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Nescafe Cafe Vanilla 11/01/2010

Naughty or nice?

Nescafe Cafe Vanilla I went through a stage of spending far too much in Starbucks, I used to pass one as I changed bus on the way to work and the temptation was too great. Not because I needed a drink but beacause I just couldn't replicate the drinks at home and they were just so yummy. My friend then let me try one of these Nescafe sachets at work and with a few adjustments of my own I can now have a yummy drink well worth the two or three pounds I was paying but far cheaper. The directions say to add this sachet to 200mls of hot, but not boiling water and stir. You need to stir it loads, the lumps you get if you don't really do taste vile! Now making the drink up this way is lovely don't get me wrong but it isn't heaven! It tastes quite watery and not as sweet as I like it. You can smell the vanilla but not really the coffee, which is no big deal. I now make mine with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar (and occasionally chocolate sprinkles if I'm feeling really naughty). I know this makes this far more unhealthy but its divine! A good stir gives you lots of yummy froth on the top which you have to lick off first (its the rules!) I also add a wee bit more water then directed and get a nice big cup, this really doesn't change the flavour so why not?! If you are a big coffee drinker I don't expect these will taste strong enough for you. The taste is very mild and creamy, and the colour quite pale. I only ever add half a spoon of coffee if I make myself one so I'm not really a strong coffee ...

Escada Signature Body Lotion 28/12/2009

Sniff my signature

Escada Signature Body Lotion My friend must love me! I got a lovely present from her this year; a bottle of this body moisturiser. I have never seen this one before and had to have a look to see what it actually was online. I'm always moaning that my arms feel dry, and the fronts of my legs get so dry they are itchy, really not a good look for me. So anything that will give my skin a drink is fine by me. Escada make fragrances and this body lotion is the same scent as the signature escada scent. I only know that by looking online as the only thing it says on the box is Escada. Online it retails for about £11-£27, quite pricey on its own so its had better be good. The box is gorgeous, its glittery, white at the top and turquoise at the bottom, very glam. The bottle is plastic, flat and quite understated. I did have a giggle at the writing on the back, there is a long list of ingredients then it says; Moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis. Indeed! The smell is lovely quite floral without smelling old ladyish. It is a very delicate scent with top notes of bergamot, black currant, lush leafy greens and cucumber, heart notes of magnolia, jasmine, muguet, rose & orange blossom and base notes of amber, musk, nectarine, vanilla & patchouli wear. I can certainly smell the cucumber and it does smell nice and fresh. The texture is amazing, soft and runny but it sinks in in seconds and wow my arms feel amazing! At first it felt like applying a cheap lotion but it warmed quickly and sank in to ...

Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy 10/09/2009

And.... relax

Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy We all know that feeling, facing a horrible interview, driving test, doctors appointment, whatever. Your heart is racing your palms are sweaty and you feel useless. I get this alot, and at silly times too. I really needed something to calm me down before I resorted to mainstream medication. I have been using bachs rescue remedy now for years with no ill effects what so ever. I use both the drops and the pastilles. The drops are great but you do tend to look slightly odd when you are on a bus dropping something on to your tongue so the pastilles are great for those times. Bach's products use flower extracts of various flowers to do various things. The pastilles contain the following (from the website Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock. Clematis: For the tendency to "pass out", and unconsciousness, being 'far away' and not present mentally. Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger. Impatiens: For irritability, tension and fidgety. Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic. The drops contain the same but are not marketed as alcohol free and my breath really does smell like I have drunk a few glasses of something! At first I was very sceptical I have no idea if the ingredients do anything at all to me, but it works. It might be a placebo effect, it might be the habit of getting my rescue remedy out of the bag the way a smoker relaxes as soon as they reach for their cigarettes. I really don't care, I feel more relaxed within minutes ...

Avon Naturals soothing lavender and chamomile room and linen spray 10/09/2009

Masks smells and makes the kids sleepy!

