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Apple iPhone 3G 16GB 15/12/2008

iPhone 3G review.

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB I had wanted one of these for quite a while before I eventually convinced my Dad to buy me one! Yes, it is a little pricey, but in my opinion, it is well worth it. It has it's flaws but compared to all of the phones I've ever owned, it really is outstanding. Starting with the good stuff :)... The Safari internet browser is excellent. You can view the pages just as you would on a computer - it is very easy to use & you can find an internet connection almost anywhere, although occasionally, when the signal is low, it cannot connect. If a Wifi is nearby, a box comes up asking whether you want to connect which I have found to be very helpful. The Youtube feature is really handy & I love the simpleness & format of it. I absolutely love the AppStore. There are so many free applications up for download. Lots of silly but entertaining little games such as Whack A Gopher, iBubbleWrap, PocketHoops, Hanoi, Hangman & others. I have also downloaded, for free, an IM service where I sign in to my hotmail account, a tarot card service, a reading application where I can store full length books on my iPhone, a programme which allows me access to all of the main radiostations & local ones, horoscopes, sudoku, a magic 8 ball, rock paper scissors, fortune cookies & many more useful applications. It really does keep me entertained when on a long journey or in a delay. My personal favourite is iPint, where the iPhone is transformed into a pint glass & a virtual pint is poured. ...
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