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That's Life! 11/06/2001

That's life - Not mine it isn't

That's Life! My wife occasionally buys this magazine and I’ve picked it up a few times and had a read, as it has some word search quizzes and things –which I enjoy doing. (Honest- that’s the main reason I read it). Aimed primarily at women the magazine contains articles that are not too in-depth, covering topics like Health, Beauty, Fashion Cookery and some other items that vary from issue to issue. The magazine is a strange mix, because parts of it come across like a glossy tabloid of the “currant bun” variety, while it also tries to cover some serious issues. The magazine also contains regular features like horoscopes and items like “tightwad tips” Here readers write in with tips to save money ,or how to make use of something , or just basic household tips. There is a page of Rude Jokes of the week again supplied by readers, who are paid £15.00if their joke is printed. The quizzes, which I’ve already mentioned, carry various prizes, mostly in cash - up to £3000 for the main crossword-or vouchers for stores like M&S or Argos. In all the copies I’ve read there has also been a competition where the prize is a car. I don’t know if this is a regular thing as I don’t read the magazine often enough to know this. Each issue also has a “My True Secret feature”, here someone tells the readers a true life secret –most of these stories I’ve seen are related to sex or relationships in some way. ...

Chucklevision 10/06/2001

Chuck it Vision more like

Chucklevision I really don't know what age group of children this programme is supposed to appeal to. My children are both under four, and any time this comes on the TV they say they don't want to watch it because they don't like it. My nieces who are aged 6 and 8 are frequent visitors and they greet the programme with shouts of "Get it off it's rubbish" and “It’s those two Wally’s we hate them”. While these children might not be the best TV critics in the world, the programme is aimed at them (I presume) and so their views are pretty valid. Anyway in this case I must agree with them the show stinks and the two chuckle brothers Barry and Paul are probably the most talentless individuals on TV. The best way to describe this show would probably be a situation comedy for kids. It relies on weak scripts and plots, and really it's just not funny. Nearly every show sees the brothers doing some sort of DIY job, painting and decorating, plumbing, gardening –things like that. The brothers are hopeless at everything they do (Oh-doesn’t TV mirror real life, as the brothers are equally inept at making comedy shows for kids) and end up making a mess of the work and basically causing mayhem. Now I know kids love to see people getting hit on the head with brooms, falling off ladders and just generally being stupid, (my two do) but in this case I just think it’s the actual characters they dislike. The show resorts to slapstick comedy every episode to ...

Channel 4 - Countdown 06/06/2001

So ordinary... It's compulsive

Channel 4 - Countdown Why do I find myself watching countdown? Well to be honest I can’t really give a reason! It’s not because I want to see somebody win some great prizes like on some other quiz shows –because the prizes aren’t very exciting- unless you think a board game or a dictionary are going to have you running around screaming. It’s not because of the excitement generated by seeing someone win a Million pounds, like on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” It can’t be compared to a show like “The Weakest Link” where you can guess who is going to be voted off next, and hope it’s the obnoxious smarmy smartass bloke that thinks he’s great. (Every time I watch it, there’s somebody like that on) It's definitely not the charismatic host of the show, because watching Richard Whiteley is about as exciting as watching paint dry – slowly! AHA!! –I hear you cry! It must be to watch all the celebrity guests and panellists that pop up on quiz shows. Well . . . no actually!! –there’s none of those either. So just what is it that keeps me tuning in? Maybe subliminal messages are flashed up on screen during the programme and permeate my inner-being, forcing me to tune in every afternoon? But that seems a bit far fetched as that would probably cost a lot of money, and that is something Channel 4 just don’t do - spend money. Unless of course they are making a documentary ...

Computeractive 26/05/2001

Top Mag-Top Buy

Computeractive I’m not a technophobe by any means, but wanting to know all the intricacies and every detail about my pc doesn’t really interest me. There are certain things I want to know about that will improve my knowledge, and use of my computer, but I want to be able to understand what I’m reading about. I don’t want to read articles that are full of techno speak and jargon that leave me feeling like an idiot (even if I am!). Occasionally I buy a computer magazine to read about new innovations, new software, hardware, or maybe just for an article that had caught my eye. I normally find the information or the articles to be useful –of course that’s once I’ve trawled through all the adverts in the mag to find the bits I wanted – but a lot of the content of the magazines didn’t really interest me. They were full of adverts and technical articles that I didn’t find very interesting –or didn’t even begin to understand. Now these magazines can cost you anything from around £3.00 to £4.99 plus, that’s quite a lot of money to pay, to find out that the only thing of real interest to you is a two-page article. Well £4.00 for two pages doesn’t count as good value in my book I’m afraid. They also give away software with each issue, but surely there are only so many route finders and clipart cd’s we can use? So I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up a copy of Computer Active. I found ... 25/05/2001

