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York in General 11/05/2001


York in General York is one of the most fascinating cities to visit, it is stepped in History and you can almost feel this in the atmosphere as you walk around. It is a city of Viking origin, hence its Viking name Yorvik. This is very apparent as lots of the buildings here still have not altered in any way, classic beamed and very attractive. The City itself is surrounded by roman walls, and there are lots of the old York still visible. The Shambles is a very Oldie Worlde street full of unusual gift shops and the like, well worth a look, also from here you can get to York’s famous market which is there every day. Just at the top of the shambles you will see the huge awesome York Minster, now fully refurbished after the fire that nearly destroyed it, this building is a sight not to be missed, and I cannot tell you how enormous it is, once you get inside you are almost dumbstruck by the beauty of it all, ornate ceilings, and stained glass windows, it really is breathtaking and somehow makes you feel very calm. As I said earlier its Viking origins play a big part and there is a whole experience dedicated to this, The Yorvik centre is a realistic trip back into this age, you sit in a sort of mini train and are taken along through numerous scenes, it is very realistic and you even get smells to enhance your journey. .ewww!!. This is very worthwhile and quite educational too, but it can get very busy and you can queue for up to an hour sometimes but the kids love it! The city ... 05/05/2001

A CIAO LOVE THING........... My last and final opinion as broksababe..but not the end of me..will still be writing and rating but with new name and account coming soon..!! I have read so many opinions on Internet romances, they all seem so wonderful and you often wonder if they really exist or are they too good to be true?? Well here is my own little story… A few months ago I started talking to a fellow Ciao,Dooyoo member on chat at first, we just chatted generally, I already knew I sort of liked him but wasn’t sure if it would come to anything. We then chatted more and more, again at this time I liked him but he had no feelings that way for me, just friends. The chats became longer and more deeper over the weeks, sometimes till 3 or 4 am, we talked about everything and it became easier to chat too, it somehow felt comfortable and I felt I could tell him anything, things I had never told anyone before even. At this stage he began to admit he had started to have feelings for me too, we both trusted each other and started to enjoy chatting too much!! We then decided to chat on the phone. Believe me this sounds easy but the first time we chatted I was a total wreck, a bag of nerves, worse even!! However I needn’t have worried it went so well, we chatted for 2 hours in the end and it felt great! Lots more chats and phone calls to follow and we became closer and closer. I was by this time pretty sure how I felt about him and thought that I loved him, but can you love ... 26/04/2001

TUNE INTO YOUR HOMEMADE RADIO STATION Ever wanted to make your own personal radio station, well now you can! is the website that allows you to do just this, and completely free too. There are plenty of downloadable MP3 sites on the web, but this saves the hassle of downloading as the music is there and ready to play. All you need to do is complete a short registration form and then you can start your masterpiece, this site is not only ideal for personal use but if you have a website then it’s ideal to add so your readers can listen to it whilst they surf your site. I first came across sonic .net at the website of another ciao member, so anyone wishing to try it out can access it from I was so impressed with the radio station this inspired me to have a bash at it myself. It is easy enough to do, although to get it anything like as you want it, will take a little time and effort, the database of artists is vast and you need to pick through them all and select only the ones you want, there is no facility to choose just certain songs by an artist so the tracks you get will vary. You can however sway the artists play list slightly by rating them on a scale of 1-5,this means that the higher you go the more this favourite artist will play in comparison to others. The radio station itself can be called whatever you want, again ideal for your website, and runs in its very own pop up box quite happily in the background as you work. You get the Artist and track ... 24/04/2001

EASY MONEY OR ANOTHER INTERNET SCAM Seems everyone is talking about the fast way to earn cash that has just landed in our email boxes is a new and fairly easy way to earn money, or is it, well it looks good and is easy enough but haven’t we seen this all a little too often before. Right so you all want to know what exactly is it then… Basically it is a site that lists businesses throughout the UK, these fall into a number of categories: Food and drink- which covers Pubs, Restaurants, Takeaways, Kiddie’s eateries and more. Shopping- Food, Jewellery, clothes, Books, Art, Computer, Hobby, Hardware, Diy, Pets and Kids. Home and Garden- Estate agents, Solicitors, Cleaners, laundry, electricians, plumbers, Builders, Decorators, Cars, Garden centres and more. Time out- Hotels, B&B’s, Taxis, Days out, Places to visit, Cinema, Theatre, Children’s attractions Health and beauty- Gyms, Salons, Therapists, Weddings-cars, Photographers, Cakes, Flowers, Venues and Entertainment Now what do you do?, well firstly you need to register this is fast and easy and all you do is submit the first 3 letters of the town or city you live in, locate it on the map and fill in your name, email address and postcode ..Voila. . That’s it. Now you can wait for your password or make a start on your fortune, nominate 2 local businesses from the categories above, you need to fill in the name, address and a description of the shop or service, obviously* it sells good ...

