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Thanks all for the read and rates! If I've missed you with rating, please let me know. Some of my reviews also appear on amazon ;) C xx

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Police To Be Woman Eau de Parfum 20/01/2017

Another fading fruit, but the bottle ROCKS!

Police To Be Woman Eau de Parfum This was another of the Police fragrances that I managed to grab during the Amazon sale after Christmas - as mentioned in my last perfume review, my other half loves the Police fragrances, and I love the unique bottles… and it would appear that I’m now hooked! They're funky and they're cheap enough to try on a whim. Not a new fragrance - this has been around since 2012! Again, I don't tend to buy fragrances when they're new - I just don't follow the fads, and I don't see the point in paying a higher price tag, when I can get it cheaper later down the line... the cheaper the perfume, the more I can try, and the more I might fall in love with ;) Bottle A cute see-thru glass skull shaped bottle, while the fluid inside is pinky-purple. There’s no lid, as you would typically expect with all perfumes, but instead there is a ball chain that clips onto the top part of the bottle to prevent it from spraying. It’s a little bit fiddly, but unique - I like it! There’s a silver placard across the mouth of the skull, with the Police logo etched into it. The bottle is approximately 8/9cm high, and 7cm wide - for the 40ml bottle that I’ve purchased. Scent Apparently, this scent was released as a floral-fruity-musk edition. I have to be honest - I’m not a huge fan of musk… I used to wear a white musk perfume when I was in my early teens, and I loved it, but my taste has changed drastically since then. I’ve found some perfumes described as musk are seriously dominated ...

Police The Sinner for Woman Eau de Toilette 13/01/2017

Quickly fading sweetness

Police The Sinner for Woman Eau de Toilette My fiance’ loves the Police fragrances for men, and their bottles are awesome - so when this popped up in the Amazon Sale just after Christmas, I decided it was worth a try. This isn’t a new fragrance, it’s been available on Amazon since October 2014. I’ve never had much interest in perfume launches, or new perfumes - I just go with the smells I like. There are versions of this same fragrance for both men and women. Bottle The shape of the bottle is quite unique - the perfume bottle is built into a pair of handcuffs! The lid is attached to the body of the bottle with a removable chain, with a tiny key attached. I love the quirky design - it’s not your typical perfume bottle. The colours are appealing - luminous pink glass and gold plastic outer. I’m not a girly girl, but I do love bright colours and unusual designs. Scent Before buying any perfume online - I look for key scents that I know I would either love, or hate. Apple is top of the list for scents that I love! The scents that were listed for this fragrance were: apple, blackcurrant, floral bouquets, orange blossom, jasmine, cyclamen, vanilla, cedar-wood, patchouli, musk, heliotrope and tonka bean. It opens with notes of blackcurrant and apple - making it sweet and fruity. It leads on to the heart of orange blossom and jasmine. The base is vanilla, tonka bean and cedar. Apple made me confident that I would like this fragrance, but the orange blossom and musk meant there was a chance I wouldn’t like it at ...

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB 10/01/2017

Stunningly quick transfers, but easy to interrupt!

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Why did I choose this hard drive? I was prompted to buy a new external hard drive when my iphone memory became too full! 2000 photos in, and my iphone started to slow down and send me warnings about my storage space. I had an older external hard drive - which had to be plugged into a power source, and it was slow and bulky - so it was about time for an upgrade! My very first external hard drive was a Toshiba - and now, around 10 years later it’s still going strong! Granted, it’s much slower than my new hard drive, but it’s still retained all of my data with zero issues. I’ve always classed Toshiba as a very reliable brand. Unpacking the hard drive & first use The Toshiba hard drive came well packaged - inside a small box, inside a thick bubble wrap encasing. The USB cable was folded and secured with a cable tie. The casing is 2.5 inches by 7mm, matte black and sturdy, with rounded corners. The hard drive is very light, at 240g. The hard drive comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. Getting this hard drive up and running takes a few seconds due to it being plug and play - no files need to be downloaded to use it. Transfer speed is super-quick as it’s USB 3.0 (it also works on USB 2.0 rates). The hard drive makes no noise and doesn’t heat up after it’s been in use for a while - unlike my old one. The USB cable supplied is thick and sturdy. A small blue light flashes while the drive is in use. The only gripe I have is that it’s so easy to interrupt the ...

