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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT30 23/05/2017

Our latest travel companion - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT30EB camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT30 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT30EB-A 16 MP 4x Optical Zoom Waterproof Action Camera - Blue This little camera is a replacement for our Panasonic Lumix DMC- FT 20 and to be honest it looks pretty similar. WE bought it because my husband felt the other one was not working to his satisfaction. I did comment that “A bad workman blames his tools” but he decided that it was not good enough for him and it needed replacing. My husband has a DSLR for times when he wants hat sort of quality and control but it is very heavy to carry around all day when out and about so he likes to have a small camera with an element of control to use when we are out in cities and when we go to restaurants and places where a DSLR would be cumbersome. I admit that I now use my phone as it is fine for photos for reviews and I don't have to resize them for ciao. I thought that if we were going to replace our previous camera then it would be useful to have the new one a waterproof one too as we have found it very useful on our holidays in the Galapagos and in the Blue lagoon in Iceland as well as when we are by a pool or the sea. So with that decision made my husband went looking for something as close to our previous camera as he could find that was a reasonable price too . The qualities he was looking for were that it was small, waterproof and with a decent zoom and pixel count as well as not too expensive. He searched and found a few but the reviews came up with this as being pretty good from most buyers. ...

Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil 21/05/2017

Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil for regenerating the skin

Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil WELEDA POMEGRANATE BODY OIL Well I haven't done a Weleda review for some time so I thought it was about time I put that to rights. I love Weleda and really admire their ethics and I have yet to find a product of theirs that I do not like. I have been to a few Weleda events at their factory in Derbyshire and every time I have been welcomed and treated like an old friend. My husband has in the past been responsible for supervising work experience students from his college during their time at the factory and said he was always impressed with how well the students were treated and the work experience they were given there. ~~~&&&~~~ ABOUT WELEDA ~~~&&&~~~ Weleda was started by Rudolph Steiner way back in 1921 in Austria as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant garden. Today Weleda is a world-leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals for anthroposophical therapy. They make 100% natural products using as much organic ingredients as possible and add nothing nasty to any of their products. They treat their producers with respect and pay fair prices for their ingredients. Weleda work together with the environment and their raw ingredient providers to create products from ingredients that do not harm the environment so all their ingredients are natural and organic. ~~~&&&~~~ WELEDA AND PACKAGING ~~~&&&~~~ Weleda are also constantly looking to improve their packaging so that it not only user friendly but ...

Coit Tower 20/05/2017

Coit Tower - highest spot in San Francisco

Coit Tower COIT TOWER 1 Telegraph Hill Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA When we were planning our driving tour which include San Francisco I decided I wanted to visit Coit Tower as I had read a book that based a detective hunt around Coit Tower and the art that is in this tower. The book also went into the history of the art and the artists who painted these and other murals around the city. The book itself was free and pretty ridiculous involving a lady who solved crimes with the help of her cat but I was fascinated by the story about the artwork and this tower. ~~~&&&~~~ FACTS ABOUT THE TOWER ~~~&&&~~~ The tower is actually The Lillian Coit Memorial Tower but has become known as The Coit Tower as the name is a bit of a mouthful. The tower was designed by the architect firm Arthur Brown Jnr. and Henry Howard. The tower stands 210 ft r 64 metres tall and is even higher as it is set on top of Telegraph Hill and was first opened in 1933. Coit Tower was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and the California Register of Historical Resources in 2008, the year of its 75th anniversary. ~~~~&&&~~~ VISITING THE TOWER ~~~&&&~~~ The tower is open Hours: 10am to 6pm daily and in Winter froms (November - April): Daily, 10 am-5 pm Holiday closures: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day Elevator Entrance Fees* AGE CATEGORY RESIDENTS NON-RESIDENTS Adult $6 $8 Senior (65+) $3 $5 Youth (12-17) $3 $5 Child (5-11) $2 $2 Child (4 & under) Free Free You can ...

