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Everything that starts with S ... 21/12/2007

Shay Day

Everything that starts with S ... Hi Friends, I am not sure if you have read this, but i wanted to share this fantastic email about Shay !!!! Two Choices: What would you do? make the choice. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice? At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning-disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question: 'When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection. Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do. Where is the natural order of things in my son?' The audience was stilled by the query. The father continued. 'I believe that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.' Then he told the following story: Shay and his father had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, 'Do you think they'll let me play?' Shay's father knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but the father also understood that if his son were allowed to play, it would give him a much-needed sense ...

Rich Dad, Poor Dad 2: Cash Flow Quadrant - Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom (Rich Dad) - Robert T. Kiyosaki 14/12/2007

Excellent must read books for all

Rich Dad, Poor Dad 2: Cash Flow Quadrant - Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom (Rich Dad) - Robert T. Kiyosaki What the Rich teach their kids about Money that the Poor and Middle Class do Not !!! How I came across this book This book was recommended to me by one of my friend who had read this book. Background about the Author Robert Kiyosaki is a self made multi millionaire. He made his millions in the property market in the USA. He has gone through tough times in his life where he had to struggle for meals. But with his strong attitude and having seen his Poor Father struggle, he had made up his mind that business is the way to grow and be prosperous. He had his Poor father and his thinking and thanks to his friend's dad who was rich and he got the chance to learn how to think like a Rich Man and how a rich man thinks. Why read this book ? This book throws light into things which you don't know and things which you don't learn in School. If you are an employee you need to read this book. If you are a self employed, you need to read this book. If you are in the rat race of getting up in the morning travelling for more than an hour to your job or place of work and then back again in the evening and you are feeling tired, you need to read this Book !!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW !!! What's in the book for me/you/all Robert starts off with the beautiful poem of Robert Frost… The Road Not Taken. This is so true in our life. The road you take and travel makes a loads of difference. Come to think of it, you are what you wanted to be. Some of the ...

Nokia 3110 classic 09/12/2007

Majestically Black

Nokia 3110 classic Excellent Mobile. I have been using only the Nokia or Sony ericsson mobiles and this is very good and very handy when compared to them. Features - Bluetooth - Games - Camera - Video - Music Player - Media Player - Radio - Recorder - Equalizer - Stereo Widening Most of the features i have used, but the equalizer and strero widening features i have not used so far. Music The default Tones and the music player is excellent . I was using the Nokia N73 earlier, I liked this better than that one. The Sound quality is excellent. Durability This Phone is more robust and gives you the feeling of a strong and durable phone when i compare it to the Nokia N73 my earlier phone. Battery Life As usual with the Nokia phones, there seems to be problems with the battery. I have a call for 20 minutes then the battery is down to 50% or so. I have to charge the mobile once every two days, maybe my calls are more, but i dont think so, Nokia needs to put more efforts in improving the battery life time. I have run into problems couple of times, since the battery charger for this phone is a bit different compared to the old Nokia phones and trying to find a colleague who has a battery charger for this type of new phone is a hassle. So most of the times when i receive a call from a friend when my battery is a quarter percent left, i will have to cut them short and tell them about my problem and i would give them a call back. That sometimes can be irritating ...

Vodafone Mobile Connect Card 3G/GPRS 14/12/2006

Mobile Internet Access

Vodafone Mobile Connect Card 3G/GPRS Background for the purchase I happened to buy this Mobile 3G data Card for internet access since i had to have internet connection whenever i go to the client's place. Its difficult to get internet connection nowadays since most of the clients have their own secure wireless networks and we do not have access to their wierless networks when we are using our laptops. Purchase process. I had to purchase two cards, one for myself and another one for my colleague. The First purchase i made it from a Vodafone shop in Hounslow High Street, and the process was simple, they had to do the credit checks etc. and once that was through, the deal was finalized and invoiced. The Offer was, that i get the 3G data Card free when i went in for the Unlimited Plan which is 49 GBP a month. Thereby i save 49GBP (cost of the card). There are other price plans and limits, but i chose to go in for this specific one. The Offers and price keep varying, you can check the website for the latest offers. The Second card was purchased a couple of days later from the Waterloo Station Carphone Warehouse and the same process and the plan was also the same. Installation process. The Installation CD which is given alongwith the 3G Data Card is quite simple and easy to install and you can see the Vodafone WLAN icon on the taskbar running. Usage When you click on the mobile connect icon, the options which are available ...

