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Member Advice on Choosing Childcare 13/10/2005

Why choose a childminder?

Member Advice on Choosing Childcare As an Ofsted Registered Childminder I thought it might be useful for readers to know what we have to do to get registered, how standards are maintained and how we are governed. Becoming a childminder is not an easy option and you do need to be committed to a Childs development to ensure your business is a success. I have met both excellent and not so good childminders (very much in the minority) but, as a parent myself, I do believe childminders offer children a great start in life. How to become a childminder ############### ######## Firstly you need to attend a pre-registration briefing session. This is carried out by your local Early Years department (look on They will book you onto your nearest course. When you attend it gives you an in-depth insight into what is expected of you as a childminder and it really makes you think about whether you can offer children a service that they deserve and require. Once you have made that decision then you have to complete and application pack. This includes Criminal Record Bureau forms for you and each member of your family over the age of 16. You need to have an enhanced check (highest level) to ensure your suitability as a childminder. This is actually the longest process; mine took 2 months to come through. Then, you need to complete a medical form and have this verified by your doctor, who will add his own comments on your answers and medical history as well as his thoughts on your suitability ...

Monarch Airlines 01/10/2005

Straight from the ex-hosties mouth!

Monarch Airlines Right! before I start, please don't bombard me with mails such as we pay your salary or I flew monarch in 1986 to Ibiza and the seat pitch was awful! I know all of this! After 6 years of flying with Monarch, I know every gripe there is with the airline industry. I just wanted to write a review form the other side of the fence, as an ex-employee of a charter airline. It was always my dream, from when I flew Monarch as a little girl, that I would be a stewardess for Monarch Airlines. Well, many years later my dream came true, and I had the best six years of my life flying around the globe staying in some of the best hotels,and meeting many interesting and pleasant passengers along the way. Firstly, it is not an easy job, physically it is demanding, exhausting, and dirty job! Just look at a hosties bath water!!!! Constantly applying and re-applying make-up is not vanity, its a necessity to cover up the grime from fuel and oil and sweaty galleys and sometimes other crew!!!! So next time you see a hostie applying her lipstick, dont laugh at her.... pity her (or him!) as she is probably just covering up a rather nasty engine burn from when she was disembarking the passengers! My personal favourite was standing too close to the cleaner who was emptying the rear toilets. The hose came unattached and blue loo was showered everywhere and i bore the brunt of it, 235 passengers waste sprinkling all over me like an April shower! So what do we think of you passengers then? On the whole, ...

General: Bahrain 15/11/2004

Golden Bahrain

General: Bahrain As cabin crew i visit Bahrain on average once a month and I never fail to enjoy my trip. I can stay from anywhere between 12 hours and 10 days and love it everytime. Where do I start? Well, we usually stay in the Diplomat Hotel in Manama which is sheer luxury and caters for all your needs. The rooms are beautifully decorated and the tv keeps you up to date with news from around the world. When you drive up to the hotel really takes your breath away. The lights are magical and the heat as you step out of the air conditioned bus just makes the whole experience out of this world. So, what do we do? well, shopping usually features on the itinerary at least once a day and a good time to wander around the souk is after 5 when it is cool and the streets come alive. I can honestly say, hand on heart, i have never seen any women harassed and as cabin crew wandering around with other girls i have always felt perfectly safe. The gold souk is great and certainly cheaper and of a better quality than home. There are a few malls one just out of town (seefmall, i think) but to be honest it is very designer and very expensive. Nice to window shop though and rub shoulders with the millionaires of Bahrain! Other daytime activities include visiting Sheiks beach which is beautiful and covered in beautiful people and the Yacht club which is also great if you get the chance to go out sailing. We have also been horse riding, the horses are treated beautifully and you feel priviledged to be ...
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