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Rustic Blue 24/07/2008

100 Year Old Stone Cottage

Rustic Blue We were initially very excited about staying in this little cottage near Caseres having travelled a long distance to get there, from Australia. From the advertisement on the internet, it stated that the cottage was privately situated. When we arrived we were surprised and disappointed to find that the owner's house was only a few meters away, as well as another rental house. The road from Casares to the property ...well had I expected it to be very winding and a bit of a track, but not full of huge pot-holes which made the driving very difficult every day. Apart from lack of towels and well worn sheets the blankets we had to use on the bed, were very dirty. The room was quite dark and I only discovered we were using dirty blankets 2 days before departing the cottage....not a nice look. Overall the property needed a very good spring clean. In the beginning, we thought that there was a small amount of water dripping off the shower curtain, onto the bathroom floor. However, this was not the case as we discovered a leak from the side of the toilet, which became bigger, resulting in large spurts of toilet water, flowing onto the bathroom floor. Towards the end of our stay we found reason to stay in a hotel in Ronda, for 2 nights, happier to stay there, than return to the dark and leaking property. A number of assertions were made by the owner of the cottage, suggesting that we had 'taken'" various items from the property. However these assertions were later withdrawn ...
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