Firewall (DVD) 17/05/2017

Breaking through the "FIREWALL"

Firewall (DVD) FIREWALL Ever since the “Indiana Jones” films and “Star Wars” I have been a fan of Harrison ford. He does tend to play similar characters but he do so with that twinkle in his eye and he does play the action hero brilliantly despite the fact he is getting on a bit now. We were looking on Netflick or similar for a film to watch one evening and saw that Harrison was in this so thought it would entertain us for the evening. ~~~~~&&& ~~ FACTS ABOUT THE FILM~~~ &&&~~~~~ GENRE: Crime, Thriller RATING: 12A LENGTH: 1Hr 45 min RELEASE DATE: 2006 DIRECTOR: Richard Loncraine WRITERS: Joe Forte STARRING: Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany TAGLINES: “ They will make him steal, but he will make them pay. Everything He loves Is About To Be Used Against Him. Nothing Is More Dangerous Than A Man With Everything To Lose.” ~~~~ &&& ~~~ THE STORY ~~~&&&~~~ Harrison Ford is Jack Stanfield and he is works for a huge global bank as the chief of security and he has set up the bank's security Firewall. One day Jack is faced with a decision – his family being killed or robbing the bank he works for. The robbery would be done though hacking the firewall and through electronic means rather than the old fashioned way of holding the checkout operator up with gun! Bill Cox: “You designed the software, you find me a way in.” Jack Stanfield: “I wouldn't know where to start.” What would you do? Needless to say he goes for protecting his family but does everything go to plan? Will his ...

Yogalates 8 - Dynamic Weight Loss (DVD) 14/05/2017

Yogalates - a good stretching workout at home

Yogalates 8 - Dynamic Weight Loss (DVD) YOGALATES – DYNAMIC WEIGHT LOSS I used to do my Pilates every day and then what with moving house and everything else that was going on I kind of got out of the habit. I started to do them again last year and then the laptop I was using to run the dvd died and sadly I stupidly recycled the dvd in the laptop after removing the hard drive and destroying it. I rally liked that dvd as I was used to th exercises so knew what to do when she told us the next exercise. I then went on a hunt for something to replace it. I bought at least four or five different ones to see which I liked best and this was one of the ones I bought. This exercise routine combines yoga with pilates and the routines are specifically designed to target different areas of the body that might need toning. &*&*&*& ~~~~ WHAT THE DVD PROMISES ~~~ &*&*&*&*& “Programme of yoga / pilates hybrid aimed at shedding your waistline. The flexibility-enhancing benefits of yoga are combined with the toning-centred workout of pilates in a relaxed, meditative workout suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. Contains three segments that can be done alone of combined along with a bonus section centred on abdominals.” &*&*&*& ~~~~ ABOUT THE TEACHER ~~~ &*&*&*&*& The teacher on this dvd is a lady called Louise Soloman and she is an Aussie and her accent is quite obvious but I quite like that as I have a soft spot for Aussies having lived there for thirteen years. Louise Soloman “invented “ this combination of ...

Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Eau de Cologne 13/05/2017

West Indian Lime Cologne from Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Eau de Cologne CRABTREE & EVELYN WEST INDIAN LIME COLOGNE I write reviews on another site that is for beauty products and every now and then they have a competition to give away product which we then have to review on the site. I have had a number of these gifts and discovered some great new companies through these gifts and still buy products from these companies . The companies hope that by having these give -aways they will increase the awareness of their products as the competition is on face book and twitter as well as on the site itself. My latest gist was a set of West Indian Lime products from Crabtree & Evelyn and one of the products in the set was this cologne. It is a male gift set so the products are more geared to the male but I quite like more unisex fragrances and my husband does do “perfume” as he calls it so I purloined this one. &*&*&*&*& ~~~ ABOUT CRABTREE & EVELYN ~~~~&*&*&*&*& Crabtree & Evelyn is a high end store selling bath and body products, fragrances, gifts and also some food stuffs and has a quintessentially English look about it despite the fact it began in New England in the USA. It is recognized as one of the best known and most-respected lines of beauty and grooming products in the world. The company now has more than 350 stores in countries all around the world particularly in the UK and USA. &*&*&*& ~~~ CRABTREE & EVELYN'S WEST INDIAN LIME RANGE ~~&*&*&*& The West India Lime range has fiver products designed for men. You have this cologne, A hair ...

