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Member since: 05.03.2005
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First name: Linda
Sex: female
About me: I'm back after a months break from reviewing....RIP Suki Bryson (Vialdana). http://www.sukiwoodlandtrust.o rg/ .

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xxfoxyredxx Love this site! No need to thank me personally for the e's if I give them out you deserve them its as simple as that lol xx If I usually rate you and I haven't its because of the gliches this site is having lately that are simply getting on my wick!
novagirl2911 I try to read and rate as much as I can ~ current glitches are making it hard though for some categories .I'm also over on dooyoo with the username novagirl291.
Pam222 Hi there, Thanks for all of the rates. I am allowed a few more Es now, but there are so many E reviews onsite!
HelenDK Nurse, wife, mother of 3 children and 3 cats. Whilst working full time my mission is to mortgage free as soon as possible and therefore live a frugal life. I'm new to ciao but as a member of DY, always try to rate more than I receive.
feefee317 Hi my name is Felicia Jones. I am a 33 year old black female. I am a single mother of four kids. I recieved my GED and is currently enrolled at Everest University studying for my Associates in Computer Information Sciences.
CosmicLove :-)
playzp1 No information
NotMyToothbrush Been away for a while - working on my latest review for the Toshiba A660-11M. Good to be back!
bbicuk01 I am an IT teacher at a Sixth Form College. I enjoy all sports and love reading and surfing the net. I will try and return ratings as soon as I can, if I forget comment on my guestbook and I'll get back to you
GeekStreet I am back... time to have some fun again! I am an avid film watcher and you will find some of my reviews on Amazon, DenOfGeek and Starburst. I have a passion for Sci fi and horror.
Walowiz Oh how they make me laugh, the serious types.
garymarsh86 Thank you for reading and rating my reviews. Please it is not necessary to thank me if I have left an E rate it is because I thought the review is exceptional and for no other reason.
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