Avon Naturals soothing lavender and chamomile room and linen spray My best friend is an avon lady and being lovely I always try to put in an order for her and I must say I have had some lovely products out of it. This was no exception. I love room sprays, and they really are needed in our house as my 8 year old wets the bed quite often, we whip the sheets straight off and have all the mattress protectors etc but the smell still lingers. I gave my son a regular air freshener for him to use but being 8 he filled his room with a huge amount and it did my asthma no good..... the smell lingered on! So I bought some of these sprays a few months back and never looked back. You spray 2-3 sprays towards the centre of the room or on linen. Spraying in the room is fine for a normal room with no major odours, however we spray a spray on the curtains, bedding and carpet so still only 3 sprays but the smell seems to linger better on linen. I can't put my finger on why but this spray doesn't affect my asthma any where near as much, the pump spray is quite simple and the mist that comes out is fine and wet rather than a gush of air that comes out of an aerosol can so maybe that is why. We first tried the strawberry and guava smell, which Oliver loved, he wasn't as impressed with this scent but I really liked it. It is very calming and smells mainly of lavender but I can smell the chamomile too. It settles down after ten minutes to almost nothing however the smell of wee has gone and there is just a pleasant faint smell lingering, perfect for a boys ...

Moxie Tampons 01/04/2009

Moxie - Spoil Yourself

Moxie Tampons I hate that time of the month, its not glamorous, or fun and won't ever be lets be honest. I usually roll in to Boots in a vile mood and pick up whatever they have available on offer and get back home. This time however I saw a gorgeous little pink and white stripey box. I'm like a magpie when it comes to pink things and these stood out on the shelf so I had a closer look. The box is very small it has a cut out window showing two little tube shaped tins, I have to be honest it was the tins that sold it really. They are very cute and each hold 8 non applicator tampons. Ideal for your handbag and you wouldn't know what what is them if your bag spilt over the floor (although I'm not really worried about that) The tins are pink and white striped with a black lid with Moxie written on, the tin has a ribbon printed on it with a black bow at the front, it has a 1950's feel I think. The tins are reusable and recyclable which is great. I have used one to put hair grips in which gives you an idea of the size as the hair grip is the same height as the tin. Inside the tins are 8 individually wrapped regular tampons (they also make super and super plus) regular have an absorbancy of 6 to 9g (light to medium). The tampons are very tiny indeed, I was quite shocked, they are non applicator and have a decent length white string. The wrapper twists off which is heaven if you have ever tried to get out out of the pack and it won't work. The tampons also have a silken glaze coating making it ...

Late Night Shopping - Carmen Reid 26/03/2009

More shopping

Late Night Shopping - Carmen Reid After reading the first book in this two book series 'The Personal Shopper' I went on to read this quite quickly. I bought them both together from Amazon so was very pleased to say I liked the first book. The second book didn't let me down either. ~The story~ The books together follow personal shopper Annie Valentine on her search for a man and happiness. After the happy ending of the first book you wonder where the second will pick up, in true chick lit style the happy ending doesn't last long. Annie and her new boyfriend Ed met at Annie's sons school where Ed is a music teacher they slowly got together and moved in together. The second books picks up when they have being living together for a year. However Annie has a dream, she wants to set up her own fashion retail business, ok so she doesn't have the money to put forward, surely Ed doesn't need to know all the details? Does he? Annie remortages the house, spends money on an Italian holiday and buys expensive handbags all without consulting Ed and when he finds out Annie has to make some decisions. ~Characters~ I loved the characters in the first book, they are very likeable and it is easy to relate to them. They follow through into the second book and grow together. The only thing I would say is that I started to get annoyed with Annie, she seems to be quite selfish in the book, she doesn't show much love for Ed leaving him to babysit on a family holiday to Italy and she spends money with no concern for him at all. ...

