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This year is moving on at a pace. What happened to the Premium Fund Ciao has it shrunk in the wash ?

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Beyond Organics Rescue Salve 20/04/2014

I have been rescued

Beyond Organics Rescue Salve Beyond Organics – Rescue Salve This lovely company is one I have only recently discovered. I was listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon on radio 2 and Janey Lee Grace mentioned the name so I went straight away and looked them up. They have sent me a number of trial sized products over the last few months and this is one of those. It has taken me some months to get around to writing this review on the product so I do apologise for my tardiness but here it is. BEYOND ORGANICS This is a small company based in lovely Cornwall and they make 100% organic beauty products. I love to support English companies and especially those that are creating ethical, earth people friendly products that have not been tested on animals. Beyond Organics are proud to state that “... we have gone far beyond just making natural and organic skincare products. Our quest is, and always will be, to bring you the purest, kindest, most ethical and effective range possible.” All of their products are 100% organic and Fair Trade. Not any of their products or ingredients are tested on animals. All products are suitable for Vegetarians. Their stuff is mad with a low Carbon Footprint and they use recycled and recyclable packaging. RESCUE SALVE PACKAGING My pot is a small 7ml size and that sells for £9.60. they also have a 30 ml size for £24.30 and finally 50ml for £36.50 which is the best value if you are going to be using a lot in a short time. The pot is a small recyclable glass pot with a metal ...

Lush Golden Egg 19/04/2014

I found the goose!

Lush Golden Egg Lush Golden Egg This is one of a number of limited edition products that Lush have brought out for Easter. As it is Easter week end I thought I would get my review up in a timely fshion for once just in case you want to rush out and get one while they are still available. This is a special bath ballistic in that it is also coated with a layer of cocoa butter or extra moisturising bath water and in case you had not noticed in is special in that it is actually gold because it is covered in glitter. Now personally I am not mad on the idea of being coated with glitter and having lots of sparkle to clean out of my bath either but somehow this was oddly appealing and made its way into my little Lush basket on my last visit. This quite small egg costs £3.50 which I think is quite a lot to spend on a bath product that is supposed to be used for one bath and even quite a lot for two baths I feel. WHAT LUSH SAY “ A glistening golden bath melt and bath bomb rolled into one. Because of its luxurious bath melt outer layer, when you first drop this into the bath it will sink down, then bob back to the top as the bath bomb centre begins to fizz away, filling your bath water with its sumptuous honey-toffee fragrance.” WHAT DID I THINK? Well firstly I broke my egg as there was no way £3.50 was going into one bath. I used a third at a time as I thought just over a £ a bath was more my budget. I made sure that I had a bit of outside as well as inside but I also brushed off most of the ...

Vaseline Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion 19/04/2014

With a secret ingredient!!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Super Night Cream 18/04/2014

It is almost Magic!

Air Wick Reed Diffuser Colours of Nature White Vanilla Bean 17/04/2014

Sweet and creamy

Air Wick Reed Diffuser Colours of Nature White Vanilla Bean ‘’ White Vanilla Bean’ Airwick Reed Diffuser I like my house to smell nice and so I spend quite a bit of time and effort in cleaning and then adding atmosphere with candles and things like these diffusers.Our house on the market so it is especially important to have nice smells around the house. I love Yankee candles diffusers but they are rather expensive and so when I saw these on sale in Tesco the other week I bought a few as at £4 instead of £8 I felt they were good value. I have had Airwick diffusers before and liked them and they lasted me quite well so I thought I’d try this scent as I hadn’t had this one before and I do like vanilla scented things. This ‘White Vanilla Bean’’ one I put in my step son’s bedroom as he is away for two weeks and I was hoping to get rid of the ‘eau de grubbiness’ aroma that seems to be lingering in there. I have stripped the bed and washed everything in sight but the scent still hangs around. The window has been open as often as we can when the weather is good and yet that scent still permeates that area of my house. I spent the day doing a big clean in there with my vacuum and wiped all surfaces as we are meant to be having a viewing tomorrow. After I finished the cleaning I put this new diffuser in its place and left it to do its work. I did realize that it had an uphill struggle to overcome the strong smell already in there but I had high hopes as the previous ones had been pretty good. The kit comes in a cardboard outer with card ...

