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Star Wars - Episode 4 - A New Hope (DVD) 09/09/2008

Super Star Wars

Star Wars - Episode 4 - A New Hope (DVD) Ah, Star Wars, Anew Hope, what an amazing film. This is also in my top 5 movies. It was an amazingly thought out film. I mean, you haven't lived until you've seen star wars. At the beginning, a rebel ship containing Princess Leia is captured by Darth Vader. 2 droids, C3P0 and R2D2 escape. Only to be sold to Luke Skywalker. Who sets out on an adventure with Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi Wan Kenobi. They set out to defeat the empire by joining the rebels. This film is a sci-fi epic. Full of action, adventure, and thrills. Ask anyone about Star Wars and they will tell you it is a great film. Everybodys heard of it, who hasn't. The Director George Lucas is an amazing director. Briliant, he put 110% into this film. The result was unbelievable. Now the soundtrack to Star Wars is also brilliantly mixed in wIth the film. The orchestra who produced it must be good at what they do. Now not every teenager likes classical, but i like that sound track. The best part about this film, is Luke's Jedi training. If you ask any sci-fi fan and asked them. Would you like to be a jedi? The answer would be, YES! Jedi powers are awesome, even though it is science fiction. The worst part of the film was when Obi Wan Kenobi was killed by his padawan learner. Darth Vader! It was so demoralising for Luke and the rebels. The film lasts for 121 min and in special edition 125 minutes. So it is worth it getting the special edition with the extra 4 mins of a sci-fi epic. In the ...

The Rambo Trilogy (Box Set) (DVD) 08/09/2008

Rambo 3 loads of action

The Rambo Trilogy (Box Set) (DVD) I love the Rambo trilogy. Rambo is in my top 5 best movies. It is full of action, courage and lots of death. Sylvester plays Rambo so well, a match made in heaven. In the first Rambo film we see Rambo being outlawed by a local police officer. Then he fights back. The army gets involved. In the end Rambo wreaks havoc on the towns police force. Will anyone stop him! This is a very good film, as we see the brutality of the poilce on a war hero. Rambo's skills and tactics provail. My best part in this film is when Rambo escapes from prison, on a motorbike and the police car capsides. I love this film and i give it 10/10. In Rambo 2, we see Rambo rescuing some POW's from a Vietnamese prison. But complications soon arise in the form of a treatcherous commander. Leaving Rambo trapped by the Vietnamese and Russians! This is a great film as we see the torturing methods of Vietnam. But as he has previous experience, will he provail. My best part is when Rambo starts kicking back in a helicopter. Killing alot of Vietnamese and Soviets. I love this film and give it 10/10. In Rambo 3 we see Rambo helping some Buddhas. When Colonel Trautman asks Rambo to accompany him behind Soviet lines. To get some supplies to Rebels in Afghanistan. Rambo turns him down, but when the mission goes belly up, Trautman is captured and Rambo launches a rescue mission. Will Rambo save him! This film is brilliant. Another encounter with the Soviets. Will he beat them again! My best ...

Braveheart (PC) 08/09/2008

A life without freedom is no life at all

Braveheart (PC) Braveheart is an amazing film, it is full of passion, betrayal and courage. The film portrays the life of the legendary Scottish Warrior William Wallace. It starts with the death of his father and brother at a young age. Then his wife is murdered by English troops. This sets him out on quest to defeat the english. Which leads to his execution. Mel Gibson stars as William in this Academy Award Winning film. He gives a strong performance, which makes the film trully magnificent. Mel Gibson is also one of my favourite actors. Because he always gives a strong performance, and always gives 110%. The story is set out just like it did in 13th century scotland. Mel Gibson has certainly done his homework when it came to him planning this film out. Also Braveheart is the only film which has never made a mistake or errors in the historical aspects of the film. Which is what you always find in a film. The characters performances were brilliant. Mel Gibson can certainly direct a film. Patrick McGoohan played the part of King Edward 1 very well, with his ruthless attitude, as he would do what ever it takes to eliminate Williams resistance. From assassins to firing on his own troops at the battle of Falkirk. The soundtrack was very well fitted in with various scenes, which also makes a good film. The DVD extras was also enjoyable: 1.Bonus disc featuring Mel Gibsons Braveheart, A filmakers Passion documentary 2. Audio commentary 3. Interactive menus 4. Scene ...

Rambo (DVD) 08/09/2008

Rambo 4

Rambo (DVD) Now when i realised the Rambo trilogy was finished. I was shocked. But i was overjoyed when heard about the new Rambo 4. The Rambo films in my opinion are brilliant. He trully acts the part. Sylvester Stallone is a very accomplished actor as he stared in Rocky. Which is an amazing film. Actually all the Rocky films are good. He has aged, alot, since the last film. But, he can still act. In Thailand, John Rambo is living peacefully. When a group of Christian missionaries asks to be transported to the war zone in Burma to help the locals, the reluctant Rambo only accepts when Sarah Miller presents her point of view about their humanitarian mission. Rambo leaves the group in the requested location, but the village where they are working is attacked by the sadistic army of Major Pa Tee Tint, the locals are slaughtered and the missionaries are abducted. Later a member of their church meets Rambo and asks him to transport a group of mercenaries hired to rescue the missionaries. This film is undeniably brilliant. From claymores oblitarating a squad of burmese soldiers to 50 calibre rounds blowing heads up. I have to admit it is a very gory and bloody film. But it is a fantastic film. Also we see Rambo brandishing his crafts with a bow, which is incredible. I would recommend that over 15's not over 18's watch this. I give Rambo 4 10/10. ...

