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Benecol Strawberry Yogurt Drink 06/07/2011

A tasty drink to reduce your cholesterol

GadgetBox Imaginesound Desksound Photo Frame Speakers 15/04/2011

Picture This

GadgetBox Imaginesound Desksound Photo Frame Speakers I bought these speakers about 2 years ago when they were on the website for £14. For most of the year I live in a single roomed student accommodation and so space is an issue. As such, products which combine different functionality such as this appeal to me. The main idea of the product is that the two main speakers double up as picture frames for displaying photographs. In my case I attach the speakers to my laptop, although the speakers can be used with an MP3 player, CD player, TV or indeed anything with a 3.5mm socket of the type you would plug headphones into. I often like to listen to music and watch films and tv programs in my room from my computer but find the inbuilt speakers to be rather weak in terms of volume and richness of sound at times. As such I keep the product on my desk and have my choice of pictures alongside my computer acting as my speakers. The product consists of three main units, the two picture frames themselves and a main unit where all the wires connect to and which also has the speaker volume controls and is a subwoofer. This central unit is the largest component, measuring 9*19*20cm and is fairly plain to look at, being made from white acrylic. The front panel contains the sound hole for the subwoofer and three volume controls to vary the overall volume levels or alternatively tweak the relative levels of the bass and treble. When on (the power switch is at the back), the machine emits an attractive blue light around the edges ...

Thorntons Marc de Champagne Treat Egg 15/04/2011

A champagne easter egg without the sparkle.

Thorntons Marc de Champagne Treat Egg I got my hands on a voucher for a free Thornton’s treat egg from the myvouchercodes facebook page which I collected from my local Thornton’s shop the other day. There were several varieties to choose from, however, I selected the marc de champagne variety which I will be reviewing today. The normal retail price of the product is 69p, however, online (and possibly in stores too) there seems to be a 3 for 2 offer currently. While they may be available from other sources ( I have seen some Thornton’s branded products in supermarkets) I only know that they are available from Thornton’s stores or the Thornton’s online website. The egg is fairly small in size, about the size of a Cadbury’s cream egg or perhaps slightly smaller. It is attractively wrapped in gold foil with some white silver and pink circular decoration on it. The egg itself has a thick milk chocolate shell filled with a smooth (but not runny) Marc de Champagne truffle centre. Being a Thornton’s product I had quite high hopes. The chocolate casing was good quality milk chocolate which contains at least 30% Cocoa solids and at least 14% milk solids. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting from the truffle center, however, what I got was somehow not it! The truffle centre was lovely and smooth and the texture went well with the harder chocolate casing. The truffle tasted alcoholic, rather like liqueur chocolates which of course makes sense given it was meant to be a champagne flavour, but still it surprised me. I ...

Sainsbury's Traditional Kentish Ale 15/04/2011

Ale for what ail's you?

Dorset Cereals Good Honest Crunch Toffee & Pecans 14/04/2011

"Unadulterated breakfast pleasure"? Yes, for a price.

Last month I was lucky enough to win 8 boxes of assorted Dorset Cereals good honest crunch from the Dorset Cereals website. (yay!) The variety that I am going to review here is the new toffee & peacans cereal. The cereal comes in an attractive box, which is a bit different from most cereal boxes since it has a square cross section. I half expected (& hoped!) that it was going to contain a fine malt whiskey, it is about that size and shape of container. Consequently the pack size is smaller than many you will get at 375g (what I would think of as a standard sized cereal box usually contains around 500g), but this does have the advantage that it is easy to store I guess. The box has a nice natural feel about it (it is made from 85-100% recycled cardboard), it does not contain the bright glossy images of the mainstream brands but instead has more subdued brown and orange tones and a nicely minimalist front which contains the product name and company logo and little else. The box opens easily to reveal the cereal inside a transparent plastic pouch. The box states that "we seal our bags nice and tightly to keep things fresh, so you will need scissors to open them". I hadn't noticed this when I opened the product, so just opened the bag with my hands which seemed to work fine as well! One problem, however, is the difficulty in resealing the product. The bag itself can not be resealed and I found it quite difficult to adequately seal the product inside just the box, although there ... 13/04/2011

Cakes made of sweets - what's not to like!

