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Skittles 10/03/2006

rainbow of tastes

Skittles Skittles come generally in 55g bags and cost between 37 and 42p a bag. The bag is brightly coloured with the picture of a rainbow on the front on a red background so should be easy to find in the shop! They are small round balls in either red, green, yellow, purple, or orange with a small 'S' on the front of each one. They taste and smell very fruity - so fruity in fact that you get a fruity whiff just from opening the bag! They have a crispy shell on the outside which taste quite plain, then have a chewy middle which is the bit that tastes fruity. They taste yummy and cannot be compared to any other sweets and I've not seen any companies trying to make alternatives so you have to buy the originals! Deffy worth a try if you haven't already! ...

Maynards Wine Gums 10/03/2006

gums without the wine

Maynards Wine Gums Wine gums have to be among my top favourite sweets. The most common version of them is in a roll which is decorated in bright colours, reflecting the different colours of sweets that there are. They come in in 50g roll packs, 180g or 225g bags, 300g and 600g cartons and can be bought at corner shops, supermarkets and other stores that sell confectionery. They rolls contain all round sweets but the packs contain different shapes: Kidney, crown, diamond, circle and rectangle shapes and each different shape has a different message on it and be read either Port, sherry, champagne, burgundy or claret. However, despite the implication that these contain alcohol, there is no actual wine in these! They also come in many colours: black, red , green, yellow and orange. The nicest flavours being black and red (well thats my opinion anyway!). The roll's cost between 37p and 40p each and the 180g bag costs about 99p usually. I don't tend to buy the other options so couldn't give a price on those though. They are soft to touch but are quite chewy to eat with a slightly oily consistency on the outside, so can;t imagine them doing much good for the teeth, but they taste so good that I tend to ignore that! ...

Rowntree's Fruit Gums 10/03/2006

Fruity chews

Rowntree's Fruit Gums I just love these sweets as they taste so fruity and nice! They come in a pack of about 12, wrapped in attractive yellow wrapping, making them stand out quite clearly in the shops. They make them in a black, red, yellow, green and orange. I find that the black ones, which are made from blackcurrant juice are the nicest ones. All flavours are very fruity and none taste bland. They are incredibly chewy though, so be warned - perhaps not the best thing for teeth as they do always get stuck! But then at least because they are so chewy they last a bit longer than sweets do usually. You can;t really smell the sweets though until you actually start eating them. If you like these it is also worth trying Rowntrees fruit pastilles, or also some supermarkets now make their own version of fruit gums which can be nice, but not nearly as good as the originals. They are priced between 37p and 40p usually and can be found at supermarkets, corner shops and any shops that sell confectionery ...

The Waterboy (DVD) 09/03/2006

Mama says watch this film!

The Waterboy (DVD) When a friend of mine told me he was bringing round 'The Waterboy' for us to watch, I was wondering what on earth it would be about, and never considered for one minute it would be referring to the bloke that gave the players water in a game of American Football (or should that be Fooshball according to Mama!). The 'waterboy' is a high school american geek who's 'mama says'' he cant go to school or in fact any semblance of a life cos she likes to protect him and keep him at home with her as much as possible. This causes him to be bullied by the players for being such a mummy's boy as most of his sentences start with ''but mama says.'' Eventually he gets so annoyed with the taunts that he loses his temper and launches hiself on one of the players, and tackles him to the floor! One of the coaches is so impressed by this that he is invited to play for that team! He must keep this from his mama as she'd never allow that! The rest of the film focuses on his rise to fame by playing hard and his amazing tackles which he achieves by remembering the taunts of the players. He then hooks up with a girl friend from his childhood who 'mama says' is the devil (though mama also seems to think most things or people that come into his life are the devil!) The film ends with him coming clean about his football career to his mama who eventually accepts that he does need a life of his own and confessed that she had only been so protective as she was frightened of him leaving her like his ...

SEAT Arosa 1.4 09/03/2006

Small but not so practical

SEAT Arosa 1.4 The car is small, nippy, fun to drive, handles well, and offers relatively good fuel consumption for money. I have the 1.4 Sport which only comes in red, blue, grey, yellow or black. I have the black version, which typically shows up the most dirt! It feels sturdy to drive and safety is good, with both drivers and passenger airbags on this model. It handles well, though the suspension is slightly solid, so something to consider if you do a lot of driving on country lanes, so that's when you feel it most! However, there is a severe lack of storage space. The boot cannot even fit in a weeks shopping (though perhaps thats just e being greedy and buying too much food!). It really is tiny. The Sport model also does not have a glove compartment which is a real shame as there is space for one. The dashboard is sloped so that you can;t even shove a few bits and pieces on there! The only storage space in the entire car is in the doors and a small shelf in place of the glove compartment, so not as ideal car if you have messy kids and their stuff really will get everywhere! Have only had the car a couple of months and so far has been fine but cannot really comment on reliability during this short time. It comes with remote central locking, but be warned, this does not include the boot, so always remember to lock this on the key. The seats are very comfortable and I find them very supportive on a long journey. There is also a lot of headroom for the taller members of your family ...

