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Avon African Shea Brown Sugar Body Scrub 08/07/2004

Avon's Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Avon African Shea Brown Sugar Body Scrub Anyone who has read any of my other reviews will know that I am a great Avon cosmetics fan and have tried many of their products (as well as reviewed a few as well). The latest one that I tried was their Brown Sugar Body Scrub , part of the Africa Shea Butter Planet Spa range of bath goods and toiletries. This one comes in a 150ml clear bottle with a flip top lid with the planet spa logo on the front - so it is fairly recognisable. As the bottle is clear you can see the contents inside and in this case it s a very thick, browny (brown sugar) colour with an almost gritty consistency (this is the sugar grains) and a ver, very sweet sugar smell on opening it. This product I use in the bath to exfoliate my upper and lower arms as well as legs and feet. I would not recommend using this on your face as I feel it would be too rough (instead try avons Sweet Finish Sugar Scrub). The product claims to remove dead skin cells leaving the skin soft and velvety smooth and I completey agree with their statement as I believe the product does just that. The price comes in at £5 per 150ml bottle which on its one I feel is rather expensive but usually it is on a special offer such as but 1 get 1 free or any 2 from the range for £6 or in this Campaign 12 book buy 2 products and get the 3rd free. Other items in the range which complement this cream is the African butter whipped body balm at £6, the hand and cuticle cream at £3, as well as a lip balm at £2.50 and a foot and elbow ...

Co-Codomal 21/06/2004

what a relief - no more pain

Co-Codomal After getting root canal treatment done at my dentist last week I felt pretty confident that my toothache would be gone - how wrong was I. I paced the floor all day and night on Friday taking only the antibiotics prescribed and surviving on Ibuprofen (as recommended to reduce the swelling) but by the time Saturday morning came my jaw was all swollen, my ear ringing, my mouth throbbing and with 2 kids I was going round the bend. Thats when as a last resort I went to the doctor begging for painkillers (I didnt realise my dentist could prescribe them). Thats when I was introduced to co-codamol capsules (in the name of TYLEX). **What are Tylex?** They are red and white capsules with C30 printed on them and they come in variety of size packs (either 8, 24 or 100). They contain 30mg codeine phosphate hemihydrate and 500mg paracetamol. I believe that there is a weaker strength available of 8mg codeine to 500mg paracetamol. I am not quite sure if you can buy these over the counter as I got mine on prescription. **What are Tylex for?** Tylex are used for the relief of severe pain. ** Are Tylex safe?** You are advised not to take this medicineif you have ever had an allergic reaction to paracetamol or codeine phosphate. Also as with many medicines you are advised to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as well as being asthmatic. Children under 12 MUST not take this medicine and the elderly may require a different dose. It is also best to ...

Avon Retroactive Face Cream 21/06/2004

rub those wrinkles away with Anew

Avon Retroactive Face Cream I can see you reading the advantages and disadvantages of this review and thinking "have I read that right, a FREE mobile phone - whats the catch". Well to find out about that you'll have to read the rest of my review about this repair cream that makes those wrinkles magically disappear and make me look 21 again (oh how I wish). Well - seeing as I am only 28 anyway you are probably thinking why does she need to banish those lines. I do not have the face with more lines than a hippo's bum and I am not one of those who are paranoid about their looks - in my opinion I am just normal. And I'll admit the only reason I'm using this is that I got the free phone first and was left with the pot of cream afterwards which seemed a shame to go to waste. PS. for those of you interested in the mobile phone offer it has now come to my attention that avon cannot cope with demand and some people are being left without a voucher. The cream comes in a very pale bluey-green-aquamarine coloured glass tub and at a price of £15 per 50ml pot you do not get much for your money. The pot is quite attractive with a screw top lid which has a small silver stripe around the bottom and the writing on the glass pot tells you about the cream. It is part of Avon Cosmetics ANEW range and it claims that it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even before they are visible.(Clever stuff - eh). Its proper name is retroactive + with rejuvicell and phytosan technology. (Seemingly ...