Seagate ST9100801U2-RK 100 GB 15/11/2006

This is a fantastic product

Seagate ST9100801U2-RK 100 GB Price ------- I paid around 110 GBP at that time around 6 months back when i purchased this product, but now this is available for around 85 GBP onwards, there are many sites which are offering and you can shop around for an excellent price. Size ------ This is more the size of a pocket drive, but a bit bulky frankly speaking, it could have been made slimmer and less weighty. I will not go into the specifications here since you can find that anywhere. but it is portable My Experience - Performance and Reliability --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- I have been using this for the last 6 months or more and have been totally satisfied with this product. I have stored all my backup of my laptop onto this drive. It is very handy and has got the data + power cable alongwith another power cable coming out of it. I have it fixed to my docking station so i dont have to remove or plug in hassles. I had another one from a different company earlier to this and i had lost all my data on that, thats why i was looking for an external drive and found this. Thank God i found this and my life is simpler now. Since I am always on the move and need lot of storage space since i deal with large files and databases and ofcourse my personal movies, music etc., The Copying speed is very fast and i normally schedule multiple copies / tasks so that does not seem to slow it down either.. Its not that bulky either and its the size which you can hold ...

Nectar Card 12/01/2006

Excellent way to earn back on your shopping

Nectar Card Many of you must have already heard of this or some of you must have already been using this for some time now. I have been using this for the last 2 years now and most of you who have read my earlier reviews would know that I normally look for cash back on credit cards etc., I got introduced to this when I was shopping in sainsburys at the till where they keep asking you, do you have a nectar card at the checkout. (Thats a good thing in fact, even if you have forgotten, you can give them the card and collect the points). Brief on how this works --------------- --------------- - You just have to register and collect points by giving your nectar card along with your preferred method of payment. If you are paying with the American Express Nectar Card, then that is sufficient, you dont have to give your nectar card again. And these points can be redeemed as discount or deductions in your purchases. Registration --------------- - The Registration process was simple, though i completed the form and I think I gave it instore in the sainsburys. It can be done online and it is free. The website link of nectar for registration is At the time of registration also you will receive bonus points which is at present 100 points. Member establishments for collecting points --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- - Sainsburys - 2 Nectar points for £1 BP - 1 Nectar point for a litre of Fuel Adams ... 02/09/2005

No 1 Site for IT Jobs I have registered on this site for a while now and have been using this site almost daily. Job Ads ********* I am on the contracting line and am on the look out for the SAP FICO Contract jobs and have found most of the requirements come first on this site. I have seen the same job ads come up on the other sites like cwjobs later, but first it is advertised on this site. Almost all the advertisers are placement consultants and very rarely the companies themselves advertise here. I have found several demerits so far. 1. Same position being advertised by multiple consulting agencies. 2. Same position being advertised by the same agency multiple times. This creates a lot of confusion and for a person who is not aware of this, it might look like there are lot of jobs there, but in reality its the same job which is appearing more than once. The Job ads contain all the details of the role, the advertising agency, their contact number and the contact person, so, once you apply , you can directly speak to the contact person and follow up. Cadidate Registration and Usage *************** *************** ******* 1. Registration - I have registered myself a while back and its quite simple. You can upload your CV in Word Format. The registration requires you to register with an email id. We have to logon to the site with the email id and password. You can also store multiple CVs. 2. Search for jobs - You can search for jobs and set up alerts to come into your ...

TomTom Navigator 3 GPS kit 25/08/2005

TomTom Navigator 5 Bluetooth GPS for Palmtop

TomTom Navigator 3 GPS kit I purchased this Tom Tom Navigator 5 for approx 200 GBP two months back. I am an IT Consultant and am required to go to different client's sites at different locations. At first I used to print out the directions from mapquest or and then try to follow these, but always I used to lose or miss out in between and land up searching again. This procedure was difficult if I was traveling alone as its difficult to hold that piece of paper and look out for directions etc., So I finally decided to go in for the Navigation software and I had heard that TOMTOM is the best in the market. Now I had to decide in TOMTOM which one I have to choose. I finally decided on this model since I already had a Zire 72 Palmtop (Bluetooth enabled) which I could use for this purpose. This package contains - Bluetooth GPS Receiver - Car Charger - SD card with pre-loaded maps - Quick Start Guide - Manual - TomTom plus CD - TomTom Code Card TIP: If you are planning to go in for this, please check if your existing PDA/Palmtop is compatible with this software !! Installation ************ The installation instructions are cleary given in the instruction manual. You would need internet access to obtain the code for registering the product first time. You will have to visit for getting the activation code. Anyway I would like to go into the details as this procedure is already detailed in the instruction manual. It took me half an hour to complete this ...

