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Simply Deep - Kelly Rowland 20/07/2006

Fresh sound for summer

Simply Deep - Kelly Rowland This album is realy good full of fun songs that would cheer you up when ever you feel like cheering yourself up or just want to have a good time. Some of the songs on the album sound similar to the destinys child songs but they have a more fresh sound. Kelly rowland collabrates with nelly, Solange Knowles and Joe Budden on some of the songs on the album so the songs have their own sound and each are different. The album contains 15 songs including bonus tracks. The songs are: 1. Stole 2. Dilemma - Nelly & Kelly Rowland 3. Haven't Told You 4. Can't Nobody 5. Love / Hate 6. Simply Deep - Rowland, Kelly & Solange Knowles 7. (Love Lives In) Strange Places 8. Obsession 9. Heaven 10. Past 12 11. Everytime You Walk Out That Door 12. Train On A Track 13. Beyond Imagination 14. Make U Wanna Stay (Bonus Track) - Rowland, Kelly & Joe .Budden 15. No Coincidence (Bonus Track) The album contains the number 1 Dilemma featuring Nelly which was Kelly Rowlands frist sole song while destinys child were on a break. She then went onto realise the songs Can't nobody, Stole and simple deep all top 10 hits in the uk. This album is good for any one to listern to with its pop and RnB sound. I also think it is a good album to play during the summer or when you go out and party the night away as some of the songs would get everbody up and dancing. I would recommend this album to anyone that liked destinys child or that want to listern to a fresh sound and likes the ...

Little More Personal (Raw) - Lindsay Lohan 20/07/2006

Great mix of different music

Little More Personal (Raw) - Lindsay Lohan This album is a great second album from Lindsay Lohan. It is full of great RnB and rock songs that get you up and moving or just listerning to the words shes singing. The album contains 12 songs with their own indervidual identy and meaning. The songs are: 1. Confessions of a broken heart (daugther to farther) 2. Black hole 3. I live for the day 4. I want you to want me 5. M y inocence 6. A little more personal 7. If it's alright 8. If you were me 9. fastlane 10. Edge of severten 11. Who loves you 12. A beautiful life (la bella vita) The first song I heard from the album was confessions of a broken heart. The song and the video shows how lindsay was dealing with her farther issues I heard this before I heard the rest of the album which lead me to belive that this album was going to be more about the way she feels which is different to her first album. This allows the listern to learn more about lindsay's feelings. On the hole this album is great and easy to listern to when you go out for the night, at home or in your car. I would recommend this album to anyone that whats to hear a new different style of music.

PCD - Pussycat Dolls (The) 18/07/2006

PCD great summer album

PCD - Pussycat Dolls (The) The Pussy cat dolls debut album is a great summer album with great tracks that will get everyone ready for a great summer. This album is also good if your planning on having a party because it has great base that would get evryone up and dancing even if they don't normaly listeren to RnB. On the album it has the songs that they have realised like their number 1 singles Don't cha and Stickwitu. It also contains the song Beep staring Will Iam and the song Sway the soundtrack from the movie shall we dance. It also contains the brand new single Buttons featuring Snoop dog a hip and upbeat song for summer. The album also contains songs that you may have heard of before like Tainted love but it has its own PCD style to make the song their own new verson. The album has 15 song in total all with their own indvidual style and flare to get everyone no matter what age they may be up and moving to the songs. The songs are: 1. don't cha featuring busta rhymes 2. beep featuring will i am 3. wait a minute featuring timbaland 4. stickwitu 5. buttons featuring snoop dog 6. i don't need a man 7. hot stuff (i want you back) 8. how many times, how many lies 9. bite the dust 10. right now 11. tainted love / where did our love go 12. feeli good 13. sway 14. flirt 15. we went as far as we felt like going All of the songs on this album can make you feel better if your slightly feeling down or you just feel like you want to let your hair down and dance the night ...
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