The Personal Shopper - Carmen Reid 23/03/2009

A stylish Reid

The Personal Shopper - Carmen Reid For some reason I have never come across Carmen Reid before, I don't know why. I suppose I read the authors I liked and didn't stray far from them. Now I have read all my favourites offerings and have been looking around for other authors. I was spending a voucher on Amazon and the pink cover caught my eye. I found that Carmen Reid has written quite a few books and she looked right up my street so I bought this book and its sequel 'Late Night Shopping' hoping that I liked the first! ~Carmen Reid~ Carmen Reid has written nine novels two of which are aimed at teenagers and the others for grown ups (urgh I suppose thats me then!) She has a lovely website which I love looking at since I am very nosy and like to know as much about the author as I do about the book! Carmen lives in Glasgow with her husband and two children, after working in London as a journalist. She is a bestselling author and deserves the title. There is a little quote on the back of each book 'A fabulous read. A sexy read. A Carmen Reid'. ~The Story~ Annie Valentine is a personal shopper to the rich ladies of London in The Store. Its a job she is both excellent at and that she adores. Her life is nice, she has a teenage daughter Lana, and a nine year old son Owen. She is a single Mum and struggles to juggle home and work life. She craves the stability that her husband used to provide but the expensive singles dinner dating scene isn't producing the high class designer specimin she is ...

The Birds and The Bees - Milly Johnson 05/03/2009

Scottish Hunks and Honey

The Birds and The Bees - Milly Johnson Before you all groan and tell me off for reading yet another book about pregnancy or getting pregnant, let me just say that in this book 'The Birds and the Bees' refers to a scottish reel. This dance is supposed to be lucky and help to find your perfect mate, it involves changing partners throughout. Yes, I did read the title and get all excited and yes, I thought it was about conception but was I disappointed? NO! Milly Johnson is actually a genius, she is now, after only 2 books, my favourite author. I read 'The Yorkshire Pudding Club' a few weeks ago and fell in love with that. This book however is quite possibly even better. Book number three 'A Spring Affair' is due out in April this year. For the first time in a long time I will be one of the first to buy that book, in fact I think I'll book a day off work! Stevie Honeywell is a 'normal' woman with a normal bottom and a 4 year old superhero called Danny. She has it all, a gorgeous fiance, a nice home and a job as a romance writer. Her fiance also has it all, complete with his stunning and non existant bottomed lover, Jo. Stevie's world falls apart when Matthew leaves her for Jo. Adam (Jo's man) then offers to help Stevie get Matthew back whilst getting Jo back for himself. Unfortunately Adam is a vile, huge, ginger, Scottish wife beater, with hands the size of dinner plates! The story is about the lovely Stevie having to put up with Adam in her quest to get her man back. I think Milly Johnson's books are so succesful ...

The Yorkshire Pudding Club - Milly Johnson 21/02/2009

Do you want to be a Yorkshire Pudding?

The Yorkshire Pudding Club - Milly Johnson I have to admit I had never heard of Milly Johnson a few weeks ago, I spotted this book on Amazon and the cover caught my eye. On closer inspection of the blurb the book jumped into my trolley. I am the type of person who judges a book by the cover, I know, I know, all wrong but chick lit books are just so pretty, all colourful and I love the feeling when you handle a new book for the first time. I was so excited when this book came through the letter box and I wasn't disappointed when I finally got to read it. I HAVE to go out and buy Milly Johnson's two other books tomorrow. The Yorkshire Pudding Club is her first novel followed by A Spring Affair and The Birds and the Bees. For a first novel her offerings are formidable. What book can fail to be great with a cartoon picture of a jar of marmite on the back? Helen is desperate for a baby and takes her two best friends to an ancient fertility symbol of a fella to sit on his manhood. In true fairy tale style within months all three 30-somethings are in the club. The book follows the three friends as they deal with their pregnancies in very different ways and join the yorkshire pudding club. Helen is married to a bully and she has to come to terms with the fact that her husband isn't as thrilled with the growing bumb as she is. Janey is a career woman with no baby making plans in her future at all much to the disappointment of her hubby George (every girls needs a George in her life bless him!). The news of her pregnancy ...