Now 48 21/04/2001


Now 48 The Now compilation CD’s * Now That’s What I call Music* as they started out to be called, have been on our shelves for years now. Simply shortened to NOW they are an invaluable way to get a collection of tracks that you would maybe otherwise not afforded to be able to get. We find ourselves on NOW 48, quite an achievement that they are still going strong in fact. The double CD’s are released only three times a year, so its not that difficult to collect them, they make ideal Christmas presents for both children and adults and always sell well at this time. There are lots of other compilation CD’s on the market, TOTP, PEPSI and various others, some more specialised and aimed at Dance and Trance music, however the NOW CD’s seem to always be favourites. So what will you find on NOW? Well you get a very varied mix of hits, some less known than others and of course you can guarantee that there will be lots you don’t like too. CD 1.This is usually a pretty good one as it contains the major ones, number one singles feature heavily here and also some just under top material. This CD is nearly always the one that sways you to buy this and this tends to weigh out the negatives of the number 2 CD. Number 2, well this seems to always be a let down as far as I’m concerned, it starts well with more well known but not chart toppers, more of the unconventional tracks here. But then it trails off and you get the *what the hell is ...

Member Advice on Travel Preparation 19/04/2001


Member Advice on Travel Preparation There is nothing more exciting than the thought of a holiday, after all most of us only get away once a year at the most, so in order to ensure the perfect holiday certain guidelines in Travel Preparation will ensure that perfect holiday abroad. Of course the first and foremost thing you need even before booking is a passport, now depending on the time of year you are applying these can take a few weeks to come, so make sure you do it well in advance. Always read up on where you are going for any vaccinations required, the normal destinations such as Europe don’t require any but travelling further a field you may require a series of them before you travel. Always take out travel insurance to be on the safe side as you never know, it’s easy to skimp and think you wont need it but is it worth the risk? Its very reasonable nowadays and I wouldn’t dream of going without. Another must along these guidelines is the form E11 from your post office, this is free and they stamp it after you fill it in, this enables you to have on the spot treatment and covers hospital fees until you can claim off your insurance as a lot of foreign hospitals require payment up front then you claim after, so this is an excellent way of preventing this. Now getting closer, what essentials do you need? If you’re like me then you will buy half of boots chemists on the off chance, but better safe than sorry I say, I suggest: Plasters Diarrhoea medicine ...

SMTV : Live ! 18/04/2001


SMTV : Live ! Saturday mornings have always had long running children’s shows on both the major channels, now at present we have the tough choice of SMTV live Or the BBC’s poor second best live and kicking. So why is SMTV live the clear winner, well its presenters is the clear answer. Ant and Dec. remember then the canny Geordies from that less than appealing programme Biker Grove. Cat Deeley makes up the threesome, a former model and TV presenter, she fits in perfectly. Now Ant and Dec are far too good just for the kids. Their humour is extremely funny, dry, witty and spontaneous at times. What it is about this pair is hard to pinpoint but they have that certain rapport between them that guarantees success, in fact they are more like a modern day Morecambe and wise. Cat is mediocre in the humour department; she does join in the sketches and can be witty but would not achieve this on her own,but as part of the team she adds a certain quality. So what’s on SMTV then…. A blend of music, guests, competitions and more. But the best in my opinion is: CHUMS This is the threesomes take off of the Friends series, even using a version of the song as its theme tune, based in the flat, it always revolves round Cat and Dec and their attempts to get together, with of course hilarious interruptions from Ant, and a host of stars. In fact most guests get involved in this part and especially S club 7 who pop up a little too often, its is funny again more of the ... 16/04/2001

BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD THE 80's REVISITED Fancy a nostalgic trip down memory lane, for all of you like me who was brought up as an *80’s* child, here is a site that will jog your dusty memory and make you cringe… so dig out your space hopper jump on and follow me. 80’s MEMORIES ************* Gadgets, and the like that we relied on so heavily here for amusement…the good old Rubik cube, every home had one! You know the coloured square you twisted and twisted and got more and more exasperated with in some feeble attempt to get it back to its starting position!!…Now this soon wore off rapidly with me, and the pleasant discovery that the coloured tiles were removable, made this puzzle a lot more rewarding once I had peeled them all off and replaced them so to speak…. *cheat*… Plus snippets on BMX bikes, soda streams (erm I actually have one of these, and you can still buy them), and lots more useless novelties. CLASSIC TV ********** Here a fairly comprehensive A-Z of those super programmes, we all used to be glued too, it does feature heavily on the cartoons of this era, such as Dungeons and Dragons,Fingerbobs,Flumps, Hong kong Phooey, and the recently rejuvenated clangers. And Bagpuss..awww!! A lot of these link to full page descriptions of the shows, plus photo’s to help you recall them should you suffer from convenient memory loss, I hate to say that it is surprising on how many I remember as clearly as yesterday, in fact I cant believe some were all ...