Zsl London Zoo, Regents Park, London 19/12/2016

ZSL London Zoo - Fancy getting licked by a giraffe?!

Zsl London Zoo, Regents Park, London About I had to do a fair bit of research for this review - it kind of felt like doing a school project again! I would have liked it if more of the history of the Zoo was explained during our visit there. I’ve often wondered why anyone would place so many different animals in one place, so I had a good read about the history of the Zoo, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. History Apparently London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world! It first opened on 27 April 1828, and was meant to be used for scientific study. The Zoo was finally opened to the public 19 years later, in 1847. The Zoo is also known as Regent’s Zoo. It’s worth mentioning that ZSL also opened the first Reptile house in 1849, the first public Aquarium in 1853, the first Insect House in 1881, and the first Children’s Zoo in 1938 - talk about a list of achievements! The Zoo currently houses just over 19,000 animals belonging to 806 different species - making it one of the largest collections in the UK. ZSL is managed under the Zoological Society of London - hence being called ZSL London Zoo ;) The Society has a larger site at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, where they house the bigger-boned animals like rhinos and elephants - 2 of the animals I really missed seeing on our trip to the Zoo. ZSL doesn’t receive any kind of state funding - they rely on entrance fees, sponsorship and “Fellows” and “Friends” memberships. Why did we visit? After being in a boring 10 year ...

Aveeno Intensive Relief Hand Cream 19/08/2016

Greasy mitts!

Aveeno Intensive Relief Hand Cream Introduction As I’m sure most women (and even some men!) will agree, there is almost always some need for hand cream! Whether you’ve just washed your hands, or it’s a dry season, our hands and nails can always use a little pampering. As part of my neverending quest to find the perfect hand cream, a colleague at work recommended Aveeno hand cream. I popped down to the local Boots store during my lunch break and found this amongst all the other hand creams - it was super easy to find, if you know what you’re looking for. If you’ve not seen the bottle before, it’s easy to miss - it’s a beige kind of colour with an olive green lid. I purchased the small 75ml bottle for £5.49 - making this quite pricey. When I checked the price today on the Boots website, they have it on offer for £3.66, so if you’re willing to do the research, a deal can be found. The Bottle The bottle is the perfect size to pop into your handbag, or leave on your desk at work. When closed, the bottle sits on its flat, round lid. The bottle claims that the cream is non greasy, and that it lasts through hand washing - forming a protective “glove”. I’ve attached photos so you know what to look for, and you can see how big the 75ml bottle is. The Cream The cream is a very slightly off-white colour, and is a nice thick consistency. A 1cm dollop does the trick for me. The cream glides on smoothly, and seems to settle, and then develops an almost tacky feel for me. If I rub my hands together ...

citalopram 20mg tablets 19/08/2016

==Citalopram 20mg - a game changer - if it works!==

citalopram 20mg tablets NB!! COMMENTS ARE NOT POSSIBLE ON THIS REVIEW - REVIEWS ON PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION HAVE BEEN REMOVED DUE TO LEGAL ISSUES ACCORDING TO CIAO'S EMAIL TO ME. Apologies!! Read it, or don't, I appreciate it either way :) xx Citalopram 20mg - a game changer - if it works! What is Citalopram? Citalopram is known by a few other names - Celexa, Cipramil etc. It’s an antidepressant belonging to the SSRI family (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). In terms of effectiveness, it’s rated 5 out of 10 in the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. There are various types of antidepressants - which one works for you will depend on your symptoms, medical history etc. My pills came in a small rectangular box, similar to the contraceptive pill. They were small pills, and very easy to take. How do SSRI’s work? SSRI’s help to lessen the effects of depression by increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain. More info. On serotonin and how it works within the body can be found here: But basically, this little chemical contributes to our general happiness - and if you have a deficiency it may cause depression. Side effects Sexual dysfunction is a common side effect with SSRI’s. I experienced this myself in the form of anorgasmia - meaning I couldn’t orgasm. This in itself was depressing! I also had issues with dizziness and nausea, which were quite severe at first and then gradually ...

Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Muldersdrift 20/07/2016

Make way… for King Pumbaa!!

Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Muldersdrift Make way… for King Pumbaa!! About The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve is situated in the Cradle of Humankind - a World Heritage site - in South Africa. It’s home to 4 of the Big 5 (African Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, African Leopard and rhinoceros), only missing the African Elephant. The Reserve is ideal for not only day trips, but also for longer holidays in the wilderness. The Reserve is very safe, with the predators being in their own fenced off area. History I did a little digging into the history of the Reserve, I’m not a huge fan of churning out Historical facts, so you’re welcome to learn more here: There’s some really great info here - it’s worth a quick read. My experience Why did we visit? I’m originally from South Africa, but have lived in the United Kingdom since I was 19 - so 10 years now! Part of living here means that every few years, I travel back to South Africa to see my family who still live there (my mom, dad and 2 younger sisters). This specific trip was different and very special, as I had my British fiance’ with me for the very first time. I really wanted to show Andy some of the amazing parts of South Africa, so a trip to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve was a MUST! We also wanted a few days alone - having spent over 2 weeks with my family already. I’d visited the Reserve a few times in the past, many years ago, so it would be a newish experience for me too. Driving there The ...

Crocodile Creek, Ballito 21/01/2012

No need to snap ;)

Crocodile Creek, Ballito The review below is a very long account of my personal experience at Crocodile Creek – enjoy! I have lots of pictures to add but I'm having problems doing so. More information can be found on their website: About Crocodile Creek The park was founded in 1983, and has the largest collection of crocodiles/alligators in Africa – over 7,000 Nile crocs, alligators, and slender snouted and dwarf crocs. They range from 30cm hatchlings, to 600kg in size (Hannibal). The park is also home to a select few snakes and a few adorable monkeys. The park is located about 40 minutes from Durban, or 10 minutes from Ballito. The road leading to the park is a pretty intense dirt road – drive carefully! They have 5 tours daily, ranging from 10:30 to 15:30. There are feeding times at 10:30 and 14:30 daily – excluding the winter months. More information regarding school tours, corporate events etc, can all be found on their website, listed above. There are also some great pictures on their site, which you can use as visual aids to this review. I don’t remember how much the entry cost us, but it was reasonable. The history of crocodile farms I did a little research, and this is the info I came across: Crocs have been bred since around the early 20th century – although the earlier farms were only really tourist attractions. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, from 1893, is a classic example when doing research. Commercial operations only began in the 1960’s. ...

Weight Watchers 19/01/2012

Still a work in progress

Weight Watchers What is Weightwatchers?Weight Watchers is a really big company, and they’ve been around since about 1963. They operate in around 30 countries, and are meant to be one of the most successful plans in the world – I’ll let you know if I agree in a few months! Unlike other fad diets, Weight Watchers isn’t about cutting out food groups or starving yourself – it teaches you how to form good eating habits. The awesome part – no food is off limits! So yes – you can still eat chocolate!! I really needed something that allowed me to still eat - I love food too much to give it all up. My journey so farI joined Weight Watchers in January this year (2011) , along with my mother-in-law and husband. I tried following the programme a few years ago but failed dismally after I had no support from anyone in the house (I was living with the hubby and his folks). After putting on 35-40 kgs (around 80 pounds!!) since having to stop sport, I became really unhappy... I tried different diets, and I would lose a bit of weight before falling off the rails again and putting it all back on, plus some. The more weight I would put on, the less motivation I had to try again. My mother in law has also battled with her weight for years, and she finally suggested that we join together! We have never really got along, as I’m sure is normal in most people’s marriages when they’ve only been together for a few short years – so when she suggested this I jumped on the opportunity. My hubby decided to join to support ...

