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25 10/01/2001

hmm cat among the pigeons I wonder I could be the odd one out here but I personally think that dabs are overpriced, the service is poor and the website is cluttered and difficult to navigate through. I have not once seen something on dabs that I couldn't get a better deal for elsewhere and know of a number of times when they've got orders wrong. I will probably give them another go, since I seem to be the only one that holds this opinion, but I don't hold out much hope. Watch this space for updates on my opinion :-) ... 10/01/2001

scan rock but dabs blow goats I have to admit that I've ordered a few items from scan. I buy approximately £1000 worth of merchandise online and so I'm no stranger to the perils of Internet shopping. Whenever I've bought from scan I've received the goods within the following 2 days. I've never needed to send anything back and I've always got a good price for them. The todayonly idea is one of the greatest that I know of and regurlarly has me in fits of agony as I realise that I really can't afford to buy out the whole stock :-) I've just ordered a load of memory off scan and I can sleep well in the knowledge that it will get to me as they have promised. I'm afraid the same cannot be said for dabs. I haven't had ONE successful purchase from dabs. Twice I have ordered 128MB of RAM from them and received 16MB. If that is good service then I'm afraid the world of e-commerce is doomed. Long live scan and they're high quality of goods and service. ...

Genius NetScroll Wireless - mouse 10/01/2001

Optical mice are a good thing, honest guv

Genius NetScroll Wireless - mouse Optical mice are wonderful inventions. Sun started the trend off with their mice for the Sparcs etc and then every man and his dog jumped on the band wagon. And what a great band it is too. I was fortunate to receive a Netscroll mouse for Christmas and it's great. There are one or two problems with it though. Firstly, I can't get the software that Genius supply to work, rendering the extra buttons and wheel useless until I can get it working. However, it does work under Linux as a standard mouse so that's always a bonus :-) Once I can get Genius to actually get it to work under Windows 2000 I'm thoroughly convinced that the Netscroll mouse will be one of the best buys there is. ...

University of Nottingham 10/01/2001

Nottingham Universitys approach to students

University of Nottingham When I first came to Nottingham University it was known as one of the best in the country. The campus is tranquil and has a gravity of calm. The halls of residence weren't too bad, and since then have been renovated. However, whilst the fabric of the university is lovely, there is a rather dark, evil ooze (much like in Ghostbusters II in fact) that lies beneath its inviting exterior. Nottingham is indeed one of the best universities in the country, so long as you're not a student. The university seem to have taken it upon themselves to exclude students more and more as research and public relations become more important in their eyes. No longer is the university a haven for open education where each student is responsible for his/her own actions. No longer is it deemed the correct practice to identify individuals needs. No longer is it a single person who is reprimanded for unacceptable behaviour. The university are detaching themselves from their student body and that can only lead to one thing, disaster. ...

Remote Control - Andy McNab 07/12/2000

This book is addictive

Remote Control - Andy McNab Having already read the odd Andy McNab book here and there I gave in to the urge to buy Remote Control when I saw it in WHSmiths in a train station. Precisely 3 days later I'd finished reading it, and it's not a short book really. Whilst it's true that this book is a work of fiction, it's graphic detail in each and every scene just forces you to believe in what's going on, and I'm still not convinced that's it's all just a story... If you haven't read this book then read it before you even think about speaking to me *g*. ...

Scary Movie (DVD) 16/09/2000


Scary Movie (DVD) When films set out to take the p*ss out of other films, they're usually either going to be really very good, or really very bad. Fortunately, Scary Movie was the former of these two. Weighing in at about 1hr 35mins (or there about) it's not the longest of films but it will have you laughing through it's entirety. The film is basically based on the Scream series of films with added parts here and there to throw in a bit of the other recent classics. Included in the films hitlist are The Matrix, I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Exorcist (but don't quote me on that last one). Classic moments include the scream murder's mask changing as he got more and more stoned with everyone and then slaughtering them all when he decides to perform his rap. Without giving too much away about this film I have to say that it is absolutely brilliant and I guarantee (although no money back or any of that crap) that you will laugh from the start to the finish. Classic ...

Mobile Phone companies - Mobile Phones 16/09/2000

Give mobiles a break

Mobile Phone companies - Mobile Phones I've been trying to decide whether or not I like mobile phones for a while now, like ever since they came out. I think I've finally come to a conclusion and I feel I should share that with you... It's not mobile phones I hate. I can't see how anyone can hate a completely inanimate object. What I do hate is people who use mobile phones in the most annoying way they can. One such example is kids. I have nothing against kids having mobiles incase of EMERGENCY!! However it's well known that they don't use them for anything such... "Hiya, you want to go to the shop for some sweets?"... I have nothing against mobiles. If it rings then fair enough, someone is trying to get hold of you. There are places where you can go to speak to them other than in the middle of a bloody great crowd. So to conclude, there's nothing wrong with mobiles, just the people who arrogantly use them. I have one, I use one. I take it somewhere else... ... 16/09/2000

Yahoo Messenger can't get much better Once upon a time I only ever used to use ICQ. Then Nottingham University introduced network routers which dropped packets to the Internet. Put short we couldn't use the net for anything other than web browsing and email. Since we were stuck when it came to using ICQ, people started looking for alternatives. Yahoo Messenger uses the http protocol to send and receive instant messages. It also has support for http proxies, like that used at Nottingham. YM soon became the choice of the student. In addition to this, you can get YM everywhere! It comes with modem driver CDs, you can get it from a friend, or you could just download it from their web site. There are clients for almost any platform available including Linux and Mac (yey) and it includes funky little extras like letting you know when you have new Yahoo mail. If you're umming and ahhhing like we were over which instant messenger client to use, make it Yahoo Messenger. It's really quite good. ...

