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Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer Copper 28/03/2010

Like looking muddy or orange? This is for you

Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer Copper Dream mousse bronzer *Packaging* The bronzer comes in the usual dream mousse packaging, glass tub, plastic lid.In my opinion it looks attractive and is easily stored in a makeup bag. The lid is tight so it doesn't spill. *Colour* This product comes in a range of colours to suit different skin tones. I used a shade which I believe is called golden? But I'm not sure, although all the other shades were darker so I believe this is the lightest shade. *Use* Okay the product feels almost powerdy when applied to the skin and does gather in dry places of the skin, it dries the skin out easily so isn't recommended if you have dry skin as I do. *The overall look* I applied the bronzer in a small amount and it overall gave a muddy and orange look, the bronzer has glitter flecks in it so this makes the orangeness and muddy look even worse. I left the bronzer on for the rest of the day to give a fair review on staying power, and after looking in the mirror after about 4 hours the bronzer had become extremely patchy. Now all I had been doing is lying on the sofa watching television, I hadn't travelled out of the house. So I believe if this bronzer is used at the start of the day and you travel out of the house, frequent application will be needed, and you don't want to spend all day worrying about your makeup do you! Now I am wondering because of my skin type this bronzer wasn't for me, my skin is dry, but not extremely dry I have had no problems with other ...

Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation 06/05/2008

Beauty in a bottle

Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation After using dream matte mousse for quite a long time a decided to have a change and use a more expensive foundation. This is when I saw super stay silky, a new foundation from maybelline. *Colours* There is quite a range of colours in this foundation but the colour swatches are misleading so it is best to try it out in the store. I bought 'fawn' which when I got home found it was a little too dark for my skin tone. So if you have used dream matte mousse do not go off the shade you have used as in the super stay silky it is a little darker. So i strongly reccomend testing in store. *Packaging* Super Stay Silky comes in a plastic bottle which is double barreled. One side the coloured shad and the other side 'silky feel extender'. The pump is quite tricky to use as you have to press each side to get both the foundation and extender out and they do not come out in equal amounts. The look of the packaging is fairly attractive and the lid fits firmly on the top of the bottle to prevent spillages in your makeup bag. *Claims* The claims of this foundation are: * Blends in One step- this I feel is true as the foundation and extender mix well and blend well onto skin. *16hr flawless coverage- I do not feel this foundation stays on for 16hrs as it goes patchy easily. But if you do not touch your face and stay indoors sat up straight for 16hrs it will stay. *Use* Using this foundation is fairly easy once you get it out of the bottle, it blends well onto the skin ...

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick 10/08/2007

Silky soft underarms!

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick I've got to say this deodorant is a life saver! I love it I'm not keen on the roll-on but I love the deodorant stick. It's soft, moisturises your skin and gives hours of protection. I first bought this deodorant in a local Tesco store, I was looking at all the deodorants and came across the dove section I looked and looked at all the different types of dove deodorant: spray, roll on and the stick. I finally decided I'd get the stick as it looked the best product and I'd never tried a deodorant like this one before. I took it home and decided to try it for school the next morning in the morning I put it on I was surprised how smooth and soft it was like moisturiser! It lasted all day it didn't have a sticky feel and it made my underarms smooth and silky. It didn't have a distinct smell to it and I have quite sensitive skin and it didn't irritate me one bit. I still use the dove deodorant stick and it isn't expensive either, quite cheap actually. I would reccomend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin, doesn't want white marks on their clothes and who wants long lasting protection.

Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil 09/08/2007

Super Special Eyes Eyeliner!

Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner Pencil Wow, Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner is great! The price tag is cheap, (about £2.50) the results are fantastic, and the colours are so deep and perfect! I bought Rimmel Eyeliner because I was looking for a good eyeliner and my friend reccommended this as she said it was the best product she had used in a long time. I took her advise and headed to my local 'boots' I walked in and headed to the rimmel section, I had prepared myself for quite a high price tag but when I found the eyeliner and looked at the price tag I was very surprised. I took it home and started to experiment with the product with my other makeup. I put some on the bottom of my eye but once I had applied eyeshadow on my top lid the eyeliner didn't glide on as smoothly. When it came to taking the product off I got my usual makeup wipe and started to take the makeup off when I got to taking the eyeliner off I was pleasantly surprised it just came off easily but it stayed on all day. I wore it for a girls night out to a local teen night at a club and it stayed on even though I danced, danced, danced and when I got home it came off easily once again. The teen night started at 6pm and finished at 11pm so it stayed on for a full 5 hours! I was really pleased with the colour too I chose the colour '161 black magic' and it's a really deep black colour that makes the colour of your eyes really stand out. I love this eyeliner and would reccomend to anyone

Air Wick 2 in1 08/08/2007

Air Wick 2 in 1 dissapointment!

Air Wick 2 in1 I bought the Air Wick 2 in 1 for my bedroom. It is quite a small bedroom so I thought the fragrance would be quite strong, I've got to say I'm dissapointed. I did exactly what it said on the bottle ' shake and then pull up the wick' it said the higher the wick is the stronger the fragrance so I pulled it right to the top, I left my room and shut the door. When I re-entered the room at night my room didn't smell any different than it did before I put the air freshner in! I was so dissapointed in it I can only smell the air freshner when I get close to it and it's placed on my dressing table but I can only smell it when I put my nose about a cm away from it. I wouldn't reccomend this product to anyone I paid £1.99 for this and I was throughly dissapointed with the fragrance I got for this price!

The Sims 2: Pets Expansion Pack (PC) 05/08/2007

Sims Pets a great Sucsess

The Sims 2: Pets Expansion Pack (PC) The Sims 2 pets is a fresh expansion pack from EA games. The game is an add on for the original sims 2 so you will need this before you purchase the expansion pack. The game allows you to create, adopt or buy pets the choice of pets are: dogs, cats, parrots, fish and a hamster like creature called a womrat. Womrats, parrots and fish are bought in buy mode but you have to either adopt of create cats and dogs. Womrats, parrots and fish I find pretty boring, fish you just watch, feed and clean out the tank (similar to owning a real fish!) womrats you can play with, watch them, feed and clean out the cage, parrots are a bit different you can hold them, teach them to talk, feed them and clean out the cage so I find the parrot the most exiting of the caged animals. Dogs and cats come in many species from the tabby cat to the boxer dog the list is pretty varied and you can create your own species. Once you have chosen your species you can make the features bigger/smaller, choose a collar and choose the personality of the animal. You can purchase many different accessories for your pet: beds, toys, scratching posts, litter boxes and food bowls and they all come in different types for different sim budgets. There is also some added furniture items for sims such as different bed sheets for beds and wallpaper and flooring items. The game is easy with not many goals you can send your pet to work to earn a living for the family. One of the downsides is you cannot control your pet but ...

Cadbury Spira 09/06/2007

Spiralling down?

Cadbury Spira I love this chocolate bar! The chocolate is shaped like two straight 'spiraled' lines of chocolate, these chocolate bars are great if you want a quick chocolate fix but if you want more of a bar these are not for you. The chocolate tastes nearly the same as dairy milk so if you are looking for more chocolate I'd buy a dairy milk bar for nearly the same price! The smell of this chocolate isn't very strong it smells a little milky and you can't really smell the cocoa. The quality of the bar is average as it isn't as good as some cadbury chocolate. The bar is a little pricey (45p) seen as what it is only two thin bars of chocolate shaped like spirals. I think cadburys has just lowered the quality of a dairy milk and made it into spiraled bars of chocolate.

Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner 07/06/2007

Best Shampoo I've used!

Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner I was surprised with this shampoo as it was very cheap! I washed my hair with it and it felt so silky and didn't leave my hair greasy or lank and thin. It gave my hair volume and a silky soft feel. The price was seriously suprising and for the quality of the shampoo it was dirt cheap. The range of shampoos are astounding they have one for every type of hair straight, itchy and much more! I love the one for straight hair I think it reallly does give my hair a straightened feel. I think that other shampoos do not compare to this and if you are looking for a shampoo that gives your hair a smooth, un greasy feel this is definately the shampoo for you!