Slimming World 16/01/2012

Not a diet, a change in lifestyle!

Slimming World ***Why did I join Slimming World?*** I joined Slimming World in June 2011 after trying and failing at Weightwatchers – I’m not saying that Weightwatchers doesn’t work; it’s just not the right plan for me. I had found myself feeling too hungry all the time, and always had to exclude myself from nights out and team lunches at work, and even sticking to the plan 110%, I still gained weight. I found the whole thing really demotivating, so stopped going. A few weeks after leaving Weight Watchers, a friend of mine suggested Slimming World – the line that got me hooked: “you can eat as much as you want of certain types of food, and still lose weight”!! I’m a big fan of eating and not living on lettuce leaves so figured I had nothing to lose but my excess weight (all 4 and a half stones of it!!!) I went onto their website, and searched for a group in my area. I called the local consultant to get an idea of what to expect, cost etc. I was reassured that I could sit through the first meeting for free, I would have the plan explained to me, and I could then decide at the end if I wanted to join. I managed to convince my hubby to join me – I’m VERY nervous when it comes to meeting new people alone. ***How was the first meeting?*** We popped into our local group 2 days later, showing up about 15 minutes early so we could meet the consultant before getting started. Pauline was the most bubbly person you could imagine! She assured me that I ...

Babyliss Big Hair 30/12/2011

Even tomboy proof!!!

Babyliss Big Hair Why the Babyliss Big Hair Styler? I’ve been a “tomboy” all my life, and over the last few years, I’ve slowly started to become more feminine – now all of a sudden my nails and hair are a big deal!! As you can imagine, I never asked my mom to teach me how to do my hair, and it’s not something I would be inclined to discuss with other girls... which makes learning to style your hair a little complicated :) My current hair routine – wash, dry and up in a pony tail! I’ve tried a GHD, a barrel wave styler thing, rollers, a wand etc – the easiest to use is the GHD but it still leaves my hair feeling flat and it has virtually no body... I also hate having to fully dry my hair before using it. I don’t like piling products into my hair and I really hate burning myself with different appliances. I needed something easy to use and fool proof. Enter the Babyliss Big Hair Styler – a gift from my hubby for Christmas this year. I had originally seen this on the Boots website and the reviews looked good, so I hopped onto YouTube to see some actual results... I was IMPRESSED! All it took was some pleading puppy-style eyes and hubby agreed to get it for me :) Turns out the hubby got mine from Argos for £34,99 – on sale! It’s regular price at Argos is £45,99. If I think about it, the price is 110% worth it – I can get salon quality hair at home in about 20 minutes, I don’t need to use any extra products and I don’t waste time drying my hair before straightening. On to ... 08/02/2011

Amazing deals everyday! This site is AMAZING! At first I was a little sceptical, but I've bought a few of their "deal of the day" vouchers and have had brilliant experiences so far. A few unique deals are shown on their website ( daily, divided up by city... and if you're a subscriber, like I am, you get emails everyday telling you about the deal for the day. This site isn’t only available in the UK – it’s spreading throughout the world! I've bought a national teeth whitening deal - a home gel kit for £19 instead of £99! Very much worth the money and it gave me the chance to try something I was apprehensive about before because the price was so low compared to normal prices... think I'll be doing it again, even at full price! All the unique offers make it easier for hubby and me to explore London for a change – without breaking the bank, which makes a really awesome change. Some background Groupon has only been around since 2008, and started off in the USA. Created by Andrew Mason, and they featured in Forbes magazine in August 2010 - this is what originally got my attention. I ended up having to research them for a project at my old job. They're supposedly the fastest growing company in the world! See: Pretty impressive work for a 29 year old! To make a long story short- Groupon is a group buying website. They negotiate amazing discounts with businesses and present ...

