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TV Choice 05/12/2006

tv choice

TV Choice The TV choice is a magainze that tells you what is going on the TV and all sky and freeview with puzzles and crosswords and more. ok this magazine is a good price at 35p to 45p depedning which the shop you end up getting it from. As you will find the magazine comes out every Saturday until Friday night, and you can usually buy it from Tuesday and can be bought in many shops. This is my view of what is ging on in the tv world this week It basically has about 6 articles on different programmes on TV, and how they are good this week You're getting to the less popular programmes here, but still interesting to read, as some of them you wouldn't watch, but you read it and find it actually sounds pretty good. About 5 more articles about programmes, along with a special children's section containing a few programmes they might like to watch. There is also a joke and a competition thrown in for good measure. The first page has one main story - the most exciting thing happening in soap land this week. Then, the others talk about one storyline in each soap in detail, and then other smaller storylines in that soap in less detail. The soaps talked about are Hollyoaks, Doctors, Coronation street, Emmerdale, Eastenders, Neighbours and Home and Away. They did used to talk about Holby city, but they stopped. There are various pictures dotted across the pages of dramatic moments in the soaps. At the bottom of a couple of the pages, it has a small section for each ... 29/10/2006

mailsting Mail Sting is a featured packed communication with an advanced email system with mail gaurd and world wide sms it sound great doesnt it i thought so. There is also the community messenger , the media drive what deals with all your pictures and the loyalty stings. The mail stings can eaither be bought or earned which ever you think is better for you as well as they will allow you to send more messages and more more freedom to move round the web much more easily. The part of the website i liked is the section where you can rate peoples pictures out of ten which i thought it was very intresting idea i would have never thought of doing something like this to a website so this is a bit differant. mail sting is easy to set up all you have to do is go to the website which is and then press the highlited field sign up its so easy and its free much more than a website and email facility

Alton Towers, Stafford 28/10/2006

alton towers

Alton Towers, Stafford Alton Towers is easy to find as it is near stoke on trent, in Alton there are plenty of signs to get there as well as their plenty of car parking places which will cost you about £6.00 pound which i thought was a bit steep but even now you have to go to the monorail which takes you direct in to the alton towers theme park entrance. It is open between 9.30am and 5-30 pm in the summer you can also book the hotel as well in alton towers but it starting price is a bit price i thought at £ 149.00. you can also buy your ticket eaither online or i the park wihich i thought the pricing was a bit expensive as we thought bye the time we payed 29.00 pound and then our meals it would cost us an absaloute bomb. Then we found out for family i would of cost us 78.00 pounds but not many rides for the younger cgildren as alton towers is not for younger children i thought ist was for more for the adults and teenagers. than the younger onces. As soon as we got in the first ride we went on was the congo rider rapaids . but some of the riders who had just come off found it boring but said they enjoyed some it except for the long ques. This ride you sit on the rubber boat and you get taken round on the river as you go down you will feel every bump and get absalulty wet through we thought this ride was brill on the hot days we hd when we went on the ride. As we went on the oblivion we watched first as it was our first time that we had gone on the ride we fund it very scary then as you ...

Australia Zoo, Australia 07/09/2006

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo, Australia If you dont know Australia zoo, its the home of steve irwin the spectacular strange and wired but funny man as you will always see him eaither with his animals on the tv and all his staff helping them when needed. It is very easy to get too the zoo its about 60 minutes from brisbane there are also loads of trips that go from there every day what are organised. As we walked around we saw the kangaroos that are free to roam in their very large enclosure while us vieistors are allowed to wonder around with them. and the visitors are allowed to wonder around with them. they never minded i couldnt believe the size of them as people was taking pictures and patting them and they never seemed bothered. There was loads to see and do like going to watch the show were the crocs got fed and steve erwin jumping in and out of the pen feeding then lamb joints i couldnt believe my eyes every scarey moments but good to watch. The zoo wouldnt be a zoo if they didnt have a gift shop were you could buy things like rubber snakes , pens, pencils , everything you want XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX In memory of steve irwin ( please remember steve ) but recently if you have been listening to the news sadly steve died everyone even me will miss him as he is a good character and loves his wife and 2 children we will all miss him xxxx. ...