VTech Little Friendlies Moosical Beads 12/05/2017

I am a Little Friendly Moosical Cow from V Tech

VTech Little Friendlies Moosical Beads VTech Little Friendlies Moosical Beads MY grandchildren seem to have toys enough to start a new toy shop and every time I go over there seems to be another new addition. My step daughter doesn't buy them usually she gets them passed on to her from friends. This one was an arrival present for the youngest who is now ten months old and he has only really been interested in it in recent month as when he was very young it was rather large. ~~~~~~~ ABOUT VTech ~~~~~~~~ Vtech is an award winning company that creates toys, most of them electronic, that are durable, exciting and educational for young children. Apparently VTech is based in Hong Kong. It specialises in electronic learning toys for children from birth through to preschool. Strangely they are also the world's largest manufacturer of cordless phones and is one of the top 50 electronic manufacturing services providers globally They have created the toys in the InnoTab, Toot-Toot Drivers, and Kidizoom brands and they have been creating these toys since 1980 which is probably why my kids didn't have them as they would have been very new on the market and we lived in Australia so they may not have expanded that far so early in their life. You can buy direct from the company website which offers the widest selection of VTech learning toys, games, and apps . The site also has helpful sections such as a Parent Resource Center and the VTech Club. VTech in Europe is at present base in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, let's hope it ...

Carolina Ale House, Charleston 10/05/2017

Carolina Ale House - plenty of Ale and lots of Sport on TV

Carolina Ale House, Charleston Carolina Ale House 145 Calhoun Street Charleston SC 29401 We spent a few days in Charleston , South Carolina last year and this was one of the places where we chose to eat. We wanted somewhere we could walk to and that served local beer as my husband always like to sample the local brews. We wandered up and down the main street and came upon this place overlooking Calhoun Park which was a very nice green area to look over. &*&*&*&*& ~~~ ARRIVING ~~&*&*&*&*& We hadn't booked but from below it didn't look that busy. The restaurant was upstairs above another business and we had to get up to the restaurant by a lift which was in a small enclosed entrance and not that welcoming really. Once upstairs we were warmly greeted and when we asked if they had a table we were asked if we wanted to eat inside or outside on the balcony which was covered but open to the outside. As this was a Sports bar there were dozens of TVs with American sports showing which neither my husband nor I are interested in. We therefore chose to sit outside with the view of the park or Marion square as it is called. &*&*&*&*& ~~~ DRINKS ~~&*&*&*&*& We chose this as it was an ale house so that my husband could try the local draught beer. The choices were in groups from light lager through lager, pilsner , dark lager, wheat beer, kolsh, ale, pale ale, IPA, amber ale, brown ale, stout and porter, lambic, fruit & sour and then there were also bottles of beer and cider to choose from. My husband is an IPA ...

Midnight's Children (DVD) 07/05/2017

"Midnight's Children" have special powers

Midnight's Children (DVD) MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN This is a film only review as I watched this through one of our film streaming services. I read this book some years ago and was interested to see how they adapted it for film. This is a fantasy story set in India and based on the book by Salman Rushdie. This is a Canadian- British film adaptation but did use Asian actors apart from Charles dance and couple of others. ~~~~~ FACTS ABOUT THE FILM ~~~~~ GENRE: Drama, Fantasy RATING: 12A LENGTH: 2Hr 26 min RELEASE DATE: 2012 DIRECTOR: Deea Mehta WRITERS: Salman Rushdie and Deepa Metha based on the book by Salman Rushdie STARRING: Satya Bhabha, Shriya Saran, Siddharth Narayan, Ronit Roy, Anupam Kher, Shabana Azmi, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Seema Biswas, Shahana Goswami, Samrat Chakrabarti, Rahul Bose, Soha Ali Khan, Anita Majumdar and Darsheel Safary. There are many others but the list would go on too long TAGLINE: “ A child and country were born at midnight once upon a time” CAST : Satya Bhabha as Saleem Sinai Shriya Saran[6] as Parvati Siddharth Narayan as Shiva Darsheel Safary as Saleem Sinai (as a child) Anupam Kher as Ghani Shabana Azmi as Naseem Neha Mahajan as Young Naseem Seema Biswas as Mary Charles Dance as William Methwold Samrat Chakrabarti as Wee Willie Winkie Rajat Kapoor as Aadam Aziz Soha Ali Khan as Jamila Rahul Bose as Zulfikar Anita Majumdar as Emerald Shahana Goswami as Amina Chandan Roy Sanyal as Joseph D'Costa Ronit Roy as Ahmed Sinai Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Picture Singh Shikha ...

Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub 06/05/2017


Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub I do love trying new Lush products and they always seem to be able to come up with something different whenever I visit their shop. This was a birthday gift from my step son and having recently finished it I thought I better get my review written. $”$”$”$”$” ~~~ ABOUT LUSH ~~~$”$”$”$”$ Lush is a British company who have great ethics and fight against animal testing as well as supporting a number of different charities. They buy their ingredients from fair trade suppliers and create fun and effective bath and beauty products. $”$”$”$”$” ~~~ TAKE HANDS TO PARADISE ~~~$”$”$”$”$ “Superbly soft skin and scrubbing go hand in hand. This creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator is the perfect way to keep your paws in tiptop condition...... Those who love the sweet smell of the outdoors will love to get stuck into this scrub - fragranced with the smell of sweet gorse.” $”$”$”$”$” ~~~ LUSH AND PACKAGING ~~~$”$”$”$”$ Lush has reduced its packaging to the minimum. Many of their products have no packaging like their solid shampoo and conditioners,their massage bars and bath bombs, soaps and bubble bars. Many other products re packaged in their black recyclable pots which you can take back to Lush. If you take back five of these pots you will earn a free fresh face mask of your choice. This comes in one of those special black pots which I love as I re use them at home. The smallest ones make perfect pots for Lush's shampoo bars when travelling. I ...

GranDeco Wallpaper 06/05/2017

GranDeco Library wallpaper looks grand

GranDeco Wallpaper GranDeco Wallpaper I won't say I am an expert in wallpapering but I have been applying wall paper to walls and even ceilings since I was helping my parents renovate our old house starting when I was thirteen years old. I started as chief assistant and gradually was promoted to partner then given tasks to do on my own. When I lived in Australia my first husband was not into DIY and I did all the painting, wallpapering hadn't arrived in Australia it seems as I never fund any while I was there however when I came back to the UK in 1989 I bought my own house and redecorated that alone. Δ*Δ*Δ*Δ*Δ* ~~ WHY WALLPAPER? ~~ Δ*Δ*Δ*Δ*Δ* I find a feature wall of expensive wallpaper can really give room that special look and discovered some lovely designer wallpapers. My ability to slap wall paper on has made me very popular with family when undertaking any decorating and so when my step daughter moved into an old farm house that had been very neglected for ten years we had our work cut out. She was pregnant and her partner was the farmer so pretty full on out on the farm which also needed a lot of work. We worked on the house for to months before they moved in and redecorated ever room. This last bit of wall papering I did just recently as my husband took out the old airing cupboard and made it into a wardrobe , damp proofing it and cleaning it all up. It was functional but not that attractive so my step daughter decided that wallpapering it would do the ...

Sophie the Giraffe Toy 05/05/2017

Sophie Giraffe is well loved but hides a nasty secret

Sophie the Giraffe Toy Sophie the Giraffe Sophie is a natural rubber teething toy that first came to being in 1961 so she is well over 54 years old now and still the same as she was back then. If only we all aged as well. Our first Sophie was bought by me for my granddaughter who is now seven years old. She loved it and so we bought a new one for her now two year old brother who also loved her and now the youngest grandchild is chewing on his own Sophie happily as he is working on tooth number three and four. &*&*&*&*&*~~~~ WHAT DOES SOPHIE LOOK LIKE? ~~~~*&*&*&*&*& Sophie is about 8 inches high and is a nice yellow colour with patches of brown and is bright enough to be attractive yet is also quite natural looking, rather like a real giraffe ie she is not bright blue or green! The simple yet attractive pattern is easy for children to recognise and pick out from other toys. She is tall and slim which makes her perfect for little hands to hold. Her neck makes a perfect handle and then baby can either put the head or and of her legs in his/her mouth Sophie has two rounded ears and two rounded horns on her head and these are great for helping sore gums as they are small, rubbery and very chewable. Sophie is not only slender but she is also soft and feels nice to hold and chew too. She is very soft as she is made of natural rubber not hard plastic. She is satisfying to chew as well as stimulating the chew reflex ,helping to develop the babies' hand grip and hand eye coordination as the baby ...