Border Collies 14/04/2001


Border Collies Flower, an unfortunate name by all accounts *try shouting that in crowded area and see how many people look at you as much as to say, nutter !!*, is the latest in my pet collection. I had had a dog before, a dog I was attached to and a dog that loved me to pieces Blackie was a Heinz 57 variety dog, a character that could never be replaced and I loved him dearly, however in November he suddenly developed a cough and I booked him in for tests as they thought he maybe had a bone stuck in his throat, so I left him at the vets…2 hours later I got a call, Im sorry he’s riddled with cancer there’s nothing we can do. So at 11 years old, I lost Blackie,I didn’t even get to say goodbye, my heart was broken. Two months later I missed having a companion so much I decided to look in the kennels. This may seem a little callus but it wasn’t to replace Blackie, but something to ease the pain and take my mind off it, and this is how I met Flower a 2-year-old border collie. Flower had been left to roam the streets previously and had never had a proper loving home, it was a gamble but I took it. She amazingly settled in straight away, seemed to almost be pleased to have a home and someone to care for her, and the first few weeks she was very subdued and quiet. That was back in November and well now she is the total opposite…in fact the dog is daft as a brush! Now lifestyles vary between dogs and a Border collie is a very energetic dog, it needs ...

American Beauty (DVD) 12/04/2001


American Beauty (DVD) American Beauty… A film portraying the sad misfortunes of a typical American family.. A film of strong sometimes too true to life undercurrents, yet portrayed to the viewer as an almost zany, dry humoured ironic view of life as we know it. Kevin Spacey portrays Leicester Burnham, a sad pathetic example of a man, who now at 42, suddenly realises his life is in a shambles and the mid life crisis starts to affect his reasoning. The basis of this and the general demise of the characters is all down to one thing, the loss of sexual relationships between Leicester and his wife. As I said he is a sad, pathetic attempt at a man, but you immediately warm to him somehow and feel for him in his need to once again find his niche in society, however he is superb in being able to play the underdog with his almost believable thoughts and musings and these are portrayed in a comical, light-hearted manner, which makes it even more enjoying. Everything seems to carry on and plod along in Leicester’s dreary dull life until a chance glimpse of his daughters school friend at a baseball game, opens up Leicester’s sexual awareness and gets the blood flowing again so to speak, he then becomes increasingly detached with vivid dreams of Angela, (Mena Suvari) naked and surrounded by red rose petals, here you start to get the film swaying and twisting from what is reality in his life to the dreams and erotic visions he so desires. Of course she is the typical high ...

Comet Cursor 09/04/2001


Comet Cursor Here is a snappy little site that will give you a real giggle and enhance your dull old mouse pointer, throw that dull dreary arrow in the bin and get yourself a comet cursor. www.cometcursor is a site that allows you to acquire as many different cursors as you so wish. An extensive library offers you 2, 500 to choose from in a variety of categories, these include: Animals – including cats, dogs, butterflies Bands, Celebrities, Every cartoon character possible, Sports, People, Teddy bears, And tons more. A small download taking around 2 minutes is all that’s needed to get you started, you will then see a small arrow in your bottom tray, this tells you that comet is running and one click takes you to the home page to make your selections. There really are too many to choose from but your own library lets you keep the ones you choose for future ease of changing. So whether you fancy surfing with Britney on the end of your mouse or Homer Simpson, then you will find there is something to tickle your fancy here. A smart cursor section is an added advantage, it allows you to download a dictionary cursor, an encyclopaedia or a search cursor, select the one you want from these and you’re instantly taken to or an online dictionary. The search cursor allows you to search instantly for a product without leaving the current page you are on. However the most useful here is the more option, this I have found excellent and all ...

