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since 05/09/2002


Alicante (Spain) 18/07/2008


Alicante (Spain) After having a day trip to Alicante a couple of years ago (Well actually 2 hours on a Thomson excursion) while staying in Benidorm,my wife & myself decided to use my last 4 days holiday entitlement to have a short break in Spain & found a really good value holiday in Alicante courtesy of Easyjet. The idea was that 4 days would give us plenty of time to have a good look around the city & as we are into that sort of thing,the castle. The flight went OK but on the Alicante newsletter which I am subscribed to It recommended getting an excellent free map of the city from the information desk at the airport. Well this is where things started to go wrong - I could not find an information desk so we decided to catch the bus & get one in Alicante. As it was Sunday all the information places were closed so we finished up having to pay 5 euros from a news kiosk for one so large it was difficult to manage. We finally found our hotel after a 30 min walk with suitcases up roads that seemed like climbing Everest. We went down later to find a place to eat & found the restaurant in the hotel didn't open until 8 pm so we started walking down towards the seafront. Well if you want anything other than pizza or pasta be prepared to pay 15 euros plus just for a main course. A couple of places on the way down had boards outside advertising English meals so as we hardly know any Spanish we wrongly assumed that if the boards were written in English then there would be a menu written in ...

Kawasaki GPZ500S 21/09/2002

cheap rocket

Kawasaki GPZ500S I upgraded from a Suzi 250 which was a bit under powered for the wife & myself on longer trips so went looking for a 500.We both fell in love with the looks & colour (Blue) sitting on it felt good & with the wife being a little short in the leg found the pillion footrests slightly lower than other 500s. The specs looked quite impressive for it's size & a new bike for a few hundred pounds more than a 2 year old Suzi & cheaper finance to boot finally convinced us. I only use it mainly for work & have found it to be reliable & fast on the acceleration making it great in traffic. On the odd long runs we have done it has proved to be very comfortable (The wife dropped off to sleep once on the back of it). The only drawbacks are being a bit light, on the motorway once in torrential rain & howling cross-wind I did have difficulty keeping to the left on a long left hand bend on the raised section of the M5 near Birmingham but the conditions were exceptional & I don't know how any other bike would have coped & It does seem slightly heavy on oil consumption but that may be all the short journeys I do. On the whole great looks,great performance, reliable if looked after,great comfort & a reasonable price compared to others of a similar size. ...
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