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Member Advice on Psoriasis 27/06/2004

It's carpet burns, honest!

Member Advice on Psoriasis reading the reviews on Psoriasis i can't believe how many people let it rule their lives so much. I can hear you now thinking easy to say unless you have had it from head to toe. yes i have been there, done that, had the t-shirt , took the t-shirt off and left half of my skin on the floor too. For those of you who don't know what psoriasis is then read the other peoples reviews to see how much of a self- esteem killer this skin condition can be and for those who have psoriasis then life is too short to hide away because you are worried what other people think. My psoriasis started when i was 18, at first i has a few bits on my scalp and patches on my knees and elbows, that's when i first passed it off as carpet burns, lol, i never had any trouble getting boyfriends, i did see one lad who got a bit offensive about my skin but i just said ,well cream will clear my skin up,shame you can't get cream to make your bits grow ( or words to that effect!). I am 36 now and i have tried lotions, potions ,pills ,sunbeds, uva,uvb and all sorts, i have had good periods where i have had small patches and bad periods where i have been pickled from head to toe, my dermatologist has tried so many things and like a bad penny the flakes return with a vengence. If you told me standing on my head in the garden at midnight with a candle up my bum would cure it i would of tried it . I read somewhere that drinking your own urine will clear it but i draw the line at trying that!! and i wouldn't ...

Bodrum Airport - Turkey 23/06/2004

cold chips and warm coke

Bodrum Airport - Turkey we arrived at bodrum airport at 4am on may 4th, tired but happy to be on holiday, due to various delays 3 planes had arrived near enough at the same time so the wait to get through immigration took well over 1 hour. you have to pay £10 each person to enter Turkey and are required to pay with stirling in £10 notes. I did see some couples paying with £20 notes although the guide books state you can only use £10 notes and i would suggest you comply with that advice, the Turkish immigration officers are not the friendliest i have ever seen. Due to the time it took to get through to baggage i thought that our bags would be on the carousel but as no bags were being taken off the carousel then no other bags were being put on, this meant we had another hour wait. 2 weeks later we had to check into Bodrum airport for the flight home. we checked our bags in and went through to departures, we had to put our hand luggage through the x-ray machine, no tray was provided and your belongings go along on open metal rollers, we were rushed through and lost a hat so i would recomend you take a carrier bag to put your sunglasses, hats & jackets in to put them through the x-ray. The cafe in departures is expensive, they charged £2.50 for a portion of chips, £2 for coke etc(warm coke &cold chips!) In the shops the turkish delight was twice the price it is in Bodrum and the shops don't sell much that's worth getting excited about although the duty free is reasonable. Tobbaco is hard to find ...
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