The Titanic (DVD) 07/04/2001


The Titanic (DVD) Having just dug out my copy of Titanic and watching it yesterday for the umpteenth time, I decided to share my thoughts with you all on this magical classic. Released on video in 1997 it was the masterpiece of James Cameron and was soon to be one of the most memorable films of all time, well in my opinion anyway. A film packed to overflowing with enough emotion and heart tearing scenes to last you a lifetime. The Original Titanic sank on April 15th 1912, resulting in a loss of an astounding 1500 lifes. Mainly due to the fact that the design was badly flawed and the ridiculous lack of lifeboats installed. The film Titanic is a loosely based adaptation of the horrendous maiden voyage of the fated vessel. A ship that was the first of its kind, a ship that offered optism, hopes, beauty and of course dreams. Rose (Kate Winslet), is an upper class 17 year old American, trapped in the expectations of her less than likeable family. Bored and a social misfit a chance meeting with one of the ships crew Jack- Leonardo de Caprio, a poor meagre struggling artist, soon leads to a romance made in heaven. Of course both Rose and Jack and their families are fictional characters but there are many that are portrayed in the film that were actually on board the Titanic itself, including the Captain and most of the crew. To name a few. Computer technology played the key role in the grandeur and success of this film, it created a flawless, astounding replica of the Titanic, the ...

Marks & Spencer (Department Stores) 06/04/2001


Marks & Spencer (Department Stores) Marks and Spencer’s or Marks N’ Sparks as we fondly call it has been a long running success, well almost, it has been gracing our towns and cities since the 1920’s, quite an accomplishment in this day and age. It has however always had problems in finding its niche in society and has often been labelled with the upper class shopper image, and has tried hard to shake this with little avail I feel. So what’s in Marks and Spencer…? Clothing is usually the first array that will meet your eyes on entering, hmmm a lot of what I would call “granny” gear here! Nice little twee cardys and knitted jumpers and tops. These are so drab and ordinary too definitely the middle age range, with colours to match, yes fine if you like this sort of thing in bulk but at around £30 for a plain dingy cardigan. Well scary. Lots of similar here too, trousers, skirts and two pieces, none of which I would ever be seen dead in. However on close inspection I found Jeans…yes you heard me right jeans and modern too, bootleg style in a variety of colours with a small pattern on the bottom and the most shocking thing here. Only £20…sold. Shoes again not too impressive a fair range but very simple and very expensive, I am sure they are good quality but I seem to think that they are the same as high street brands that cost a 3rd of the price. Now onto the UNDIES.Just did that to wake up any men who may be reading this ...

Sainsburys (Shop) 03/04/2001


Sainsburys (Shop) Here is my Angusreid challenge... an opinion in rhyme, hope you like it as sure took some time!. Lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber too (Need to back up, take child to the loo) Super fresh veggies just totally yummy Eyeing up my ever expanding tummy Moving right on, catch sight of the fish, Rather strong whiff, not my favourite dish! Both fresh ones and frozen with beady lil' eyes In boxes and loose, every conceivable size Moving right on, have reached the fresh bread Fresh cakes, sticky buns, no more to be said Heap up my trolley with sticky delights make note to buy extra large pair of tights! Whiz round the aisles, that go on for miles Past Customer Services, a girl full of smiles Mind how you go with the wobbly wheel, theres one in every mart, snapping at your heel! Ignoring bruised ankles, controlling my trolley, Battling old wrinklies whilst child grabs a lolly! Eye up the sweets, expecially those Revels Just can't resist those choclatey devils! Frightened old dears give me a wide berth As I trundle around, full of my mirth I increase my speed, fair whizz down those aisles, Beautiful displays ending up in piles! Remember those clever Sainsburys ads on TV? With Nigel Havers, what he does with chicory! Head off to the herbs, and exotic spices, Take a good look at the selection of rices Wide choices of pasta, and soups and sauces For complimenting your own home-made main courses. Whether its British, Indian or ... 02/04/2001

HAPPY SPRING CLEANING Ever had that dreadful sinking feeling that you forgot your best buddy or cyber buddy’s birthday or special occasion? No time to dash to the shops and post one, well here’s a site that can save your legs and a stamp too. Not only is it packed with cards and more for every occasion it’s that wonderful magic word that we all love* FREE * When I say every occasion, take this, as literally as some even I have never heard of myself! has lots more to offer than just cards too, you do however need to sign up to access the cards and features but this is painless and you gain a free excite web mail address complete with voice mail and the facility to add video to your greetings cards…aggghh, too scary by far! One of the excellent features here is the Print centre, host of FREE, goodies for your own use. But of course you will need a printer ….! These include : T-Shirt designs Kid ‘s stuff – paper dress up dolls, mouse pads and trains to name a few. Home and hobbies. Design your own cards. Stickers and more. Gift-wrapping sets. From here you can also print out any cards you receive and put them up like real ones. Cool… Or if you have no friends my tip here is print out about 30 or so and spread them all round your house so if anyone drops in you can smile to yourself when they gasp at how popular you are and comment on your lovely cards..ahem. Or how about adding a gift voucher to your ...
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