Step Up 3 (DVD) 22/12/2010

Born from a boombox...

Step Up 3 (DVD) I must admit, that after watching Step Up 2, this film was a HUGE disappointment. This is the third installment in the Step Up trilogy and - in my opinion - the worst of the three! This installment is written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer and directed by Jon Chu (who also directed number 2 by the way). We see the return of 2 old characters - Moose (played by Adam Sevani) and Camille Gage (played by Alystom Stoner) from Step Up 2 and 1 respectively. The storyline kind of felt predictable - Moose and Camille head off to university in New York. Moose is meant to be studying electrical engineering after promising his mom he won't dance anymore - why in all of these movies are these poor people being forced to give up what they love?! It seems that he's having to choose between his passion and the safe option of a solid education - a dilemna many of us either have or will face at some stage of our lives. As usual, Moose is drawn into dancing when he literally stumbles into a dance battle, and needs to be saved by Luke and his dance crew - The Pirates. Moose finally decides to break his promise to his mother, and joins the dance crew in the hopes of winning the World Jam dance contest - competing against their rivals, the House of Samurai crew. The Pirates have a lot to contend with, including their home being threatened, and deceipt and betrayal from an unexpected source. Jacob (played by Keith Stallworth) from the Pirates lets Luke know that the rent is overdue and ...

Weetabix Chocolate 14/12/2010

Give me back the original weetabix!

Weetabix Chocolate I used to HATE eating breakfast – I just wasn’t hungry when I woke up in the mornings. Eventually I learnt to develop a routine and now I can’t cope without eating breakfast in the morning. I never eat anything particularly special – except on Saturday mornings when hubby treats us with bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast. We usually have weetabix or coco pops, and in winter I sometimes order some oats with chocolate chips from back home (oats here don’t quite taste like the ones from back home for some reason). We occasionally try a new cereal every few months when we get bored, but we always revert to the usual after a while. We always watch TV in the mornings while we eat – mostly to block out the incessant shouting from the lady next door. One morning, as I was nagging the hubby about how much sugar he POURS onto his weetabix, we saw the advertisement for chocolate weetabix. You can watch this at: We figured this may be an option to decrease the sugar consumption in our house. That week, while doing the monthly shop, we grabbed a box off the shelf. You can get a box of 24 biscuits for around £2, 00 from Sainsbury’s – so about 22p more than a box of original weetabix. The box looks very similar to the old yellow and brown box, but still being advertised as new. As with the old box, the biscuits are contained in plastic, which keeps the rest fresh once it’s been opened. Ingredients: wholegrain wheat, sugar, plain ...

Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel 09/12/2010

Finally some relief!

Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel Anyone remember the really cheesy ad on TV with all the balloon people walking around to represent chafe? Well... this was the ad for Lanacane anti-chafing gel – god-awful dancing included! (Ad can be found at: As terrible as the ad was, I had to have some. I’ve been battling with my weight for the last 3 years, and it finally got to a point where my 1 mile walk home from the tube station would leave me in agony – especially during summer. The heat builds up, you start to sweat a little and your clothing ends up clinging to and rubbing on your skin. At the end of every day I would arrive home in so much pain I wanted to cry, and my inner thighs would be rubbed raw, with horrible welts that took days to go away. After this, do you think I would exercise?! Hell no! Something had to be done. What causes friction? This happens when your skin is rubbed repeatedly – either by more skin or clothing (rug burn anyone?!). Friction without lubrication is BAD – as I’m sure most of you know. You can get chafe doing anything – sports, walking, swimming etc. What does Lanacane do? It basically creates a protective barrier for your skin. You apply a little dab of it in the appropriate area and gently rub it on the area – it dries to a silky finish. What I loved about this is that it’s see-thru and isn’t sticky at all – which is what I was dreading. It also seemed to relieve the chaffing I had already, instead of ...
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