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BUFFALO AirStation Wireless-G WBMR-G54 - wireless router - DSL - 802.11b/g - desktop 22/06/2007

Good Quality Cheap Router

BUFFALO AirStation Wireless-G WBMR-G54 - wireless router - DSL - 802.11b/g - desktop I spotted this Router on Ebuyer amongst a lot of other cheap routers. Watch out as some of the cheap ones are not Modem Routers. This one is and was an excellent price at less than £40.00. It arrived promptly and as I now have two computers running in the house and one broadband connection i immediately went about connecting the modem router so I could use the internet on either machine. First thing to note is that it was actually extremely easy to set up. I opened the box and there was a very clear step by step guide at the top of the box. I was delighted that this had been included as I am not really a technical expert although I am certainly not a technophobe! I followed the step by step guide and had my modem router up and running in less than 15 minutes. When I say up and running I mean that I had one laptop connected via an ethernet cable and connected to the internet with relative ease. The second laptop is connected via an integrated wireless signal. This is the first time I have used a wireless ready laptop without the need for a wireless card so I do not really know the reletive reliability of these integral systems. To say that the wireless connection on Laptop 2 has been tempremental would be an understatement. For the first few days of use it has been disconnecting itself due to an apparantly weak signal at regular intervals. Now this could be happening because of a number of reasons. 1. Laptop - The wireless part of the laptop may be very ...

Icky Thump - White Stripes (The) 22/06/2007


Icky Thump - White Stripes (The) I'm very pleased to be the first person to rate this album which I guarantee you will be the best album of 2007 by a long way. It will also be the most original album you will here this decade. I recently saw the Stripes at Hyde Park and it is not until you see them live that you can truly appreciate the magnificant talent that Jack White has. He has to be the most amazing guitar player around today and seeing them helped me to appreciate this new album even more than I ever could have done. Recorded in Nasville in less than three weeks this was the most modern recording equipment ever used by the White Stripes and I think the longest they have spent recording an album. They like to produce original sounds and they certainly do not fail to that here. I bought the album on the release date and one week later I have listened to it at least once a day! It is a great album to listen to certain songs individually but more importantly it works brilliantly as an album. Track by Track Guide:- 1. ICKY THUMP - The first single from the album which i\'m sure like most people would agree sounded quite annoying the first time it was played on the radio. It then starts to grow and it gets to a stage that you can put up with it, then it grows some more and you start to like it, then it grows some more and now I just bloody love it! Starts with pounding drums and hard guitar before breaking into the strangest sythesised sounds you will ever hear! I promise you will not find ...

Dell Dimension E520 11/06/2007

Dell Dimension E520 - For Business & Pleasure!

Dell Dimension E520 The Dimension E520 is used by me as a business computer and was bought as such from the Dell Website. This review therefore focuses on the machine from a small business point of view. CHOOSING AND ORDERING:- The Dell website is pretty good it breaks things down for the lay person as much as possible however I still took advise from a more clued up friend on any techncal computer issues. The main benefit of the Dell website is that you choose a basic package - in this case the Dimension E520 and then choose your exact spec part by part. The set up for the part by part choices is pretty simple. The website displays the particular part in question, shows a picture, shows the current spec in the package you have chosen for the current price and then gives a number of alternative specification parts which either make the overall cost higher or lower. It will tell you exactly how much is added or subtracted from the total cost. As I say the use of the website is very straight forward and done in a step by step way and gives you the opportunity to spend more on certain things that are more important to you and cut down on the lesser important things. However unless you have an in depth knowledge of computers it is difficult to know whether one part is a high enough spec to support a better version of another part if you get my drift! The website was helpful in terms of the new Vista option. When the machine was purchased Vista had not been released but I was given the ...

Ford Fiesta 1.25 08/06/2007

Fiesta Zetec 1.25 - Great car for the price!

Ford Fiesta 1.25 My car is a Zetec badged Ford Fiesta but was actually sold to me as a Ford Fiesta Freedom due to the particular optional extra package that was included in the deal. It is an 06 registration plate and therefore my review is based on my experience with this car. Many people consider the Fiesta to be a \'Mom\'s car\' due to their history and this would be a fair assumption. I am however a 23 year old male lawyer and this is my second Fiesta and i am definately not ashamed to be seen driving it. My motor is in the Metallic Black Colour and it really does look sleek! It has a small spoiler on the back of the car which finishes it off nicely without making look like a \'rude boy\' car. The new fiesta shape is very different from the old one and it is a much a man\'s car as it is a woman\'s car. One much improved feature from the old style Fiesta is the internal space. It is now much more comfertable inside even if you want to carry more than one passenger. The back of the car is not so tight for space and by moving the seat release to the top of the front seats it is now very easy to get passengers in and out of the rear of the car. There is also a surprising amount of boot space considering it is a hatchback and you can fit a substanstial amount in the boot. The Bumpers are body coloured and if you have the black model liek mine this finishes it off perfectly. Many Fiesta\'s including this one now come with Alloy wheels as standard and although they are a nightmare ...