Golden Wonder Cheese xl Crisps 21/06/2004

Cheesy, cheesy - very, very cheesy

Golden Wonder Cheese xl Crisps Why are Cheese XL crisps like an endangered species? - because they are getting harder and harder to find - ha ha. That is me trying to be funny but it is really no laughing matter as in my neck of the woods the crisps are only available at a few selected outlets. For those of you who dont know what I'm waffling on about here goes. ***What are Cheese XL Crisps?*** They are proper potato crisps made by Golden Wonder and I believe them to be the only plain cheese flavoured crisps on the market. (I know about cheese wotsits and doritoes, etc but I class those as corn snacks not proper crisps). ***How will I recognise them?*** They come in a dull custardy yellow packet with XL wrote in great orange letters on the front along with a tiny snippet of crisp picture in a triangle shape with the "cheese flavour potato crisps" along the bottom. On the back comes all the usual information such as storage information, bar codes, best before date, nutritional information, ingredients and Golden wonders address should you have a need to complain. These crisps are also suitable for vegetarians but contains milk and gluten for those who need this information. ***How much do they cost?** They vary between 30p-40p for a 30g packet and as far as I am aware are unable to buy in a multipack. (Unless you are fortunate to buy them from a cash and carry in a box) ***What about the crisps?** On opening the back you immediately get a strong smell of cheese which at times can be ...

Greatest Hits (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Guns N' Roses 20/04/2004

Dont Cry - This still could be yours!

Greatest Hits (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Guns N' Roses I must confess I am not a great "heavy metal/rock" fan but this album is now the most played one in my house (since my Elton John review). I always imagined Guns N Roses songs to be full of bad language that gave the younger generation ideas beyond their station (and I believe some of their songs still do) but there are still some classic ballads which bring a tear to your eye (ie patience, dont cry and knockin on heavens door). I originally bought this CD for £8.99 in my local supermarket as a present for my partner but somehow he never has actually listened to it yet. This is the 6th album from the band (so I believe but if I am wrong please let me know) and it contains all the best bits from the others such as Appetite for Destruction, GNR lies, Use your illusion 1, Use your illusion2, the spaghetti incident and Guns n Roses the live era 87-93. Track listing is as follows:- 1 - welcome to the jungle 2 - sweet child o mine 3 - patience 4 - paradise city 5 - knockin on heavens door 6 - civil war 7 - you could be mine 8 - november rain 9 - live and let die 10 - yesterdays 11 - aint it fun 12 - since i dont have you 13 - sympathy for the devil As i said I am not a great fan of this kind of music and it is the slower ballads such as Patience, November Rain and Knockin on heavens door which appeal to me the most. They are through provoking but can be interpreted in your own way. I enjoy all the rest of the tracks as well but with this kind of music ...

Avon Bathtime Body Paint 25/03/2004

Bathtime Body Paint -sorry this ones for the kids

Avon Bathtime Body Paint **Bathtime Body Paint** Reading the title of the item I am about to describe and you are probably imagining it lined up in an "adult" catalogue along with the chocolate body paint and such like (or is that just me and wishful thinking). Sorry to disappoint you but this can be found in an Avon catalogue in between the kids shampoos and bubble baths. **What is it then - I hear you ask** It is a novel idea of getting your kids to have a bath and get clean at the same time. It basically looks like a roll on deodrant in which the base is a shocking bubblegum pink colour with the Avon kids trademark smiley face on the front and a bright orange screw on lid. Once the lid is off it works the same as a roll on with a rollerball which when rolled all over your body leaves a trail of pink "candyfloss" smelling liquid all over your body. (by the way yes, I have tried it). **What does it smell like** Ask my kids and they tell you its nice and smells like sweets. Read the Avon brochure and it states it smells like Candyfloss. Ask me it is very very sickly but in a strange sort of way smells like a cross between candyfloss and strawberry hubba bubba chewing gum. **How do you use it** Roll it all over your body, paint pictures on yourself, do whatever then wash away. (Make sure you was thoroughly and avoid contact with the face). **Price and Quantity** There is 50ml in each roll on and it is normally priced at £2.50 but as usual with Avon there is usually a special offer ...

