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Nescafe Cafe Vanilla 11/01/2010

Naughty or nice?

Nescafe Cafe Vanilla I went through a stage of spending far too much in Starbucks, I used to pass one as I changed bus on the way to work and the temptation was too great. Not because I needed a drink but beacause I just couldn't replicate the drinks at home and they were just so yummy. My friend then let me try one of these Nescafe sachets at work and with a few adjustments of my own I can now have a yummy drink well worth the two or three pounds I was paying but far cheaper. The directions say to add this sachet to 200mls of hot, but not boiling water and stir. You need to stir it loads, the lumps you get if you don't really do taste vile! Now making the drink up this way is lovely don't get me wrong but it isn't heaven! It tastes quite watery and not as sweet as I like it. You can smell the vanilla but not really the coffee, which is no big deal. I now make mine with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar (and occasionally chocolate sprinkles if I'm feeling really naughty). I know this makes this far more unhealthy but its divine! A good stir gives you lots of yummy froth on the top which you have to lick off first (its the rules!) I also add a wee bit more water then directed and get a nice big cup, this really doesn't change the flavour so why not?! If you are a big coffee drinker I don't expect these will taste strong enough for you. The taste is very mild and creamy, and the colour quite pale. I only ever add half a spoon of coffee if I make myself one so I'm not really a strong coffee ...

Escada Signature Body Lotion 28/12/2009

Sniff my signature

Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy 10/09/2009

And.... relax

Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy We all know that feeling, facing a horrible interview, driving test, doctors appointment, whatever. Your heart is racing your palms are sweaty and you feel useless. I get this alot, and at silly times too. I really needed something to calm me down before I resorted to mainstream medication. I have been using bachs rescue remedy now for years with no ill effects what so ever. I use both the drops and the pastilles. The drops are great but you do tend to look slightly odd when you are on a bus dropping something on to your tongue so the pastilles are great for those times. Bach's products use flower extracts of various flowers to do various things. The pastilles contain the following (from the website Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock. Clematis: For the tendency to "pass out", and unconsciousness, being 'far away' and not present mentally. Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger. Impatiens: For irritability, tension and fidgety. Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic. The drops contain the same but are not marketed as alcohol free and my breath really does smell like I have drunk a few glasses of something! At first I was very sceptical I have no idea if the ingredients do anything at all to me, but it works. It might be a placebo effect, it might be the habit of getting my rescue remedy out of the bag the way a smoker relaxes as soon as they reach for their cigarettes. I really don't care, I feel more relaxed within minutes ...

Avon Naturals soothing lavender and chamomile room and linen spray 10/09/2009

Masks smells and makes the kids sleepy!

Moxie Tampons 01/04/2009

Moxie - Spoil Yourself

Moxie Tampons I hate that time of the month, its not glamorous, or fun and won't ever be lets be honest. I usually roll in to Boots in a vile mood and pick up whatever they have available on offer and get back home. This time however I saw a gorgeous little pink and white stripey box. I'm like a magpie when it comes to pink things and these stood out on the shelf so I had a closer look. The box is very small it has a cut out window showing two little tube shaped tins, I have to be honest it was the tins that sold it really. They are very cute and each hold 8 non applicator tampons. Ideal for your handbag and you wouldn't know what what is them if your bag spilt over the floor (although I'm not really worried about that) The tins are pink and white striped with a black lid with Moxie written on, the tin has a ribbon printed on it with a black bow at the front, it has a 1950's feel I think. The tins are reusable and recyclable which is great. I have used one to put hair grips in which gives you an idea of the size as the hair grip is the same height as the tin. Inside the tins are 8 individually wrapped regular tampons (they also make super and super plus) regular have an absorbancy of 6 to 9g (light to medium). The tampons are very tiny indeed, I was quite shocked, they are non applicator and have a decent length white string. The wrapper twists off which is heaven if you have ever tried to get out out of the pack and it won't work. The tampons also have a silken glaze coating making it ...

Late Night Shopping - Carmen Reid 26/03/2009

More shopping

The Personal Shopper - Carmen Reid 23/03/2009

A stylish Reid

The Birds and The Bees - Milly Johnson 05/03/2009

Scottish Hunks and Honey

The Birds and The Bees - Milly Johnson Before you all groan and tell me off for reading yet another book about pregnancy or getting pregnant, let me just say that in this book 'The Birds and the Bees' refers to a scottish reel. This dance is supposed to be lucky and help to find your perfect mate, it involves changing partners throughout. Yes, I did read the title and get all excited and yes, I thought it was about conception but was I disappointed? NO! Milly Johnson is actually a genius, she is now, after only 2 books, my favourite author. I read 'The Yorkshire Pudding Club' a few weeks ago and fell in love with that. This book however is quite possibly even better. Book number three 'A Spring Affair' is due out in April this year. For the first time in a long time I will be one of the first to buy that book, in fact I think I'll book a day off work! Stevie Honeywell is a 'normal' woman with a normal bottom and a 4 year old superhero called Danny. She has it all, a gorgeous fiance, a nice home and a job as a romance writer. Her fiance also has it all, complete with his stunning and non existant bottomed lover, Jo. Stevie's world falls apart when Matthew leaves her for Jo. Adam (Jo's man) then offers to help Stevie get Matthew back whilst getting Jo back for himself. Unfortunately Adam is a vile, huge, ginger, Scottish wife beater, with hands the size of dinner plates! The story is about the lovely Stevie having to put up with Adam in her quest to get her man back. I think Milly Johnson's books are so succesful ...

The Yorkshire Pudding Club - Milly Johnson 21/02/2009

Do you want to be a Yorkshire Pudding?

Clinique Repairwear Anti-Aging Make up 11/02/2009

Am I getting old?

Keep Smiling - Charlotte Church 05/02/2009

Stars in their words

Gelli Baff 12/01/2009

Its a boy thing?

The Baby Trail - Sinead Moriarty 11/01/2009

Catch that egg!

International Anti-Damp Paint 11/01/2009

Leave it to the ladies 19/12/2008

Roll up

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