American Express Blue 15/08/2005

Blue is my favourite. Is it suitable for you ?

American Express Blue American Express Blue Card Rates ******* As Usual I was looking for a card which offers me the best in Cash Back since I pay off my full amount due within the due dates. So I was not much keen on the rates or transfer features this Card offered. Standard Interest rate is typical 14.9%APR variable. 2.9% p.a. balance transfer rate for the first 6 months. Application Process *************** ******** The Application Process was simple and within 15 days I had my card and also had my online access. I did not face any problems with the application procedure. Website ********* The website design is cool and the links are available in the right places and nothing to confuse or clutter your mind. There are definitely areas of improvement. One is the time required for loading the statement etc., Its slow, but maybe that is because of my network problem also. The website is again 128 bit SSL site. The Manage your account section gives the following options Balance Transfer - for transferring other card balances to your American Express Credit Card. Direct Debit - Set up a monthly debit from your bank to pay some or all of your Card balance. Change of Contact Details - if you have changed your billing address or your telephone number(s). Change of E-mail Address - if you have changed your E-mail address. Change Password Add a Card Account - Add another Amex Card if you have multiple amex cards to your current log in details Remove a ...

Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter 09/08/2005

Bluetooth advantages

Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter I purchased this product a month back for approximately 20 GBP including the delivery charges on I have gone in for the 10meter range product. It is available in different ranges. So the Bluetooth works within the 10 meters range. The PC requirements for this product is *************** *************** ************* PC compatible computer, CPU speed should be above 200MHz or above. Memory should be above 64MB though they say that the recommended memory should be around 128 MB. The system should be Windows 98 and above. I am not sure of the Mac OS, All I know is that it suports Mac also. Package ********** The product itself comes with the CD installation software and documentation, User Manual, Quick Installation Guide. The Installation guide is good and it was easy for me to follow the steps and setup the adaptor and get it working in a few minutes. The Installation also has a special pdf document for XP SP2 upgrade users. Why I went for this product *************** ************** I purchased this product basically because i wanted to link up my Zire 72 PDA to the internet. I was reading the articles on the internet and found out that I can hook up my PDA to the internet through the USB Bluetooth adaptor. I was able to setup the connection between the PDA and my laptop very quickly without any issues. The sad part is that I am still not able to make the internet browsing on my Zire 72 work yet. Warranty ********** It comes ...

First Direct 05/06/2005

Excellent feature of Internet banking plus

First Direct Until recently I was only banking with HSBC. I heard about firstdirect from one of my friends. Firstdirect is also a member of the same HSBC group. The application process was simple and after applying online and sending in the proof of address the account was opened within a week's time. They insist that the applicant have a UK landline. The time taken for opening an application was very minimal. The Cheque Books / PIN information all arrived within time without any hassles. Although they had the option of transferring my existing bank accounts to them, I did not opt for that. The rates of comparable to the other institutions. I am also going to a get a credit of 25 GBP for opening an account with them. This was the scheme which was operating when I opened the account with them. Internet Banking I mainly use the internet banking facility. The website is simple, though it sometimes takes time to load and slow nowadays. The site is secure. A direct debit is setup between the HSBC account and this new account and hence I can transfer the funds between the accounts whenever I need. The process is simple and since both institutions are of HSBC the time taken for transfer is also less than 3 days. The Interest rates on the e-banking account is excellent around 5% (rates keeps varying). Statements can be printed or downloaded into Microsoft Money also. Statements can be downloaded into Excel , Lotus 123, Quicken 97, Quicken 98 etc., There are other features like ...