Greatest Hits 1970-2002 - Elton John 23/03/2004

Elton Johns Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits 1970-2002 - Elton John This has to be one of the most played CD's in my collection at the moment. I was not a great Elton John fan before I received this CD but now it is played non stop - even my kids know the words to most of his songs by now. The title of his album is Elton JOhn Greatest HIts 1970 - 2002 and some of the songs on this album were released before I was even born but there is not one of the songs that I dont know (although there are a couple that I don't really like). There are 3 CD's in this case as I have a special edition which contain 2 cd's and a bonus one. The track list is extensive with 17 songs on each of the cd's and 11 on the bonus. Track listing is as follows:- CD One:- 1. Your song 2. Tiny dancer 3. Honky Cat 4. Rocket Man 5. Crocodile Rock 6. Daniel 7. Saturday NIghts Alright for Fighting 8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 9. Candle in the Wind 10. Bennie and the Jets 11. Dont let the sun go down on me 12. The bitch is back 13. Philadelphia Freedom 14. Someone saved my life tonight 15. Island Girl 16. Dont go breaking my heart. 17. Sorry seems to be the hardest word. CD Two:- 1. Blue eyes 2. I'm still standing 3. I guess thats why they call it the blues 4. Sad songs say so much 5. NIkita 6. Sacrifice 7. The one 8. Kiss the bride 9. Can you feel the love tonight 10. Circle of life 11. Beleieve 12. Made in England 13. Something about the way you look tonight 14. Written in the stars. 15. I want love 16. This train dont stop there ...

Avon representative 26/02/2004

ding dong avon calling - is this the job for you

Avon representative Ever had moments when you are strapped for cash and need to earn a few extra £ per month. If this is you them maybe selling Avon cosmetics is a possibility. I was first introduced to being an Avon rep one day when I was stopped in the street by an area manager whilst taking my daughter to nursery one day. She was very polite and told me of all the advantages of doing Avon whilst giving me the time for my kids as well as the opportunity to earn extra cash. I started off with a box of brochures given free to me my the area manager and she told me how to distribute them and how to fill out the paper order forms, she gave me the choice of doing "friends and family" or choosing an available neighbourhood (as avon splits up each town into designated areas per rep). I opted for the first as I was dubious about going door to door in the area I live. You are expected to pay a one off fee to Avon ( I think this is about £15 which they take off in 2 installments of what commission you make off the first 2 orders). There are 18 campaigns spread out over the year which work out roughly 1 every 3 weeks. This gives you the opportunity to get your books out, get them in and get your order done. Order normally done on the paper books have to be submitted to a designated drop off point by the Thursday of the order week but if you order online you get until the following Monday to order. The orders are then normally delivered the friday or saturday the following week.. ...

Cutex Daily Hand Lotion 12/02/2004

Rub away those chapped hands with Cutex

Cutex Daily Hand Lotion Its at this time of the year that your hands sometimes look and feel at their worst. One minute your in the freezing cold next minute your up to your elbows in hot soapy water and who catches the worst of it - your hands (well mine does anyway) and the one thing I cant do without is my hand cream. This week was no different except that I had run out and whilst I was patiently waiting on my avon order coming to stock up I gave in and bought myself 3 tubes of Cutex Daily Hand Lotion. Why 3 tubes I hear you ask? Quite simple, my local Poundland were selling a banded pack of 3 75ml tubes for £1. What a bargain! (sorry I dont know the price of it to buy it in a chemist or boots store). I couldn't wait to get home and try it so I left the shop and got trying right away. On splitting the plastic pack I was left with 2 x 75m tubes of the cream. The tube itself has a pale minty-green flip top lid with the main body of the tube being blue in colour with a white and green band around the bottom and a green stripe on the top. The information on the tube reads "Locks in Essential Moisture" at the top in the green stripe with the words Cutex Daily Hand Lotion in the middle in white writing. IN smaller lettering underneath it states that it contains Aloe Vera to smooth, soften and protect your hands. It also claims to be non greasy and easily absorbed. Also on the tube it tells you the ingredients and directions for use(but Im sure you all know how to use hand ...

