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Don't go with Screeselect ! I really am dissapointed with Screenselect. At the beginning it was ok, I received my dvds quite quickly. After 3 months I decided to upgrade to 2 dvds/month (it costs you £3 to do so) and to pay up front 3 months. It all started to go wrong. I never had a dvd the next day and never at weekends. I phoned them, they said there was a technical problem blah blah blah... I kept phoning them but it didn't change anything. The other problem is that they don't respect your priority list, so you never know what dvd they are going to send you. I have finally left them and I am now with Moviestream. It is so perfect there for the same price. I had the dvds I was waiting for with Screenselect for months right away! ... 03/07/2006

many problems : don't go with Screenselect ! I am very disappointed with Screenselect as many people apparently. At the beginning I was on a 1 dvd package and there was no problem. After 2 months I moved to a 2dvd package and the problems started. Most of the time they are unable to send you a DVD on the same day despite having more than 35 titles in my selection ! Sometimes I don'ta have any dvds to watch at the weekends (I sent my DVds on the Thursday and I have the next one on the Tuesday). Also they don't really take into consideratuon your priorities. I phoned them several times about that : they say they are sorry, that there is a technical problem but it has been like that for months and nothing improved. After about 6 months of problems (I was too patient I think ) I finally left them. I am now looking for a better place to rend dvds. ...
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