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland 09/03/2006

Hot spa

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland Having first heard about the Blue Lagoon I wasn;t convinced I wanted to visit, but thought that it would be a waste to go all the way to Iceland and miss it, so we booked an excursion run by Reykjavik Excursions. We turned up at the bus station and just booked it on the day. Apparently they were doing a 'deal' whereby for the return coach trip and entry to the Blue Lagoon it would cost about £35! This seemed extortionate for a 20 min coach trip and to sit in a hot spa, but as we had been told how unique the experience was, we thought we'd fork out. On arrival you are told to remove your shoes and put them in a plastic bag to enter the changing room so the floor doesn't get dirty. This seemed a bit excessive but we did as we were told, then got changed and went to enter the lagoon. We had been told that there was a way you could get into the spa indoors and then swim outdoors so that you did not have t go outside, however this was a complete lie (or at least that option wasnt available when we went in the freexing cold month of February!). This meant there was about 10 feet to cover outsdide before you could into the lagoon. Believe me, 10 feet in minus degrees really was awful! However, it does make you appreciate the warmth of the spa when you are in there. As expected the water as as blue as they claimed it would be, and there were 'buckets' with the minerals in which you could spoon out and put onto your skin. I would advice that the best time to go was mid ...

Protaras (Cyprus) 25/05/2005

Perfect location.

Protaras (Cyprus) Protaros is a family oriented resort but has plenty to do for everyone. We stayed a few miles out of Protaros but this was our nearest resort so spent most evenings here. There is a great choice of restaurants, bars and a handful of nightclubs. The restaurants offer a wide choice of food, some doing proper sit down meals, and others more fast foody type places. The bars have a relaxing atmosphere with offers on many drinks, some catering mainly for families, others for singles and groups - oh and dont miss the Flintstones bar! There are also many shops which are open all through the day and late into the evening which offer a range of souvenir type gifts at reaosnable prices. The beach here is a short walk down from the main shop / bar part and offer s along stretch of unspoilt sand, though it can get really busy in high season and difficult to find a sun bed! There is a selection of water sports on offer at this beach too. Protaros is on a main bus route and buses are extremely reliable and reasonably priced. It is close enough to Ayia Napa for those wanting the nightlife, and there are also excursions to Larnaca and other bigger towns. All in all it's a good all round resort as it caters for a variety of age ranges and has everything you need for eating, drinking, relaxing and shopping

Gran Canaria (Spain) 25/05/2005

Mixed bag

Gran Canaria (Spain) Gran Canaria is a real mixed bag for such a small island. If you want to go somewhere quiet and relaxing there are resorts such as Maspolomas, Puerto Rico etc which are family and couple orientated and friendly. Maspolomas has the famous sand dunes which are beautiful and unspoilt, while Puerto Rico has the harbour area where there is a large choice of boat trips. There is also a market on weekly which has interesting and cheap souvenirs if you are willing to haggle. Word of warning, if you get sea sick in the slightest, do not venture near the boats! The boat trips all start off very smooth, but rapidly turn nasty as they go against the waves and get VERY rough even on the calmest of days! At least 3 people have ended up ill on evbery boat trip I've been on! If you're after something a bit more lively then PLaya del Ingles is the place to be. Its isjust full of bars, pubs and clubs. Each bar has its own tout and most of them get very pushy when trying to encourage you to drink in their bar. They insist there are offers and cheap drinks but when you get there you'll soon realise you've been ripped off. This area really is full of British yobs and one to stay away one unless you're one of them! There are many shopping centres throughout Gran Canaria and some good bargains can be found, but again the shop keepers can get quite pushy about trying to get you into their shopm and some are only happy if you actually make a purchase and do not appreciate people just browsing. A ...

Barclaycard Student 23/11/2004

Be VERY careful

Barclaycard Student I initially got this card because they were offering £40 HMV vouchers when you opened the account. However, although I received the card straight away the vouchers didn't come through for several months which was a little cheeky! It's great as a student because it's often hard to get credit and this can be a good way to beuild up your credit rating. However be very careful as I have had a few problems with my card in the past. Firstly I did not receive a statement one month which resulted in me missing the payment date. I rang the customer service department who were VERY unhelpful and verging on being outright rude! I got charged a late payment charge of £20 plus all the interest. This is especially cheeky as you usually only get charged interest. Another thing to watch out for is that they sometimes change the payment date, for example my bill is always due around the 10th of the month then suddenly I noticed it had changed to the 1st of the month, so that;s another cheeky thing they do to try and catch you out, so watch out for that! All in all it's a useful card to have as you get freebies when you join, plus you get Nectar points when you use your card at Sainsburys and it can be a good way to build up your credit rating, BUT use it wisely and be very careful!

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i 22/11/2004

Sporty little number!