TSP 08/02/2004

3 books for £1 each - no commitment - NO WAY

TSP I joined the TSP (the software preview) book club at the beginning of the year after receiving an email from a website called Free Uk Stuff (where they let you know about free stuff and things going cheap). I was very dubious at the start - it claimed that you could choose 3 books for only £1 each with no further commitment (not like its sister site Books For Children where you have to buy 6 books in your first year of membership). I read and reread the small print and sure enough it was £3 for 3 books and all you had to do was receive 4 editions of the club magazine from which you were not obliged to order anything. Then I set off - i browsed the site and there were hundreds of books to choose from - thrillers, history, antiques, cookery, reference, crime, biographys. I eventually chose the lord of the rings paperback set of 3 books, the millers antiques price guide and the official scrabble dictionary (making me a saving of about £90 of the rrp.) Once the books were ordered they were delivered by the local White Arrow Courier within 14 days. The books themselves were in good condition and I was impressed with them. A couple of weeks later i received my first statement and noticed I was charged £6.99 (£3 for the books and £3.99 for delivery). NO mention of the delivery to start with but because the books were so cheap I paid it. For the next couple of months I received the club magazines (these came in your envelope with your statement but sometimes there was ...

Poundland (Shop) 03/02/2004

Look what a £ can get you nowadays

Poundland (Shop) Have you ever wandered through a shop with your parents (or maybe even said yourself) - look at the price of that I remeber when you could get blah, blah, blah for £1.00. Thoses days have been and gone and are now back in the form of the shop Poundland. For those of you who haven't heard of them it is a shop where everything in it costs just £1.00. Whey Hey you may think bargains galore - and its just exactly that. Where I come from we have had several pound shops in various shapes and forms and now we are down to 3 but Poundland is by far the best. Ours is located in the middle of the local shopping centre in Dumfries and it opened about April 2003 (for those of you who are interested it was the first in Scotland). This one is different from the rest in that it is clean, the staff are friendly, it is open 7 days a week and it is mostly brand name goods that you get in it.. As you walk in the door you are greeted by rows of large green plastic baskets which I can guarantee that you will have no trouble filling. There is always a display of the newest offers including tea bags, xmas paper, cans of juice, dvds. It starts off with a row of toiletries including shower gels, soaps, shampoos, hair dyes, cotton balls, nappies, baby goods, mens grooming products, womens deodrants and personal hygiene products as well as the odd medicines. It then ranges round into cleaning products, air freshners, toilet cleaners, loo roll, kitchen roll, rubber gloves, dusters, ...

Tesco Sparkling Orange 03/02/2004

Sparks just fly when you drink this.

Tesco Sparkling Orange It was whilst I was browsing the fizzy juice aisles of my local tesco the other day looking for something different to quench my thirst that I came across this drink. Well i couldn't really miss it - it was on the shelf along with various other 2 litre bottles of fizzy juice that belong to the Tesco range and the bright orange label round the clear plastic bottle made it stand out from the rest. As just said the label is a bright "jaffa" orange colour with the Tesco trademark wrote across the top in a slightly less flourescent orange and a great big picture of an orange in the middle with the words Sparkling Orange above it wrote in blue. The orange in the picture is encased in a white circle then again as by what i can only describe as to what looks like a sun. The juice inside the bottle was not the usual you expect from a cheap version of fizzy juice - some you get look rather watery in colour and lack taste. This is completely different. When you first look at it it looks like a bottle of fresh/still orange. It has that deep orange colour and appears quite deep in colour. On opening the bottle you get the psst... that tells you it is a fizzy drink and a great smell of orange. The taste is very similar to that famous fizzy orange drink (i dont know if I'm allowed to mention the name but I'm sure you know which ones I mean). The price is very reasonable at only 56p per 2l bottle but this may vary from store to store, As like other fizzy juices it gives all the ...

