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San Marco Pizza 13/11/2003

Pizza heaven?!

San Marco Pizza Ok so I fancied takeaway but found myself in the frozen food aisle at the local convenience store. The Margherita pizza from San Marco caught my eye - red and green packaging with a rather delicious looking pizza displayed on the front. At the time a buy one get one free promotion was on offer. I paid £1.99 which seemed good value. I also noticed there were two other varieties – pepperoni and ham and smoked ham and mushroom. However, being vegetarian I haven’t tried these. Once home I tore open the box and took the pizza out of the cellophane wrapper. Placing the pizza on the top shelf of the oven set to gas mark 5 I waited 25 mins until the pizza was ‘ready’. The result was quite disappointing. If the pizza were to look like it did on box the middle would be stone cold. I had to put it back in the oven for a further ten minutes by which time the outer edges were burnt. Still, I proceeded to eat it leaving the crusts. The actual base of the pizza is quite thick. The bottom going crispy and the middle staying fluffy and light. Not at all like authentic pizzas but tasty nonetheless. However, it was a different story for the topping. Spread along the base was tomato concentrate and tomato puree. This tasted far too sweet and almost flowery. When biting into the pizza the sauce went everywhere! What ever you do if trying this pizza do not wear a white top….you have been warned. Sprinkled over the top of this was the cheese, which ...

Oasis Summer Fruits 13/11/2003

Refreshingly still drink

Oasis Summer Fruits Have you ever been really thirsty and nothing will quench your thirst? Well look no further The Coca Cola Company have come up with the perfect solution. In Oasis Summer Fruits we have a deliciously refreshing drink that wait for it....isn't fizzy! The packaging does make the drink look very tempting. A clear plastic bottle with a wrap around label in deep reds advertising the fact that it is Summer Fruits flavour. Once opened you can already sense the taste as the sweet smell hits you. Don't let this strong smell put you off the drink is sweet but not overpoweringly so. The serving suggestion is that it is best served chilled and I do recommend this, especially on a hot summer's day! Also, once opened it is best consumed within three days. However, my suspicions are once opened you will drink it in one and be wanting more! It is available in most stores and will set you back between 60p - 80p which is definitely value for money. On the label there is a freephone consumer careline - 0800 227711 or alternatively a website address where you can find more info - Hope you enjoy as much as I did! ...

Quorn Lasagne 24/10/2003


Quorn Lasagne Having tasted other Quorn meals I was glad to find Quorn Lasagne on the shelf of my local supermarket. The packaging looked good and made the product attractive to me. I was also able to see the product before I bought as the cover is slip on. Before cooking the lasagne I was alittle dubious about it as once I had opened the container the smell was quite strong. It takes around 10 minutes to cook in the microwave and about 40 minutes in the oven but is very simple to do. When cooked in the oven the top layer goes much crispier than when in the microwave and the cheese topping browns off much nicer. After being initially put off by the smell the taste was very pleasant. The texture of the food was pleasant in the mouth and moist. The mix of spices and garlic was just to my liking - not too much garlic but tasty at the same time. I accompanied the lasagne with new potatoes and mixed veg but it would be equally as nice with garlic bread and crisp salad. I will definitely buy this product again. ...

Quorn Deli Style Slices 10/10/2003

The Deli Range

Quorn Deli Style Slices Having tasted both the Ham and Turkey with Stuffing varieties of this product I was extremely happy with the product. It was both tasty and filling. Also it makes a refreshing change to the usual vegetarian sandwich fillings on the market. The smell of the product was quite nice and didn't resemble that of meat, which for vegetarians is important. However, this wouldn't put meat eaters off. The packaging of the product could be improved as once opened it is difficult to keep the product fresh unless tranferred to something more substantial. I have since bought this product and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am keen on the Quorn range as a whole but do sometimes find it a little overpriced. ...
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