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Just back from legoland - looking forward to writing that review.

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Robosapien (DVD) 06/06/2014

You can't fail to be moved with this cute family film

Lego Toy Story Woody Minifigure 18/05/2014

Howdy Partner - Woody in lego form

Lego Toy Story Woody Minifigure Just before Christmas 2012 I was looking around for presents for various children in my life. I wanted to buy some Toy Story Duplo for my two year old niece as I know she is a huge Toy Story fan like her older cousins, my sons. I saw this Woody figure on amazon, and a Buzz one. From the picture, I wasn't clear if it was duplo or the smaller mini-figure size, so I took a gamble on it thinking if it wouldn't suit my niece, my own children could have it. Much to my childrens luck, both figures did end up being the smaller lego that is more suitable to children who are at least 3 plus due to the small size. The figures are a bit more expensive than other lego minifigures. You can buy one in a blind bag for about £2, so I was happy paying a little more. This one cost me £5.99. This is probably the maximum I would be willing to pay myself. Now it is a little more expensive at £6.49. This is really a collectors item and the price of it is only likely to go up as Toy Story is less popular now than it was when my boys were toddlers and harder to get hold of some of the toys we have come across. This Woody figure is a little taller than the Buzz figure, but the same size approximately as other lego minifigures. Slightly bigger because the head is a larger shape. The figure is buildable - you can take the figure apart by removing the head, the hands, and the body from the waist. What I like about the Woody figure is that the cowboy hat is firmly stuck at a jaunty angle on his head. I ...

Lego Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Minifigure 16/05/2014

To infinity, and beyond. This lego toy will last forever.

Garnier Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash 15/05/2014

Exfoliating brush and wash in one

A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3 Part 1) - George R.R. Martin 27/04/2014

The Winter is Coming, can swords save anyone?

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice & Fire) - George R.R. Martin 19/04/2014

Oh I just cannot wait to be King!

The Secret Shopper Affair - Kate Harrison 08/04/2014

A tale of friendship and how it changes over time.

The Secret Shopper Affair - Kate Harrison I came across this in the library. I thought the title sounded familiar, and from reading the blurb I realised it was a sequel to another book I had read, The Secret Shopper's Revenge. Since reading this book, I now realise there is also a third book that comes before this one called The Secret Shopper Unwrapped. I read the Revenge one a couple of years ago now. I couldn't remember much of it honestly, though I remember I enjoyed it at the time. I was interested to carry on the story of the ladies in this book even though I couldn't remember what the original story was. I think this could be read as a stand alone book and still be enjoyed as there are enough references back to the original story to get the gist of the friendship shared by the three main characters and how they became friends in the first place. Sandie is someone who should be very happy. She is in a loving relationship with her ex boss, and she is expecting his baby. She is shocked when she looks over the books with her partner Toby for his family store Garnett's. The department store is in trouble, and it is far from its former glory. Can Sandie repair the damage and relaunch the store, or is it too late? Emily's business on the other hand is thriving. Together with her partner Will, she is rejuvenating the village of Heartsease with her little shop and craft empire. She should be over the moon, but something is lacking and it causing her to be very jealous of her friends. The final friend is Grazia, an ...

Fractured - Dani Atkins 03/04/2014

A stunning debut novel

Project X: Discovery: The Silver Box - Tony Bradman 01/04/2014

This is where the fun began...

Nivea Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Water 30/03/2014

Possibly a bit too gentle for me.

Our Holocaust - Amir Guttfreund 28/03/2014

Something I felt I should honour by reading

Monsters University Busy Book 23/03/2014

Keeps my little monsters quite busy?

Monsters University Busy Book I'd noticed a couple of reviews about busy books and saying how good they were, so when I spotted some in Tesco before Christmas and I saw what they were like, I decided I would get my boys one each for Christmas. Priced at £5, I thought this was brilliant value for a book plus play figures, and I thought going with a well known theme like this Disney book I was probably going to get something that they would enjoy playing with. For those who are not familiar with Busy books, they are books aimed at children that combine a story with play figures and a play mat. This book has been designed to tie in with the 2013 film Monsters University. When my son first received this, he had not seen the film, and I have to say that the storyline in the book did not do very much to explain to us exactly who each of the 12 characters were that well. We recognised Mike and Sully straight away but this left 10 who we didn't really know at all. The book consists of really rigid card pages. There are 5 double page spreads that sort of introduce the characters, but do not really explain the story from the film much at all. The pictures show recognisable scenery from the film if you have seen it, and there is mention of the Scare Games from the film, but personally, we couldn't really do much role play with the little characters without knowing what the film was all about. The first time I read this to my son, I felt is this it? He didn't really engage with it either. Reading level is quite ...

Project X: Communication: The Thing in the Cupboard - Chris Powling 22/03/2014

Intriguing just from the title

Elethea Youth Capture Serum 19/03/2014

I will get wrinkles thinking about the price of this one

Moshi Monsters the Movie (DVD) 18/03/2014

Looked my idea of hell, but it was ok and the kids loved it

Moshi Monsters the Movie (DVD) We started to see the trailers for this film back in the Autumn of 2013. Though it looked like my idea of hell, my children are a bit obsessed by the characters from Monstro City, so it was inevitable we would end up seeing this film. Our chance came at half term when it was showing at the Kids Club. I am probably at an advantage to some adults as I have a good memory for names, and I have spent a lot of time with my kids when they have been playing on the Moshi Monster website, or playing with their collectible figures, or reading the magazine. Therefore I could sort of follow the plot. I noticed many other parents in the film looking around, playing with their phone, looking at their watch, and very disinterested. The film is not quite a blatant cash in on the brand. There is some storyline there to entertain the children, although I felt the animation was very flat compared to other films we have seen recently on the big screen. It has not got the big budget feel you get from Sony or Pixar films. The animation is almost 2D in places, and there are enough garish colours to induce headaches in adults but strangely hypnotise all the small children in the audience. The plot involves a rare golden egg being stolen by baddy Doctor Strangeglove. The 6 Moshi Monsters notice that Moshlings are going missing all over town, so they set off to do something about it. Katsuma is wanting to stage a rescue mission alone, but he realises that he needs help from his friends if he wants ...
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