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Chanel Teint Innocence Cream Compact SPF10 No. 20 Clair 27/08/2008

Chanel Teint Innocence Compact

Chanel Teint Innocence Cream Compact SPF10 No. 20 Clair Chanel Teing Innocence Cream Compact A bit Pricey - But Worth It Choosing a foundation thats right for you.. Its hard work, but when I found the Chanel counter in Debenhams I thought I'd spalsh out and make myself feel pretty for once. It really was one of the best decisions I'd ever made because I haven't looked back since, I litterally swear by this foundations silky texture, abilisty to hide all imperfections and make me look fresh faced and dewy all day! Packaging A fancy round little tub. All in black shiny plastic. It has a white Chanel Logo on the top of the casing. It also comes with a little velvet pouch to store it in. I found that in my makeup bag this got a little messy as it was black. Inside there is a mirror on the top of the case, the sponge lies inside with a clear circle plastic sheet with the chanel logo on to keep the sponge from messing up the mirror. When you lift up the sponge there is a little tub that you lift up to get to the foundation. (To refil the foundation you tug this to pull it out and place another in. Cover-up Ability This founation is like no other, its thick but thin texture glides over the skin hiding light imperfections and giving the skin a dewy look. I found that it hid my dark circles perfectly and better than any concealer I had used in the past. It simply vanished once its on and leaves you with a fresh radiant look all day! Age spots are a thing of the past, it covers them up and makes them much less ...

Tesco Value Chicken Noodles 27/08/2008

Tesco Value Noodles - Cheapest Meal In The World!

Tesco Value Chicken Noodles Anyone who thinks that the higer priced goods are better quality have been overthrown by this product Anyone who has experienced dark days financially, be it as a student, or even just as a proper hygenic normal tax paying person will no doubt have had a few trips to the supermarket with the confines of a strict budget weighing on the back of their minds. Teh supermarkets own brand becomes your new best friend. You've got a budget to keep but mouths to feed. These noodles are a quick snack or they can be a part of your meal, your choice. They take around 2-3 minutes to cook and they are ready to eat! This is perfect, you can even make them on the TV break! So whats there to comlain about. They are quick, cheap and tasty. Packaging They come in a white packet, small enough to keep in the cupboard. They are perfectly shaped in the packet, a neat rectangle, that makes them perfect for stacking neatly in storage. They have the TESCO Value mark on the top of the corner, in red an blue. The writing on the packet is in shades of red (keeping with the TESCO value colurs) and there is a picture of noodles temptingly hanging from a pair of chopsticks. They have the weight of 65g and the picture of a pan and a microwave (cooking guides - you can cook them on the hob or in the microwave). On the back of the packet they have: - Ingredients - Cooking Instructions - Storage (cool dry place) - Nutrition - Allergy Advice (contains gluten and wheat, may contain nuts ...

LG Viewty KU990 26/08/2008


LG Viewty KU990 *** LG KU990 VIEWTY*** Well, what an amazing phone! Really I think LG have learn't from their mistakes with the PRADA and have creadted an absolutely amazing phone. I decided to swap my old LG phone for this model and I have never thought once that it was a bad buy. I would reccomend this phone to anyone looking for a new phone that is stylish, elegant and highly durable. Those are just a few of the words that spring to mind! The phone is absolutely stunning, with a large touch screen and 3 buttons on the front. It is almost all black with a stunning silver strip outlining the sides, giving it a sleek elegant look. The phone also has a long battery life and can go days without needing to be charged. One of the main functions that makes this phone stand out is it's amazing 5.0 MP Camera. It is centered on the back of the phone with an auto focus setting and a manual setting that gives the user the option to focus the photo using the focus wheel on the outer of the camera lens. It has a stunning flash that adds natural light to any dark photo. There is also a camera on the top corner of the screen so you can switch the cameras to take one from the back of the phone or the front of your phone (if your taking one of yourself etc). This phone is nown for its amazing quality camera and I'm not one to dissagree. It creates perfectly shap photographs and also has an image stabaliser that doubles up with the lock button. It took me a while to figure out this but I now use it to ... 26/08/2008

The Carphone Warehouse I've bought most of my phones from the carphone warehouse. Why? because they really are the best place to go when your buying yourself a new phone. They have the; - Cheapest prices, alot of places now say they offer the cheapest prives but ive found that the carphone warehouse is the cheapest and offers the best deals - Friendly staff who actually know what they are talking about - A wide range of networks to choose from on all their phones and They also have a wide range of contract and pay as you go deals Where you usually find you go into the shop and your hassled straight away by staff that simply want you to BUY you find that here you can browse the phones on your own and you can attract the attention of one of the staff when you need one. They are friendly and are able to answer any questions that you may ask. When I went to buy a phone they really helped answer my questions about the phones which made it easier to make the desicion. They also have a good website that is easy to navigate before you go into the shop to view the actual phone, also if you know that it is the phone you want you can pay over a secure site and the phone arrives promptly. The site has both pay as you go and contract deals making it suitable for all customers and is regularly updated with changes for the online shopper! When you buy the phone they sit you down and go through the setting up process for you. The only problem I found was that you have to top up your phone when you ...

