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since 23/01/2007

8 27/11/2009

Excellent range of beautifully designed flowers.

Dell 19/08/2009

Portable, lightweight and good specs - TERRIBLE customer service

Dell I bought a M1530 laptop with great specs at the time. 3GB RAM, 1.75 GHZ Duo Core, 120GB hdd and a nice ATI graphics card (Can't remember which now). The computer ran well and was superb value for money while it lasted. Unfortunately, like the other Dell products I have owned, (See my review on the XPS M1730) it suffered some weird electrical damage which caused my computer to switch off permanently, never to be seen alive again! I had an international, next business day, on-site warranty. So, I called them up (I purchased this computer in Hong Kong on holiday) and asked to speak to someone regarding this computer. It took them 3 months, 50 calls, repeated emails to the customer service department and 1 final email to the USA customer services department for them to fix it. That's 96 days Dell left me without a computer. And I had paid for a next business day warranty. Oh - Did I also mention I got hung up on by their customer services department around 10 times after waiting in their phone queue? Or that I got passed from department to department, time and time again, with wait times each between the transferring? And it's an 0845 number because you're calling Indian call centres, with staff who are reluctant to help (even the managers!). The staff also decided to repeatedly ask me to send them an email when they clearly knew I had no computer. Aggravating is an understatement. Eventually, after this finally became a 'resolved issue' , I then had to wait 3 more weeks for ...

Hong Kong 16/08/2009

Fantastic City with Something for Everyone

Dell XPS M1730 16/08/2009

Good performance computer but expensive and prone to damage

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