It's got everything -just about You can’t really call a search engine/directory or a chat or discussion forum because it’s not one in the traditional sense. What it is, is a huge portal of information managed and indexed by real people and updated regularly. I use the site when I need to find out anything about a given subject, but I have also used it as a type of magazine, reading articles on various things that interest me. Because real people maintain the pages, all of the links and searches on subjects are relevant. Unfortunately because it is indexed by people, there can be a great deal of difference in the quality of the information on subjects, some are very informative and others not so good, I’m afraid. One benefit of using this portal is that you don’t get lots of useless information if you are doing a search. If you want to find out about film stars then the pages and articles will be about film stars, not about pop stars or the solar system which some search engine results might bring back. If you want to find out something about a specific subject or topic, then a visit to is as good a place to start as any. Just about every conceivable subject is covered in some way, from popular subjects to some quite obscure pastimes/hobbies. There are 36 major categories, plus chats and forums for loads of the major and sub-categories. Some of the major categories include Arts and Humanities - Anyone interested in writing of any kind should look here ...

Skysports 24/05/2001

informative . . . but repetative.

Skysports I'm updating some of my earlier opinions - mostly because they weren't very good, or were pretty poorly written so here goes and I hope you enjoy them *************** *************** *************** *************** ***** If you want to find out any up to the minute sports news then Sky the channel you should tune into.Before getting Sky Digital I used to tune into teletext on TV to keep up with the current sports news - especially football. But now I tune into Sky Sports .com on Sky Digital TV instead. It gives the same type of information that teletext gives, but in a lot more depth, with interviews and film reports that enhance the headlines. It covers current and breaking news stories in most sports,and it has exceptionally good coverage of football and cricket, while sports like tennis, rugby, athletics and Horse racing are covered to a lesser extent. I like it because the news is always bang up to date. Any breaking news stories are always covered, many before other channels, or so it seems. The format of the channel is not unlike the old “News AT Ten” on ITV. Two presenters - normally one male, one female – read reports on all the current sports news. Studio guests appear during the day to comment on the news, or give their opinion on some current event. The presenters are all pretty good and the banter between them is normally pretty lively and funny. As it’s live there are also the occasional funny cock-ups and ... 15/04/2001

Go on safari . . .It's worth it The first thing that strikes you when you visit this site is how visually unexciting it is. The website is a mixture of a drab green, khaki and brown colours and is not at all pleasing to the eye. I visited the site on a recommendation by a friend and if I had just come across the site when surfing I might have thought the site wasn’t being maintained, so drab and derelict does it look. Apart from needing a makeover and not inspiring too much confidence, once you actually start to look at the content of the site you find that there is a really comprehensive selection of downloads on offer. I visited the site to download a plain English text editor that I’d heard about, but hadn’t been able to find anywhere. (For anyone interested this piece of software works a bit like a spellchecker but scans your document looking for language or phrases that might be a bit too flowery it then suggests alternative shorter phrases or words using plain English.) The site is easy to navigate and is pretty quick, it also has a good search facility that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The site offers a selection of demo’s shareware and freeware in nine various categories. Games, Utilities, Programming, Internet, Business, Multi-media, Graphics, Education and Email. Each of the categories contains sub –categories: Games for instance is divided into another fifteen different headings by type: Action, Strategy, Arcade, Role Playing, ...