Clinique Repairwear Anti-Aging Make up 11/02/2009

Am I getting old?

Clinique Repairwear Anti-Aging Make up My sister hasn't done herself many favours she has a really awful habit of picking her spots and has done since she was a teen, she is now 39 and as a result her face is scarred and pitted. She covers it with various types of foundation and tried this one. It didn't give her the coverage she wanted so she passed it on to me. Now, my skin is normal, the only thing that I suffer from is a red nose and black bags under the eyes. Still since I don't have £20 for a new foundation at the mo I started to use this. *Claims* The Anti-ageing Repairwear foundation is meant to cover and repair lines. According to the clinique website this claims to 'help block and mend the look of lines instantly, and over time.' It also has a sun protection factor of 15 helping to stop further ageing from the effects of the sun. *Feel* I applied this using a make up sponge and was throughly amazed, it is very thick, but not at all greasy. I used colour number three, fair, and it was a nice match (my sister and I can always get away with the same foundation luckily). However if you don't blend, blend, blend you will look like a clown! I had to literally brush it into my hairline as it was so thick it could be seen really obviously. Not a good look! *Skin* After and during use my skin felt fine, no tightness and no spots. Great news. It was very heavy though and when I blew my nose it did transfer to the tissue. My sister found it clogged her skin and didn't help the spots so do go ...

Keep Smiling - Charlotte Church 05/02/2009

Stars in their words

Keep Smiling - Charlotte Church *Charlotte Church* Charlotte Church became a household name at a very young age. She was only 12 years old when her first album was released. She has seen a great deal in her life so far and, although auto biographies are often written by older generations, Charlottes life fills the book with her tales. *The writing* The book is written with Fanny Blake, and is very readable with a chat like style. Unlike some of the other autobiographies from young stars at the moment this book is not meant to shock and the story tells itself. Charlotte admits that she has been very lucky and seems to love her life with her boyfriend Gavin. This was a great feel good read, I like reading about the stars in their own words. To be honest we have all read about Charlotte in the news and the celeb magazines, its hard not to hear about her but its nice to read her tales in her words without being sensationalised by the press. *Her Story* The book starts out at the beginning and tells us about Charlottes family life, and it follows her life through till the time of the books finish, when the couple are expecting their first baby. There are three sections a great photos from Charlottes career and childhood which illustrate the writing well. I think my favourite parts of the book are the little tips written at the beginning of each chapter. For example 'All the better if you can stand out from the crowd. When my first album came out there were no other 12 year old opera singers ...

Gelli Baff 12/01/2009

Its a boy thing?

Gelli Baff I am always amazed at the new ideas for kids that toy manufacturers think up. I am also amazed that I go so excited about this product and bought it without thinking about the state of my bath after. In fact Father Christmas bought this, it was a gift set, two boxes of gelli baff and some bubble bath to go with it for £12.99 from studio catalogue. One box on its own retails at around £5. My daughter got orange gloop and my son blue lagoon. There are quite a few colours to try out. Testing time Sunday night came, the night before the big back to school day, and the day to wash off 2 weeks worth of chocolate, christmas pud and paint (I did bath them in between too honest!) We tossed a coin and Izzie chose to use her orange gloop. Without reading the instructions first they got undressed like I told them but they had to wait a while in the end so it may be an idea to prepare the bath while little ones are busy doing something else. Instructions Run a bath with 40 litres of warm water (6cms deep) - this is NOT a lot of water at all, you then sprinkle goo former over the surface of the bath (one of 2 bags in the box) then you wait 2 minutes for the goo to form and stir. I had a few problems at this stage, the goo former flew out of the pack in lumps which wouldn't dissolve in the bath, so go careful to sprinkle it slowly over the surface or you get hard lumps floating in water rather than a bath of goo, our second attempt was much better. The goo feels a bit like ...

