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Crazy South African, lover of all animals and mom to 4 boy cats! Thanks for all reads and ratings - looking forward to reading your reviews after my long break! :)

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Crocodile Creek, Ballito 21/01/2012

No need to snap ;)

Crocodile Creek, Ballito The review below is a very long account of my personal experience at Crocodile Creek – enjoy! I have lots of pictures to add but I'm having problems doing so. More information can be found on their website: About Crocodile Creek The park was founded in 1983, and has the largest collection of crocodiles/alligators in Africa – over 7,000 Nile crocs, alligators, and slender snouted and dwarf crocs. They range from 30cm hatchlings, to 600kg in size (Hannibal). The park is also home to a select few snakes and a few adorable monkeys. The park is located about 40 minutes from Durban, or 10 minutes from Ballito. The road leading to the park is a pretty intense dirt road – drive carefully! They have 5 tours daily, ranging from 10:30 to 15:30. There are feeding times at 10:30 and 14:30 daily – excluding the winter months. More information regarding school tours, corporate events etc, can all be found on their website, listed above. There are also some great pictures on their site, which you can use as visual aids to this review. I don’t remember how much the entry cost us, but it was reasonable. The history of crocodile farms I did a little research, and this is the info I came across: Crocs have been bred since around the early 20th century – although the earlier farms were only really tourist attractions. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, from 1893, is a classic example when doing research. Commercial operations only began in the 1960’s. ...

Weight Watchers 19/01/2012

Still a work in progress

Weight Watchers What is Weightwatchers?Weight Watchers is a really big company, and they’ve been around since about 1963. They operate in around 30 countries, and are meant to be one of the most successful plans in the world – I’ll let you know if I agree in a few months! Unlike other fad diets, Weight Watchers isn’t about cutting out food groups or starving yourself – it teaches you how to form good eating habits. The awesome part – no food is off limits! So yes – you can still eat chocolate!! I really needed something that allowed me to still eat - I love food too much to give it all up. My journey so farI joined Weight Watchers in January this year (2011) , along with my mother-in-law and husband. I tried following the programme a few years ago but failed dismally after I had no support from anyone in the house (I was living with the hubby and his folks). After putting on 35-40 kgs (around 80 pounds!!) since having to stop sport, I became really unhappy... I tried different diets, and I would lose a bit of weight before falling off the rails again and putting it all back on, plus some. The more weight I would put on, the less motivation I had to try again. My mother in law has also battled with her weight for years, and she finally suggested that we join together! We have never really got along, as I’m sure is normal in most people’s marriages when they’ve only been together for a few short years – so when she suggested this I jumped on the opportunity. My hubby decided to join to support ...

Slimming World 16/01/2012

Not a diet, a change in lifestyle!

Babyliss Big Hair 30/12/2011

Even tomboy proof!!!

Babyliss Big Hair Why the Babyliss Big Hair Styler? I’ve been a “tomboy” all my life, and over the last few years, I’ve slowly started to become more feminine – now all of a sudden my nails and hair are a big deal!! As you can imagine, I never asked my mom to teach me how to do my hair, and it’s not something I would be inclined to discuss with other girls... which makes learning to style your hair a little complicated :) My current hair routine – wash, dry and up in a pony tail! I’ve tried a GHD, a barrel wave styler thing, rollers, a wand etc – the easiest to use is the GHD but it still leaves my hair feeling flat and it has virtually no body... I also hate having to fully dry my hair before using it. I don’t like piling products into my hair and I really hate burning myself with different appliances. I needed something easy to use and fool proof. Enter the Babyliss Big Hair Styler – a gift from my hubby for Christmas this year. I had originally seen this on the Boots website and the reviews looked good, so I hopped onto YouTube to see some actual results... I was IMPRESSED! All it took was some pleading puppy-style eyes and hubby agreed to get it for me :) Turns out the hubby got mine from Argos for £34,99 – on sale! It’s regular price at Argos is £45,99. If I think about it, the price is 110% worth it – I can get salon quality hair at home in about 20 minutes, I don’t need to use any extra products and I don’t waste time drying my hair before straightening. On to ... 08/02/2011

Amazing deals everyday!

Step Up 3 (DVD) 22/12/2010

Born from a boombox...

Weetabix Chocolate 14/12/2010

Give me back the original weetabix!

Weetabix Chocolate I used to HATE eating breakfast – I just wasn’t hungry when I woke up in the mornings. Eventually I learnt to develop a routine and now I can’t cope without eating breakfast in the morning. I never eat anything particularly special – except on Saturday mornings when hubby treats us with bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. We usually have weetabix or coco pops, and in winter I sometimes order some oats with chocolate chips from back home (oats here don’t quite taste like the ones from back home for some reason). We occasionally try a new cereal every few months when we get bored, but we always revert to the usual after a while. We always watch TV in the mornings while we eat – mostly to block out the incessant shouting from the lady next door. One morning, as I was nagging the hubby about how much sugar he POURS onto his weetabix, we saw the advertisement for chocolate weetabix. You can watch this at: We figured this may be an option to decrease the sugar consumption in our house. That week, while doing the monthly shop, we grabbed a box off the shelf. You can get a box of 24 biscuits for around £2, 00 from Sainsbury’s – so about 22p more than a box of original weetabix. The box looks very similar to the old yellow and brown box, but still being advertised as new. As with the old box, the biscuits are contained in plastic, which keeps the rest fresh once it’s been opened. Ingredients: wholegrain wheat, sugar, plain ...

Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel 09/12/2010

Finally some relief!

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 (Wii) 30/11/2010

Taking the revolution to another level!

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 (Wii) I used to play earlier versions of Dance Dance Revolution in the arcade back home, but was usually too embarrassed to go full out and enjoy myself, so when I saw this for the wii I HAD to have it! I’m pretty reluctant when it comes to exercise – I don’t like sweating – so dancing is the best way for me to have fun and get fit (there are plenty of weight loss success stories from people who’ve lost weight thanks to DDR). The package I bought came with the game itself and a dance mat, and cost me around £40 from HMV... a bit pricey! You can buy the game alone for around £23 from Argos, or £39,99 with a dance mat from, so the price hasn’t dropped since I bought it nearly a year ago – I would still pay full price though! When I compared this to number 2 of the series, it won hands down! The songs are much more up to date and I really enjoyed that aspect of it, as well as the additional features. In terms of exercise, I would rate this as being on par with things like wii fit and wii sports. I can easily do 30 minutes of sustained cardio with DDR, whereas other forms of exercise can be tedious and boring, with DDR I don’t even consider it exercise! Features There are a few new modes in this game that I love! DDR School This is ideal for beginners and I still wonder why they didn’t include this in earlier versions of the game. This teaches you how to play the game, as well as get used to the timing of the arrows – your timing drastically affects your ...

The Tale of Desperaux (DVD) 25/11/2010

Try not to fall asleep...

The Tale of Desperaux (DVD) The story The Tale of Desperaux is an animated film, directed by Sam Fell and Robert Stevenhagen. It’s meant to be based on the book by Kate DiCamillo, but doesn’t really follow much of one book – as there are 4 of them! Sigourney Weaver plays the narrator, with the 2 main voices being played by Matthew Broderick and Emma Watson. The film starts off with a big ship sailing towards the kingdom of Dor – specifically known for its Royal Soup Day – a huge pot of original soup is brewed by their best chef once a year. On the ship is a rat called Roscuro – played by Dustin Hoffman – and his human companion Pietro. Roscuro, being the rat he is, can’t help but follow his furry nose to find the soup! He makes his way into the kitchen at the castle, and is practically chased into the Queen’s soup... she gets such a fright she promptly has a heart attack and drowns in her bowl of soup, after taking only 1 sip. The chase continues, and Roscuro escapes only by falling into a vent and falling into the dungeons below, where he eventually meets Botticelli (voice played by Ciaran Hinds), who leads an evil rat pack below ground. The King – being the ninny he is – is so overcome with grief that he declares that soup is now forbidden and all the rats in the Kingdom are banished – can you say over-reaction?! This results in a chain reaction, leaving the town in a state, with no soup to look forward to and somehow making the world dark and sad... We skip a few years forward and ...

Zombieland (DVD) 17/11/2010

It's time to nut up or shut up!

I Am Legend (DVD) 14/11/2010

One to watch!

Holland & Barrett 5-HTP 26/10/2010

5-HTP - Happy pills, appetite suppressant and sleep aid :)

Holland & Barrett 5-HTP Beware: sob stories follow! Update at the bottom of the page! It all started with an incredibly rough week – I have a colleague at work that pushes every single one of my buttons... DAILY! He sniffs, picks his nose, slurps his coffee, farts, and sings... you name it, he does it. It got to a point where halfway through the day on a Monday, I couldn’t take it anymore. I sadly suffer from something referred to as “noise anxiety”... basically repetitive noise that I can’t control can drive me to an emotional breakdown. It starts off with me just being really angry, then I get anxious – to the point I get palpitations. It’s not something I can control, beyond going on anti-depressants – and this just isn’t an option for me. I’m very anti using chemicals to fix my problems! I spent the whole evening crying and not sleeping because I couldn’t relax or calm down (which has never happened before), so my hubby began surfing the net for something natural to help me relax. He came across an article for 5-HTP, and told me to read up on it. More details below! So first thing Tuesday morning, I caught a cab to Holland & Barrett’s in Harrow. I bought a large bottle - 120 capsules, for around £23 (it’s £27,59, but the kind sales assistant gave me a discount). You can also buy the smaller bottle – 60 capsules for £15,39. This stuff must be good –the Holland & Barrett website devotes a tab to it! It comes ...

Baker Pearce Estate Agents 23/10/2010

Another 1 to avoid - Baker Pearce Rayners Lane office

Kruger National Park, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces 17/10/2010

Into the bush we go!

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