Writing Magazine 09/04/2001

Get this...Write Away

Writing Magazine If you are interested in writing as a hobby, or if you would like to find out how or where to get published, then this magazine would be a good place to start. The magazine covers just about every type of writing you could think of. In every issue there are features and articles about poetry, fiction, travel writing , writing for magazines and more. The regular features are written by experts or experienced writers in that genre. The magazine is full of practical advice on the nuts and bolts of writing – from style, how to use technology to make research easier, to finding out how and where to market your work, it even gives specific guidelines on what features or stories certain magazines are currently looking for. The magazine isn’t just aimed at experienced writers. While some of the features and articles do start with the presumption that you do know a bit about the subject, others are aimed specifically at the beginner. There is a good mix of articles in the magazine and no matter what type of writing interests you , there will be something of interest here. The articles are well written and very informative, and although some can be a little bit technical, they are extremely easy to follow and all the terms they use are explained fully. In every issue there are also author profiles and interviews. These are really interesting as they give you an insight into how they got started and they also offer some advice for anyone starting out. In each issue ... 08/04/2001

With Best Regards This started life as an egreetings site ,but now offers users a lot more facilities. Like a lot of these sites, before being able to use it you need to become a member – but it is FREE. To become a member means registering your email address and other information – it also asks for some personal information, like age ,sex, current salary and interests. They say it’s just to gather information about their client base and won’t be used or passed on to third parties (Yeah right –I believe that , don’t you?) There is a tick box where you can say you don’t want to be contacted about offers or by any affiliates, but to be honest I don’t know that it does any good apart from lessen the amount of emails you get, it doesn’t stop them. I was receiving around 4-5 a day which isn’t excessive I must admit, but is still a bit annoying when you’ve indicated you don’t want any. Well - what does the site have to offer? They offer a huge selection of free ecards covering just about any occasion you can think of, the selection compared to other sites is vast – these cards are also a bit different and better designed than the cards most of the other sites have to offer. The cards are pretty original in their content and not the same old tired jokes and over used graphics you see on other sites. They are definitely worth looking at. You can also upload your own photos and designs to design cards of your ...

Calendula 04/04/2001

Calendula..flower power updated

Calendula A 90 word version of this opinion was written as part of Kens 90 word challenge. That opinion can be seen at th ebottonm of this new updated and hopefully more informative opinion. *************** *************** *************** *************** ********** Calendula is a flower of the Marigold family, sometimes known as Pot Marigold. The flower is native to the Mediterranean and has been used throughout Europe since medievel times to cure a number of ailments. It was mainly used in medievel times to help clean and heal wounds sustained in battles. Today Calendula is available from most Chemists as a cream or ointment, and is beneficial in treating a number of localised skin complaints. It is extremely beneficial in treating inflamation of the skin, either due to infection or to physical damage like bruising. It is considered to be a very useful anti-inflamatory and antiseptic. It can also be used to treat blisters, sunburn and ulcers. Some research has shown that it is readily effective in trating ulcers caused by severe varicose veins. Calendula can also be used to treat minor burns and scalds,and is extremely effective in treating cuts and grazes. This makes it a very useful addition to your first aid kit, or a very useful item to take on holiday with you, due to its soothing effectiveness in reducing the inflamation caused by insect bites and stings. A herbal tea made from Calendula petals can also be used to help treat and ease some digestive problems. ... 29/03/2001

This site's a Winner Prizes today is a website with links to various competitions that companies and websites are currently running. It’s similar in idea to competitions-online (if you are familiar with that website.). Competitions are offered in various categories, in this case 16 different categories are offered they are; Books and magazines Cars Cash Clothes Computers Consoles Electrical Films and Television Food and Drink Gadgets Holidays and Travel Home and Garden Miscellaneous Music Sports Tickets and Events. You can click on the categories to find whats on offer, or you have a choice of clicking on closing today (which are competitions closing today –That’s a surprise –EH?) or Latest Prizes (shows all the new prizes offered ) They also have categories for Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Tiebreak competitions. I wouldn’t call myself a serious comper as I don’t enter that many on a regular basis, I tend to visit these sites to see what’s on offer once a week or so, but I have visited most of the sites like loquax etc, and this one compares favourably. There is also a list of the sites top prizes – like ten bars of gold, a Suzuki Vitara, £1000 cash and an Audi TT coupe –prizes I’m sure you’ll agree are well worth winning. You can access these competitions by clicking on the links. When you find a competition you think you’d like to enter click the more details link and it takes you to a page that ...