JMC 01/09/2006

jmc airlines

JMC I had booked flight only to go to florida five years ago when i chose JMC it was the first time i had flew before and never been abroad . So when i had arrived at Gatwick at 6.30 am and went straight over to check in desk as we got to the desk we was approached by a member of the JMC staff who had told us that there was a problem with our plane we had to make a serious choice eaither to wait at least 7 hours for the next plane or transfer to another airline and with me been a nervous passanger as i have never flown before. I dicided to go with monarch airlines so we didnt have to wait another 7 hours or more. after enjoying my holiday and thinking of going again i was ready to fly home as we flew out of sanford in florida. As i waited for the plane to come in it seemed there was no problems with the plane and was able to fly out. I had already made my seating arrangements when i had booked the flight but they were so uncomfotable i most felt sorry for the passengers next to me as i was over 6ft tall and wasnt getting anywere with the plane staff to be moved. you havent heard the half of it yet the food came out well i was shocked and couldnt believe my eyes there was no vegitarian food which i am and when i looked some of the meals couldnt fed a baby never mind adults. I couldnt belive how warm it was on the plane i thought i was back in florida as when i asked the plane crew to turn the heating down she said the heating didnt work and there was no air ...

Virgin Holidays 26/08/2006

beng a virgin member og the virgin holiday club

Virgin Holidays As a member of the virgin holiday club We have always used virgin holidays to go to places such as orlando florida and also like using them when we was speakiing to one of their reps a couple of years ago we thought she was a lile brusk to say the least but when we was talking to her he was generally helpfull. virgin always tend to make a pont of aking sure their clients are looked after for the airport greeting this is usually very well layed out . There are reps all over the airport at differant points aiting to guide you to your lugguage or to the transportation pick up points for us non driving passengers. the hotels are excellent definaly the flagship ones as they offer a free paper every day and even the sunday paper as well as other discounts The staff of virgin holidays always helped us while in orlando florida just a pitty they are not as good on the plane. but if you book direct with Virgin you pay the brouchure price but minus the 10 per cent off when i joined i thought at first a bit nervouse to see what i was getting out of this for the value of money but when my pck came i got a membership card for my family and friends and 2 t-shirts and a cup and pen so why wait join up i did and im glad ...

Holiday Inn (Lake Buena Vista), Orlando 07/08/2006

holiday inn lake buna vista , orlando

Holiday Inn (Lake Buena Vista), Orlando After been to the holiday inn Inn family suites resort in lake buna vista in orlando with just a 5 minute ride away from magic kingdom and the other parks . The hotel has 800 rooms or suites and 2 good sized swimming pools with a gym and a good play area for the children with mini train rides through the resort, with a mini golf for you or the kids to play. With the fast food outlet what sells all types of food with bar and entertainment every night this hotel is a lively hotel and not to be missed. when you see in your room you will be amazed by the space and also what you get in to room with a microwave oven and sink were you can cook anything you buy from the shop if you didnt fancy a meal out . Also in the room you will see the kids have a free nintendo gaming system so that they can play to the hearts content when not at the park. If you dont want to cook then on a morning you can eat all you want at the buffet style resturant and you can also have the buffet in the evening which will cost you $11.95 which i found very reasonable. The only thing is the poor room service which we had to tell the hotel receptionist nearly every day to change towels and the bedding also the free bus will cost you to get to some of the parks so its best to hire a car for your duration of your stay . ...

Disney MGM Studios, Orlando 29/07/2006

disney mgm studios and how i enjoyed the place

Disney MGM Studios, Orlando Hi and welcome to disnay MGM this is y review . This is the best method to get to this park as you can go by coach from an theme park like epcot tht will take you or even from any disney hotel depending were you are staying. The Park isnt that big but offers lot of things to do with music and adventure as well as good food. Disney MGM is not just a theme park it is a working studio as you will see. STAR TOURS - The ride is based on star wars the film queing can get bad during the day so its is better either go first thing or the very last ride of the day. The ride is a simulator you ill wait in your queing area and you will board the ship well you help to save the galaxy this will get very bumpy but great . THE ROCKN ROLLER COASTER - This rie is great for adults and may be teenagers if you enjoy fast and dark rides as this onc has no exepton as the roller coaster has a musical theme as it is based on the bad aerosmith as you walk in and que like me and my friend did you will see the coaster built like limos this is a very fast and thrilling ride. THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE - Well were do i start i thought this ride looked very interesting so we qued and waited as we went through this carriage awaited us were we all sat and got transported into a differant worl will all the difernt movies and some suprises along the way i found it very intresting and would go on again this ride got quite busy at times as we went on 3 times. THE EATING PLACES well some ...

