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Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 13/11/2008


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation This product is just fab for me. I am 43 years of age and as all women know when you get to this age your skin becomes a bit more tired and requires that little bit of extra care. Foundations are a must and at first i was a little sceptical about this product. The fact that it is a mousse just made me wonder if it would clog. Well this is certainly not the case. To describe this product is exactly as it says on the packaging, it is a mousse. When you smooth it onto your face it is flawless and you cant feel you have it on. I normally use Lancome products, however my sons girlfriend who is 18years got me to try this. Overall I will certainly continue to purchase this product it is absolutely great. I think I paid about £6.99 from Boots but I got it with products offers buy 2 get the 3rd free. A great buy on my part and well worth a try. ...

School Of Rock (DVD) 14/09/2008


School Of Rock (DVD) Had this DVD sometime now and I can honestly say it is one of those films that you can watch over and over again. My son loves it. It is definitely a family film and a film you can all watch together. The story line has an emotional edge to it, especially from the child actors/actresses. Jack Black is the lead actor and I think he does a fine job. He is funny and I think he is funny just to look at him. If you enjoy films with music this is great. It is not a musical but the story line is centered around music itself. This film, i believe has everything you would want, comedy, emotional and keeps you interested, This is one for the family. ...

Gale Hayman Gale Haymen Youth Lift 13/09/2008


Gale Hayman Gale Haymen Youth Lift I found Gale Haymen about 4 years ago. I once watched QVC and Gale Haymen products were being sold as if it was going out of fashion. They pride themselves in products for the older female. I was 39 then and thought it was about time I accepted I was that older women. Seeing the wrinkles on their way in the mirror motivated me to try the Youth Lift. So I took the plunge, ordered this product and waited in anticpation. Since then Ive never stopped using it. This does exactly what the bottle says. When applying the product you will instantly feel the softness, conditioning and you can feel it working. It is not one of those creams that drag as you are applying, it really does go on the face with ease leaving your skin feeling wonderful. It does have a pump action which allows you not to use too much at any one time. You can put this on underneath your make up which is excellent as you dont feel as if your skin is clogged up'. This product is a must for all those females out there who are approaching their 40s and over. ...

OPI Nail Polish Remover 13/09/2008


OPI Nail Polish Remover I am a great fan of all OPI products as they seem to work for me. This product does not contain any alcohol therefore there is no fear of your nails being brittle as this is one of the main causes. It smells great and does not have that usual putrid smell that other removers have. When using other removers one can smell it for sometime afterwards along with my boys and husband moaning that they stink. I am sure that using this products assists to having great nails as it is so gentle on the nails. You will not get that dry feeling after using it either. This product comes in a trial size or full size. The trial size bottle is excellent for holidays. I usually purchase a full bottle and decant it into my trial size bottle for use on holiday. Often QVC have many offers with OPI products or alternatively I have found Amazon to be a good price. It really is a great product. ...

First Choice 12/09/2008

If the price is right, try it!

First Choice I use First Choice airlines about 3 times a year. Often the flights appear to be cheaper than others, escpecially if you book well in advance. I havent had a bad experience yet. The seating area is about average for the price one would pay, however when we took a long haul flight to USA we found that the legroom was much more and was great. Clearly not all passengers now have onboard meals. In light of that they do offer a trolley service with a variety of snacks including sandwiches. These items are expensive, a cup of tea would set you back about £2.60. When travelling outbound from UK you are charged in GBP, travelling inbound back into the UK you are charged in EUROS or whatever currency you are coming back from. The downside to this is that they do not pay your change in that currency, in fact they give you your change in GBP, which is clearly a bit of a con and one loses out marginally. My advice is to pack up to avoid the onboard snack prices if you dont take a meal. However all that said, I still fly with them as from start to finish it all seems to be very straight forward. If the price is right, Try it! ...