Leiths Cookery Bible - Prue Leith, Caroline Waldegrave 22/03/2001

The only cookbook you'll ever need

Leiths Cookery Bible - Prue Leith, Caroline Waldegrave I love to cook and when I feel a little stressed and want to relax I disappear into the kitchen and make something (usually a mess according to my wife – although she does appreciate the meals I cook)to help me relax. I like to experiment a bit when I cook and I love to try new recipes. I’m not one of these people who stick rigidly to a recipe regarding measurements etc. I even adapt the ingredients from time to time to suit either what I have in the cupboards or fridge, or to suit my tastes. So recipe books I usually use more for ideas more than actually following the recipes in them. And this book is great for this. I was given this book as a present about 3-4 years ago now and I use it regularly. It’s more than just a recipe book it contains lots of information about various things to do with cooking. The introduction to the book covers 77 pages this introduction contains things like cookery terms and their meanings, how to create meals from leftovers(very handy) cooking methods, menu planning, healthy eating, food safety, food hygiene, equipment and utensils and others. These go into quite a bit of detail and contain lots of really useful information There is also a section on wine –this is 13 pages long and is a great introduction to wine if you know very little about it. It looks at the various wine regions and countries, the types of wine, where to buy , what to buy, and what wine compliments certain types of food. The other ... 22/03/2001

It could be You The daily draw is another free lottery site where you pick numbers –in this case 6 – with the chance to win£1000000 if you correctly guess the 6 numbers drawn. Where this site differs slightly is that there are 64 numbers to choose from not 49 like the national lottery, or bananalotto. This of course reduces considerably the chance of ever winning the jackpot, or any other prizes coming to think of it. They also offer prizes of £5000 for correctly matching 5 numbers and if you match 4 they pay £25. I suppose compared to bananalotto where they offer a 50p prize, that you could say if you did match 4 or 5 numbers then it would be worthwhile winning. I’ve been playing both for a while now now, and while I’ve won a few (5) 50p prizes with banana lotto I’ve yet to win anything with the dailydraw. You can also have an opportunity to win £25000 if you give them the email address of a friend /or friends and they register and play before March 31st. Then you would win the 25 grand if they were to win the £1m prize – probably more chance of Elvis Presley making a comeback –I think!! Any way – playing the game. Before playing you must register - they ask you for the usual name address interests etc that most of these sites do. Once that’s done it’s on to picking your numbers.It’s dead easy, just click on the six numbers of your choice from the grid of 64 numbers. You can also click on the random selection ...

Tweenies 18/03/2001

Come and Play

Tweenies If you’ve just arrived from the planet Zog or somewhere and never heard of the Tweenies, they are characters from a childrens TV show on BBC. There’s Bella, Fizz, Milo, Jake, Doodles the dog, Max and Judy – the last two are the only adult characters in the show. The Tweenies magazine is an offshoot of the TV programme and not too surprisingly is a BBC publication and there is an issue every month. I buy it for my little girl who is a big Tweenies fan and we both get hours of enjoyment from this magazine. In each issue there is a story about the Tweenies that has appeared on the TV programme or will appear. This is good because the children remember the story and like to see it on TV. The magazine also has at least one other story each issue not related to the Tweenies. There are also puzzles, dot-to-dot pictures, match the shapes, along with other puzzles and lots of pictures to colour. There's normally practical or craft related items in each issue as well, showing you and your children how to make things like calendars, or how to bake a cake. The magazine also has some good tips for mums and dads too, like how to have a Tweenies theme for a birthday party. Full of ideas on Tweenies snacks to serve, ideas for games for the children to play and how to make Tweenies crackers. The content of this magazine is extremely educational, but it's also lots of fun. It’s so much fun that the children don't even realise that they are learning ... 20/02/2001

No competition. Well lots really Competitions online –or as it’s now calling itself, The Prizefinder – is a website that lists lots of competitions under different category headings. I’ve been visiting the site on and off for around 9 months or so now. I don’t visit on a regular basis as I wouldn’t call myself a ‘Comper’ (although I know a few people who would call me something like that) but occasionally I remember about the site and I go over there to see what they have on offer. I use the site as a place to go and relax and enjoy myself by entering a few of the competitions. I especially like the tie-breaker type comp, where you’ve got to come up with a slogan, or say why you like a certain product in a limited amount of words- you know the sort of thing! Normally in the tiebreaker section of the website there is quite a number to enter, so I’m always pretty pleased when I visit. But what other categories does it have – well; there are twenty-one different categories where you can enter competitions to enter prizes. The categories include: BOOKS -normally a good selection of prizes on offer here, ranging from new releases to children’s books and cookery books. CASH- now who wouldn’t want to get their hands on some dosh? Well there are the obvious competitions for cash like Bananalotto, freemoney, uproar lotto etc. But there are also other comps with good cash prizes. Like Bt Internets competition to win £1000 just by ...
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