Leeds Market, Leeds 21/06/2006


Leeds Market, Leeds As you come in on the bus you will go into the bus station were you will droped off on your own stand as you go outside you will see MillGarth Police Station in front of you and the market just to the left of you were just as you walk to the market is the back of the bus station were the national express coach station is The market opens from 8.00am to 5.00pm on a monday , tuesday, saturday, and 8.00am till 1.00pm on a wednesday as it is half day closing but for those who want to get up early and get the early shopping done try 7.30am till 5.00pm thursday and friday. Inside the market is one of the biggest and very noisey butchers market were you can find anything from lamb chops to mince, and to the amazing joints they are always doing good deals like 3 trays of meat for a £5.00 or for a £10.00 pounds But if you dont like the look of the meat then go down to the other side were you will smell all the fish like seafood , crab and differant types of fish sometimes you will even see lobster and even cockles and musscles which are very nice if you havet tryed them they are good with viniger. For kids alike you will find all the sweet stails which you can get a good bag for a pound or even 2.00 pound and this is nt just a small bag . You will also see all the fruit and veg on the stall like 5 bannanas for a pound of 10 tomoatos for pound you can go wrong even better if you are students that cant afford a lot on your budget. As you will gather the town is ...

National Railway Museum, York 17/06/2006

york national railway museum

National Railway Museum, York december the first time i had been here and if was free it never used to be everyone had to pay the cost of £22.50 to get in but they have changed there polices know so that we can all go in for absultly free. i couldnt believe my eyes kids everywere from schools and parents and grandparents what had brought the children it was just out off this word to this all the trains as the place is massive you would have to go to this place for the day as you wouldnt go round it all other wise. dont forget to take a good pair of walking shoes as i took some of mine and even my feet was sore after walking round the place To get to the museum it is just a ten minute walk from the train station but there is plent of car parking spaces if you are traveling by car. there is plenty to do as there is an interactive play area for children will a model railway and more you can even go on one of the steam engines as part of the tour as they do rides the bullet train in 1960 japan had a passenger train which was the first railway designed to move large numbers of people in comfort at high spped you can go on and sit on the bullet to see how comfortable it really was . ever though of driving your own train well know it is possible with the thrill of handling a powerfull 100mp train through the conditions and face the bad weather likw slippery tracks and slowing down a full train of passengers yes it s the first simulator what you can learn on with 2hour driving time morning ...

Jorvik Viking Centre, York 16/06/2006

jorvick museum

Jorvik Viking Centre, York I wanted to visit was the Jorvik Viking Centre, situated in Coppergate, York. in west yorkshire we booked our tickets and were given a time slot so when we got there we didnt have to que for long when we arried there we were given 10-15am for our slot. on entering the building we was ushered to a room just like a cinema were there were four seats in a row were we were showed a film from the 1970's and the 1960's it was like going back in time to a diferant time and a differant year as the cinema moved was just a bit scarey as the bumps was bad. you were then escorted in the cars were you will hear a girls voice in english and she will ask you what language you want to choose the car ride goes on for 10 - 15 minutes depends on how busy it is . This ride iis great with all the smells you wont want to eat or drink when you have finished i felt sick when i got out with the smell . There are couple of things to do like write your name in ruines and searching through a tray of rubble trying to find treasure. after leaving the ride and leaving the artifacts you will hit the shop which gets very busy but is very good for gifts such as cups and plates and educational gifts. the price is a bit expensive for an attraction but the location speaks for its self with it been in the heart of york city centre with all the shops and other intresting places to go like the shambles and many more cost £7.50 The only time the place doenst open is christmas and has ...