Nestle After Eight 08/01/2004

dont just save them for "After Eight"

Nestle After Eight Christmas is over once again and whilst the kids are munching on selection boxes and the other half is cracking open sugared almonds here I sit looking at the boxes of chocolates I received from Santa. ONLY JOKING! - once again I never received any chocs so I took pity on myself while doing the weekly shopping and bought myself a large 400g box Nestles After Eights. Why did I choose After Eight I hear you ask. Well they are minty, chocolatey, very fattening and not forgetting half price in my local Safeway supermarket. For those of you who dont know much about these chocolates they come in a deep green oblong shaped box with a picture of a gold clock reading 5 past 8, and white writing stating After Eight in italics along with Nestle on the top and in gold writing underneath .. anything goes. As said they are made by Nestles so it is good quality chocolate. The mints themselves are wafer thin and square shaped and come in a black paper envelope -type packet. The outside of the mint is made of dark chocolate and the inside is a white minty fondant which is very minty and this combined with the strong chocolate smell is absolutely mouthwatering when you first open the box. The initial smell when you open the box is quite overpowering and although there is not much eating in the sweet it definitely leaves a strong minty taste in your mouth. The first nibble leaves you with a strong plain dark chocolate taste in your mouth but once you hit the minty cream fondant ...

Avon Planet Spa Bath Range 22/11/2003

Whip those knots away - Avons Whipped Body Cream

Avon Planet Spa Bath Range For those of you who have read my opinion on Avon's Sea Salt Body Polish you will have remembered me mentioning the perfect accompaniment - Whippped Body Cream. This cream comes in a 200ml circular tub the same as the body polish. The base is clear and the screw on lid is white with a sticky label on top in an olivey-green colour with creamy swirls on it and the name PLanet Spa Whipped Body Cream. As claimed in the brochure it is a body cream which contains olive oil beads which dissolve on application giving instant moisture leaving the skin soft, smooth and fresh. It is suitable for normal/dry skin. I would not recommend it for oily skin as the cream itself is oil based. I prefer mine to be applied by some willing volunteer - normally the other half although the kids love it as well. Even still applying it to your upper arms and legs yourself is great. The pots are £4.50 which are quite expensive but if you keep your eyes peeled you can get them as part of a special offer such as buy 1 item from the range and get a 2nd for £1 which is not bad then you can get the polish and the cream for £6. (This is what i normally do then I save £3.50 a time). The pots do last a while - the only problem I have in my house is that when my 3yr old daughter comes out of the bath she get the towel spread out and lies down wanting her back done aswell. No one in our house has have any reaction to it but if you have not tried it before the just be careful but remember that Avon ...

Fox's Mint Cream Poppets 11/11/2003

just pop 'em in

Fox's Mint Cream Poppets When I'm feeling down and need a quick pick me up or a quick fix of chocolate I usually head to the local ice cream van and stock up on Mint Cream Poppets. They are small enough to pop discretely in your mouth to give you that quick fix without being caught by the kids for eating chocolate (especially when you have told them no more). Mint Cream Poppets come in a small cardboard box roughly 8cmx4cm by about 1cm thick. The box itself is grass green in colour with loads of brown and white circles on it (to represent the poppets) with the words MINT CREAM in white letters and POPPETS in larger chocolatey brown letters on the front. On one end of the box it the best before date (trust me you'll never need to know this as they don't last long enough to keep them). On the 3 other sides are the same style of writing as on the front and on the back there is the barcode, ingredient list in various languages, nutritional information and manufacturers details. **What are Mint Cream Poppets?** Small balls of peppermint cream fondant which are coated in a delicious dark chocolate. **How many are in a packet?** I have never actually counted them but at a guess approx 15-20. **What do they contain?** Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier, Soya Lecithin, Modified Starch, Invertase, Peppermint Oil, Glazing Agent: Shellac, Vanill, Gum Arabic. These are listed in English and another 3 languages on the back of the box (of which I think 1 is German and the ...
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