Tetra Goldfish food Sticks 07/06/2007

Tetra Fish Food

Tetra Goldfish food Sticks ...

Vitakraft Hamster Honey Sticks 06/06/2007

Honey Sticks

Vitakraft Hamster Honey Sticks These treats are ok occasionally for hamsters and by occasionally I mean once a month. They are rich is sugar and honey wich should not be fed to dwarf hamster so these treats are only suitable for syrains. They have little nutritional value but hamsters love chewing on them to keep their teeth down. The sticks are quite big so I would check the hamsters hoard as they will go quite sticky id left in the cage for too long. I wouldn't feed these to my hamster at all to be honest because they are little in nutritional value and they are sticky the honey can can stuck in your hamsters cheek pouches and hurt him/her. But if you really want to feed them feed them once a month

Pets At Home Hamster Muesli 06/06/2007

Hamster Musesli

Pets At Home Hamster Muesli Pets at Home hamster muesli is a healthy feed for hamsters it contains seeds, nuts, pellets and pieces of dried banana. This feed is quite good for syrian hamsters as nothing needs to be taken out of it hamsters tend to eat all the nuts and banana pieces and leave the pellets but this can be prevented by taking the nuts and banana out and saving them as treats. I would only give a table spoon of this food each day as it is a bit fatty but it does give all the nessacary nutrients to keep your hamster happy and healthy. The packaging on the hamster food is bright and colourful the main colour is fushia but boys don't be put of it's what's inside the bag what counts! This food is healthy and nutritious food for hamsters

Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Mascara 06/06/2007

Mascara review

Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Mascara I bought Magnif'eyes mascara quite a bit ago and I find it an ok mascara. The only thing is I don't think it gives a 70% lash lift in a mascara I look for one that claims to give a lash lift and volume this mascara did so I thought I'd try it and I think it only gave a 30% lash lift. This mascara is hard to get off even with makeup wipes especially for eyes. The colour of the mascara is quite good the black is a really deep, dark black and the brown is very natural. The wand applicator is easy to use and clean and is better than the traditional brushes. The packaging is slim and easy to fir into a handbag or makeup bag. Overall I would say this is a satifactory mascara. ...

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 06/06/2007

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation I loved this foundation at first it glides on softly and the colour matches my skin perfectly.All my friends use it and I think it is a satifactory foundation. The only disadvantages of this foundation is that is doesn't stay on so well and when you rub it in it leaves marks where you have rubbed it in. It comes in a glass containers with a plastic top and the foundation lasts quite a long time (depending how much you use it). Make sure you test out the foundation in the shop to see which colour matches your skin as the colour swatches are quite misleading. Overall this foundation is great if you don't mind applying it more than once a day, but if you look past the applying this is a great foundation.

Samsung SGH-D600 06/06/2007

D600 phone review

Samsung SGH-D600 I currently own the samsung D600 and find the phone satisfactory. The bluetooth on the phone is great but this phone does not have infared. The backgrounds on the phone are pretty poor so you will have to download some new backgrounds. The camera on the phone is ok but it doesn't work very well in really light places. The themes on the phone are a big dissapoinment and you cannot download any new ones. The ringtones on the phone are of ok quality but I downloaded some. The sound quality is quite good and the MP3 player is great although you will probably need a memory card if you want more than 21 songs. The battery life on this phone is ok but I always take my charger if I am going away for a weekend. Overall this phone is of average quality.

Sheila - Jamie T 06/06/2007

Shelia by Jamie T

Sheila - Jamie T Jamie T, shelia is one of the best songs I have heard in my life! He is an absolute legend! The song has quite wierd lyrics and it has a great beat backing it. The song is bouncy, beatful and a happy tune. This really is a summer song you will all be listening to wether it is sat round the BBQ or lay in bed on a Sunday morning chilling out this is the song for you. I absolutely love this song it will definately be on my ipod this summer while I am on holiday on the beach. I LOVE this song !! Jamie T is a great artist and i will most definately be buying his new album Panic Prevention soon if it is as good as Shelia I will love it.!
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