Nick's Original BBQ, Charleston 03/05/2017

Nicks' BBQ in Charleston - order then find a table

Nick's Original BBQ, Charleston Nick's Original BBQ, Charleston 288 King St,Charleston,SC 29401-1409 Last year we did a self drive tour of the Southern states of the USA and we began our tour in Charleston. We always do a lot of research before we go and had a list of things we wanted to do and had a great B&B within waking distance of a number of eateries and shops including this restaurant which looked interesting as we walked by. Apparently this is #49 or 674 restaurants in Charleston. We very rarely go for the tp ones as thy are often expensive and places where a dress code is required. We didn't check this before going , we chose it as it looked busy and had a nice atmosphere and was close to out B&B. I discovered when looking for the actual address that this place has been forced to close as their 200 year old building was staring to collapse and was dangerous. Thy are looking for another venue in town but are also opening a new one in Mount Pleasant nearby. *&*&*&*& ::: WELCOME ::: *&*&*&* The place was buzzing and there were not many tables left when we went and we were quite early in the evening. We were welcomed and had the system explained to us. You have to order your meal then find a table when a waiter would come and get your drinks order and later your food would arrive. Jut as well as it wasn't obvious what you had to do. *&*&*&*& ::: ORDERING THE FOOD ::: *&*&*&* We needed help with this too as we were not sure what size the meals were as sometimes meals in the States are ...

Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette 02/05/2017

Dior Poison Girl EDT - Odd name but won't poison you

Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette This is another of my recent samples collected while on a shopping trip into the city centre . I was lucky and got three of these so have had a good chance to test them. I do love perfumes and trying new ones so I do go out of my way to collect free samples and even buy mini samples from Ebay so I can try the more expensive or unusual ones without having to spend a fortune on one I may not like. I counted these the other day and I have 60 at present, some duplicates and some I have already reviewed while others are awaiting their turn. These little mini sprays are perfect to take travelling and they are well within the 100ml limit. I can freshen up on the plane and enjoy different scents each day while away then have nothing to take back with me. &*&*&*&*& ~~~ ABOUT DIOR ~~~&*&*&*&*& This began as a fashion or couture brand but since 1947 when Miss Dior was first released , Dior has become as well known for its perfumes as its fashion and the perfume is certainly more affordable for the average person. Christian Dior was a huge fan or flowers and so perfume was his next love after fashion. ““After women, flowers are the most divine creations.” - Christian Dior Their perfumier since 2006 has been François Demachy, has been inspired by Dior's love of flowers and has continued this in his creation of numerous fragrances with a floral heart. This floral abundance is characteristic of Dior perfumes. &*&*&*&*& ~~~ WHAT DIOR SAY ...

LEGO Friends 41034: Summer Caravan 02/05/2017

We are all going on a "Lego Summer caravan" holiday

LEGO Friends 41034: Summer Caravan LEGO FRIENDS CARAVAN CAMPING 41034 I was visiting my friend with twin girls aged seven and after helping them with their homework then planting some vegetables while he cooked a very nice curry for lunch the girls and I constructed this together. &*&*&*&* ~~ IN THE BOX ~~*&*&*&*& In the box you get two bags full of bits and two instruction booklets that follow on from each other as well as a sheet of stickers to finish off parts of the set. It isn't obvious which bag to open first but I think we guessed correctly with the 1 printed on the first bag and were able to build quite a few of the bits without having to move onto the second bag. I was very aware of how many small pieces there were and knew if any were lost we might not be able to complete the set. We followed the instructions step by step and the whole thing took me around an hour to finish and I am no Lego expert. Sadly the girls quickly lost interest and I was left to finish it myself! &*&*&*&*&*~~ BUILDING THIS ~~&*&*&*&*& I think you are either someone who likes constructing things or you are not. I am quite capable but don't get a lot of pleasure from Lego. Over the years I have built a number of things with my own two sons, the girls were not interested and then my grandsons as well. They are now ten and thirteen so well able to do their own Lego and in fact the elder one has lost interest and would rather be playing sport or on the electronic games. My granddaughter is not that bothered and the youngest ...
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