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since 25/11/2005


Should world debt be forgiven? 17/01/2006

Forget the Debt?

Blood Wake (Xbox) 16/01/2006

Blood Wake, the Game You'll Love to Hate

Airplane II - The Sequel (DVD) 13/01/2006

Not really about an airplane!!

I, Robot / Minority Report / Independence Day (DVD) 11/01/2006

Are You in the Mood for Sci Fi?

Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (DVD) 02/01/2006

Robin Hood Prince of Films

The 300 Spartans (DVD) 23/12/2005

A tale that echoes through the ages

Under Siege (DVD) 21/12/2005

Can a Battleship be put Under Siege?

Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) 20/12/2005

Perhaps today IS a good day to die!!

Total Recall (DVD) 19/12/2005

Total Recall Should be Totally Recalled

Die Hard (DVD) 16/12/2005

Yippy Kai Yay!!

McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives 15/12/2005

Sweet Sweet Chocolate

Sergeant Bilko (DVD) 14/12/2005

Oh I Just Want to Be a Soldier

Speak for Yourself - Imogen Heap 13/12/2005

Heap Hipe?

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers - Mary Roach 11/12/2005

A book of ideas

One Tree Hill - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 09/12/2005

One Tree Hill, the new Dawson's Creek?

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