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Nintendo DSi 03/01/2011

Up to a down

Nintendo DSi A fairly short but simple review getting across my views of the Nintendo DSi. I have got and still do, own the product and when i got wow, words cant describe how great this handheld games scosole was. All sorts of new features from internet to the nintendo store and even facebook access were i could post pictures. It just was a complete step up from the original Nintendo DS lite. Of course you cant forget the camera that recieved plenty of stick before it came out but i have to be fair it rairly wasnt that bad at all. With pre set templates and effects to add to your picture the megapixel really did deserve a little more credit. BUT, and a very big but. After a couple of weeks i was back playing on my othr games console without a care for my DSi. It just isnt the usual nintendo cosole that grabs you in and you never want to let go. eg. Wii. It just didnt bring that family fun or even my own personal fun. The internet didnt work meaning one of the main NEW features Facebook was unaccessable, even after contacting for support. You can get it for an average price of £114 which is fairly reasonable for the quality of the console. The games that are perfect for this console that i would certaintly recommend are marios of all kind, rhythm paradise, and brain training as even though it sounds boring it can turn into a good laugh. The games are good for when you a travelling in a car. Like i say, "if your bored and think your about to die, your probably playing ...

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4 GEN) 02/01/2011

Easily the best out there

Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4 GEN) WOW What can i say, in my opinion this mobile media device is the best out there in the market to date. The 32GB memory storage may be a bit more money but if you want to put your videos as well as the never ending slides of apps you are bound to download from the genius app store. And not forgetting the mass storage for your music, which in most MP3 players would be the number 1 source, but because of the variety this iPod has you can never ever ever get bored of it. Listen to music whilst playing an app or surfing the free wi-fi internet. Browsing pictures and viewing videos! What can i say?? soial networking is made as easy as possible witht the myspace, nimbuzz and the number 1 facebook. Upload pitures, hat to friends, status' and finding out what your closests are up to. A feature not to forget for the new 4th generation iPod is the small megapixel camera. Although ritis were already putting it down before it came out i do have to say it is better than i have heard. Ok you may not be able to capture a moment in the distnae or ollect a masterpiece thats what the iPod touh is all about, giving little bits of fun that last and never end. On a final note i have to say if you are looking for something just to play music then i would have to say a nano or lassic would be your option but for all round entertainment i would have to give this a must buy! ...

IBP Sonic Plakaway 02/01/2011

Leaves your teeth feeling better than ever before

IBP Sonic Plakaway WOW!!! This tooth brush has give me so much pleasure in the whitness and fell good factor of my teeth. Different brushing modes give you the specificity of what you want for YOUR teeth. Spare heads are i nice little gesture on top. I have a removeable brace and a fixed brace so i know know what i want for my teeth and i have been previously using regular tooth brushes and various electronic ones aswell. But i am never satisfied with the end produc of a brush of at least 2 times a day. Receiving this tooth brush or christmas i was delighted and and in my opinion it has to be the nearest thing to a "dentist brush" feeling. One of the best things about this brush is the battery life aswell, even without the mobile charger it will last for at least 24 hours of brushing. The head is also remarkable as you can get into gaps that you might not of been able to before and trust me i would no with this brace. Unlike most electronic tooth brushes it is very quiet which is always a nice bonus. The brush is so effective you rarely have to put any effort in. Overall i think that this brush is a must have if you want a brush that lasts and will give you the best smile possible. ...

Microsoft Xbox 360 30/12/2010

Excellent value for money

Microsoft Xbox 360 I have had a Xbox 360 and was disappointed about the payments for online services but when you use it you start to play the online contents, it is excellent value for money, in my opinion. Problems originally setting up the online caused me to seek for manufacture support which from my point of view was awful. Once you have it setup, running and most importantly playing, you can end up having endless momnets of fun. ( especially with the latest genius content called kinect) The xbox microsoft points scheme is not too great but i believe that it works and ple and easyfrom my point of view is a sinmple and easy access source to getting the content you want. I would tag this product as a great GAMING console. ...

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3) 28/12/2010

Comparing it

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3) The PS3 and Xbox 360 are often compared to each other and in my opinion in mots cases the PS3 comes out on top. From excellent in game graphics to the unforgettable Blu-Ray quality, i think that it is hard to find a console that gives you the all round needs. Internet browser, Facebook, i players and the PSN store which from my point of view beats the Xbox points scheme hands down, not forgetting the free online play.I can assure you this is the product to buy if looking for an easy controllable console what ever age you are. I can stress this consoles qualities enough as i have owned both Xbox 360 and PS3 and have soled the Xbox 360 and currently proudly own the PS3 ...
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