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The Waterboy (DVD) 09/03/2006

Mama says watch this film!

SEAT Arosa 1.4 09/03/2006

Small but not so practical

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland 09/03/2006

Hot spa

Gran Canaria (Spain) 25/05/2005

Mixed bag

Gran Canaria (Spain) Gran Canaria is a real mixed bag for such a small island. If you want to go somewhere quiet and relaxing there are resorts such as Maspolomas, Puerto Rico etc which are family and couple orientated and friendly. Maspolomas has the famous sand dunes which are beautiful and unspoilt, while Puerto Rico has the harbour area where there is a large choice of boat trips. There is also a market on weekly which has interesting and cheap souvenirs if you are willing to haggle. Word of warning, if you get sea sick in the slightest, do not venture near the boats! The boat trips all start off very smooth, but rapidly turn nasty as they go against the waves and get VERY rough even on the calmest of days! At least 3 people have ended up ill on evbery boat trip I've been on! If you're after something a bit more lively then PLaya del Ingles is the place to be. Its isjust full of bars, pubs and clubs. Each bar has its own tout and most of them get very pushy when trying to encourage you to drink in their bar. They insist there are offers and cheap drinks but when you get there you'll soon realise you've been ripped off. This area really is full of British yobs and one to stay away one unless you're one of them! There are many shopping centres throughout Gran Canaria and some good bargains can be found, but again the shop keepers can get quite pushy about trying to get you into their shopm and some are only happy if you actually make a purchase and do not appreciate people just browsing. A ...

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i 22/11/2004

Sporty little number!

Library services 12/11/2004

Check out your library!

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