Tesco 90cm 3-Ring Paddling Pool 16/04/2014

Best £3 value for fun 15/04/2014

MuLondon - may be small but the products are great

Yankee Candle Simply Home Cherry Vanilla Medium Jar 14/04/2014

Cherry and frangipan scent in a non calorific way

Yankee Candle Simply Home Cherry Vanilla Medium Jar Yankee candle Vanilla Cherry tart This scent is one from Yankee candle’ ‘Simply Home’ range. I am not sure what the significance of this separate range is but I think they are sold in different outlets. I think I bought this from B&Q but I can’t be absolutely certain. This is one of my quite large collection of Yankee tarts that I chose to burn today. I really cannot remember where I purchased it or how much I paid but suffice to say they are available from Clintons, Amazon, Ebay, garden centres, B&Q and many other outlets. The price varies from around 50 p if you are lucky, to around £1.50. The most usual price is about £1.25. According to one Ebay sale it is a rare and retired scent from the USA but mine was certainly from here . The little tarts are one of the cheapest ways to enjoy Yankee candles and I also think they give off the best scents and are value for money. The tarts have no wick and you melt them on a burner using a night/tea light under the burner. This little tart is a deep cherry red colour and as I unwrapped it the aroma was quite strong, sweet and creamy with that almond cherry like smell. I break my tart up into quarters as I find that way I get four times as much scent burning time. I put a quarter in each of my burners and place them in different rooms as this way the scent is spread throughout the house and gives a lovely warm welcoming scent to everyone as they move around the house. The scent gradually became stronger as the wax tart started to ...

The Bookseller of Kabul - Asne Seierstad 13/04/2014

The Taliban may have be pushed out but not a lot has changed

The Bookseller of Kabul - Asne Seierstad The Bookseller of Kabul by Åsne Seierstad I have had a bit of a spate of reading books set in Afghanistan and this had been sitting on my shelf for a while so I thought it was time to actually read it. I always like to read the parts about the author before I begin as it gives an insight into a book like this. Wow! What an amazingly brave lady she is. She spent six weeks with troops by the Tajikistani border as they fought the Taliban. She slept on floors in mud huts , traveled in the backs of lorries and so on. She returned to Kabul, met this bookseller and decided she would write a book about him and his family. Prior to this experience Åsne was a war correspondent for Norwegian television reporting on the war in Kossovo she she was no stranger to danger and hardship. To do this she had to live with the family in their small flat with erratic electricity and water shortages, sleep with the women and children on the floor and observe the family members as they went about their daily lives. She says in her opening chapter;  “I was guest, but soon felt at home. I was incredibly well treated; the family were generous and open. We shared many good times, but I have rarely been as angry as I was with the Khan family….” I thought this book was brilliantly written in such an easy to read style despite the quite startling content. I was very impressed with the way the author managed to make the book a story and not stamp her own emotions on what she was telling the readers. I ...

Lucas' Papaw Ointment 12/04/2014

The Magic healing power of pawpaw

The Malecon 2000, Guayaquil 11/04/2014

The Malecón 2000 Guayaquil

Torre de Belém, Lisbon 09/04/2014

A Pretty welcome to Lisbon

Arm & Hammer Enamel Care Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth 04/04/2014

Taking a hammer to my sensitive teeth

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream 03/04/2014

Soft scented hands

Ra'bida Island, Galapagos 02/04/2014

Red Ra'bida

Ra'bida Island, Galapagos Ra'bida Island, Galapagos This little island was previously known as Jervis Island and was named after an 18th century British admiral, John Jervis, the Earl of St. Vincent .Recently the islands have become known by their Spanish or Ecuadorian names which makes sense considering there are part of Ecuador. The Ecuadorian name is apparently from the convent of Rábida, where we were told Columbus left his son during his voyage to the Americas. I didn't even know Columbus was married or had a son so that was something else I learned! Ra'bida is just 5 km south of Santiago island and is in fact one of the smaller islands .It is only five square kilometres in total but it is most famous for its deep red volcanic sand and soil. The soil and sand get their colour from oxidization of lava as this is a volcanic island.  I discovered that this volcanic rock is called Scoria and is the same rock used for the Easter island statue's topknots! Sadly a lot has changed on this small island. It used to be very popular with flamingos and the salt water lake just behind the beach was full of these beautiful birds. Today there are none as the other residents on the island, the sea lions, decided this was a good toilet. The flamingos were less than delighted and moved on. We did see quite a few sea lions on the beach and a number of pelicans but compared to other islands this was relatively sparsely populated with animals. This could be because of the introduced goats who killed off vegetation ...
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