Husband: Yeah! Apparently there's a nasty bug going about. A recent scientific study has just revealed that Women find different males attractive depending where they are in their mensual cycle. For instance, When a woman is ovulating she will prefer a man with rugged masculine features and when shes menstruating she prefers a man doused in petrol, set on fire with scissors stuck in his eyes and a cricket stump shoved where the sun don't shine! NEWSFLASH: The England football team are changing the emblem on their shirts!!! The three lions will now become the three tampons to celebrate the worst period ever. Q - What do you call a ...

Germany 1 England 5 (DVD) 28/11/2007

"It just gets better and better and better"

Germany 1 England 5 (DVD) Being an avid football follower and supporter of Sunderland and England, you can probably guess that I'm feeling ever so slightly disappointed at the moment. So I decided to go home last night and cheer myself up by reliving that glorious day, you know the one, 1st September 2001 (I'm too young to remember 1966). The 2002 World Cup group 9 qualifier at the Munich stadium. The Vital game England needed to win to achieve automatic qualification. Germany 1 - Engeeerrlaaanndd Fivvvveee!!! I can still hear the chants now. The starting whistle blows and the game kicks off. German striker, Janker takes advantage of England's ball watching defence and delivers what the England supporters believe to be the fatal blow in the 6th minute with the opening goal of the game. Then something amazing happened, something we hadn't seen for a long time and very rarely seen since. The England team played good professional football. The running commentary from John Motson and Trevor brooking just adds to the hype and excitement when Owen restored the fans faith in the 12th minute with an equalizer that would later go on to make up his hat Rick. Good old Stevie G belts one in the back of the net smack bang on half time, and then it was Heskey 's turn to deliver the fifth and final goal for England. "Scholes again,now…. Heskeys to his left unmarked, Emile Heskey, could it be 5?..........YES IT IS!" John Motson. Even Sven-Goran Eriksson was quoted saying, "it seems like a Dream, it's ...

Impeckable - Budgie 27/11/2007

The Shaggy Dog!!!!!!!

Impeckable - Budgie I bought this film for my son months ago From Asda for £12.99 You can pick it up for as little as £4.38 now, and we've just getting round to watching it last night so I thought you should know what we thought. Walt Disney presents this update of a classic comedy - The Shaggy Dog, Starring Tim Allen as Deputy District Attourney Dave Douglas, and Robert Dowing Jr as the evil sceintist Dr Kozak. Dog hating Dave Douglas's (Allen) marriage and family are on the rocks due to his career. His current case defending Dr Kozak (Downing Jr) and his animal testing practice is his biggest case yet, but that's all about to change when he is accidentally infected with a top secret serum, from an imortal 300 year old dog, that morphs his body to that of the family pet.. While Dave morphs between Shaggy and Himself, it becomes apparant that his Client and Family are not how and who he thinks they are. Right! everything you have just read in around two minutes, takes the film about 30 to explain. It is really slow to start, it does pick up after the first half an hour, but to be honest it's very predictable (even the sound track - Who Let The Dogs Out), with no great deal of imagination through out. Although I did find the cat chase hilarious. The one good thing about the film is the actors, Allen and Downing Jr, jump straight into character and play thier parts brilliantly, other cast members include Kirsten Davis and Danny Glover, and some of the special effect are very good too. ...
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