Travelodge International drive 07/06/2006

travelodge ( orlando ) international drive

Travelodge International drive The travelodge we stayed in or 3 weeks was just 2 minutes from wet and wild which was good if you didnt want to go to the theme parks. when we got to our room we had found we had a fridge for those cold drinks and anything else you want to put in. We also had a microwave and a safe in the room which was really good to keep all our safe belongings in. The bathroom was very spacious it had the shower over the bath we had clean towels nearly every other day and a coffee maker and tv was in the room too . The air conditioning in the room was good with the weather been hot all the time. we found out when we looked near the tv guide there was coupons that we could use on international drive like resturant vouchers or places to go like helicopter rides and other places to see and do . you could get free shuttle busses every morning to the parks some came back at 10.00pm after the fireworks at disney there was no payment for the buses but it was up to you if you wanted to leave a tip we did 2 or 3 times as the driver was good . The staff at the travelodge was quite good anything you wanted they would try and do their best to get it for you . The pool was clean and quite big you didnt even have to put your towel out the night before like you do with some places just in case you dont get a chair. the pool has its own pool side bar were you can get drinks and ice cream there is a small shop inside the hotel but its easier to walk to the supermarket which is only 5 ...

Holiday Inn International, International Drive, Orlando 28/05/2006

Holiday Inn International Drive

Holiday Inn International, International Drive, Orlando The first time we stayed in this magnificant hotel i couldnt believe my eyes with it been a tower hotel and 14 stories high i just was amazed and then our room i couldnt believe this was very spacious with two good sized beds or one kingsize bed. With the shower over the bath and a microwave and safe to keep your valubles safe with coffee maker as well in the room with satelite tv also if you get board but i dont think so not in the heart of international drive and only 5 to 10 minutes to universal studios. I couldnt believe how clean this place was as the maids came in and changed all our towels and the bedding 2 or 3 days depending if it was needed any earlier. this is a high standard hotel and the maid's take pride in there jobs . when i saw the pool i was stunned how clean and big and fresh the pool side looked as when i came before and stayed in lake bune vista the pool was all grotty and the side of the pool there was glass anyone could of stood on it . we was always telling our reps but they told the management and they never did anything we had to do it ourselves. You was so near all the entertainment you could ask for as you had wet and wild just across the street and all the shops and the resurants and supermarket if you needed anything like water or pop everything was there you couldnt fault this place . you can get from a to b like to and from the theme parks very easy as they run a free shuttle bus every morning from the hotel and then comes ...

York Castle Museum, York 26/05/2006

york castle museum

York Castle Museum, York This was my first time at the york castle museum it strangley reminded me of the jorvik museum i dont no why just did the museum is located exactly next door to the clifford tower and just ten minutes from the train stration and 5 minutes to the jorvik museum. At the entrance you will see the gift shop and near is an good sized car park which is just a stones through away. The castle musuem has over 400 exibits from the years of the history of york and in this means that it contians the history of ordaniy people such as the differant changes in the persons life such as the militarty and their children and there childhood . when you get in you start off with 2 large classical buildings and then confronted with diferant times wivh go back to the victorian and the medival times which can be very intresting if you like this sort of thing. when you enter the next gallary you feel you have just entered someone fairy tale wedding as you go through to the next door there is a white wedding dress which was used in the social history years. this was disaplayed in the museum and the two dresses looked fantastic. As you walk back into the entrance area you can take a five minute break were the museum gift shop is great fun and have good things to buy and this is before heading into the next building were you will see the cells that dick terpin stayed in and the old stables with some smells of old The york castle opens there doors between the times of april - to ...

Disney's Animal Kingdom 26/05/2006

animal kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom The animal kingdom park is was very disapointed as this was one of the new parks it was diferant to the other parks but i didnt say i didnt enjoy it because i did it was just something that disaponted me in the park . This is the tree of life the tree has more than over 325 animals carved into it . many people eaither video it or take pictures of the tree as it is something differant as you will know if you have seen it . Like many attractions you shouldnt miss this attraction as it is in 3d were you see everything like spiders and creepy crawlies but you see everything in 3d it like watching and feeling things at your feet and all over its so funny. Some of the rides operate by fastpass so sometimes the rides start to go slow as some of the opertators let them on first so you could have a long wait for some of the rides The other main ride is called dinosaur were you awit and que but dont go on if you have a bad back as you will have a bigger one as your mission is to save the dinosaurs from extinction. the ride is quite jurky in places so you will get bumped about a bit. Dont remeber to go on safari with your fellow mates as you que up and get to the bottom you will see you transport await you remember to have your camera or the video camera as it is a must but be carefull as it is bumpy as you get into your transport you will see all the animals and remreber you have to save wilson from getting captured. ( as well as the baby elephant ) The main ...
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