The West Wing - Series 5 (Box Set) (DVD) 08/06/2007

West Wing 5 - Essential Viewing

The West Wing - Series 5 (Box Set) (DVD) Before I start I should say that although I have rated this product 4 stars it is easily good for 4 and a half! Season 5 has to be the most regularly criticised series of WW in my opinion, criticism which I simply can not agree with. First thing to say is that people who have seen the first four seasons will certainly notice a difference. This difference is not necessarily a negative thing however. The cause of the difference is that Season 5 is the first season which is not written by Aaron Sorkin. Aaron Sorkin is a fabulous writer and single handedly made WW the popular show that it is. It was a massive shame that he left the show however in my opinion he left behind a group of more than capable writers to continue his legacy. Series 5 is all about character building and by the end of the series you will feel that you have learned more about each of the main characters than in the previous four seasons together. It is a very tense watch as the happy go lucky relationships between the senior staff from previous series are seriously strained for a number of reasons. There is an interesting conclusion to the series 4 cliff hanger which has far reaching consequences throughout the remainder of the series. It is interesting to see the fraught relationship between the President and the First Lady and the effect it has on the man. It is almost a relief to the viewer when they begin to reconcile. There is also the introduction of some important new characters such ...

Samsung SGH Z400 08/06/2007

Z400 - Another success story from Samsung

Samsung SGH Z400 I have owned the Silver version of this phone for 6 months now and it is a great looking phone. I did however manage to drop it on a concrete floor within a week of owning it which left some nasty scratches on the top of the phone but also proved what a sturdy unit it is! THE LOOK:- As I said it is an attractive phone in black and silver and has a modern slide mechanism to answer calls which I find much more convienient than a flip phone. All in all a very stylish phone which you would be happily seen in public with! THE SIZE AND WEIGHT:- This being a review and not a technical specification I will not give dimensions or weights - for these check the manufacturers website. I will give a practical point of view. There are smaller phones available although I believe this is an optimum size. Perhaps needs to be slightly thinner to be stored easily in trouser pockets but it is certainly not a brick! In terms of weight it feels light enough to handle - lighter than many other similar phones. It has a large screen which makes it easier to see. DURABILITY:- I am something of a notorious phone breaker! I am clumsy and i drop, bash and damage phones regularly. However hard I try I can not beat the excellent reliability of a Samsung phone. My Z400 has been dropped so often I can\'t recall however it still works perfectly. The casing has some scratches however the Silver version shows up less than the black one. CONTROLS:- This is my second Samsung Phone and I have ...

Shaun Of The Dead (Chart Driver) (DVD) 05/06/2007

More than a Zombie Movie!

Shaun Of The Dead (Chart Driver) (DVD) Call me sad but I have seen this film more than 100 times! I still laugh out loud every time. I challenge anybody to find a better comedy film than this. Not only hilariously funny but surprisingly clever and subtle the more you watch it. Also read the trivia on the film as the jokes take on a new level when you know the background behind them! The opening pub scene is classic and very witty - the dialogue between shaun and ed is so funny and sets the film up brilliantly. There are so many things to watch out for in this film that you will be saying for months afterwards as many of the lines fit so well into every day life. Watch this film and I can guarantee that you will say to someone \'you;ve got red on you\' within a week afterwards! Has zombie movie qualities but is comedy movie at heart and does this very well. The scene with the girl in the garden is very funny - without spoiling the best bits watch Ed just after the girl falls on the pole. It really is so subtle but so laugh out loud funny. Every comedy movie dissapoints me since seeing this one and it is really easy to relate to at least one of the characters in some way however extreme they appear. A couple of final things to look out for:- - The scene where they all impersonate zombies to cross the street. \'Who made you king of the zombies!\' - The scene in the pub after shaun and liz first split up and Ed suggests the drinking binge \'Bloody mary, back to the bar for shots etc.\' ...

The West Wing - Series 4 (Box Set) (DVD) 01/06/2007

West Wing 4 - Top TV drama of all time

The West Wing - Series 4 (Box Set) (DVD) This is truly addictive viewing. Unless you want to fail your exams, lose your job, lose all your friends then book a week off work, tell your friends that you are leaving the country, lock all your doors and get used to 2 hours sleep each night. Series 4 of the West Wing will not let you turn off the TV! Each episode ends in a way that you can not possibly wait any longer than 5 minutes to see how it continues and it is not like Lost - each episode actually clears up unsolved issues from the last and then sets up new issues for the next episode rather than never actually gettin gto the point. I am so glad I did not watch this series on TV as I truly would not have been able to wait a week for the following episode. I could write an entire review about the first two episodes of the series alone. '24 Hours in America' Parts 1 and 2 are pure West Wing Classics. They are highly amusing considering much of the first two episodes is based around only 3 characters (Josh, Toby & Donna). It is the first time Donna has really been allowed to flourish and she really is a star. The series beginning centres around the re-election campaign and is gripping throuhgout. There is an excellent episode where President Bartlett kicks ass in a debate against his hapless opponent. This episode follows the 'Debate Camp' episodes which are truly brilliant. The re-election campaign is going on whilst in the background their are underlying issues with national security that are taking ...

