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Greatest Hits - Blink 182 13/02/2009

blink are back

Greatest Hits - Blink 182 This was the last album blink 182 ever released as they split up shortly after, I think a greatest hits was a nice album to release just before they split up as even though it was sad they were over, it was good to actually look back and listen to how much great songs they actually released over the years. Track listing: 1. Carousel 2. M & M's 3. Dammit 4. Josie 5. What's My Age Again? 6. All The Small Things 7. Adam's Song 8. Man Overboard 9. The Rock Show 10. First Date 11. Stay Together For The Kids 12. Feeling This 13. I Miss You 14. Down 15. Always 16. Not Now 17. Another Girl, Another Planet 18. I Won't Be Home For Christmas 19. Go (BBC Radio Session) As you can see, it is literally all of their best songs so I cant really go over which are my favourite and which aren’t all that good, because to be honest, I totally love them all, there all such great songs in their own right. One thing that annoyed me a little about some of the earlier blink 182 albums was the poor quality of the tracks, so unlike many other bands who would just ram all their best songs onto a disk and sell it as their greatest hits, I was pleased to hear blink 182 had actually re-recorded every single song on this album, and even changed a few of the tracks, for example the start of carousel is completely different to the original. They did also do some bonus tracks, I wont be home for Christmas and their live go was good however my favourite must be their cover of ...

All Killer, No Filler (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Sum 41 18/04/2008

all killer no filler

All Killer, No Filler (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Sum 41 I like all sorts of music, but up until the last few months, i looked at the people who walked around with chains or hooded tops with band names on them as a little warped in the head! Then I did the sensible thing, I checked out some new rock, what attracted me to it was actually the songs that featured in "American Pie 2" Before then I'd never really heard much about sum 41, but I checked out the "All Killa No Filla" album and, praise the lord, I have been converted!!! This album is one of the best I have ever heard, and I have listened to a lot of albums over a wide range! This album gives the listener a natural buzz, makes you feel alive, as opposed to most albums, every song on this album has had a lot of work put into it, which is obvious. Another unique thing with this album is that, the music on every song is just as good as the words. One criticism of this album is that the songs arent very long and you dont get a lot for your money. Well thats were the title of the album comes into it, All killa no filla, meaning every song is their very best, there are no second class songs on this album put there just to pad, this I think is great. Surely most people have noticed, you buy an album, there are loads of great songs at the beginning then the quality tails off nearer the end, its dissappointing but a fact. Sum 41s quality lasts throughout the album. They opened my eyes up to modern day rock, and after this album I went out and shopped around, I have found my ...

Yamaha Pacifica PAC1511MS Mike Stern Single Cutaway Electric Guitar 10/04/2008

good guitar

Yamaha Pacifica PAC1511MS Mike Stern Single Cutaway Electric Guitar I've owned my Yamaha Pacifica for quite a few years now...and I'm still crap at playing it. Not that it's anything to do with the guitar, though. It's beyond reproach. Ah yes...a nice sunny day in 1999. I walk into Gamlins music store in Cardiff and a half hour later walk out with a Yamaha Pacifica and a Peavey amp for under two hundred groats. A very low price indeed. Not that the cheap price is an indication of poor quality. Not at all. I recently tried a friends Fender Stratocaster which he parted four hundred notes for. In my opinion my Yamaha was even better than the Strat, the only thing letting it down being the absence of a tremelo. But it had much better sustain and a greater versatility than the Fender. The Pacifica is set up with two single coil pick ups (which'll give it a Fender-style sound) and a twincoil pickup near the bridge which does a good job of mimicking the sound of a traditional Gibson 'humbucker'. For those who don't know much about guitars, the Fender sound has slightly better tone and sounds clearer whilst the humbucker is more raw and powerful and has a nice 'crunchy' sound to it. You can select which pickup by moving the selector switch which is located by the volume an tone knobs. I picked a pine coloured guitar with black scratchplate and I must say it looks pretty damn good. Not as good as a Gibson Les Paul in sunburst but good nonetheless. It's an extremely playable instrument (despite my inane fumblings) and I'd recommend it ...

Gladiator (DVD) 05/04/2008

fantastic film

Gladiator (DVD) I enjoyed this film so much that I ended up dragging my poor cinema-hating mother to see it when I went to visit her at the weekend. She says she enjoyed the film but found the cinema floor rather too sticky for her liking. Russell Crowe, as you know unless you've been hiding under the no-cinema rock for a while, is Maximus, a Roman general with a penchant for farming when he's not doing in barbarians with big sticks. He's also very muscly, which added to my enjoyment of the film no end. On betrayal and being sold into slavery, he becomes a gladiator with one purpose; to get near enough to Emperor Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix, resplendant in purple) to poke him in the tum with his big shiny sword. Excuse me. I'm getting carried away here. The film features the last ever performance by the late Oliver Reed.(They had to digitally resurrect him for his final scenes, and a fine job they did too.) He, along with all the actors, is brilliant. Joaquin Phoenix deserves a special mention as being almost unbearably horrid, as do Russell Crowe's upper arms for being extremely well muscled. Did I mention that already? Dreamworks have done another splendid job with this. Watch out for the battle scene at the beginning and the wonderful panoramas of Rome. It's nice to see that they didn't dwell on the CGI; it fits in well with the film and doesn't overpower. i advise you get this on DVD as its a great classic that will always stay in my DVD collection.

Under Bloodred Skies - Dismember 24/03/2008

hybrid theory

Under Bloodred Skies - Dismember When an albums first track is as good as "Papercut" then you know that you are in for a treat, and that is exactly what you get with this the first album of rap-core band Linkin Park. In danger of being pigeonholed as just another Limp Bizkit/Papa Roach cloan, Linkin Park deserve more praise than that. Tracks such as "Runaway" and "Crawling" display the genius of this album, a rap-core album that manages to get very good singing into the mix!!!! The only bad thing about this album is that it is not long enough, but then there is always the phrase about "Quality over quantity". 1. Papercut 2. One Step Closer 3. With You 4. Points Of Authority 5. Crawling 6. Runaway 7. By Myself 8. In The End 9. Place For My Head, A 10. Forgotten 11. Cure For The Itch 12. Pushing Me Away It is more than likely that you will have heard "One Step Closer" by now, and if you liked it, or you are a fan of bands such as Papa Roach, then you will definitely enjoy this album. I just can't wait till the next one! ...

Spirit - Leona Lewis 23/03/2008


Spirit - Leona Lewis Spirit is a very good first album from X factor winner Leona Lewis. You can hear that she has been in the studio for a long time with obviously some of the best producers in the business. As soon as she won the x factor she was taken away to America to work on this album I we never heard a peep out of her for about a year, then this album was released and went straight to number one as did that quite annoyingly catchy track bleeding love. Tracks 1. Bleeding Love 2. Whatever It Takes 3. Homeless 4. Better In Time 5. Yesterday 6. Take A Bow 7. I Will Be 8. Angel 9. Here I Am 10. I'm You 11. The Best You Never Had 12. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 13. Footprints In The Sand 14. A Moment Like This – UK Bonus Track There are a few other quite good songs in there that I think could make number one If released on single and there’s even a moment like this that she sang on the X factor and that stole that Christmas number one spot. If you liked Leona then you should like this, and if you like ballads then you should like this too, its all round quite a good album and I think she is definitely the most successful person to come out of x factor so far so hopefully she’ll keep it up.
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