Alliance & Leicester 21/05/2005

Best rates and easy access but slow service

Alliance & Leicester During my comparison on the for savings accounts, I was shown that Alliance leicester is offering the best rate of interest or 5.35% AER for the online saver account. So I proceeded to fill in the application and started the process of opening the account with them. Remember I had also recently opened an account with First The website is cluttered with banners and I did not like the look of the website. The application process was similar to all the banks and had to fill out the details and then the application was mailed out to me for sending the proof of address and name. I sent them the documents they asked for. But the process this time took more than 2 weeks. The process was very slow and I was not particularly happy with the time taken for opening the account. I also had to set up a Direct debit mandate with my existing HSBC account so that I could move money online into my alliance account. The next thing which I had to do was to register online with my account details. This process was to create a customer ID and a PIN number. I had to again wait for this to come in post which took another 5 days. As usual the Customer ID number comes in a post and the PIN number comes in a different post for the security reasons. So finally I was able to login for the first time today into my alliance online saver account. The First time I logged in, I had to change the PIN number and had to set up a password for my account. There is a ...

Cyberhome CHDVD400 20/05/2005

Well worth the money paid for..

Cyberhome CHDVD400 I purchased this product from a WH smith store in reading almost 2 years ago. I was told by my friends that this product was an excellent one and it was a bargain at that price at that time. ******** Price ********* 49.99 GBP was the amount which I paid at that time, but now I see the rates have come down to 29 GBP approximately, *************** ************** Appearance ************ *************** ** I have seen many DVD players and have not found one which is as small and as light as this. The manual says that its dimension is 225 mm x 60 mm x 240 mm and it weights around 1.6 kg. *************** ************** Initial setup *************** ************** I just had to buy a scart cable and coonect it to my TV it was as simple as that. Ofcourse I had to switch my TV to AV1 mode. My TV being a Philips I have AV1 and AV2 mode and it works in AV1 mode. This would depend on your TV set I presume. *************** ************** What does it play? *************** ************** I have played only the following DVD-R DVD-RW MP3 CD I think it should be able to play more, The default region code is set to "2". The region code can be seen on the back side of the DVD cover. *************** *************** ** What won't it play?? *************** *************** ** I have only come across corrupted discs which does not play on this. J I am yet to come across anything which does not play in this player. *************** ...

Morphy Richards 73310 11/05/2005

Good Value for money

Morphy Richards 73310 I had an old vaccum cleaner which was not sucking properly hence I informed my landlord and he purchased this ultralight cyclone vaccum cleaner. This was the first upright vaccum cleaner which I have used and it is a good experience. The Features as advertised by the manufacturer is as follows:- 1500W Ultralight Cyclone Product Number - 73310 * 1500 watts (max power) * Bagless cyclone technology * Removeable 2 litre dust container * Easy & hygienic dust disposal * Washable filtration * Floor type height adjustment * Ergonomic loop handle * 7m cable with storage * On board storage for extension tubes, crevice & brush tools * 4 to 1 stretch hose * Product weight 7.3kg Price ***** 66 GBP Approximately. I think at this price you will not get the features offered in any other product. Dust Disposal ************* There is no bag, all the dust gets collected in a dust canister which can be opened and removed. I had a little bit of difficulty in opening it the first time. I could not find the instruction manual hence I had the problem. Later on when I located the manual, it had the clear instructions for emptying. Floor Type adjustment *************** ****** I have not seen this feature in my old vaccum cleaners which i have used, this is good. Depending on whether its a hard floor or its a carpet, thick or thin etc., the floor nozzle height adjustment can be made to get the effective sucking power out of your vaccum. Additional ...

Rome (Italy) 29/04/2005

Lovely city and loads of things to see

Rome (Italy) Travel to Rome *************** ** We had booked the tickets on Easyjet quite some time back and it costed around 227 GBP for myself, wife and my daughter. We landed at the Ciampino airport. Airport to City *************** We took the return ticket at the airport counter from the Terravision, which is a partner of Easyjet which costed around 13.50 EUR return fare. The Bus was good and left within 5 to 10 minutes after arrival and after picking up the baggage etc., Hotel ******* We had booked the hotel in advance on the internet. Hotel Rubino was located just next to the Republica Termini station. We were able to locate this easily and it just took us 5 minutes by walk to reach this destination. The Hotel was located on the 2nd floor. We reached and showed the confirmation to the reception lady. She was polite and said that the room was not yet ready and there was some confusion, though we had a confirmation for the room, there was no room availalble. The believe the people who were staying in the room earlier night overstayed etc., So as an alternative we were told that they would put us in a pensione which has a shared bathroom. I did not like the idea of a shared bathroom, but we had no choice. She said that also would be ready in another hour, so we left the luggage there in a cloak room and decided to come back after an hour. We went back to the station and had a bite at the Pizza shop which was good. The Pizza only costed 4.5 EUR and was good and ...
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