Firewall (DVD) 08/09/2008


Firewall (DVD) Now the other review about this film is a tonne of rubbish. This film wasn't bad at all. I rather enjoy fims which envolve blackmail. I would recommend this film to people who like action and thriller films. Harrison Ford is a well decorated actor, from Indiana Jones to Air Force One. Which are brilliant films. He is getting rather old now, but still at his best from what i saw in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull. The films plot was very good. Harrison is a Jack Stanfield an executive responsible for the security of the computer system of a small bank. He is very connected to his family, his wife Beth, a teenager daughter and a young son. When the gang led by the criminal Bill Cox invades his house, they force Jack to transfer a hundred million dollars to a bank account in Cayman Islands as ransom for his family. When Bill does not release his family, Jack tries to save them by his own. I rate this film as 8/10. ...

Predator (DVD) 07/09/2008

Ugly mother f*****

Predator (DVD) Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great actor, he is always good for an action film. He fits the role perfectly. Now the alien in the film you might recognise from alien vs predator nowadays. He stars as Major Dutch Schaffer as he embarks on a CIA mission to rescue some airmen from guerillas. Until his team is hunted down one by one by an alien creature. But the creature is invisible. It is just a matter of time until Arnold kills the "ugly mother F*****". Now the special effects were good in this movie, especially how Arnold foiled the predator by covering himself in mud to hide his heat signature. Also the invisible effects were quite good. I love the alien and predator films and i give this movie 8/10. ...

Final Destination (DVD) 07/09/2008

don't cheat death

Final Destination (DVD) Now this film is a little bit creepy. But very well put together.Now the man who made it, James Wong. He makes all the horror movies from final destination to Saw 4. It is a little bit strange how he comes up with their deaths. The film lasts for a reasonable 98 minutes. and it is about a boy who has a premonition about a deadly plane crash. He and some others get off kicked off the plane after he goes mad . Then the plane blows up in mid-air. The others get suspicious and avoid him. Then all the survivors start dying one by one. Extra Features: Scene selection, trailer, deleted scenes including alternate ending, featurette on premonitions, interviews with executive producers, commentary by director, editor, and writers, two games, cast and crew biographies and filmographies, subtitles. ...

Ultra Beatdown - DragonForce 07/09/2008

Ultra Brilliant

Ultra Beatdown - DragonForce I was lucky enough to get my mits on a special edition. The album was phenomenal, the songs are great. Rock fans around the world will buy this. I myself have all the other dragonforce albums and it is so much better than the others. Not many people believe rock music is music, but aDragonforce is a band where anyone will enjoy the music. They have a great band, thousands of fans. Including me. I love the dragonforce songs because it is the music i get on with, i hate hip hop music as it just gives me a headache. The special features: # The Making Of The E-Gen Guitar # The Making Of 'Ultra Beatdown' The special features were brilliant, i thoroughly enjoyed it. From the demo songs in Herman li's house to the making of Herman Li's new E-Gen guitars. ...

Stargate - The Ark Of Truth (DVD) 06/09/2008

Stargate Ark Of Truth

Stargate - The Ark Of Truth (DVD) Stargate The Ark Of Truth This was a trully amazing film. Even though Stargate SG1 is over, the films are just as good. Samantha, Teal'C, Vala, Cameron and Tomin venture deep into the Ori galaxy to find a weapon. Which will hopefully stop the Ori at all costs. But problems occour when a member of the IOA purposely creates a replicator which wreaks havoc on the Odyssey. In the DVD extras * Audio commentary with writer, director and producer Robert C. Cooper, actor Christopher Judge and director of photography Peter Woeste * "Stargate SG-1: The Road Taken" - Prelude to The Ark of Truth * The Ark of Truth: Stargate at Comic-Con * Uncovering The Ark of Truth * Trailers for AVPR and In the Name of the King Unlike some people i always watch DVD extras because there is always some little bit of the film you might not see. Plus it is interesting to hear what the actors and producers think of what they are doing. Overall i was gripped by what was going on because you always want to know what is going on. Especially when the replicator was released, because it took alot to take them down. ...

Die Hard (DVD) 06/09/2008

Die Hard- 10/10

Die Hard (DVD) When i first heard that Bruce Willis was going to be appearing in Die Hard i thought, brilliant. Bruce Willis is an amazing actor. The performance he gave was spectacular. He is one f the greatest actors in my opinion, when it comes to action films. The plot was very well thought out. I loved the film and the next 3 films that were produced after, were phenomenal. Also Alan Rickman playing a bad guy was a match made in heaven. His voice was perfect when he was giving Bruce an ultimatum. Film wise. It was full of action, suspence, some comedy and romance here and there. I believe anybody will enjoy this film even though it has some swearing in it. I gave Die Hard 10/10 for it's utter brilliance. ...
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