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Back after a 6 month break - not quite sure how it was that long, but hoping to stay now I have more time again.

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The Lamb-a-aroo - Diana Kimpton 07/11/2015

A warm tale about family love and fitting in.

The Lamb-a-aroo - Diana Kimpton This is a book that has been loaned from both the school and local library on many occasions. For some reason, my youngest son is really drawn to this story. I can't put my finger on why, but I think he likes the warmth from it, and perhaps identifies a bit with the main character of the little lost lamb who doesn't really fit in as that is kind of what his own life has been like. Whatever the reason, he picks this gentle story regularly so that we can share it at home. Lamb has been lost in the middle of no-where. He is discovered by a herd of kangaroos, and one of them adopts him as her little baby. Lamb is happy but is concerned that he is not like the other little lambs as he doesn't look or act like them, and this makes him a bit sad. One day they come across an abandoned house, where the lamb discovers some springs from a mattress and starts to bounce around like the other kangaroos. However, at the same time, his Maaaa finds a wooly blanket and covers herself in it to look like her baby. Neither of them are left happy with this arrangement, so they go back to being themselves, which is ok as they love each other dearly. To me, this is a really gentle story. There is not that much going on within it and it is not overly exciting once you have read it once in my opinion, which seems to be shared with my older son, who will listen but is not that bothered. My younger son however does not seem to get bored with it, and likes the relationship between these two creatures ...

So... I Met a Vampire - Paul McAvoy 05/11/2015

Standing out a little from the Vampire crowd

The Extinction Club - Jeffrey Moore 29/10/2015

A genre bending novel that makes you question if it was worth it

Fitbit Charge HR 19/10/2015

This fitbit has super-charged my weight loss

Stolen Child - Laura Elliot 15/10/2015

This will terrify any mother who reads it

Ikea Pax Wardrobe 18/09/2015

You can sure PAX a lot in these wardrobes

Bloodstream - Tess Gerritsen 15/09/2015

A very different type of book for Gerritsen

Bloodstream - Tess Gerritsen Tess Gerritsen is an author who writes in my favourite genre of crime thriller with an emphasis on the medical side to cases. I have read a few of her Rizzoli and Isles series, and so when I came across this book in the library I had no hesitation picking it up as I knew it would be well written and have a subject matter that would appeal to me. After finishing this novel, my thoughts are that it is quite different to her novels that follow police work. This heavily reminded me of another author who I read a lot when I was younger - Stephen King. Part of that is down to the setting of the book in Maine, America. The other aspect to it is that the book is based upon events that are very mysterious and unexplainable - it sort of felt like there was some unnatural cause to the events in the novel which gave it a very different vibe to when your reading a crime novel where the cause is most definitely a human one. This book was released in 1998, preceeding any other work I have read from this author. It is a stand alone novel classified as a medical thriller. Set in a quiet town in Maine, called Tranquility, the central character is a doctor called Claire Elliot. Claire is trying to escape her past by moving to this area with her son Noah to give him a fresh start away from all the troubles of living in a big city with all its temptations and influences. However, as autumn draws in, Claire is horrified by an outbreak of violence that could rival anything she saw in the city. ...

The Hangman's Daughter - Oliver Pötzsch 08/09/2015

A time of suspicion

Three Sisters - Howard Goldblatt 31/08/2015

Three sisters with very different destinies

Immortals Blue Moon - Alyson Noel 15/03/2015

True blue sequel in the immortals series

Life Skills - Katie Fforde 10/03/2015

Your never too old to learn new skills

The Immortals: Evermore: He said he`d never let her go ... - Alyson Noel 04/03/2015

Another teen romance

Awful Auntie - David Walliams 03/03/2015

So Awful, Kids will love it

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion 16/02/2015

Original, entertaining, and heart warming

Minecraft Lego Mini Figures Monster Set 29/01/2015

A bit of a horror purchase

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