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Protaras (Cyprus) 27/05/2004

Away From the Cold

Protaras (Cyprus) Nothing can beat a good break away from the freezing weather! Nice sandy beaches, great apartment, yummy food, great watersports, lively nightlife, shopping, nice people = Protaras, Cyprus! Travel and Accomodation We're so glad to get the self catering 2 weeks deal of Firstchoice. We have no problems with the flight except when we were waiting for our baggage. Larnaca Airport is not a massive one. The carousel where we were waiting for our baggage had three assigned flights, so it was quite a long wait. As we went out the airport the representatives of Firstchoice asked for our booking name and gave us the number of the bus that would take us to our apartment. It was about 45 minutes travel from Larnaca to Protaras and we were all dropped off to our designated hotels. The Alva hotel they gave us was fantastic, where you can have a great view of sunset and the Mediterranean sea! Just don't be surprised of the welcome grocery pack for about £8 and the safety depost box for £20 :-( Beaches Fig Tree Bay is the nearest beach near our apartment and it's the most famous in Protaras. The water is crystal clear, though so cold for me :-( Many still enjoyed swimming. I should say there are not too many beaches there as the place has loads of hilly, rocky seaside. If you go to Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach is the best for us. There was a live DJ and loads of beach pub/bars. Watersports There were loads of watersports if you don't feel like having a swim. My favorite ...

Asda Smartprice Chocolate Chip Cookies 22/10/2003

Yummy choco cookies for u!

Asda Smartprice Chocolate Chip Cookies I always love chocolate and I love Asda's Smartprice Chocolate Chip Cookies. Everytime I go to Asda this product is just one of those that I wouldn't miss. It's good value for money, cheap but delicious. With your 28p you get a white pack with 20 pcs standard size, tasty chocolate cookies. As with other Asda products, the packaging is white with a picture of 2 cookies in front. As usual, it also has the how to store instruction, detailed ingredients (note: it has no added colours or preservatives), food facts, barcode, best before date, and the "Try me! you'll love me or your money back" sort of guarantee. They taste and smell great. The taste of these cookies are just right, neither too sweet nor lacking sweetness. I'm a bit shy to say but I always bring some in my bag everytime we go to the park. It's crunchy especially when it's just opened and well covered. Though it becomes a bit soft when it's not covered properly. I enjoy eating it also while watching movies at home, with my OJ. The chocolates are enough for me since I don't like much sweetness on it. Health wise, I know this is better to eat than crisps though I love crisps also. Maybe some who like to much sweet chocolates would like this to have more chocolates. All in all, I really love this chocolate cookies. It's economical and delicious. ...

Asda Stay Dry 21/09/2003

"You Stink!" No More

Asda Stay Dry “You stink!” Sure no one of us would like to be told so. I’m always annoyed every time someone near me smells bad especially while travelling on a busy coach or tram. I don’t have the guts to tell a person also that he/she stinks but of course I would prefer it when nobody would tell me that I smell bad. A pure source very well known say armpit odour is a problem for most adults (whether we admit it or not), and usually gets worse with age. In some people, it can be so mild that deodorants aren't necessary, but in others, it can be so strong as to literally drive people away. They say that theoretically, one function of armpit odor is to help us attract a mate. However, there is no good evidence that human body odors can send signals between people, especially between men and women, other than the signal 'I stink'. I have tried ammon alum “tawas” (both in powder or rock form) as pure source of antibacterial protection against odour, which is very known in Asia. This is really effective but it’s quite annoying applying and no smell at all. I’ve tried Rexona doesn’t liked it much as it’s quite sticky sometimes and some of my friends are complaining their armpit gets darker. The first antiperspirant/deodorant I’ve tried here in UK is Asda’s Body Dry retails at just under £1. I like the smell of it but I didn’t like much the crusty feel that it leaves on my skin. I can even feel the substances when I rub my armpit. I didn’t like it much really. When I ran out of it I ...

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Moisturising Shampoo 28/08/2003

Bye Bye Dry Hair, Hello Gliss

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Moisturising Shampoo Not only was my skin affected by my sudden arrival to UK, my “new world,” but my hair as well. I had a history of scalp problem because of stress so I was advised by the dermatologist to specially use anti-dandruff shampoos. But those shampoos prescribed to me were so expensive so I just settle for the cheap ones. While in the tropics, Rejoice and Pantene anti-dandruff shampoos give me shiny, healthy looking hair but not healthy scalp. Here in UK, I first tried one of Revlon’s Flex shampoo. The smell is quite okay. The price was less than £1. But I didn’t like it much because it made my hair quite thick, heavy, and flew away. It doesn’t seem so friendly with my scalp as well. So I did not bother trying it again. While inside Savers Shop, I was a bit attracted to the gold coloured cap of 250 ml Schwarzkoft Gliss Hair Repair Nourishing Shampoo so I tried to get one for about £1. It reminded me of our wedding’s motif. The cream coloured bottle makes a good match to the gold colour, and it has an orangey flip-top lid. I tried to smell it and, whew, it smells lovely! The shape of the bottle is quite simple but nice. In front it has the bold word GLISS. The word H A I R R E P A I R was really highlighted with gold colour. I wondered if it will really be able to repair my hair, as it claims to do so. Hopeful it would do fine for my scalp too. I chose the one that is for dry or damaged hair, it says for strength and shine as well. I guess that’s why it says scan repair ...