LG Shine KE970 26/08/2008


LG Shine KE970 ****lg shine KE970**** LG really dont know how to create a bad mobile phone do they? This mobile really was a pleasure to use, with the handy mirror front (perfect for those last minute touch ups before a big date or a meeting!) ladys you know what I mean! It has a gorgeous silver steel finish to it and it gives a complete look of elegance to the user. The brushed steel back compliments the silver keypad and the shiny mirror front. It really does shine beautifully! The only problem I found was that in the sun you couldnt really see the screen and more your face in the reflection! However it wasnt much of a problem as if you tilted it a little it was easy to see and use. It has good battery life and the scroller gives easy naviation in the menus. The mp3 player on this phone was great, you could minimise the player to the top of the screen by pressing the mp3 button at the side, so if you wanted to use the phone whilst listening to your music you could! I also found that the MMS service was quick and you recieved your picture messages to the phone quite quickly after they had been sent, unlike alot of phones that take forever to recieve the message then you have to view it on the computer! The phones camera is a 3 megapixel camera and it produces stunning,sharp images just like a digital camera would. I actually preffered using my phone to my camera as it was much easier to use and much easier to transfer them to the computer. The flash on the phone is also good, it ...

LG KE850 Prada 25/08/2008

Worst Buy I've Ever Made!

LG KE850 Prada OK ! So, the stylish phone of the year, gorgeous, you just want to touch it! Yeah, I was grabbed in by all this and decided I was going to splash out 200 pound on what I assumed was going to be a fabulous buy. I believe this was quite a cover up for what ended up being the worst buy I'd ever made! The first problem was the prada pouch you recieve with the phone, it scratched every surface of my phones housing and the store I purchased it from blamed this on me (I hadnt dropped it once!), but however I managed to get it swapped for the SAME phone. So I've now got the second LG PRADA in 2 weeks, I'm not at all wary because i figured i can't have so much bad luck as to have 2 phones break! Guess what? I was wrong! The second LG Prada i had didnt hold it's charge and any charge it did have didn't last half a day. So I returned that one to the same store in a different location (the one I purchased it from were quite rude) and ended up with my 3rd LG Prada in under a month! Some investment huh I figured that if this one broke i would be changing the phone all together! I had this one for about 3 weeks maximum but yet again the phone would not register the charger! I really was annoyed now, it cost me so much money to end up with a useless piece of technology. When I went to swap this one I was told that I may not be able to change it for a different model because I'd had the 1st purchase (they went off that one) over 14 days. So I was quite annoyed and in the end ...

Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go 25/08/2008


Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go I have bought my phones on the virgin mobile network for a few years now and I really would recommend it to others thinking of switcing networks The service is great and you can phone up to ask any queations you want about tarrifs, phones, availability etc. The best thing I found about virgin is that you can buy your phone fully recondtioned if you cant afford it brand new (the phone had been sent back due to a fault and it has been fully repaired and looks new). I bought most of my phones this was as you can get up to 100 pounds off a phone that is literally brand new, it has just had a previous owner. Now, I know you may think I'd rather have it new but it is new, it has a new housing, new everything, in full working order, it has simply had a previous owner! Also with virgin you get rewards. This means that for every 100 pounds you spend topping up your phone you will recieve 10 pounds back to spend on any phone you like from the virgin website! This is a great bonus for anyone who uses their phone alot. I found that in the time I had one of my previous phones I recieved 20 pounds off a new phone simply by topping up (and im not someone who tops up alot either!). The website Is easy to naviagte, with contract and pay as you go sections showing up on the homepage so you can easily find what you are lookng for. They also have the best deals of the say if you like on the home page, this makes it handy for picking out the best and cheapest deals for you! This is ...

3 Mobile PAYG 25/08/2008

took me through, step by step

3 Mobile PAYG i needed a new mobile and wasnt sure about where to buy one and when i came accross the 3 website it made choosing a new phone easy. it was helpfull and took me through buying a phone step by step, with different deals on payg. it was easy to browse the phones as they were all stored on the online catalouge of different phones with a range of prices. the site took me thorugh buying a phone step by step and it was great, especially for anyone who isnt familiar with browsing the web. i also found the fact that the catalouge could be organised in different ways, such as price hi-lo or lo-hi made shopping for the best deals much easier than some other sites. by far the easiest option and made buying my new phone quick and easy!
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