Radio 1's Live Lounge - Various Artists 31/05/2007

Radio 1 Live Lounge - Not to be missed

Radio 1's Live Lounge - Various Artists This album has to be my purchase of the year for 2006. Very fun, impossible to get bored of, someething for everyone who listens to it. You will laugh and smile at some of the cover versions recorded in the Live Lounge and also fall silent to what are some amazing top quality live recordings. I can guarantee that you will not like every single track on the album but that is almost impossible with an album of this kind. I would go as far as saying that you are bound to enjoy at least 75% of the album though! So as to avoid being too wordy i will sum up each of the songs in less than five words!- 1. DOA - Foo Fighters - Flawless Dave Grohl! 2. Love Machine - Arctic Monkeys (Orig.Girls Aloud) - Hilarious & Fun 3. Run - Snow Patrol - Blows the single version away. 4. Crazy - Kooks (Orig. Gnarls Barkley) - Stand out track, excellent! 5. Golden Touch - Razorlight - Musically perfect 6. Munich - Corinne Bailey Rae (Orig.Editors) - Soulful, original is better! 7. Gold Digger - Automatic (Orig. Kanye West) - Totally Surreal, love or hate! 8. All Sparks - Editors - Classic Acoustic 9. Man Eater - Boy Kill Boy (Orig. Nelly Furtado) - Not the best but different! 10. No one knows - Queens of the Stone Age - Brilliant acoustic attempt 11. How Come - Embrace (Orig. D12) - Boring typical Embrace 12. If there\'s any justice - James Blunt (Orig. Lemar) - Doesn\'t stand out 13. The Scientist - Natasha Beddingfield (Orig, Coldplay) - Too winey for me sorry 14. Molly\'s ...

Russell Brand - Live (DVD) 31/05/2007

Russell Brand Live - Stick to what you're good at!

Russell Brand - Live (DVD) Russell Brand is a very funny man. He would be the ideal drinking buddy at the pub, however his stand up DVD is quite possibly the most dissapointing stand up show I have seen. I am a fan of stand up comedians such as Lee Evans and Peter Kay - Obviously I was not expecting quite the same thing however I did expect better. Judge for yourself but Brand seems nervous for the first half of the show and fails to find his feet on the stage and develop a string of comedy that links together well. The second half of the show is much better and shows Brand\'s potential. The section where he analyses articles in the paper is very funny and brings out the best in Brand which is more obvious on things like \'Big Mouth\' and his Radio 2 podcast. Worth a watch as there are a few laugh out loud parts but I can almost guarantee that you will be disapointed. Perhaps a more conversational style or presenting suits the man better rather than Stand up which requires a constant flow of almost obvious jokes. To sum up - fingers crossed for his next stand up as much improvement is needed.

Stars of CCTV - Hard-Fi 31/05/2007

Stars of CCTV - Stars of Quality Albums

Stars of CCTV - Hard-Fi However much you love Hard-Fi singles this album must be listened to as an album from start to finish. Hard-Fi are not one of my favourite bands but I would rate their album in my top 10 of all time as it is such an incredibly strong album which refuses to fade. 1. Cash Machine - A surprising start to the album, original sounding and thoroughly catchy and enjoyable. 2. Middle Eastern Holiday - If I had to pick a weakest track this would be it however it is still a great song and fits well in its place on the album. 3. Tied up too tight - Great lyrics, give it a close listen. Very memorable song. 4. Gotta Reason - Upbeat and catchy keeps the album flowing but wouldn't stand out on any other album. 5. Hard to Beat - The one that all will recognise, very rocky and a great single that makes an excellent centre point for the album. 6. Unnecessary Trouble - Great stuff! very simple but majorly effective. 7. Move on Now - You have to hear it to believe it. Truly stunning slow track that will haunt you for hours. 8. Better do better - has to be the best song on the album a proper upbeat going out tune. Play it loud 9. Feltham is singing out - For a song so late on the album could easily have been a hit single. 10. Living for the Weekend - DOes what it says on the tin, really gets you buzzing for the weekend. 11. Stars of CCTV - Pure WOW factor really does hit the spot everytime.Like nothing you'd have heard before. As i said this is an album so ...

Weekend in the City - Bloc Party 31/05/2007

A Weekend in the City

Weekend in the City - Bloc Party Silent Alarm was always going to be a hard act to follow but this album certainly does the business. i would certainly recommend it to both Bloc party fans and also people who like original sounding exciting music which isn't being turfed out by every other band in the country. An amazing rocking album opener 'Song for Clay' is accompanied by the great singles 'the Prayer' and 'I still remember'. Another one to look out for is Uniform which is like 3 songs in one! This album signifies an obvious progression for the young and exciting band. This album also has massive world tour written all over it as many of the songs will sound nothing short of amazing played lived. Certainly a must have for all alternative music fans!
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