The Baby Trail - Sinead Moriarty 11/01/2009

Catch that egg!

The Baby Trail - Sinead Moriarty A book for when the biological clock starts ticking just a little bit louder. The Baby Trail is the first in a trilogy of books following Emma Hamilton; a perfectly normal married woman who faces problems trying to have a baby. Each book can be read on its own but all three together form a fantastic heart warming story which really doesn't follow the plot you would expect it to at all. *Emma* At the start of the book Emma is like any other woman who expects it to all be so easy; 'come off the pill in December, have sex, be pregnant in January, have the baby in September, get a personal trainer in for November and have my figure back and the baby in a nice routine by Christmas.' I think that the book would be best read by women who have had troubles concieving, although the story in itself is great too. The parts where Emma is taking Clomid and going through hot sweats etc then expected to 'perform' at the end of it all were hilarious but only because it was quite sad at the same time. *The Hubby* James, Emma's husband is a typical bloke, he loves her loads and is equally desperate for a baby but like my partner he just doesn't get quite as obsessed as some women do. Emma goes to Lourdes to bathe, James agrees to go too but never actually goes in and tries to lie to Emma to say he went in. He'll support her to a point but after that he puts his foot down. *Is it true to life?* I really wish I was unable to answer this but unfortunately I know enough to say ...

International Anti-Damp Paint 11/01/2009

Leave it to the ladies

International Anti-Damp Paint I live in a rented property and have had a problem with damp for the last year, the landlord came out and a builder and the problem was sorted however the walls were vile. I offered to redecorate (you have no idea how vile his decor is!) so to cover the damp patches I bought this and a bottle of mould and mildew remover. 6 months later and the damp hasn't come back. *What it does* There is a warning on the tin that this product will not cure the cause of damp and that you should seek professional advice. The paint literally covers the areas of damp and stops its from coming back, which it shouldn't do any way if it has been treated. Since we had already done this we were good to go. *Where can I buy it?* I bought this from Homebase for £22.99 for 2.5l about 8 months ago, which is a little steep but they do 750ml tins which are under £10. 2.5l covers 20m squared. I found I used almost half a tin and I covered about 8m squared so the coverage is about right. *Preparation* You have to make sure that you prepare the walls before using this, I washed the walls down with mould and mildew remover so they were almost back to white. I then let that dry well. You need to stir the paint really well when you first get it as the contents seperate. This was easier said than done as the contents are really thick. I ended up using an old curtain pole to get to the bottom and my arms got a good work out in the process. *Application* Finally I was ready to paint. I ... 19/12/2008

Roll up Tombola is an online bingo site. It has various other games to play on there but they are all luck based and not skill based. This means that every one has an equal chance of winning. Depositing You can deposit money to your account using any major debit or credit card, but not American Express. The minimum deposit is £10. I'd like to see this go down to £5 but this is the same with most online gambling sites to be fair. Deposits show up immediately and you only need to enter your details once making depositing scarily easy! Tombola will match your first deposit up to £25. Withdrawing Should you be lucky enough to win you can withdraw any amount over £10, but winnings over £1000 must come by cheque and may require you to give additional ID. Payments appear in my account usually within 3-4 days. Games There are 4 different bingo games, the cheapest being bingo lite with tickets from 2p, this is quite fun but the jackpot is only £100. Bingo 90 is the most expensive if you buy 4 strips which is £2, here I have seen the jackpot go up to over £20,000! There is also Cinco, a card based game where you have to match the cards pulled out. Hamster racing where you bet on a hamster. Battleships, like the old board game. And finally Rollercoaster which is a game where balls fall out and you match them to the balls in your cart. The new game, Bandit, came out this week and has been very busy, to the point that sometimes you cannot even get into the room. Its based on a ...
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