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Mothercare Luxury Bath Support 03/03/2008

Piece of mind for new mums

Mothercare Luxury Bath Support As a first time Mum I was unsure of what to buy and what to do in general lol. Bath time was a problem as I needed 2 hands to hold him and at least one hand to wash the baby so bathing was done around my husbands shifts for the first two weeks. I found this support on Ebay and out of everything we bought before and after the baby was born this was the best buy. Terry towling means it washes and dries just like a face cloth and the baby is totally supported. I'm still using it every night 5 months on and I have been praising this product since I got it. Fantastic! I couldn't live without it at the moment - until he can sit up on his own anyway. You have to keep a constant eye on them as they do kick and slide down and down. But you will be watching them in the bath anyway. ...

Vauxhall Astra 1.4i Hatchback 15/12/2007

Old style Astra for me

Vauxhall Astra 1.4i Hatchback I've had vauxhall's since I learnt to drive and think they are fantastic reliable cars. I had a 1995 1.4 Astra since it was a baby and in 2007 when I became pregnant my husband decided we needed a newer, more reliable car. So we went searching for a new Astra. After 7 months of owning a new 2007 1.4 Astra I wish I could get my old one back. My husband loves it except that he has to cram the pushchair in the boot and it takes a few attempts before the boot door will close. From a women's point of view it's a nice colour (the dark blue one) but being only 5ft2, although I've pumped the seat up as high as it can go and bring it as close to the steering wheel as I can, I still can't see the bonnet or the boot enough to be confident about parking it. The rear headrests also restrict my view and even if I could see out the back window its so small. I've been driving for more years that I want to remember and this is the most awkward car to park that I've found. Although I'm told it's the same length as the old style Astra it must be the style of the car that makes it difficult for me to park. ...

Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier Complete package 13/12/2007


Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier Complete package I've had a few Norton products over the years. The first one I bought and vowed I wouldn't buy another but the others have came to me usually as freebies (e.g. from my broadband provider, or with my laptop). The products work well for a few months then it's usually the "Live Update" that starts to throw up errors and not run properly. On the last occasion (a few months ago) I decided to try to fix the latest error. Checking it out on the Internet etc then I tried running Symantec's own fixing tools aswell but nothing was working so I emailed them for help. They emailed back and told me to try the fixing tool. I did try it again just incase but it didn't fix the problem. I emailed them back so they emailed me to try the fixing tool so I emailed them back so they told me to try the fixing get the idea. Thing is it was a different person each time and didn't see like an automated response. Needless to say after just over 3 months of emailing them back and forward my last email to them had a few words that they obviously didn't like as they didn't reply to that one!!!! ...

Olympus CAMEDIA C-150 13/12/2007

20 year old Kodak camera is better

Olympus CAMEDIA C-150 This is my first digital camera and I was very disappointed with it. It has such a delay when you click the button that whatever you are taking a photo of (either a dog or a baby in my case) has moved and the shot either has a baby's blurred hand waved in front of his face or a dog who has turned around and walked away. Considering I'm not a photography buff I felt this was a lot of money for me to spend and I'm now resorted to taking photos with my old faithful Kodak 35mm. Believe it or not I've had this Kodak since I was a child (more than 20 years now) and at least when I click the button that is the photo I get. Unfortunately digital is so handy with deleting and accessing pics on the computer, compared to putting your Kodak film into Boots and hoping that the photos turn out ok. I'm thinking of buying a new digital camera but at least now I know what I want and don't want. ...

Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Decaffeinated 13/12/2007

Just like caffeinated

Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee Decaffeinated While I was pregnant I reduced the amount of caffeine I was drinking. Although I don't like my coffee strong I was having a good few cups a day. I reduced this down to one can of coca-cola and one cup of 'normal' coffee in the morning. For the rest of the day I drunk Nescafe decaff. I don't know why we think caffeine gives us a 'boost' as I felt just the same on decaff as caffeinated. Must effect us all differently. I decided there was no point in switching back to caffeinated when this one tastes as good as it does. Pregnant or not I like the taste of Nescafe and don't see the point of going back. Maybe it's not the caffeine but the amount of sugar I take that keeps me going lol. ...
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