The Dating Game - Davina McCall 15/09/2000

Davina should retire

The Dating Game - Davina McCall Continuing my rant on today's television I would like to voice my opinion (and where better to do it) on Davina McCall. I have no idea what The Dating Game is like but I feel that I can be sure about how bad it is. I feel quite offended that it's classed under Psychology since I feel that Davina probably doesn't have the Psychology qualifications that would count for anything (ie. Bsc). However, this is more of a common mistake than a Davina mistake. What I really hate is the fact that Davina tries so hard to be one of the girls when really she should be the nice, caring person that she would suit so more. If she really insists on being one of the girls then would she please do it somewhere other than what I have to pay £104 for my licence fee? Does all that make sense? It does to me! :-) ...

Tweenies 15/09/2000

Bring back decent kids TV

Tweenies Ok, let's get something straight. I have nothing whatsoever against educational childrens programmes. However, television seems to have been completely taken over by complete and utter tripe. The Tweenies is a prime example of this. Gone are the days when you could sit and watch Dogtagnan and Tail Spin and even things like Animals of Farthing Wood. What can I say? Get rid of tripe and bring back decent kid's TV! There's nothing wrong with educational TV, that's what Sesame Street was all about and hey, that's still there... There, that's my 2p. ...

Arriva North Wales 14/09/2000

Far too expensive

Arriva North Wales My parents live in a town in North Wales called Wrexham. I live in Nottingham, in the East Midlands. If I get a bus from my house into Nottingham city centre, a journey of around 4 miles, it costs 80p. To travel just over 1 mile into Wrexham town centre it's 75p. Wrexham is hardly the centre of interest for the country so why is it that price per mile is so much more expensive. If you were to do the maths then you would see that it's 20p/mile in Nottingham and about 70p/mile in Wrexham. There's something wrong here I think and I think that the problem is called Arriva. Add that to the fact that Arriva don't like you giving them notes for fares, they also look at you as though you have a growth on your head if you give them any change. Let's also think about the fact that off peak you'll be lucky to get a bus out of Wrexham every half an hour, longer than it would take me to walk home, whereas in Nottingham I've never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus, even at 9:30 at night. So, it's cheaper to travel by bus in Nottingham, and the buses run more often... My opinion on Arriva? Naah, it's not worth it. ...

Royal Albert Hall, London 14/09/2000

Something quite unique

Royal Albert Hall, London In 1995 I was involved in The National Festival of Music for Youth and made it to the finals in the Royal Festival Hall (not Albert Hall). In the finals we came second, meaning we didn't get the opportunity to play in the Royal Albert Hall. I had seen clips of the RAH on the television (last night of the proms etc) and was rather keen to see what it was like in the flesh. A few weeks ago, five years later, I was in London with my partner and we decided to go and have a look. It was, quite simply, beautiful. I wanted to see the inside and so went into the box office to see if it was possible. Unfortunately they said that you have to be attending an event in order to see the interior. I enquired as to when the next "event" would be and was told that there was a proms concert that evening. If I could go to the proms it would be a dream come true. I asked how much the tickets were and this is what I was told: Standing: £3 Restricted view (by the sides of the stage): £5 Heaven Seats: £9 The heaven seats are up at the top of the theatre and are not the place for those who suffer from vertigo, like me. However we went, buying the high seats for that evening's concert. The inside of the building is everything that you could imagine and more. I didn't know about the fountain that's in the centre of the theatre and is switched on only before and between performances. The back wall is one large pipe organ with the seat for the organist at the centre. I can't describe the ...

Immediate Action - Andy McNab 14/09/2000

Truly brilliant

Immediate Action - Andy McNab Andy McNab's Immediate Action is a wonderfully interesting book following McNab's time from being a child and seeing his first corpse (a friend who fell through the skylight of a building) to becoming a major player in the most elite force in the world, the SAS. This book, more of a biography than fiction, recounts aarmy life for McNab and the rigourous training that you had to go through to even be considered for the SAS. This book is labelled as "The book they tried to ban" and you can see why. At around £6 it's hardly a forutne and it really is a right riveting (is that how you spell it?) read. ... 14/09/2000

Take me to your dealer^Wleader Seti@home is a great idea. No really, it is. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about then seti@home (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence at Home) is a distributed network project whereby data collected from large radio telescopes is sent out to computers particpating in the project for the client software to inspect. Once a "packet" is completed, the results are sent back to the server and analysed. The idea is that having >1m computers running the project individually would create more processing power than any singular machine could in existance, and this has proved to be true. Seti@home uses idle cycles on your computers CPU. That means that the software is only doing anything when your computer would otherwise be doing nothing. There isn't any "real" monetary incentive for doing seti@home other than the possibility (and lets face it, it is possible) of finding life out there and reaping the profits from the talk shows etc. However it is quite good fun and it's a great idea so why not? ...

Sega Saturn 14/09/2000


Sega Saturn When the Sega Saturn came out it was a top of the range console that was all the rage. Naturally I couldn't afford one and so I was stuck with the not as good, but still rather groovy, Mega Drive. However, for my last birthday my wonderful wonderful girlfriend decided that she would let me choose what I wanted!! We found a shop in town that sells old consoles, the Mega Drive and Saturn being such examples. The shop had run out of stock for Saturns so we settled for a Mega Drive for just £15. I returned to the shop a couple of days later to learn that they had a Saturn in stock. And how much was this piece of ingenuity that once cost a small gold reserve? Just £25! I'm now looking for a cheap VCD cart for it so that I can watch my VCDs on the telly rather than on my computer. The Saturn was great when it came out. Now it's just the dog's knackers. ...
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