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Slow going working on my tablet rather than my laptop. Hope itwill be fixed soon to speed me up.

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So... I Met a Demon - Paul McAvoy 07/10/2014

Want to freak out your kids this halloween? Give them this

I Don't Know How She Does It - Allison Pearson 09/09/2014

Manic mum tries to have it all

Wingham Wildlife Park, Canterbury 26/08/2014

Wet and Wild Wingham

The Accidental Father - Greg Williams 24/08/2014

Chick Lit from a guys perspective

The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan - Alison Sherlock 22/08/2014

How one woman reacts to life throwing her a wobbler

Dorian Gray (DVD) 20/08/2014

Disturbing Dorian Gray

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi 16 GB 17/08/2014

My notes on this tablet

Mr Peabody and Sherman (DVD) 15/08/2014

Time travel, canine style.

The Stolen Ones - Richard Montanari 13/08/2014

Chilling crime novel that will get you thinking

Year of No Sugar: A Memoir - Eve O. Schaub 11/08/2014

The Bitter Sweet Truth

Rio 2 (DVD) 08/08/2014

Back to the Amazon

A Mother's Guide to Cheating - Kate Long 06/08/2014

A mother's look back through time

Step to the Beat (Wii) 04/08/2014

Not just another fitness game for the Wii

Robosapien (DVD) 06/06/2014

You can't fail to be moved with this cute family film

Lego Toy Story Woody Minifigure 18/05/2014

Howdy Partner - Woody in lego form

Lego Toy Story Woody Minifigure Just before Christmas 2012 I was looking around for presents for various children in my life. I wanted to buy some Toy Story Duplo for my two year old niece as I know she is a huge Toy Story fan like her older cousins, my sons. I saw this Woody figure on amazon, and a Buzz one. From the picture, I wasn't clear if it was duplo or the smaller mini-figure size, so I took a gamble on it thinking if it wouldn't suit my niece, my own children could have it. Much to my childrens luck, both figures did end up being the smaller lego that is more suitable to children who are at least 3 plus due to the small size. The figures are a bit more expensive than other lego minifigures. You can buy one in a blind bag for about £2, so I was happy paying a little more. This one cost me £5.99. This is probably the maximum I would be willing to pay myself. Now it is a little more expensive at £6.49. This is really a collectors item and the price of it is only likely to go up as Toy Story is less popular now than it was when my boys were toddlers and harder to get hold of some of the toys we have come across. This Woody figure is a little taller than the Buzz figure, but the same size approximately as other lego minifigures. Slightly bigger because the head is a larger shape. The figure is buildable - you can take the figure apart by removing the head, the hands, and the body from the waist. What I like about the Woody figure is that the cowboy hat is firmly stuck at a jaunty angle on his head. I ...
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