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Toshiba Equium A60-199 16/12/2006

Does the job, not truly portable

Toshiba Equium A60-199 I have no problems with my Equium A60, which is almost two years old now, but the short battery life, about 1.5 hrs maximum, means it isn't really useful as a laptop for long periods. If used on your lap, it also has a tendency to over heat, which shuts it down without warning and was quite scary the first time. I don't know how common a problem this is with modern laptops, though, and a tray or other hard surface eliminates that problem. This model doesn't come with built in Wi-fi, which is, for me, not that big a deal since it does come with PCMCIA slot and 3 x USB2, so could have wi-fi fairly simply. Does have a Matshita DVD multi drive (CD, DVD +/- RW / DVD-RAM) which works quite well but is a bit fussy about brands of media, and comes with sonic record now installed, though it requires an upgrade to burn to DVD. The 2.9GHz Celeron D processor allows multitasking and heavy internet use quite happily, though video processing is a slow process. Comes with 512 MB standard memory, upgradeable to 1.25 GB, but I haven't done this as I don't feel the need. After nearly two years of daily use, the fascia, particularly around the touchpad, shows some wear, but otherwise the unit has held up very well cosmetically, despite being dropped once or twice. It has the dedicated 'internet buttonOverall, I'm quite happy with this for my own use (mostly personal, as a desktop replacement) although I'm not sure it would suit a business user. ...
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