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Member Advice on Choosing Childcare 13/10/2005

Why choose a childminder?

Monarch Airlines 01/10/2005

Straight from the ex-hosties mouth!

Monarch Airlines Right! before I start, please don't bombard me with mails such as we pay your salary or I flew monarch in 1986 to Ibiza and the seat pitch was awful! I know all of this! After 6 years of flying with Monarch, I know every gripe there is with the airline industry. I just wanted to write a review form the other side of the fence, as an ex-employee of a charter airline. It was always my dream, from when I flew Monarch as a little girl, that I would be a stewardess for Monarch Airlines. Well, many years later my dream came true, and I had the best six years of my life flying around the globe staying in some of the best hotels,and meeting many interesting and pleasant passengers along the way. Firstly, it is not an easy job, physically it is demanding, exhausting, and dirty job! Just look at a hosties bath water!!!! Constantly applying and re-applying make-up is not vanity, its a necessity to cover up the grime from fuel and oil and sweaty galleys and sometimes other crew!!!! So next time you see a hostie applying her lipstick, dont laugh at her.... pity her (or him!) as she is probably just covering up a rather nasty engine burn from when she was disembarking the passengers! My personal favourite was standing too close to the cleaner who was emptying the rear toilets. The hose came unattached and blue loo was showered everywhere and i bore the brunt of it, 235 passengers waste sprinkling all over me like an April shower! So what do we think of you passengers then? On the whole, ...

General: Bahrain 15/11/2004

Golden Bahrain

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