OPI Nail Envy 12/09/2008


OPI Nail Envy Used this product for some 6 years now. My nails once used to snap and split, but no more. This product does a fine job of allowing me to have strong nails and for some reason my friends think my nails are french polished. This is as the whites of my nails have also gone white. This product can also be used as a base prior to painting your nails with a colour. It is also advisable to purchase the OPI avoplex wich is an oil you rub into your cuticles. This will just add to the strength. You can buty these products from QVC or I have recently noticed AMAZON are much cheaper priced at £8.99. This sounds a lot, however it does go a long way, it should last you at least 8 months if you treat your nails about twice a week. The avoplex will last you considerably longer. Although I say it myself my nails look great. You have got to try it if you want stronger better looking nails ...

Loewe Individual 40 Selection 09/09/2008


Loewe Individual 40 Selection I have owned a loewe lcd tv for about 2 years. It is fantastic. Its appearance always catches the eye of visitors. My tv has a motorised stand which means you can control the movement of the tv from your remote control or simply program the tv to turn to your desired position when turning it on. This TV does not have to be purchased with a motorised stand as you also have the option of free standing or mounting to a wall. The TVs clarity is second to none and the options available to you regarding your picture,sound, etc is excellent. The downside to this TV is that is it pricey. Including the motorised stand you are looking at about £3000. BUT i have found 'you get what you pay for' A true quality TV. ... 07/09/2008

I KNOW WHERE I COME FROM Whilst we know who we are, surely you want to know where you come from. This site is great value for money when tracing your history. It cost £80 annual membership. Compared to other sites which make you buy credits. If you was to add up your credits you will soon find you have reached nearly £80 and thats probably in a week if you are keen. Ancestry allows access to all areas for this annual fee. It allows you to view/print/save any data such as census records/military/naval/birth marriage and death. I have been with Ancestry a year and have already traced my family tree back to 1600s with over a 1000 relatives/decendants. This site allows you to upload photographs. It allows you to search other members who have your relatives in their trees, which is fab as you can find living relatives. I have located living relatives in New Zealand/Austrailia and Tasmania. For a charge you can also have all your data you have collected including photos you have uploaded placed in various formats ie Genealogy Tree Poster, family history book.This site offers much much more than any other. ...

Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs 07/09/2008


Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs Throughout my life I have been 'yo yo' ing on diets. In 1997 I found a local Rosemary Conley fitness club. The diet is FAB! It is a pure education which continues for life. It works on fat content in foodstuffs and works as a percentage per 100. This information is on every possible product you buy so you cant go wrong. The diet states that you are allowd 40g of fat a day to lose weight. My success is that I weighed just short of 13 stone and lost 3 1/2 stone in about a year. This diet is not one to get bored of, you dont have to buy anything special and its one for all the family. I have maintained my weight and am still 91/2 stone. This one is a MUST for all those out there who have not succeeded with a diet yet. ...

Elba Palace Golf, Fuerteventura 07/09/2008


Elba Palace Golf, Fuerteventura I own a property on the Golf Resort. We have regular access to this hotel and its facilities. This hotel is absolutely outstanding and the staff are very obliging. For all those golfers out there, the course is second to none and not forgetting this isalnd has all year round sun, so you can carry on playing golf even in our winter months. The course has fantastic views of the sea. The pool is wonderful and you are supplied with towels. The sunbeds around the pool are amazing, that may sound silly, but the cushions are like matresses and you are provided with a pillow and towel. The hotel has to be seen to appreciate it. When you walk through the entrance lobby you enter a massive open area with coffe bars, golf shops and there are seating areas all over, inside and out. The guests offer nothing but wonderful reports. There is a dress code for dining on an evening. The hotel also offers evening entertainment. You are around 10 minutes walk from the nearest beach, shopping mall and cinema. This is well worth a visit the area is beautiful ...

Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo 06/09/2008


Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo This product is just fantastic especially for those who have dry/damaged or highlighted hair. I am 43 and have been highlighting my hair since i was 13 years old. Some may wonder what condition my hair is at present. Well I can say that I have tried numerous shampoos over the years and would rate them OK. Then I found Tresemme, it works fantastic for me, its amazing, my hairdresser always comments on how lovely the condtition of my hair is and asks what I use. I believe this is the best advertisement for any product. The product does come in two sizes 900ml and 250ml. I find that the 900ml is fantastic value and often the supermarkets have these sizes on offer which is 2 for £6. The 250ml size is just perfect for holidays. For all you boys out there, this product is not just for women, my sons love it too. ...
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