Vaseline Dry Skin Formula Lotion 05/08/2003

A New World For My Skin

Vaseline Dry Skin Formula Lotion From a tropical country with usually up to about 36 degrees temperature, I was given an 8 degree welcome at Manchester Airport. Indeed, the weather in UK is one of the many things that made me say I’m in “another world”, aside from the buildings, people, culture, food, transportation, etc…. The abrupt change of weather really brought horrible effects to my skin. For the first time my legs looked like a map of the world. Some parts cracked, some peeled off. I can even draw the continents using my fingernails. My hands also looked like a hand of a very old woman already because of frequent hand washing with cold water. This caused me a bit of alarm because my hubby might look for another woman or might send me back to the tropics. For me to feel not insecure, I decided to get Vaseline Intensive Care hand and body lotion for dry skin, as I have used Vaseline already before though the anti-mosquito repellent lotion. I got the 200 ml size for less than £2 from Boots. As a Unilever product, I know I’m guaranteed. After having a shower and while I have not fully dried my body up, I eagerly got the lotion hoping it will solve my problematic skin. I’m a bit frustrated to open the cap as it’s not that easy opening it, though it’s not that hard too. The light yellowish colour of the bottle is as sweet as the smell of it. I like the mild smell because my nose is quite sensitive. As I put some in my palm it’s neither too sticky nor too watery. I really applied a considerable ...

Fujifilm FinePix A310 02/08/2003

Love to 'Point-and-Shoot' with Fuji A310

Fujifilm FinePix A310 With 4th generation Super CCD technology digital camera—Fuji Finepix A310 Zoom! This really captured my attention in an ad as my existing digital camera is just using the 2nd generation Super CCD technology, to think that I’m very much impressed with it. So how much more with the 2 generations advanced one? I tried to take the chance to buy it as it is being sold in a good price as an upgrade. As soon as I have my new Fuji Finepix A310 Zoom I really tested it to see if it’s worth selling my existing digital camera, so I won’t have any regret afterwards. Fuji Finepix A310 Zoom is one of Fujifilm’s latest line-up of digital cameras using their 4th generation Super CCD HR technology. The first time I saw it I got very impressed by its pocket-sized and stylish design. It’s so handy that you can even put it in a small bag or just in your pocket. I realized that my existing digital camera is not as compact as the new one. Though, both of them have lovely colours and design that I like very much. I don’t find any difficulty using it as it has very user-friendly menus, just like my other digital camera. Just few simple operations and there you are ready to point and shoot. Smile  Small but terrible! Fuji Finepix A310 uses 3.1 megapixels to produce an ultra-smooth 6 million recorded pixels. It does give you daring, boasting, sharper, high quality images. The colours are so real, so live! It gives quality details to images. Trying to zoom the pictures to its ...

Asda Pure Orange Juice 31/07/2003

OJ Cares Your Heart

Asda Pure Orange Juice It’s great to care and be cared for. But before we can truly care for others we have to take good care of ourselves. A dear friend of mine sent me some very useful links regarding the benefits of orange juice as she knew that I’m such a cola lover. And after reading those useful links, I was quite convinced as many studies are done already to prove that its really good for the body, especially for the heart. Some of the statements that struck me were: • A glass of orange juice is a triple treat for your heart Nutritionists say it is not only an excellent source of calcium, it is also an excellent source of three heart-healthy nutrients: Vitamin C, folate and potassium. • Two glasses of orange juice a day lowers blood pressure, a new study suggests. It doesn't mean that OJ is the cure for what ails you. It does mean that a good diet is crucial -- especially for heart patients. • Drinking three glasses of orange juice a day increases the amount of so-called "good cholesterol" in the body - reducing the risk of heart disease. We usually shop in Asda as it’s somehow a one-stop household shopping with very reasonable prices. So I set aside yet my favourite cola and look for the juices. They have several orange juices but the Asda Smartprice Pure Orange Juice caught my attention, 1 litre for 33p! It’s a good bargain. I was thinking I’m even spending a pound or more for colas that were proven to be not good for our health. So why not try it? As we got home, I ...

Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom 26/07/2003

A Dream Come True for a Digital Camera

Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom I couldn't ask for more with Fuji Finepix 6800. Absolutely an ALL-IN-ONE digital camera! I've been looking for a digital camera that would give me quality results in both day and night times, as well as I can use as a webcam, at a right price. I've read through many reviews also to help me decide. And I did really was glad to finally discover this product. I just wondered why Fuji discontinued manufacturing this product. But on the other hand, I'm quite pleased because many are selling this in auction sites where they can give you lower prices and that's why I got this cam. To my surprise, Fuji Finepix 6800 gives me more than what I expected. The menu is so user friendly that even new users can easily learn it just as learning ABC. It has very dynamic funtions and capabilities. You can set it in several modes (Auto, Manual, Video Clip, etc). For taking pictures, the easiest one is by selecting the automatic mode if you are not sure yet of using the manual mode. With the use of the manual mode, you can do anything as you want for a desired output. You can have pictures takin from VGA to 6 MP quality and either fine or normal. You can adjust the ISO sensitivity up to 400. It gives superb quality pictures in whatever circumstances. I enjoy chatting with my family and friends using this cam as they can see me clearly. And they wish I can pack this cam up and send it to them. I love taking video clips with this cam as it record both picture and sound so great. It comes ...
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