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i I absolutely love this car! In fact I didn;t realise quite how much until I started having to use another car for work and missed my Corsa! It cost £8000 for a nearly new one (2002). It only had a few hundred miles on the clock as had been used be a garage as thier courtesy car then sold to another garage where I bought it from. Externally it looks pretty flashy without being over the top. Mine is in a light green (can;t remember the exact name of the colour) and is the 3 door type. I was lucky enough that mine also came with part of the body kit on so has some nice sideskirts and a metal petrol cap! Internally it is just as cool externally! Comes with drivers air bag, a radio and cd player which is actually surprisingly good and has a bit of bass when you turn it up! The seats are really comfy and you have quite an upright seatig position without being too vertical - they are great for long distances - no more numb bum syndrome! The boot has a decent amount of storage space and there is plenty of room in the front to stretch your legs or put extra stuff. The back seats, as expected are not spacious but still provide an adequate area to sit in. These roll forward if you want to put something bulky in the boot - I managed to fit my mountain bike in which I wouldn't have been able to do in a usual small size car. It is easy to drive - power steering aids this! The brakes are quite spongy but very responsive and the accelerator and clutch are easy to press with ...

M V C 17/11/2004

Good store if you look hard enough!

M V C I find MVC stocks a wide range of CD's, films, posters and games. It is ordered well so it is easy to find what you are looking for. It is typically not as large as HMV or Virgin but has nearly as many goods. Typically the prices seem a little higher than the usual stores, but if you register for an MVC card you get a 10% discount on everything yu buy which really makes a difference. To get the card you just need to fill in a few details about yourself and thats it! CD;s are usually 13.99 then you get about £1.40 off with the MVC card so it's definately worth having. There aren;t as many MVC stores as there are Virgin or HMV but they can be found in most larger towns/

The Arndale Centre, Manchester 17/11/2004

Arndale or Trafford?

The Arndale Centre, Manchester The Arndale is ok but since the opening of the Trafford Cenre, had been living in the shadow of it for a while. The Arndale Centre is much easier to get to on public trasport as it can be reached from Picadilly station then accessed via the metro or free bus. I find the layout of the Arndale incredibly confusing and you end up walking much further than you need to by going back and forth past th same places in order to reach other places as it is based on a square design with a central square with aisles going off it. It is always clean and tidy and well kept which is good and has a variety of shops - mainly clothes shops but also some music stores, homeware stores, food shops etc. Overall I would say it is adequate but does not have as much variety as the Trafford Centre whicg is easier to find your way around too! ...

Urbis Museum, Manchester 17/11/2004

Go with no expectations

Urbis Museum, Manchester My tip for Urbis is not to expect too much from it! I had heard some absoltely terrible reviews about it and decided to visit out of curiosity. Having prepared myself for nothing much I was actually very pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed it! At the time of visiting the exhibition was about a day in the life of various people who live in Manchester. This was portrayed by photos an captions which was really interesting to see and read about. Upstairs there were quite a few hands-on things to do, for example a game where it has a list of things that are illegal in certain cities and you have to work out which city it is! On the top floor there is a video about city life which is short but pretty entertaining. On the next floor down there are facts and figures about different cities and information about the different parts of Manchester and their history. Overall I found it interesting to visit, but there was not enough there to make it that worthwhile. If you're in Manchester anyway then I'd say pay a visit, but you'l be in and out within an hour, so if you're planning on making a special trip just to visit Urbis then don;t bother! All in all it's not bad - very interesting building but you can;t see much from upstairs due to way the windows have been decorated.

The Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff 12/11/2004


The Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff I booked the Big Sleep for myCardiff stay as I was after something reasonably priced but comfortable. It was a short walk from the station and was about 10 mins from the main high street with several pubs and bars closer by. The room was a good size with a comfortable bed and TV, lamps and adequate furniture. It was rather brihgtly coloured but still tasteful and not too gareish! The room was however, ridicuously hot. The windows did not open as the rooms were so high, but they were large windows the width of the room -great for views but terrible when it came to keeping the heat out! The breakfast was ok - a continental style with yoghurts, toast, juice, cereal and bioled eggs. Pretty much what you;d expect from this hotel, but the plates and cutlery were all plastic which did not make things easy to eat with or taste particularly nice! All in all a good hotel, the standard which you'd expect for the price you pay. ...

Library services 12/11/2004

Check out your library!

Library services Having worked in a library I can tell you all about the great services available! Firstly you'll need to obtain a library card. These are free but you need to able to provide two forms of ID, one of which must hvae a photograph of you on it. Most libraries not only stock books but have videos, CD's, DVD's, computer games, and talking books on both tape and CD. The books are all free to take out and are issued for 3 weeks at a time. You can then renew them either online, over the phone or at a library in person. They can be renewed up to 3 times without being brought back to the library. After the third time you must either return the books or they must be seen by a library staff member before they can be reissued to you. Cd's DVD's etc are hireable at a small charge and are issued on a weekly basis. They usually cost between £1.50 and £4.00 to hire and can be renewed in the same way as books. On average 8 items may be taken out at one time, up to 4 of which can be audio items. Children can take up to 12 items out at a time. If you are late returning any items they are charged on a daily basis, usually about 20p per day but audio items can be more (up to 50p per day). Many libraries now have computers which you can use for a short period for free, (usually 30mins to 1 hour) , after which you must pay a small charge (about £1 an hour). Libraries get new stock in regularly so there are always new books to choose from and they stock a wide range ...
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