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Netflix is Worth What You Pay for it Netflix costs $8 a month. For that, you get a wide range of television programs and movies that you can watch at any time. The selection is different in Canada than it is in the US, and is often hit and miss, but it is much cheaper than renting movies and television series through regular means. It is also a convenient way to catch up on previous seasons of popular television programs like Mad Men. The rating and recommendation systems work well. Overall, I've had a great experience with netflix. There have been very few glitches of any kind, and I've watched more than enough to make the $8 well worthwhile. Its definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable source of entertainment. 17/05/2011

I Go to for My Morning News Every Day Since the Globe and Mail gave my family a free month subscription I've been getting my news from their website, since I prefer their writers and perspectives, but don't have the budget for the paper version. I have found that the Globe and Mail's online coverage is just as good, if not better than, the paper version. They also have useful mailing lists on a variety of topics that give you links to the headlines on that topic for the day. Their special coverage of events like the Royal Wedding and the Election was impressive. The election coverage in particular, which was updated live and had easy to track visual representations of seats. One of the best aspects was their special coverage of heavily contested seats. All in all, a great news site.

Portal 2 (Xbox 360) 17/05/2011

Portal 2 (Xbox 360) is Delightfully Puzzling

Portal 2 (Xbox 360) I just started playing Portal 2 today at the recommendation of my brother, and I love it. I began intending to play for half an hour and soon found that it had been two hours. I have a feeling the game is going to be addictive. The puzzles are complex, without being impossible. The different tools you can use, and the problem's you face, are varied and keep the game interesting. The story is intriguing and the voice-overs humorous. Also, the gaming experience itself is very good. I was impressed with the graphics, and with the way that the music and sound affected the gaming experience. The gameplay and controls were simple enough to be intuitive, and the game difficulty is increased, not by increasing control complexity, but by increasing the difficulty of the actual problems you face. 16/05/2011

I Trust to Keep My Files Safe After my computer crashed last summer and I lost everything on it, including about 50 pages of original writing. A friend introduced me to dropbox and I've been using it for all my most important documents ever since. I have never had the slightest problem with it. Not only that, but the shared folder option (folders which you share with another user or users) were, I think, a stroke of genius. It is, by far, the simplest way I have found to work collaboratively with someone on a document or project, because it makes it easy for either party to look at, change, or copy out the piece in question. Overall, dropbox operates well, is reliable, and not intrusive in the slightest. It also automatically updates, which saves all hassle except the initial inclusion of the document in your dropbox file.

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2011 (Mac) 16/05/2011

Good Experiences Using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2011 (Mac) I got Microsoft Office Home and Student 2011 (Mac) this Christmas, and I have been really pleased with it. I've found that Word is the best word processor for both school projects and my freelance writing projects. The templates are much better than previous editions I've tried, as well, and a good bit of the overall design has improved. Excel is perfect for any sort of organizational tasks, including managing finances. Power point has great presentation assets, like slide timers. In totality, I think the 2011 version of Office for Mac is the best yet by far, works very well, and has greater ease of use than previous versions. I very much appreciate the wide variety of detailed options most other programs lack. I was glad I purchased this package, and would gladly recommend it to others. 15/05/2011

What I Think After Years of Using I've been using for at least three years now (probably more). It is a great site if you want to make playlists of popular music. The selection for smaller bands and musicians is not amazing, but anything that is even remotely popular will have entries. I think that is understandable, however. Despite this, there is by no means a shortage of music on the site, and I found that very nearly everything that I wanted on my playlist was available. You can make a profile, organize your songs into different playlists, and share your playlists with others. All these functions work well. The playback is good, but not amazing, however, and every once and a while songs will become unplayable because their connection has been severed. I found this to be no more than a minor inconvenience. 15/05/2011 is Interesting and Entertaining I've been using for a good while now and, I must say, its incredibly addictive. The interest filtering system works really quite well, and so does the rating system. One of the best parts is that you can easily go back and look through the sites you "liked" or "discovered". There is a toolbar, but I didn't install it, because if I did I would waste far too much time browsing with it. There is also a direct "stumble" link that you can put in your bookmarks. Sometimes the site goes down, for a variety of people, usually because it is over capacity. Occasionally some of the more obscure topics run dry, as well. Despite there being a few cons, I would definitely recommend this site. I really enjoy it.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 12 15/05/2011

Mozilla Firefox 4 is Even Better Than The Previous Renditions

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 12 I got Mozilla Firefox 4 when it first came out and have been, overall, very happy with my experience. All my bookmarks, folders and organization transferred perfectly to the new version, and it kept the same background theme I had found, which is not a big deal, but it says something about how well the details work. For this version, an attempt was made to reduce the clutter of the overhead bar, and move distractions away from the content being viewed on the pages. The bottom bar is gone completely, and the loading information, and the like, only shows up when necessary, and is very discreet. All in all, I think they were rather successful, and I've noticed both an increase in speed and a decrease in distractions and navigation confusions since switching. Firefox 4 is a great browser. I'd recommend it to anyone. 15/05/2011

I Love My Wordpress Hosting I've had a wordpress hosted blog for over a year now and I am extremely happy with the services they provide. The navigation and set up are simple, and so are the publishing tools. They recently added tools that assist in easier writing, including review features, and the ability to copy your post to use as a template. The community is good, and there are ever increasing banks of options regarding templates and add-ons. One of the best things about wordpress (well, besides the fact that you don't have to know any programming code to use it) is the stats system allows you to easily track your traffic and the links that are clicked on. It gives you stats by the day, week, and month, as well as averages for all three. All in all, great and free.

Sony HDR-XR105E High Definition 80GB Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder 15/05/2011

My Mediocre Experience with the Sony HD Hard Disk Drive Handycam

Sony HDR-XR105E High Definition 80GB Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder Despite the fact that this camera takes great quality video, and has relatively good sound for its size, I don't think I would recommend it. The interface is simple to understand and navigate. The touch screen works well. Also, the GPS seems to work, though I've never had much occasion to location tag my videos. The problem, for me, came when I tried to use the video. The program that comes with the camcorder for removal of the digital videos is confusing and unwieldy. It glitches up often, and does not lend itself to allowing videos to be categorized and renamed. Also, it should be noted that videos may have to be reformatted for use with many editing programs. This reformatting, if not done correctly, can result in the loss of the HD quality. All in all, okay, but not worth the money. One last warning, this camera is not even remotely mac compatible. If you want to use it, you must have a PC.
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