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Back after a 6 month break - not quite sure how it was that long, but hoping to stay now I have more time again.

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Three Sisters - Howard Goldblatt 31/08/2015

Three sisters with very different destinies

Immortals Blue Moon - Alyson Noel 15/03/2015

True blue sequel in the immortals series

Life Skills - Katie Fforde 10/03/2015

Your never too old to learn new skills

The Immortals: Evermore: He said he`d never let her go ... - Alyson Noel 04/03/2015

Another teen romance

Awful Auntie - David Walliams 03/03/2015

So Awful, Kids will love it

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion 16/02/2015

Original, entertaining, and heart warming

Minecraft Lego Mini Figures Monster Set 29/01/2015

A bit of a horror purchase

Friendship Loom Set 24/01/2015

Cheap and cheerful, but does do the job

The Titanic Secret - Jack Steel 22/01/2015

I love a good conspiracy theory, but some are better than others.

Bikestar Kids Kick Scooter 21/01/2015

Fab scooter to encourage active children

Minecraft Creeper Soft Toy 20/01/2015

Scary creeper toy

Moshi Monsters Boys Eyes Navy Slippers 19/01/2015

Warm, fun and appealing to kids.

Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Soft Toy 15/01/2015

Half cow half mushroom? What is that all about?

Asda XB8313S 15/01/2015

Quick no fuss food!

Asda XB8313S have owned quite a lot of toasters in the past decade, some expensive with clever functions, some plain, some very cheap. They tend to get a lot of use and then stop working in some way. The latest one is this Asda model, which has been on the go for just over a year with pleasing results. Before we bought this one, we had gone without for a little while and been using the grill to make toast, as my husband was after a dualit toaster. (Seeing the price of the brand, he will have a long wait.) I didn't want to buy yet another cheap toaster that wasn't fit for the job, but we had been struggling along trying to toast on the grill for 4 people, and we were also planning on redoing the kitchen and having no cooker at all for a while, so I bit the bullet and went for this version so I could have basic cooking facilities for a warm meal while the work was being carried out. It was a good job I did as we were without a kitchen in the end for 7 weeks last January/December, and this was a god send. I really can't remember how much we paid at the time. Asda seem to charge weird prices that end in 96 or 97p for this sort of item. It was definitely less than £10 and was the cheapest model at the time on the shelf as I wasn't expecting it to last that long. In terms of appearance, I am quite happy with the grey/silver colour of the toaster. It doesn't look as nice as the stainless steel ones, and is obviously a cheap toaster, but it looks nicer than the white plastic ones, and doesn't ...

Bandai Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Mecha Vehicle Gwen 14/01/2015

Felt a little ripped off with this one

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