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Just back from legoland - looking forward to writing that review.

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The Secret Shopper Affair - Kate Harrison 08/04/2014

A tale of friendship and how it changes over time.

The Secret Shopper Affair - Kate Harrison I came across this in the library. I thought the title sounded familiar, and from reading the blurb I realised it was a sequel to another book I had read, The Secret Shopper's Revenge. Since reading this book, I now realise there is also a third book that comes before this one called The Secret Shopper Unwrapped. I read the Revenge one a couple of years ago now. I couldn't remember much of it honestly, though I remember I enjoyed it at the time. I was interested to carry on the story of the ladies in this book even though I couldn't remember what the original story was. I think this could be read as a stand alone book and still be enjoyed as there are enough references back to the original story to get the gist of the friendship shared by the three main characters and how they became friends in the first place. Sandie is someone who should be very happy. She is in a loving relationship with her ex boss, and she is expecting his baby. She is shocked when she looks over the books with her partner Toby for his family store Garnett's. The department store is in trouble, and it is far from its former glory. Can Sandie repair the damage and relaunch the store, or is it too late? Emily's business on the other hand is thriving. Together with her partner Will, she is rejuvenating the village of Heartsease with her little shop and craft empire. She should be over the moon, but something is lacking and it causing her to be very jealous of her friends. The final friend is Grazia, an ...

Fractured - Dani Atkins 03/04/2014

A stunning debut novel

Project X: Discovery: The Silver Box - Tony Bradman 01/04/2014

This is where the fun began...

Nivea Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Water 30/03/2014

Possibly a bit too gentle for me.

Our Holocaust - Amir Guttfreund 28/03/2014

Something I felt I should honour by reading

Monsters University Busy Book 23/03/2014

Keeps my little monsters quite busy?

Monsters University Busy Book I'd noticed a couple of reviews about busy books and saying how good they were, so when I spotted some in Tesco before Christmas and I saw what they were like, I decided I would get my boys one each for Christmas. Priced at £5, I thought this was brilliant value for a book plus play figures, and I thought going with a well known theme like this Disney book I was probably going to get something that they would enjoy playing with. For those who are not familiar with Busy books, they are books aimed at children that combine a story with play figures and a play mat. This book has been designed to tie in with the 2013 film Monsters University. When my son first received this, he had not seen the film, and I have to say that the storyline in the book did not do very much to explain to us exactly who each of the 12 characters were that well. We recognised Mike and Sully straight away but this left 10 who we didn't really know at all. The book consists of really rigid card pages. There are 5 double page spreads that sort of introduce the characters, but do not really explain the story from the film much at all. The pictures show recognisable scenery from the film if you have seen it, and there is mention of the Scare Games from the film, but personally, we couldn't really do much role play with the little characters without knowing what the film was all about. The first time I read this to my son, I felt is this it? He didn't really engage with it either. Reading level is quite ...

Project X: Communication: The Thing in the Cupboard - Chris Powling 22/03/2014

Intriguing just from the title

Elethea Youth Capture Serum 19/03/2014

I will get wrinkles thinking about the price of this one

Moshi Monsters the Movie (DVD) 18/03/2014

Looked my idea of hell, but it was ok and the kids loved it

Moshi Monsters the Movie (DVD) We started to see the trailers for this film back in the Autumn of 2013. Though it looked like my idea of hell, my children are a bit obsessed by the characters from Monstro City, so it was inevitable we would end up seeing this film. Our chance came at half term when it was showing at the Kids Club. I am probably at an advantage to some adults as I have a good memory for names, and I have spent a lot of time with my kids when they have been playing on the Moshi Monster website, or playing with their collectible figures, or reading the magazine. Therefore I could sort of follow the plot. I noticed many other parents in the film looking around, playing with their phone, looking at their watch, and very disinterested. The film is not quite a blatant cash in on the brand. There is some storyline there to entertain the children, although I felt the animation was very flat compared to other films we have seen recently on the big screen. It has not got the big budget feel you get from Sony or Pixar films. The animation is almost 2D in places, and there are enough garish colours to induce headaches in adults but strangely hypnotise all the small children in the audience. The plot involves a rare golden egg being stolen by baddy Doctor Strangeglove. The 6 Moshi Monsters notice that Moshlings are going missing all over town, so they set off to do something about it. Katsuma is wanting to stage a rescue mission alone, but he realises that he needs help from his friends if he wants ...

Moshi Monsters Trainer Bag 17/03/2014

Got this one in the bag. Super mummy award goes to me.

