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Sunsweet Humzingers Fruit Stix 15/11/2006

they're hum minging

Sunsweet Humzingers Fruit Stix I really didn't enjoy them. they said they had 5 different flavours, they all tasted the same, rank. they looked gross (think of cat sick when you look at them), and really didn't appeal for my to eat. my sister loves them so i thought i'd try one. Apple, didn't taste anything like apple or anything remotly nice. Found out why, only made with pear and apricots, so no apple in there to make it taste like apple. what a cheek?!! they could be good in one way, due to its an easy way to eat fruit. Also i have to admit I've only tried one and i really don't want to try another. so i don't know if know what all humzingers, but I'm not eating them again. I didn't find them very enjoyable and left a migning taste in my mouth. If you want to eat an apple eat an apple and not apple flavoured pulp. They're not great and funny.

And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid 15/11/2006

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...full moon tonight

And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid This Album was well good. Saw Rancid live last week and they blew my socks off. Maxwell Murder was immense the best bass line you'll ever hear, and when you first hear the album that will blow your socks off. every track is amazing and could easliy be released as a single which is the signs of a well made album. Other songs such as Ruby Soho, and Time Bomb, are well good punk/ska songs which last week got everyone dancing and singing along. this album has many catchy lyrics, and guitar rifts. There is 19 tracks on this album, so therefore it is definatly worth the money. track after track after track after track after track after track after teack of hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! theres nothing i didn't like i can listen to it again and again and it doesn't age, another sign if a good album.
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