Naked Juice Blue Machine 13/04/2011

A smooth smoothie which quenches your thirst

Radox Lemon and Tea Tree Showergel for Men 13/04/2011

Cleanses the body but not the mind

Sainsbury's Traditional Kentish Ale 12/04/2011

Ale for what ail's you?

I am happy to admit that I like a good pint of English Ale; the complex flavour combinations, the wide variety of styles, the fact that most Americans have no clue why on earth you would want to have a beer that isn't chilled almost to freezing point: these are all good things for me. As such, when I spotted this variety of Taste the Difference traditional Kentish Ale in Sainsbury's the other day I thought "why not give it a try" and so I popped it in my basket and cracked it open the other night. Being a Sainsbury's branded product it is only available, you guessed it, in said supermarket's stores and I was able to pick up the individual bottle for the sum of £1.69. The beer is 4.5% volume and the bottle contains 500ml, which corresponds to 2.3 units under the UK system. Being an alcoholic beverage it is only legally purchasable by persons aged 18 or over and should not be drunk in large quantities due to the many dangers and diseases associated with excessive alcohol consumption, of which I am sure you are aware. If you are not aware then do some research - and then ignore it all if you wish. Ok, lesson over. The bottle is quite elegant albeit in an understated way. It consists of clear glass with the phrase "1698 Britain's oldest brewer" proudly declared around the neck. The label has a white background with the product details and a picture of a swan(?) at the top. The signature of the head brewer "David Holmes" is prominently displayed at the bottom of the label to ...

Morphy Richards 47070 CAFE Matino 11/04/2011

A fresh cup of coffee for your morning wake up call

Morphy Richards 47070 CAFE Matino ---INTRODUCTION--- I am sure I am not alone when I say that I frequently find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and often rely on a solid caffeine boost from a nice cup of coffee to start my day. In fact, often I wonder whether I drink a little too much of this particular brown nectar and so have been giving it up for lent this year! Usually I simply choose a good quality instant coffee as this is quick and easy, yet last Christmas I was fortunate enough to receive this Morphy Richards filter coffee machine. ---THE MACHINE--- It is quite a large machine, at 35cm high and about 23cm wide but is fairly attractive with a brushed metallic finish. In the centre of the machine there is a recess which holds the jug for the coffee. This jug is quite large and has gradations on the side to show the number of cups of coffee it contains. The maximum capacity of the machine is 12 cups. While I find that my personal mug size of coffee is equivalent to about 2 of the stated “cups”, this still corresponds to a whole 2L of coffee which is quite impressive! The top cover of the machine hinges upwards to reveal the hole for pouring in the water. This is a little small I find, so you have to be quite careful when doing this in order to avoid spillages. There is level indicator on the side of the machine which displays how much water (again in units of “cups”) has been added to the water chamber. The top of the machine also houses the mesh funnel for containing the filter coffee ...

Proteam Digital Coin Counter Money Jar 11/04/2011

Don't count on it

Inception (DVD) 10/04/2011

A film that's a dream to watch.

Inception (DVD) My favourite film of 2010 was without a doubt Inception, I was blown away by it when I saw it at the cinema and knew straight away that I would have to own it when it was released. Consequently I put it on my Christmas list and was lucky enough to find the DVD nicely wrapped up under the tree back in December. The film is set in a world where the technology exists for people to communally enter other people’s dreams and effect what they experience while asleep. The main protagonist of the film is Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a father of two who is experienced in manipulating these dream worlds and is employed to perform industrial espionage by controlling people’s dreams such that they can extract secrets from their rivals. Cobb is approached by Saito (Ken Watanabe), the head of an energy company which is unable to compete with the dominance of a rival firm. The owner of the firm, Maurice Fischer (Pete Postlethwaite), is on his death-bed and the company is about to pass to his son Robert (Cillian Murphy). Saito wants Cobb to attempt inception – the implantation of an idea in Robert’s mind so that he will break up the company, allowing Saito to lead in the energy market. The process of Inception, however, is widely thought to be impossible; the mind is a resilient entity and easily recognizes when it is being given ideas that are not its own. Yet Cobb is made an offer he cannot refuse and so agrees to give it a try. Cobb and his partner in crime, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) ...

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer 09/04/2011

A refreshing summer ginger beer with added alcohol 09/04/2011

Post a posy

Raid Fly & Wasp Killer 09/04/2011

Buzz off

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