Moshi Monsters Trainer Bag My boys need to take various belongings with them to school such as reading books and PE kits, as well as sun hats, winter hats, so I like to make this as easy as possible for them and me. Each of them has a rucksack to make it easy to carry things back and forth to school. Then they each have a smaller book bag, and a PE kit bag of their choice. Both of them are really into Moshi monsters since Christmas last year, and were very attracted to this Moshi Monster trainer bag when we saw them. At a cost of £4 from amazon, it wasn't breaking the bank to indulge their interest and buy one for each of them. Trainer bags are quite handy for seperating out small amounts of items for each child. I find that something like a swimming towel and trunks or PE shorts, T shirt and pumps fit in really well. Anything bigger, or with sharp edges, then I would not choose one of these bags as they can get torn in my previous experience. The bag is a drawstring bag, with two straps which go from the middle of the top of the bag to each edge at the bottom. This is ok to carry, but not that comfy if you are bigger. My children find it quite comfy to wear over the shoulders as intended, but I am much too big to do this. The two straps are designed with safety in mind. Each one has a velcro fastening near the bottom so that if too much weight is placed on the strap (for example if a child got it wrapped around their neck) then it would come undone. In a bag of this type we have owned before the ...

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel 16/03/2014

I wasn't Marvelled, but I did find this a nice gentle product

Moshi Monsters Moshling Talking Plush Wurley 15/03/2014

He's a Wurly chatty little fella

Moshi Monsters Moshling Talking Plush Wurley 2013 was definitely the year of the Moshi monster in our house, as we gradually got invaded by the furry and plastic little beasties. When I first saw this Wurly figure on amazon for a bargainous £4.80 instead of the RRP of £15, I knew that we had to offer him a home. (The price does keep fluctuating on this one, but around the £5 mark, so for any fans, its a good time to grab a bargain. ) I bought this for my youngest son who is only just 5 years old. He still loves all of his cuddly toys as well as figures, and this one has been no exception. It has been taken everywhere with us since he received it. I'm not entirely sure of the appeal myself, but as he is the owner, that is the important thing. The figure came encased in cardboard so I could try him out before I wrapped him up. He was tied into the cardboard, and came with three LR44 (1.5V) batteries included so I could try him out before giving him to my son. Squeezing this soft toy in the tummy area makes him 'talk.' I say talk in the loosest sense of the word as to me it sounds a bit like a little animal like a guinea pig. It is little high pitched purring and whirring noises. All sound fairly similar to my ear though pressing it for the purpose of this review I think there are at least 6 different phrases he says, but its hard to distinguish one call from another. I thought before I gave it my son it was a bit naff, but when the kids showed me on the Moshi monster website, this actually did sound like the noises the ...

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel Drink 11/03/2014

Pipe Cleaner for People

Ugly Betty - Series 1 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) 09/03/2014

Proving the saying - beauty is from within

Ugly Betty - Series 1 - Complete (Box Set) (DVD) Ugly Betty is a TV show that had 4 seasons screened from 2006. It was shown on channel 4 I believe, and although I watched it at the time it was aired, I recently decided to give it another watch when amazon prime launched its online digital service. The show is centered around character Betty Suarez. A young woman who is of Mexican descent and currently living in the Queens area of New York. She has always longed to work for a magazine, and she is offered a role as assistant to the Editor in Chief for Mode magazine - a well respected fashion magazine. Only thing is she is so out of her depth, and then to top it all of she finds out she was only hired because her boss's father knew that he wouldn't try to sleep with her. It is based upon quite a cringeworthy idea - that someone is valued more for their looks than their skill. However, Betty (played by America Ferraria) is an amazing person. Incredibly upbeat, and able to ignore the extreme bitchiness that is directed at her at work, she actually wins people round with her values and attitude. If this were just based in the office, I don't think I would have been quite so fond of it as it is quite a parody of the fashion world. However, we spend just as much time with Betty in her home. The relationship between Betty, her father Ignatio, her sister Hilda and nephew Justin, is what makes this show for me. Justin (Mark Indelicato) is brilliant as Betty's camp nephew. He has an obsession with all things fashion, and it always ...

The Art Of Getting By (DVD) 05/03/2014

Teenagers learning what the rest of us know - how to get by

The Art Of Getting By (DVD) This 2011 film, originally titled with the much less catchy name, Homework, is a romantic comedy drama. Starring Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts, it features teenagers in a school environment. This might make me far from the target audience to the film, but I spotted it on my amazon prime account when they started streaming live videos and decided to give it a try as something about the name really got my attention. After all, we are all just trying to get by in life the best we can. Highmore plays George - somewhat of a slacker and a loner. He is shown always on his own, always in bother in school for not attempting his homework, and constantly doodling pictures over his books. His teachers are at a bit of a loss how to get him to use his talent. Roberts is Sally. A girl in George's year. One day he goes up on the school roof, and when a teacher smells smoke, he pretends that it was him who was smoking up there to save Sally getting into bother. She later stops him to thank him, and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. The more time George spends with Sally, the more he starts to be attracted to her, which is actually good for him for a bit as he starts to try to fit in and do better at school. However, when he introduces him to his artist friend Dustin, jealousy creeps in. George hits a crisis point in his life, but the viewer is unsure about what path George will take in life. You can really only find out by watching yourself to find out how he reacts. Highmore ...
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