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since 15/10/2002


Subway 13/01/2005

Tasty and ready in a flash

What I would do if I won the lottery 23/10/2004

Show me the money

Homepride Pasta Bake 23/10/2004

I like mine hot and with plenty of sauce

Homepride Pasta Bake I've been using the Homepride pasta bake sauces for a couple of years now. My partner bought some while they were on offer at the local shop, assuring me that I would love them, but I wasn’t so sure. Until then I had been a firm aficionado of making a pasta sauce and having it on plain pasta, lasagne aside that is. The jars of pasta bake sat in the cupboard for several months. Every time I was asked if I would like to try it, I said no. Until that is one evening my partner’s surprise meal was a pasta bake that he had prepared using the Tomato and Pepperoni variety. You basically add the contents of the jar and some water to dried pasta and cheese and cook in the oven. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was, and couldn’t wait to try it again. We have this about once a month now, as even after getting in from a long commute it takes less than an hour from start to picking up your fork. The sauces have a nice thick consistency, which means you don’t have to continually worry whether it will be too thin or too thick while you’re cooking. We have tried other brands and found them to be quite watery in comparison. Now, even with “out of the jar” solutions we still customise. About halfway through the cooking time we put extra things into the sauce. This includes some fresh knockwurst or hotdogs, chicken, pepperoni, extra cheese etc. If you’re not careful, or don’t add enough water to the dish the pasta may dry out on the top, and certainly the addition of other ...

Felix Cat Food 10/03/2004

Clean bowl Cat-isfaction?

Carmex Lip Balm 10/03/2004

Not too rough please, I like mine soft and moist

Carmex Lip Balm Lips, that is...! I first discovered Carmex last year when I popped into Charles Fox in Covent Garden. Charles Fox is perhaps the best known name in theatrical makeup, and I was refreshing my stock of makeup when I saw this bright yellow and white pot on the counter. It was part of a small display which advertised the wonderful properties of using Carmex on chapped lips. At the time winter was taking its toll, and my lips were feeling red raw. They were in a permanent state of being chapped, and no amount of lip salve seemed to be working. The normal lip salves from Boots, Chapsticks etc do not really work on my lips, they just tend to get very greasy, slide to the edge of my lips and form the blackheads from hell. This pot was marked at £2.50, which I did baulk at slightly but was feeling a little frivolous, and desperate. I thought it was worth a go, while I was buying other things, so I duly parted with my cash (or rather credit card…) and trekked back to the office. The first thing I noticed when I opened the pot was the smell of vanilla. Not a pure “just out of the pod” vanilla smell, but one that wouldn’t be too out of place in a good quality air freshener. Now, I am a sucker for anything that smells of vanilla, but I guess that if someone wasn’t too keen this might be off-putting. The contents itself don’t look too dissimilar to Vaseline, of course the main ingredient being Petroleum that is no real surprise. It does have a slightly more “yellow” tinge to ...

Thorntons Eden Collection 11/07/2003

My sexy little black box 10/07/2003

If I told you any more I'd have to kill you

All About Me 14/03/2003

I'm a sucker for these personal questionnaires

Cheekily Yummy Classic 02/03/2003

How to drive you and your cat insane

10 things I'd Like to Own 05/01/2003

But I probably could manage without

Tropico (PC) 01/01/2003

I have a confession El Presidente...

Marbles Card 30/12/2002

My little white friend

Studio Catalogue 30/12/2002

Handy but don't rely on them

Cadbury Mini Rolls 30/11/2002

Where have all the mini rolls gone

Top 10 Foods 13/11/2002

I'm drooling just thinking about them

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